How About a Surprise Gift for Your Boyfriend? 11 Exciting Gifts for Boyfriend and How to Pull Off a Fabulous Surprise

How About a Surprise Gift for Your Boyfriend? 11 Exciting Gifts for Boyfriend and How to Pull Off a Fabulous Surprise

Revitalize your love life with a surprise gift for boyfriend. It need not be his birthday or your anniversary to buy him something thoughtful. Surprise gifts can not only be fun, but it can also bring you closer together. Gift him something from our list of interesting and refreshing gifts and watch him light up with joy. We've also added some tips to make it a sure success. So scroll right ahead.

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Four Reasons to Give a Surprise Gift to Boyfriend

It is always fun to shop for gifts, especially, when it is for someone you love a lot like your boyfriend. There are a lot of occasions to gift something to your perfect boyfriend. Typical occasions include birthdays, anniversaries and more; however, the more exciting occasions include the ones that no one is prepared for, something, like, a surprise gift for that achievement he has made at work or a homecoming gift for when he comes back from a long work tour. The opportunities are endless so it left to your imagination to gift him something that he would just love.

Why Surprises Are Fun?

Gifts are fun but there is nothing like a surprise gift. It is a wonder in itself and is always very exciting for not just the recipient but also for the person who is doing the gifting. The entire secrecy, the wonder and surprise on opening the gift and other elements all make it very memorable for all involved. Getting a surprise gift for your boyfriend is probably one of the most exciting things you can do to make life more fun. You will end up with 3 great things if you decide to give him a surprise gift.

Element of Surprise, of Course

The element of surprise is undeniably the most important part of any surprise gift. It will add so much more fun to the moments you both share and will also become an exciting topic of conversations for days between the two of you (and even with friends, family and colleagues). You will find that getting a surprise gift if so, is much more than just buying something and giving it whenever unexpected.

Adds Spice to Life

Sometimes life becomes boring and mundane. The same routine is being followed daily and the two of you forget how to live life the way it was meant to – by being truly happy and celebrating every moment for all its worth. A surprise gift tries to add spice to your regular, mundane lifestyles and bring about some kind of change. You can think of it as an exciting spark which you can then make use of to add something new, bright and exciting in your lives.

Rekindles Romance

Love is not truly lost, however, in our day to day busy lives we often forget to express our feelings and that slowly gives way to losing the lovey-dovey romantic feeling. A surprise gift is a nice way of making sure that the romance in your life is rekindled and brought back to life. You can make use of a surprise gift and bring back those golden, beautiful days that the two of you cherish while making countless more memories for the future.

Top 10 Surprise Gifts for Boyfriend

Buying a gift for your boyfriend might not sound like a very hard task because you probably know him a lot already – all his likes, dislikes, tastes and much more. However, it could certainly be a task to get something lovely for him that would also surprise him; getting him something that he would love yet least expect is the key to finding the perfect surprise gift for him. We have tried to make everything easier for you by compiling a list of some of the best things that would make the perfect surprise gift for the man you love so much. So, the top 10 surprise gift ideas for your boyfriend are as follows.

Fossil Machine Round Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch

If there is probably one thing that almost every man loves then it has got to be a watch. Men adore watches and some of the even collect a lot of them wrist-charmers from different places, different brands and what not. If your boyfriend would also love a watch then you can consider getting him this Machine Round Analog Watch by the Fossil brand from Helios Watch Store. It sports a bold blue colour dial with a classy brown strap. Though it is priced at a higher-end of Rs.14,995, Fossil watches are always worth it after all.

Beardo Celeb Gift Set


The Beardo Celeb Gift Set ranks pretty high on our list of the top favourite gifts that your boyfriend would adore as a surprise. If he is one of the men who loves sporting a beard and is often looking for products to enhance the ‘look’ then this set is the perfect gift for him. Priced at Rs.875 only from Beardo, the set contains Godfather oil, activated charcoal face wash and stronghold hair wax. All of this comes packed in a beautiful bold black gift box which makes it all ready to gift to someone. They also have other different kinds of gift boxes for men that you might like to check out.

Makemytrip Gift Card


One of the best things that anybody would love is a surprise trip; hence, why not gift him the choice of picking out his destination for a surprise tour with everything included? Well, you can get all of this and more with the MakeMyTrip Gift Card that can be purchased from Amazon India starting at just Rs.1,000. There are a host of tour options (domestic and international) that he can choose from. The amount of the gift card will be deducted from the total trip cost. You can buy a card of a higher amount as well which can even cover the entire trip cost.

Snacks Bouquet


Well, who doesn’t like a handful of tasty treats after all? And it would surely be irresistible if arranged in the form of a beautiful bouquet. You might like to check out this cool gift from Ferns and Petals. Priced at just Rs.599, this would make a nice surprise gift for your boyfriend. Cadbury Perk, Dairy Milk, and Five-Star Chocolates, Nestle KitKat chocolates, Good Day butter cookies, Britannia bourbon, classic salted peanuts, and Haldiram's aloo bhujia and masala moong daal are included in this bouquet.

