Light Up Your Friend's Face, Putting a Smile on It with These 10 Amazing Friendship Day Gifts for Her (2019)

Light Up Your Friend's Face, Putting a Smile on It with These 10 Amazing Friendship Day Gifts for Her (2019)

Some friends worth keeping. One sure way to keep them is by showing them love and care. How better to do so than gift them. Discussed below are some awesome friendship day gifts for her. Whether male or female, you can surely give these gifts to your female friend and they will not seem inappropriate, but rather foster stronger friendship.

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Put a Smile on Your Bestfriend's Face with These Amazing Friendship Day Gifts for Her

Friendship day is the most significant day in any relationship. This day has strengthened relationships and mends those that were on the verge of breaking up. In such a day, friends buy gifts for their friends. They select carefully according to the test of the recipient. A friendship gift does not necessarily have to be expensive. It can be pocket-friendly and yet be precious. If you are planning to buy a gift for her, you need to ensure that the gift exudes love and warmth that you feel for your fiancée. If you are finding it hard to select the best gift for her during this special day, then the following guide will guide you to choose a suitable one.

Tips to Keep in Your Mind If You Decide to Settle for a Jewellery

1. Consider the Occasion

There are specific gifts for specific days. For instance, there are those that are better suited for Christmas day and not fit for Valentine’s Day. There are those that can fit the spirit of the day. Since you are presenting it to your girl, ensure that it raises some romantic feeling to strengthen or rekindle your love.

2. Take into Consideration Her Style

Some women love flashy things, but others are minimalists when it comes to style. Therefore the latter may not love a subtle one and vice versa. In addition to that, take your time to observe what she has, to get an idea. That way, it will be easy to know whether she loves a lot of bling, big pendants or colorful beads. Once you observe her style, it will be easy to know precisely what will match with that.

3. Try Out a Trend

Most ladies love to be up to speed with the trend of the day. They don’t want to be left out in anything that is trending. If your girl is like that, then you might consider what is trending and buy it for her. Some people are equally conservative and don't care about what is trending. It pays off to read such signs so that you can buy the appropriate gift for her during friendship day.

4. Figure Out What She Already Has to Avoid Duplication

If you do not do due diligence, you may end up buying her something that she already has, and this won’t make much meaning as you had expected. Therefore do your homework to find out what she already has. If you are ready to buy a gift for her, it is essential to be in the company of her close friends. These are more likely to inform you when you pick something that your fiancée already has. They will also advise you accordingly on what you should and should not buy. Another option is to ask her cleverly what she likes and what she has if you have a gift idea in mind.

Some of the Best Friendship Day Gifts for Her

1. Sleep Mask


This sleep mask can only be purchased from Om Shanti Spiritual Products and Friends of meditation. Any other place you find this product, simply knows that it is a fake one. The design adaptation has been made by Dhyan Unmesh who is a registered teacher for yoga as well as a meditation facilitator. This eye mask is made of silk, which is the recommended fabric and is far more superior to even polyester or nylon. It will see you get a sound sleep at night or when travelling in a flight or airport lounge.

It is perfect for night shift executives. People also prefer it for silent meditation and yoga as well. This eye mask is also ideal for students who live in a dormitory where lights are left on at night. Also, it is the best gift for a couple where one of them needs light, and the other one doesn’t. Buy this sleep mask for her this friendship day. You can find it in India at Amazon for just Rs.310.

2. No Tear Onion Goggles

Onions are the most common ingredients in almost every cuisine. They improve the flavour of your food once you throw them in the food. However, most people find themselves crying when cutting this important ingredient. They try everything they can to stop the tears from flowing while cutting onions, such as refrigerating them before they use them or cutting them under running water. Some even chew gum while chopping onions but all these just don’t work.

That is why there now is the no tear onion goggles to prevent the vapor from watering your eyes. These goggles ensure for a tear-free chopping and slicing, they are comfortable and stylish to wear, and they prevent the irritating vapor from getting into your fiancée’s eyes. They are made of plastic material and weigh 50 grams. You can buy them today at Bigsmall for Rs.399 surprise your woman with these goggles.

3. Jewellery Box


This is a nice trinket holder or jewellery box. It is capable of holding up to 28 rings and many beads and bangles. This can make the perfect gift for her when you buy her for her during friendship day. The jewellery box is in good vintage shape and also comes with a few scratches and wears due to use. It is clean, however. The box has a black lacquer and has an Irish design on its outside. Its inside is a red flocked lining and has adequate space for a music box and a mirror.

This jewellery box has a loose mirror on its bottom which can be easily glued back to position by the new owner. We believe you are the new owner, however before presenting it; you first have to hold this mirror in place. The jewellery box can be exclusively bought from Etsy for just $20 or around Rs.1,500. Make this year’s friendship day memorable with this jewellery box.

4. Fashion Book


This is an entry book to the subject, Costume. The Indian fashion narrative highlights the role of dress in the promotion of the national identity. The dress emphasizes India’s culture and tradition as well as the embodiment of personal identity modernity and resistance.

