Saying Goodbye is Never Easy, But These 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Boyfriend When He's Moving to a Different City Will Keep You United (2020)

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy, But These 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Boyfriend When He's Moving to a Different City Will Keep You United (2020)

Being separated from a loved is awful enough, but moving away gifts for boyfriend can make the pain of parting slightly easier to bear. The move could mean you are preparing for a long distance relationship, or worse, it could signal the end of the relationship. In either case, BP Guide India's list of gifts will keep you alive in his memories and make him look forward to the time you are united again.

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What Kind of Moving Away Gifts to Give Boyfriend?

Humans are emotional beings. It’s very hard to say goodbye to someone with whom you had shared your best moments but these parting away gift ideas works great when it’s time for them to move apart from you. So, it's time for you to let them know how much you will miss them by presenting gifts they really need or something they will look at and remember you and your unforgettable time spent with them. You will really feel satisfied by knowing you got them a gift to show how much they meant for you.

Gifts That Show Him You Care

When your boyfriend will move away, no one can take his place for you. The same thing happens with him too. After all you were the one living with him for so long and no one can understand his needs as you do. So why not gift him something to show how much you adore him and still care for him? Gifting is really an effective way to show your emotions and feelings for him. It could be anything ranging from a showpiece to a photo album or anything that your parting away boyfriend really needs.

Give Him Things He Will Need at His New Place


There may be different reasons for him for shifting away from you. He might have got a new job and has to move out of town for this. He hates leaving you but he has no other option, right? He needs your support right now. Show him that you understand his situation by giving him gifts that he might need for his new place. It may be anything from an alarm clock to make him ready for office in time or a grooming set to keep up his face all time glowing and smart.

Give Him Something to Remember You By


He has moved away to his new place and do you know? He misses you badly. I am sure you feel the same for him. But don’t worry your parting away gift will virtually take that place for you. Whenever he will miss you, he has that gift of yours. He will just look at it and there will be a smile on his face recalling the best times spent with you. Don’t you feel relieved? He has always got you by his side whenever he needs you. This is only possible with the perfect choice of parting away gift ideas mentioned here

10 Perfect Gifts for Boyfriend Moving Away

Linen Towel

Yes, 'It's really not that far’. You are still in his heart and will always be. Make this into reality by presenting your boyfriend with this printed linen hand towel with embroidered 'It’s really not that far' sentiment and contrasting red blanket stitch trim. The towel will come with a heart labelled pin, which is moveable and red in colour, which is then attached to a crafted hangtag saying "Near or Far". You are always in my heart". This will make him smile and remember you every time he wipes his hand with it. He will even try to find the smell of you in this towel. Bet? You can buy this item for Rs.683 from

Photo Album With Great Memories

Nothing is better than getting pictures of the memories printed and encasing them in a photo album. The Pioneer Pocket Chalkboard Printed Happiness Theme Photo Album is a book styled photo album with a chalkboard printed cover. The photo album can hold up to 200 photos, displaying up to two photos per page in optically clear pockets that have backgrounds which are shaded, each of 4" by 6". Each page has a memo area next to each photo. The measurement of this photo album is 9.125 x 8.625 x 1.75 inch. This photo album is acid, lignin and PVC free, so your photos won't get damaged with time. This is the thing which will make him smile whenever he will feels alone without you. Buy it for Rs.1,183 from

Personalised Hip Flask


If your boyfriend is a frequent traveller, spends a lot of time on the move or likes a little tipple on the side then this personalised hip flask is the best gift for the parting with your man. You can also personalise this hip flask with a loving, sweet picture of you and your boyfriend along with a cool funky caption. So next time when you are going on a trip with him ask him to take this flask with you so that you both can enjoy a trippy ride. You can buy this item for Rs.699 from

Interactive 5 Year Journal


If your boyfriend is starting a new life somewhere away from you, this present will perfectly embark on his new phase. This Q&A a Day Journal will show him exactly what was going through his head each day—for the next five years of his life. So next time when will be back to you try spending a day going through his journal answers with him, sharing his hardships without you. Moreover, this Q&A journal is potter themed. So, if your boyfriend is a Potterhead, this gift is a must buy for you. You can buy this item from for a reasonable Rs.799, so it won’t leave a large dent in your wallet.

Mini Garden Tool


If your partner in crime loves gardening then this presentation is a win-win for you. This Wonderland- Winland 4 piece Mini Garden Tool or Bonsai Set is set do wonders. It contains a stainless steel rake with a wood handle, a pair of forged bypass pruning shears with polish blades, forged trimmer pruning shears also with polish blades, and a stainless steel small shovel with a wood handle. All of them measure between 6 to 7 inches in length and will arrive packed in a blow case. These tools are extremely durable and long-lasting. And yes! Don't forget to ask him to send pictures of the flowers he is growing with the help of this kit. You can buy this for Rs.2,550 from

Oriental Wind Chimes


If you want positivity and good luck to be always on your man’s side then this parting gift idea will be perfect for you. This Paradigm Originals Feng Shui Wind Chimes comes fitted with 8 golden bells which will surely keep the negativity straight out of the door. A slight wind breeze will create a soothing sound. Every time the sound will instantly make him remind of you and make him always fall in love with you as quick as a blink of an eye. You can buy this item for Rs.599 from Amazon.

