Leave Lasting Memories: 10 Classy And Useful Return Gifts for Farewell Party (2020)

Leave Lasting Memories: 10 Classy And Useful Return Gifts for Farewell Party (2020)

Return gifts for farewell parties are a sort of final goodbye. Whether it be an office colleague moving to a new job or a friend leaving for college, throwing them a farewell party is a nice way to say goodbye. Find here loads of interesting, practical and affordable return gift ideas for farewell as well as how to plan the party.

The Practice of Giving Return Gifts on Farewell Parties and What Should You Give

What Should the Return Gifts Include?

A farewell party is quite a common phenomenon in the workplace. People retire, move or get new jobs and the best way to say goodbye to an old office colleague is to throw them a farewell party. Leaving an old job can get emotional at times. After spending a substantial amount of time in a place there are people who become a part of your life. Having a small celebration with office friends is a process through which people adjust with the transition in their lives.

Though office farewell parties are the most common, you can also have farewell parties for friends and family who are moving cities, friends who are moving out to go study elsewhere, or anyone leaving really.

While it is a common practice to give gifts to the person for whom the party is being thrown, it’s not a bad idea to give something in return. Farewell party return gifts should be memorable and heartfelt. A farewell party return gift is supposed to be a small gesture of appreciation for you colleagues, a way of thanking them for throwing you a lovely party and a way to remain in their hearts forever. Think small tokens like personalised key chains, engraved wooden plaques, coasters and office accessories like a mouse pad or a pen.

Whom to Present the Return Gifts To?

Farewell party return gifts are meant for your colleagues and also for your superiors at the workplace who attend the party. Choose gifts which are more or less equal in value for your co-workers. If it's a gathering of friends or family then all those who attend will receive the gifts; you may want to also save some gifts for the people who couldn't make it but who sent best wishes and farewell gifts for the person who is leaving.

Don’t forget the help. The people who serve you tea, and take care of all your needs at the office need recognition too. Make them happy by including them when you hand out return gifts.

Buy Unique Return Gifts for Farewell Parties Online

Looking for return gifts for your office co-workers? Well the internet is a good place to start. There are great deals to be found online. You can even find websites which sell personalised items at very affordable prices. Buying your gifts online will save you a lot of time, money and energy. Often you will find things online that are hard to come by at very affordable rates. Visit websites like giftcart.com, Amazon and Flipkart, theoneshop.in, returngiftwala.com, etc. for great deals on a variety of items.

Points to Remember While Choosing Return Gifts for Farewell Party

  • Affordability of the Gifts
    Farewell party return gifts should be inexpensive. There are quite a lot of people that you need to buy gifts for, therefore you really can’t afford to spend a lot of money on each individual gift. You may have one or two close friends in the office, but you will never really see the rest of the people again in your life. Therefore it would be pointless to spend a lot of money on farewell gifts. Set a gift budget and follow it closely.

  • It Should Look Presentable
    Your office colleagues or friends won’t be expecting extravagant gifts from you. But at least make sure that they are presentable. Picking out good gifts is not a difficult skill to muster. Just think what your co-workers need. Useful gifts are always appreciated. Pen drives, notepads, pens, multi utility key chains, desk organizers are a few examples of gifts that would be great for your office colleagues. For friends and family look to common areas of interest and give mugs, keychains, photo frames or even small boxes of chocolate or candy.

  • Choose Age Appropriate Gifts
    You office workers are a mix of people from various backgrounds and age groups. There is the elderly accountant who is close to retirement and then there are the new recruits and the interns, who are in their early twenties. So pick out gifts which everyone will find useful. Office accessories are something which everyone will favor. A young recruit or intern may appreciate something brightly colored with a cool message but it’s not entirely appropriate to gift a coffee mug with funky message or illustration to a senior worker. It would be wise to pick out separate gifts in that case.

Inexpensive Return Gifts and Party Favour Ideas for Farewell Party

While choosing return gifts for an office farewell party you need to pick items that are useful, interesting and affordable. We have put together a list of some great inexpensive items that would make apt gifts for your co-workers.

Personalised Clock

A simple item like a wall clock can become special when personalised with a heartwarming message. You can find personalised wall clocks at very affordable rates on printland.in. These clocks are made of medium density fiber with a wooden frame have a diameter of 10 inches. You can personalise these as you please with custom text and image. Buy it for Rs.599 on printland.in

Source theoneshop.in

A more affodrable option is this Meenakari Table clock that features intricate and colourful work with a clock at the center. Costing Rs. 275 on theoneshop.in, this gifting idea will be an interesting option when you have a mixed crowd.

Inspirational Plaque

Source www.amazon.in

Gift your colleagues a plaque with an inspirational quote that they can keep on their office table. Praying Hands Engraved Photo on Wood from Incredible Gifts India is an aesthetic piece which looks great on a desk or perched on a shelf in your home. It’s made of beech wood and measures 5 x 4 inches. Buy it from amazon.in for Rs.320.