Smart Wallet


One of the things that would probably make a great gift for your boyfriend is this smart wallet that is sure to blow his mind! This high tech wallet comes with Smart Chip that offers plenty of features: wallet loss alert notification on your smartphone, find you phone with a double press, find your wallet using a smart phone app, use as a selfie remote for hands-free group selfies and more. You can buy this from for Rs. 3,998.

Prefer something simpler? Consider this beautiful Wildhorn Men’s Wallet from Amazon India. Priced at just Rs.584 only, the wallet comes in a bold shade of blue and is made of sturdy, durable leather material. It sports two different compartments and ample space for credit cards, debit cards and even for visiting cards. The gift comes in a beautifully crafted box that makes for a nice ready-to-give gift box as well. It also comes with a stylish keychain made of leather in the same colour along with a pen.

Coffee Combo Kit

Does your boyfriend love his morning cuppa of coffee? Then surprise him with a coffee gift basket. You can either look for coffee gift baskets that offer exotic blends or buy something like this Flying Squirrel combo set that comes with Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Press, Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Filter pack and a pack of The Flying Squirrel Aromatique as well as Biscotti. Buy it on their site for Rs. 4300

Grooming Essentials Kit

One of the classic gifts for men is a set of essentials and probably the safest bet that you could make when looking for a gift for your boyfriend is this set of Park Avenue essentials. Priced at a discounted price of just Rs.378 only from Flipkart, the set contains Park Avenue Shaving Cream Classic 70 gm, Park Avenue Soap Strom 125 gm, Park Avenue Talc Double Deo 100 gm, Park Avenue Silver Brush, Park Avenue Razor Swift and Park Avenue After Shave Lotion Ace 50 ml. The best part is that all of this comes in a beautiful travel pouch that can also be used whenever needed.

All About You

You might like this gifting idea if you want to give something that speaks to your boyfriend and is also not too heavy on the pocket. It is a wooden frame in an A4 size and will contain info about him such as his most often used dialogue, nickname and other quirky yet personal stuff. A picture of him can also be added. All you need to do is answer a couple of questions and provide a picture; and, then let them do the rest. This is a good gifting idea from Oyehappy and is priced reasonably at just Rs.1,390 only.

70 mm Surprise

One of the top things on the list when we talk of a surprise gift is to see one’s pictures and lovely messages spread out on the 70mm screen in a multiplex. And it is so easily possible with this beautiful gifting option from Oyehappy where you can select a movie theatre and a show time then just send them pictures and a message that you would like to be seen on the screen. Priced at Rs.9,200, the message will be displayed for a full 15 second and two different slides can also be displayed. You will need to book this in advance and you might also like to check with them for prices as they have different prices for different cities.

Golden Silver Personalised Pen Set


Anything that is personalised holds a special meaning; you can also find several kinds of gifts that would be perfect for your boyfriend and best of all they can be personalised as well to suit his tastes. One of the top personalised gifts is the pen set, priced at Rs.990, from IGP. It is basically a set of two ball-point pens coated in gold and silver and you can have a name or the initials engraved on it. You may choose to have both of your names put on the pens or you could simply gift him the set with his name engraved on both the pens. This is certainly a beautiful and useful gift.

Personalised Night Light Doodle Bottle Lamp


If your boyfriend likes things that are quirky and distinct then he would surely love this trendy night light doodle bottle lamp from Amazon India (priced at Rs.615 only). It is basically a night light lamp in a multicolour fashion which means it keeps changing its colours from green to blue to an assortment of other bright yet soothing colours. The best part is that you can doodle on the lamp (which is in the shape of a bottle) with a marker that comes along with it and also keeps changing the doodles on it every now and then. This is a great gift for creative boyfriends!

How Can You Add More Fun to Your Surprise?

There are so many ways in which you can make your surprises more fun for the two of you. Apart from adding some little things here and there, we believe, that there are 3 most important things that you need to take care of to make your surprise gift more fun and an experience in itself. You need to be careful of the following three things so that nothing is revealed and the surprise is also exciting and solid fun for the two of you.

Keep the Suspense Strong

The suspense is at the heart of the surprise gift and you need to keep the suspense strong. Don’t divulge details about the surprise every now and then or drop small hints just for the sake of it. Try to avoid doing or saying anything that could make him suspicious about something being up because it will end up ruining the whole fun around the surprise.

Avoid Talking Too Much In Case You Give it Away

It is better that you avoid talking too much about the occasion to which the surprise is related because it will simply increase the chances of you giving out some kind of information about the same. Try to not talk about the topic at all so that the surprise is indeed fun and exciting for both of you.

Keep Something for Later

Surprises are fun in themselves, however, you can make the whole event (or occasion) more exciting and memorable by keeping something for later as well. Maybe you could make reservations for dinner for a place that you both love and give him the surprise there or you could cook some of his favourites and hide the surprise somewhere around the house for him to find. The little things that you would do here and there would add to the whole fun of the surprise.

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Surprise Is The Key for An Amazing Love Life

A gift is always welcome especially if it is a surprise gift. You do not need a reason to surprise your boyfriend. Maybe you just miss him and want to let him know. Maybe you have drifted far apart in your relationship. A sweet gift saying I miss you is enough to kindle your romJ=ance. Our experts believe that there should be a small amount of surprise in your relationship always. There is nothing like building up to a suspense and then watch the pleasure in their eyes. But also be sure to keep the surprise going on,