Accessories Gift Set


If you want your boyfriend to show off his attire at his office or at his friends place then simply present him this exclusive combo accessory set. This gift set is a must-have for a man shifting to a new place. This accessory set consists of a genuine leather Wallet, a genuine leather belt in size 46, a cardholder and a keychain. The items are made up of natural full grain genuine leather featured with stylish stitching that will increase the glamour of your man showcasing himself among people in corporate as well as casual meetups, parties, etc. You can buy this item for Rs.1,999 from Amazon.

Beard Grooming Gift Set


If your man is bearded and loves to keep his beard and moustache neat and eye-catchy then this gift is a no-brainer for him. Surprise him with this present to help him keep his assets in shape. This Saint Beard -The All Essential Beard Grooming Kit comes with an attractive price of Rs.2,999 only and is completely natural. It contains one beard wash, three pure and natural beard oils, one natural beard growth oil, one natural beard-moustache wax and a handcrafted sheesham wood comb. This whole set comes with an attractive classy gift box. Buy this from

A Teddy Bear


When your boyfriend has moved away from you due to some reason, you know it will be hard for you to sleep because you will miss that warm good night hug from him, right? Now, this may happen to him as well. So why not make his every night warm by presenting him a cuddly bear. This Red 5 Feet Bigfoot Teddy Bear with a Red I Miss You Heart will just fit perfectly on his bed beside him. Whenever he misses you at night, this gift idea of yours will surely come to rescue for him. This teddy has a measurement of 60 inches and has silky soft red fur that will set his heart aflutter every time he hugs it. Isn't this adorable present? You can buy this item for Rs.4,999 from

Gift Jar of Messages

This is one of the most innovating present to cheer your man every morning. Well, there's a little secret to it. This Long Distance Relationship Keepsake Gift Jar of Messages is an adorable, cute gift idea which will make him smile every morning he opens up a message. It Includes 31 love-themed ‘missing you’ messages to be opened each day of the month. There are various types of decorative linen made cardstock envelopes, which are used to fill this beautiful keepsake glass jar to its full brim. You can buy this item for about Rs.2,392 from

Send Him Off with a Long Drive and Candle Night Dinner

It might be very hard for him to leave you and get ready for his new journey somewhere else away from you. So why not spend the day before leaving and make the most of it. This will help to lessen the sorrows and griefs the following day.

Try to start the day by visiting a cafe or a place he always went with you. Have morning breakfast there and come back to a nearby theater for a movie. Your main motive would be spending the whole day with him and make him feel special so that he leaves for the next day with a positive hope and a smile on his face. You can end the afternoon by taking him to a brunch to his favourite restaurant with his favourite dishes. You can invite his friends too for the brunch. He will be very happy to spend time with you all his friends, he will notice your caring nature towards him.

Start the evening to prepare for the best night for both of you. Top yourself with the best dress to make him stare at you. Sounds sweet, right? Put the keys, start the engine and drive off to a far distance. Maybe you something has a nearby place in mind or maybe something you wanted both of you to visit someday. Don't rest! Make this day count. End the night trip by having a candlelight dinner at a restaurant you both been longing to visit. This is how you can make goodbyes a memorable one for both of you to cherish for a lifetime.

Prepare Yourself for a Long Distant Relationship

It has been a notorious belief with most people out there that, long distant relationships don't work. Many friends or even your family members will discourage you in this matter. There are so many things that need to be kept in check when you're apart from your boyfriend, and no one wants their hearts to get broken. But, if you think of the positive side of things, there are lots of things to learn in this whole facade. First of all, this long distance relationship will help you achieve things that you'd be always proud of. Secondly, the feeling of having to spend the time with your loved one, when you finally meet each other, is just priceless. Just imagine sitting together for a dinner, after meeting almost 7 months later. These memories will mean so much to both of you. That's why the following are certain tips and tricks to help you achieve this feat.

Be Clear About the Relationship

This is the first and foremost thing to care of when you're both committing for long distant relationships. Talking about it with your partner, and sorting all your inner thoughts and feelings out is the best thing you can ever do, for both yourself and him. This will keep both of you clear of any kind of misunderstandings, that might creep in overtime. Do you both want to continue with the relationship or do you feel you will drift apart. Be realistic about your own expectations and abilities.

If you're talking about your desires and problems with him, before he leaves, then down the line, it may turn out to be a very big mistake. And that single mistake might just cost you your relationship.

Make a Communication Plan

This is the second most important thing to take note of, after talking with your partner. Tell him, how much you care for his health and well-being, and that's why communication in a long distance relationship is very important. It helps you to share both of your everyday experiences so that you both will know each other's problems.

Too much communication can also be a factor in the deterioration of the relationship. That's why you both need to strike a balance between the two. That's why calling every day, or doing video calling once in a while, will help you relieve your own stress, in order to get more new energy and confidence to do more in your life.

Be Mentally Prepared

There will always be sleepless nights and bad mornings after you both get separated by a distance. You have to be mentally strong to deal with it so that your man also get the courage to focus on his work more. We are sure you can handle bad situations but this needs more challenging attitude to deal with it. Although our suggestions of gifts and your quality time spent with your man will always be at your side to give both of you the strength to fight back the bad, negative stuff in your relationship and will surely help you to take this bonding to a next level.

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Life Goes On

In some ways a boyfriend moving away is like a breakup. Though you may be prepared for a long distance relationship, the prolonged physical distance may be too much to bear at times. In the midst of planning his farewell and buying him gifts, do something for yourself too. Make plans to keep busy, pursue career and hobby, and make time for friends and family. The process has to begin even before he leaves so you're not left with a gaping hole in your life the moment he does.