Top 10 Gift Ideas for A Navy Boyfriend and How to Make Your Man Feel Loved (2019)

Top 10 Gift Ideas for A Navy Boyfriend and How to Make Your Man Feel Loved (2019)

Dating a navy man isn't like any other relationship, therefore gifts for a navy boyfriend must also be unique. Find here the best presents to give your navy boyfriend, for when he is close to you, and for when he is stationed far away for duty. Also read through our relationship advice and tips to strengthen your bond with a sailor man.

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Understanding the Navy Guy

So, you are dating a sailor! Well, this must be a completely different experience. Understanding a navy guy is a journey in itself. Your navy guy is handsome, smart, funny and confident. Visions of him in that sparkling white uniform over his well-toned body sweeping you off your feet run through your head. For a strong relationship, you need to try and understand him because they are different than regular guys. Here are the three important things:

  • He May Not Be Open About His Work:
    As someone belonging to the armed forces, your boyfriend will need to be careful about what he discloses about his work to others. Talking about where he is being posted and what his duties entail can all be restricted. They may be even rules around what he posts on social media.

  • Make Most Of His Availability :
    There may be times when they have to sail at short notice and they will drop everything they are doing-even if its you. Rest assured, they will make up for lost time when they are in harbour but there is a one out of two chance that they will miss your birthday, your graduation, your job interview, your first day at work, etc... they will buy you belated cards if that makes you feel any better. So it is important that you keep the little expressions alive when they are away or with you

  • You Need to Be Ready For Long Distance Relationships:
    Not all of us are okay to be in long distance relationships. They can be challenging and require a high level of committment from both. When you date someone from the Navy, know that their posting can change at any time. This means they may need to uproot and move away from where you are. You need to introspect as to what you will do in such situations and whether you are willing to try long distance relationships.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Navy Boyfriend

If you are looking for the perfect gift for navy boyfriend then you will surely find these top 10 gift ides very useful. These are trendy gifts that are also going to surely be a top favourite with your navy man.

Personalised Square Keychain Set

A keychain is the best way to remind him of you when you both are away. There can be no better gift than a personalised keychain to gift your navy man. IGP has some cool options of personalized keychains at Rs.450 where you can upload your favourite image and get it printed on a keychain design of your choice, and voila! You have a keychain where you both look so pretty and this will let you stay away much easily. Buy these square personalised keychains here.

Set of 18 Love Coupons

It cannot get more romantic than gifting love coupons! Each coupon placed at different places all over the house at different times would just be the perfect idea to make him feel happy and so much in love. Engrave offers these love coupons for just Rs.399. Surprise your partner with these amazingly unique love coupons. You gift these 18 coupons to them and they redeem it when they wish to! They will for sure love these romantic and naughty love coupons!

24 - The Complete Series Boxset

24, the thriller, action, drama American television series can keep your man engaged and away from worries when he is away from you. This might be the perfect gift if your navy guy has a liking for thrillers and actions. Available at Rs.3,000 at; buy this gift to impress your man!

Complete Khaled Hosseini Book Set

An unforgettable novel about finding a lost piece of yourself in someone else; a story about the dynamics of relationships like father-son, mother-daughter, brother-sister, this could fill happiness in the navy man, who misses his family when he is away. A story about how we love, how we take care of one another, and how the choices we make resonate through generations. In this tale revolving around not just parents and children but brothers and sisters, cousins and caretakers, Hosseini explores the many ways in which families nurture, wound, betray, honour, and sacrifice for one another; and how often we are surprised by the actions of those closest to us, at the times that matter most. This book set will keep reminding him of the family and his loved ones when he is away sailing in the ocean. Buy this set of books from at Rs.999.

Engraved Parker Vector Set of Steel Pens

Fancy writing and stuff? Parker Vetor Set of steel pens can be a good gift. What more could one ask for if these are engraved with your name and the name of your navy guy! Yes, offers personalized engraved pens at Rs.849, giving you the joy of writing with a lovely personal touch. Get yours engraved now and gift it to the navy man. This will be a memory forever.