The book establishes India as a global powerhouse that is unique with luxury and couture craft. All these are mixed and matched in order to articulate a distinctly modern style identity. This can make a perfect gift for your woman during the friendship day especially if your lovely have a reading culture. Therefore next time your spoilt for choice on what to get her, get her this book by Arti Sandhu instead, from Amazon for only Rs.7,699.

5. Be Happy Be Bright Be You Wall Decor


A wall décor could also make a perfect gift for her during friendship day. The wall décor is written, "Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You". These are really moving words that will express to her how much you care for her well being.

This wall décor is a mid-century modern décor. It can be used as a college room wall décor or art for the dorm wall. The Scandinavian art print can be gifted during a myriad of occasions including friendship day. You can gift her to use it in her office, living room or bedroom. Today, you can order this wall décor from Etsy for only Rs.360.

6. Lovspa Lavender & Clary Sage Aromatherapy Essential Oil Reed

Get her this Lavender & Clary Sage gift hamper in this year’s friendship day from Amazon for Rs.1,430. It is a modern floral scent featuring Geranium, lily of the valley, raspberry, amber, and more. It is perfect for aromatherapy and has been beautifully packaged to make a luxury gift. It is American made and comes with reed diffusers, fireside firewood, cotton blossom, apple cinnamon and a myriad of other scents.

7. Wine Glases


A wine glass does it every time. It is a symbol of elegance and romance. It will surely make the friendship day a success. The wine glass is made if silver plated material, height 10 inches and weighs 534 Gm. With the diameter of 2 inches, this wine glass can hold up to 300ml of wine or her favorite drink. The wine glass comes with an attractive fancy blue or red color gift box. It is now available in Amazon for an affordable price of Rs.1,099.


This necklace is a Turquoise blue oxidized silver-plated princess necklace. It is stone –studded and has textured details and is secured with a hook enclosure. It should be wiped using a clean cotton swab anytime you have to. The necklace makes a perfect gift idea and can also be worn on various occasions such as engagement, anniversary, wedding day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Diwali, Valentine’s Day and much more. If this is what you think will best appeal to her during the friendship day, then you can order it today from Myntra for only Rs.495.

9. Water Bottle


A bottle may seem like not a so good gift idea; however; this is not just any other bottle. It is unique in every aspect as it is made from premium grade, BPA free, and 18/8 stainless steel. Also, it is made using high grade 18/8 stainless steel. These bottles are backed by a one-year customer satisfaction guarantee. These pieces are all a work of art and feature a semi-matte smooth finish. THough they are not backed by a warranty; these bottles remain to be the best gift ideas especially for her during friendship day. Get yours today from Amazon for Rs.7,980.

10. Take Her Out for a Movie/Concert

If your girl loves music, then you should make a point of taking her out for a music concert. This can help boost her moods, sometimes much more than a physical gift. Attending concerts reduces stress, relieves pain, it is a sense of connection and community, and could also do good exercise. You can share this time in a concert and reflect on your lives. Luckily there are many places in India where one can catch live concerts such as Hard Rock Café, National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, Shisha Jazz Café, Pune, Shisha Jazz Cafe, Pune and much more.

Tips when Wrapping Friendship Day Gifts for Her

1. Measure the Gift And the Wrapping Before You Begin

It is important first to measure the gift and the wrapping material before you start warping. There are many reasons as to why this is important. To start with it helps you to use the right size or the wrapping paper and save the rest to wrap future gifts. Another reason is that when you wrap a small gift using a much bigger wrapping material, it may give her a false perception that the gift inside is bigger, maybe more expensive than it really is. It is only when she unwraps the gift to find the complete opposite. Therefore ensure you use just the right size of the wrapping material and try to wrap it nicely and make the gift appealing.

2. Use Double-Sided Tape

At all times, ensure you use double-sided tape to wrap a gift for her. These adhesives usually provide the freedom of design as well as offering a clean working method. As their name suggests, the double-sided tapes have the adhesives applied on both sides of the tape, allowing one to attach two things without people seeing the tape. Therefore if you want to wrap the gift and want to add an extra thing on top, the double sided tape produces better results. In the end, you have a presentable gift that your other half will appreciate.

3. Avoid Gift Edges to Ensure That the Gift You are Giving Is Not Obvious

When giving out any gift, the best part is where you surprise your recipient with the gift. There are many ways you can surprise them, and one of them is by wrapping the gift to avoid edges. This will keep them thinking about what is inside before they ultimately unbox the gift. When you use edged wrapping material, they will start to guess and sometimes even guess right what is inside.

4. Add Ribbons

Wrapped gifts that are spiced up with a small ribbon on top make the gift look relatively pretty. Sometimes this to some people is a gesture of how much you love and care for them. Ribbons add elegance to the gift and make it look better. Next time you are sending a gift to your better half ensure you personalize it with a ribbon.

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Friendship Day Gifts For Female Acquaintances

She may be your girlfriend or your best friend and for that reason, she totally deserves a gift for being with you all through. In the good and bad times, she has been there and has been a friend to laugh with or a shoulder to lean on. These are just some of the reasons she deserves the gift. To make it all exceedingly spectacular, some tips on how well to present the gift as well as ways of figuring out the perfect gift have been detailed to help you. Make sure to make it a splendid moment and enjoy yourselves.