Got All Kinds of Friends? This Friendship Day, Make Sure to Tell Each of Them What They Mean to You with These Friendship Day Gifts (India)

Got All Kinds of Friends? This Friendship Day, Make Sure to Tell Each of Them What They Mean to You with These Friendship Day Gifts (India)

From that friend who's always there, to talk to the one with whom you go out to have a drink on weekends, all your friends deserve back some love and appreciation. This friendship day, show them how much they all mean to you with these gifts which we've picked up for every kind of friend which are sure to bring smiles across all your friends' faces.

Looking Back at Why We Celebrate Friendship Day

Friendship day was started by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmarks association in 1930. The whole idea was to promote the commercial purpose of gifting and sharing greetings. But later on the United States Congress proclaimed first Sunday of August as National Friendship day. The day was dedicated to friends and it was to honour friendship and the bond between two people. The day slowly became popular and is now a popular annual event. Following this success, several other countries followed their footstep and the tradition is now lived. Even our historical tales have shown true bonds of friendship. For instance, the famous epic tale of Mahabharata showed true bonds of friendship, affection, and intimacy. Around 1997, the United Nations named Winnie the Pooh as the World’s Ambassador of friendship.

Friendship Day Gifts for the Different Kinds of Friends

We live a troubled and complex life filled with stresses. Fun times with friends make it a bit better. Some are our drink buddies, while some are travelling partners. Every friend is important in the sphere of life. On the special day of friendship, tell your friends that they are the special people in your life.

Jar of Personalised Messages for the Forever Close Ones


There are moments when our friends have done special things for us in the past. There are moments which deserve special mention.

The Jar of personalized messages is a wonderful way to acknowledge their help. Write down your feelings for your bestie in slips of paper and add them to a jar. Not enough time to make it yourself? Get this gift on that will express your care. The jar of messages contains 52 message scrolls where you can write your feelings. The jar is made of glass and in the shape of a bulb. Dried flowers are mixed with the scrolls to add charm to the gift. The bulb can be purchased for Rs.499.

Snacks Bouquet for the Munchy Friend


We all have that crazy foodie friend in our group who can eat for 2 people. We always have to stock up snacks because of them. What can you give these friends on the friendship day? Well, this is no biggie. A foodie person deserves a foodie gift. Food is the first love for them. We have got the perfect snack gift which is a fabulous combination of some tasty treats. This bouquet bunch is a mix of Cadbury, Perk, Five-star, butter cookies, Britannia bourbon, salted peanuts, and Haldiram bhujia and moong dal. This snack bouquet is something which your foodie friend will love. The budgeted gift can be bought at a price of Rs.599 from

Chocolate Hamper for the Sweet-Tooth Friend

Scrumptious treats are loved by everyone. Buy your lovely girl friends the dose of sweetness on this friendship day. Chocolates are indeed happiness wrapped in a mouthful of sweetness. Make this friendship day special by gifting the sweet tooth buddy of your life with a hamper which he will love. Remember these are the people who always eat up your birthday chocolates. It is a way to show that you remember them always. Archies brings the love of sweets with a unique five season’s chocolate in a box. These chocolates are three different alcohol wine flavoured chocolates. These Five seasons chocolates are shaped beautifully in the shape of a champagne bottle. A single box of 3 chocolates costs only Rs.100.

Personalised Hip Flasks for the Drinking Buddies


The 21st-century millennial believes in the motto of working hard and partying harder. We all have those Friday buddies. These are the people with whom we meet on the weekends and party throughout. We slog the weekdays so that we can join our buddies after the long day. But why not celebrate this special day with them with a little bit of fun and give them a 'drinking gift'. Because you know they don’t love anything more than their bottle of whisky. Gift them the perfect bar accessory for their drinking times. This is a typical designer hip flask by This is not a simple bar flask but it can be customised with quotes of your special day. The bar hip flask is one of the quirkiest gifts. You are allowed to play with the font and the style of writing according to your own wish. The 4 inch Best Drinks Personalised Hip Flask can be bought at a budget price of Rs.630. For special memories to be retained it is not always important that you spend a lot. The initiatives speak a lot for themselves.

"Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha" Mug for the Chaddi-Baddi

While growing up we always heard our parents saying that school friends are the best ones. Well, we agree. There is nothing more innocent and adorable than a school buddy. We know their darkest secrets and we have seen them grow up. They always hold a special place hearts. But isn’t it important to show them the love and respect they deserve? Your best friends from childhood are indeed a treasure to behold. On the special occasion of friendship day, gift them something special to retain the memory of your friendship. We bring the perfect gift for you to cherish. The "tere jaisa yaaar kahan" mug is a perfect gift for the chaddi-buddy friend of yours. This friendship-themed mug will be a reminder of your good times together. The mug is beautifully designed and classy in itself. What's better than reminding your friends of you every time they have their cup of tea? The ceramic mug is also very affordable. This can be bought at a price of Rs.395 from

Swarovoki Bracelet for High-Maintenance Friends


We all have a few classy women in our groups who can talk about shoes and clothes all day. These people love fashion and are just a top-level brand conscious. If you start thinking of gifting something to them, it's indeed a task. Because they know so much about stuff from every arena that it might be impossible to gift something to these crazy classy friends. Don’t you worry! We have got the perfect gifting solution for you. The Yellow Chimes Swarovski Bracelet will make every girl’s heart beat faster. Available at a very budgeted and affordable price of Rs.1,500, this gift is an all-time favourite for every woman and can be purchased from This is a soft blue special crystal hearts joining bangle which radiates shimmering elegance and beauty. This is an accessory which goes well with any dress. Further, the closure is adjustable which makes it a secure way of wearing it. It is skin friendly so you don’t have to put extra efforts of wearing it under a sleeve. The product meets all the international standards and comes with a warranty card.

Perfumes for the Classy Ones


Who doesn’t love perfumes? Women or men, perfumes are no more the mere necessity of a class but the world has turned it into a social stature. For yout high lifestyle friends, we recommend this Moi by Nykaa, Raison D'Etre Eau de Parfum. This perfume has some of the best user reviews and is quite popular among women. The 100 ml bottle's cost is around Rs.1800 on The collection by Moi is an exquisite design from Paris which will sync in with every changing mood of yours.

Danglers for the Bestie

We all have a set of people who might not be at the top of the mind every day but are the first ones who can be called up during the times of distress. These people hold a special place in our hearts. To gift the most important people in your girl gang, we recommend a Classy Art Skool Dangler. These danglers give a classy outlook. They are to go with any dress of yours from traditional to party wear. The gold finish adds beautiful charm to the set. The dangler is also under voylla warranty of 30 days which gives you the guarantee of quality and assurance. The art skool dangler is the ideal way of showing your bestie that even though you don’t talk every day, you are closer than many. The classy art skool danglers are also very pocket friendly. Sharing this gift won’t be pricey after all. The dangler set can be bought at a price of Rs.249 from

Handmade Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Bond of Friendship

Gifts are always the best way to show your love for your friends. But this friendship day, try something personal and make this day special for your loved ones. With handmade gifts, one thing is very clear that they're special and attractive. Let’s see what are the things you could try for your lovey-dovey friends.

Memory Book

To start with a memory book you need to sure of the theme at first. You can choose the digital or a physical memory book. We suggest that if you are making this for a friend who has stayed in your life for years, try capturing every important event together. You can choose one important event or vacation from every year where you have been together and place them as chapters. Alternatively, you can take a few years of togetherness and focus on it entirely. It could be a few years of school, college or spending time together during vacations or holidays. The next step is to pick content. You should use as many pictures possible suiting the theme. Physical memory books can use postcards, poetry quotes, images, greeting cards, tokens etc. Well, there are no definite guidelines for making a memory book, try as much experimenting as you can. But don’t go randomly attaching photos, try telling a story through your memory book.

"50 Things I love About You" Mini book

A flip book is also a variation of the memory book which we just discussed. Here you can use cards together in a bunch to say what you want to. Every card could act a page and could quote something beautiful about your bond and friendship. Try being creative with the flip book! Use ribbons, handmade drawings and poems to make it visually attractive. But ensure that they are all safely pinned in a bunch.

Instagram Photos Calendar


Instagram is the latest sensation in the millennial world. Why not take your friends Instagram photos and form a photo calendar. This is the new trend which helps you bring a lot of different photograph of your friend together in a calendar format. Also, you can take a selective picture of you both and try to experiment it through an Instagram photo book. While trying to make this, be sure to be innovative. You can also take steps which are not in the book and do something exciting. This Instagram photo calendar is a classy way of portraying your memories together.

Balloon Room with Pictures


This is one of the most classic and traditional ways of gifting. A room filled with gas balloons in different colours. The strings of balloons will have some of their favourite photographs together. Not just images, you can add quotes, future vacation plans as a surprise too.

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Always add a personal touch for your close friends

For all your close friends, try to add a personal touch like a memory of yours with them from a vacation or from your early school days. Although a strong friendship doesn't require a 'type' of a gift but by writing a few lines for them or including some really old photos of you with them together is ought to make their hearts filled with love and eyes with tears.