Superdry Printed Crew Neck T-Shirt

A comfortable t-shirt for those cosy moments is just what he might appreciate. Superdry are global style t-shirts that blends vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with British styling. This is an amazing gift for the classy navy man and it will make his moments special with you. offers a wide range of t-shirts for the man at Rs.2,320.

Urban Fragrance for Men

Feel the masculinity of this amazing Eau De Parfum. A perfect blend of musky and woody fragrances where the top notes of Grapefruit and Pink Pepper fade away to the heart of Violet and Aquatic to lend a refreshing aroma, this fragrance is a hit. The perfect gift for your navy man if he likes to indulge in fragrances; buys him this for just Rs.1,299 from

Place of Origin Snacks

Place of Origin official website offers a range of biscuits starting at Rs.90. For those “sweet” moments and for the man with a “sweet” tooth, get these biscuits in a variety of flavours like coconut, ajwain, butter badam, jam biscuits, ginger biscuits, butter coffee biscuits and so many more flavours to spice up and sweeten your moments. The best part is that they also offer sweets and snacks from all over India; your navy man would appreciate a little ‘piece of home’ when he is at sea!

Fastrack Orange Dial Ana Digi

This classy Orange Dial wrist watch will just set up right on his wrist. Available at for Rs.3,196. This Fastrack watch is a beautiful gift for your loved one. Let time not separate you, let him be close to you even while he is away. Having the watch on his wrist will always remind him of coming close to you soon. Go ahead, buy this classy gift from Flipkart for your navy guy.

A Holiday to Gangtok

And how about going on a vacation to cherish the moments of a lifetime. Just the two of you at a perfect romantic place, Gangtok. Known as the land of monasteries, Gangtok is the largest town in the Indian state of Sikkim. Made of mountains, monasteries, warm locals, adventure sports, and unending magic, Gangtok is a pleasant retreat for those looking for long vacation in the hills. Get bewitched by the Eastern Himalayas as you choose from our mystical Gangtok holidays. Packages starting from Rs.9,260 per person at

Three Tips to Make Him Feel Special

Gifts alone are not everything; there are some things that you can do to make your navy boyfriend feel extra special. Read further to see the top 3 tips to make him feel much more special in this relationship.

#1 Appreciate Him

If you want to have a long lasting and successful relationship, one of the key aspects you need to keep in mind is to make him feel special in the relationship. And when he feels desired by you, his love for you will grow, and he’ll be more eager to please you and win your affection back too. If you like something about him, be it his appearance or the way he treats you, don’t just take it for granted. Tell him about it. It’ll make him feel proud, and he’ll feel more loved because you noticed it! A little love goes a long way. Many of us are guilty of taking people for granted, so it’s good to acknowledge those who’ve impacted our lives, and those we could not live without.

#2 Express Your Love

Express your love for him verbally and physically. Make little sacrifices for him if making those sacrifices won’t hurt you in any manner. Surprise him with little acts of thoughtfulness and love, like bringing him takeaway food when you eat out at a restaurant, or stopping at a place he likes to pick something special for him now and then when he least expects it. It’s the little things that always make us feel most loved and appreciated in a relationship. Don’t make yourself invisible and pretend like you’re a nobody without him. Don’t downplay yourself and make yourself feel like you’re the last of his priorities. Love yourself and be proud of how awesome you are. Do that, and he’ll respect you and feel lucky to date a girl as awesome as you!

#3 Support Him

Your boyfriend helps you out of a sticky situation, doesn’t he? Return the favour and be his support and helping hand when he needs help or needs a word of advice and inspiration. He’d feel really cared for knowing that you’re by his side, and willing to support him through his difficult time. If you want to make your boyfriend feel appreciated, don’t ever make him feel small over something he can’t directly control like the money he makes or something else that he’s sensitive about. Support means a lot to the navy guy who has literally left his life behind to serve the nation.

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Make the most of your time together

You can have him to yourself for months at a time and then he could be abruptly called away for duty. Having a long distance relationship from time to time is part and parcel of dating a sailor, which mans the time you have with him is more precious. Make your time together count so that you have warm memories to remember him by when he is away.