Box of Chocolate

Source www.amazon.in

A box of yummy chocolates is an appropriate gift for any occasion. Say goodbye to your colleagues on a sweet note with the Cadbury Celebrations 142 gm Gift Pack from amazon.in. This brightly colored gift box contains Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury 5 Star and Gems. At Rs.96 it is also one of the most pocket friendly gift options.

You can also make the chocolate return gift a little more personal. Several online and local stores will be able to provide you with customised chocolate boxes or bars that you can hand out as return give. One such is Chocovana. Another is chococraft.in, where 10 pices costs Rs. 2,500

A Plain Journal

Source www.amazon.in

Gift a journal to your office colleagues that they can use to jot down notes. Amazon Classic Plain Notebook has 240 pages and can be used for sketching, scribbling or noting down everyday tasks. The pages are made from acid free paper and the hard outer cover is made of cardboard with an elastic band for secure closure. There is an expandable inner pocket as well for stashing loose items. The notebook is fairly large measuring 130 mm x 210 mm. Buy it from amazon.in for Rs.299.

If you are looking for something a little more brightly coloured and lower priced, then check out this spiral bound notebook from aldivo.com that costs just Rs. 149(delivery charges additional). This A5 sized notebook is wire-bound and features quality pages.

Decorative Artifacts

Your well-wishers will be glad to receive this symbol of good luck! The tortoise is said to bring good fortune and prosperity in Feng Shui so why not give your friends and family members something the symbolises this. Available on Boontoon,com this Oxidised Metal And Glass Made Golden Tortoise is a well-made artefact that not only looks good but can also help change the energy around. Order it on the site for Rs. 375

Mug Printed With Memorable Photos

A picture speaks a thousand words. Photos immortalize moments and we are sure there are many special ones that you have shared with your co-workers. Why not gift your colleagues a custom photo mug to remind them of all the good times? Vistaprint.in will create customised photo mugs on order, for Rs.300 a piece. All you have to do is visit their website, upload your photos, and choose the font and layout. There are numerous other sites that offer such a service so be sure to shop around for the best price.

Fridge Magnets

Source www.amazon.in

Looking for small and low-priced gifts which create a big impact? Then get the Seven Rays fridge magnets with fun inspirational quotes. These are made of high density fiber board and will cost you Rs.179 on Amazon.in. These quirky little brightly colored pieces have fun and witty quotes on them. They will add a touch of pizzazz to your otherwise boring fridge door.

Fancy Pen/Pencil Holders

Source www.amazon.in

A pencil or pen stand is a must have desk accessory. Gift your colleagues the Wooden Gemstone Pencil holder from Crafticia. This pencil holder holds your pens, pencils, mobile phone and other knick-knacks while making your desk look beautiful. Buy it for Rs.259 from amazon.in

Photo Frames

Photo frames are a great choice for return gifts. They are unisex and can be be used to add a wonderful personal touch to any room. Check out this elegant white-coloured frame made from synthetic wood. Featuring a patterned design, they are simple yet sophistcated. Buy it from amazon.in for Rs. 205.

Coffee Mugs

Source www.amazon.in

That morning cup of coffee at the office gets the brain in motion. Weekly Smiley Mug - A Perfect Gift For Office Goers is a ceramic coffee mug from Exciting Lives which portrays the days of the week from the perspective of a daily office worker. It’s fun and relatable and bound to bring a smile on the faces of your colleagues. The 325 ml mug is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Buy it for Rs.225 on amazon.in

Best Ideas to Make Farewell Parties Memorable

A farewell party tends to get either boring or emotional depending on the chemistry that you share with your co-workers. The idea is to make the experience a memorable one for everyone present. There are more than a few ways to keep a farewell party fun and interesting. We have a few suggestions that may serve the purpose.

Planning Interesting Games

Plan a few party games to keep things interesting. You could have a quiz game where you ask people questions about the person who is leaving, the one with the most information wins. You could also have a photo session with fun props or a karaoke contest. If you are having the party in the office cafeteria, then an eating contest is also a great idea. Pick classic contest food like pies, hotdogs, or chicken wings. Just make sure you clean up afterwards.

Giving Away Party Favours to Guests

Party favors or return gifts are a great way to thank people for taking the effort to join the party and make it a success. For creating fun, interesting and cheap office party favors be creative and also visit Pinterest for ideas. Even if you don't have return gifts, bags of candy or chocolate or other such small party favours are also a good idea.

Make Proper Arrangements of Foods and Drinks

If you are making a list of party must haves then refreshments will take top priority. Make sure that you order plenty of snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy. If you are ordering a cake then make sure that it’s big enough to feed everyone. It’s best not to serve alcohol unless you are having the party outside of office hours and in a different location.

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When selecting gifts that will be given to all and sundry at a gathering, remember there are people with different views on things and who may not appreciate certain kinds of humour or sentiments. For instance, at an office farewell party for a colleague, return gifts that make digs at the office or boss are a complete no-no. A party is not the time or place to air private jokes shared by a few of your colleagues. Similarly for parties with friends and family, be respectful of all those who are present.