Your Friends Aren't the Kind Who'd Want to See You Fuss Over a Gift? But If You Still Want to Give Them Something Nice, Here are 8 Easy Friendship Day Gift Ideas and 3 DIY Gifts Too!

Your Friends Aren't the Kind Who'd Want to See You Fuss Over a Gift? But If You Still Want to Give Them Something Nice, Here are 8 Easy Friendship Day Gift Ideas and 3 DIY Gifts Too!

Friendship day is one day you cannot excuse yourself from celebrating your friend. He or she has been there for you through thick and thin, so now is the time to show that you appreciate all that they have done for you. Get them an awesome gift, perhaps something they have been longing to get, you know, something that would blow their mind. Come along as we unravel these easy and sweet gift ideas.

Choosing The Right Gift on The Day

Set your budget:
When you are planning to buy a friendship day gift, start with a budget that's within your comfort zone. There is no shame in sticking to a budget as it makes the path of buying a gift easier. You can pick shortlisted items with confidence and choose something that's best from it.

Get inspired about choosing a gift:
Think about something which will be both appealing and fascinating for you to buy as a gift so it makes an impression on your friend. You can get inspiration from any life event, his/her personality or even reignite some memorable moments through your gift.

Personalise the gift:
As you want the absolute best gift for a friend, a personalised gift option binds the strong personal connection. It shows how much you care about them and what makes them unique. It is perfect for any occasion and can turn any simple gift to a special one.

Know about the choice of your friend:
If you know about the personality of the person, it is easy to select a good gift. Give something they want, whatever is beneficial and meaningful to them.

Get over from total material gift:
To show someone that you care does not always take much money. It can be simple and easy to make someone feel special. Spending quality time like wishing with a friendship day card, taking out for dinner, movie or a concert or creating a fun friendship day out for adventure rides can bring special perk on a special day.

8 Easy Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Money Plant


Amidst growing pollution, a plant that can help to keep the indoor environment healthy and clean is, of course, a good gift for a friend. The money plant is a foliage type of plant that grows up to 8 feet and can be kept both indoor and outdoor. It multiplies without much effort, and it has many positive effects. It activates positive energy and reduces carbon dioxide levels and certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide. It also reduces airborne dust levels inside and outside the home. It is a gift which is given to bring prosperity and good luck to our friends. This plant from comes with a vase and can be reused later to grow small house plants or spring small household things. The price for this priceless gift is Rs.499, and the plant will be hand-delivered to the doorstep.

Fun Ceramic Coffee Mug


Coffee and tea cups are a most common gift for a reason - they are one of the most used items for anyone. A coffee or tea mug never sits on the rack without use, and if it is something different and outstanding, then you will always go and grab it first. Friends are true companions, and this cool mugs can bring many good memories in the future whenever your friend uses this. The mug looks like a pot and is in bright yellow. It has a set of two cups which has funny emoji, one with a wink face and another with laughing tears. The mug is ideal for tea, coffee or milk. The capacity of the mug is 350 ml each. You can choose from five different emojis. The package comes in a bubble wrap and a thermocol secured box, and it is available at for Rs.899 for the set.

Floating Photo Cube Magnet

Photos are the memories celebrating the beauty of life and a great way to remember moments that count in every friendship. You can think of a beautiful photo cube magnet as a friendship day gift which is easily available for customisation. You can personalise the cube with pictures that relate to your friendship and will make the special day a memorable one. You can upload six pictures which are your favourite ones and that too with your message. The printed pictures will be inserted by the website within the cube to make this nice gift. A magnet helps the cube to float. This cube requires no battery, and it is easy to use. The dimension of this product and the cube is 5-inch x 5-inch x 2.5 inch and 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm respectively. You can choose frame colours like blue, black, pink, red and white. The price for this stylish presentation is Rs.399 only at

Owl Beer Mug

Who doesn't remember about the happy days with friends while chatting with a mug of beer in hands? Bring back those moments with this cute beer mugs. The twinkling delight owl beer mug is perfect as a friendship day gift to cherish the moments of fun and happiness. A beer-loving person will adore this towering gift and enjoy the light moment with friends. The mug is glass made with a designer owl shaped print, and it is available at at Rs.799.

A Printed Cushion as A Gift


When the gift is handmade and fully made from scratch, it becomes a thoughtful thing for a friend. The cushion here is a handmade item using Indian sourced fabrics. It is a great gift for a friend who understands human emotion deeply and loves handmade items. The cushion says ‘Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge’ which means ‘we will never break this friendship’. It is a bright yellow coloured fabric with floral print.

The cushion has versatile practicality as it performs as a throw pillow which can be used anywhere on the sofas, beds or simply used while sitting on the floor. It can be easily hand washed at home, and the prints will be intact. The package comes with a cushion cover and one vacuum-packed combined fibre filler. The material of the cushion fabric is satin, and the dimension is 12 x 12 inch. This is an expression of love to a friend and a perfect gift for friendship day with Rs.249. Purchase it at

Desktop Holder

Remembering those good old days is beautiful and if you bring back that essence with something that friends can smile together about, it would be awesome. The cassette shaped table accessory holder is such a vintage collection which will bring back all the childhood memories of the tape recorder and cassette player. The holder is also capable of holding a tape slot which is a great addition when you need it right away. You can stylize the desk with this beautiful holder and also make it a convenient storage for pens, pencils and small stationery items. The sticky tape dispenser is an easy solution when it comes to fixing something.

The convenient storage is made from plastic and stainless steel material. The size is 168 x 58 x 111 mm, and it has two separate compartments for holding a pen and pencil. The storage compartment is ideal for small stationeries, and it has the easy to replace tape with it. The price for this unique cassette desktop holder is Rs.599 after discount. It is available at

Bamboo Notebook

Friends hold a special place in our heart, as well as in our life, which can never be replaced. They unite us and make us strong at our hard times. In this journey of life, we meet many people, and few of them becomes our lifelong friends as they shape the view of our world and impact our life idea. When that happens, we try to give the gift as a memory of love and compassion. This bamboo notebook is such a perfect gift for that special friend who has a strong, meaningful impact on our life and attitude. The notebook is made of pure bamboo hardcover and it has seventy unlined brown pages which look gorgeous with its cover.

The rectangular notebook measures 18 x 13.5 cm, and the other one that is a large notebook measures 24 x 15 cm. This beautiful notebook also includes a free bamboo pen with it. It has a black elastic band which keeps the notebook secure and intact. You can personalise the front cover and the bamboo pen free of cost.

If you want to personalise the back cover and add a greeting card along with it, there will be a minimum charge applicable. The cost of this charming gift is Rs.799 for the regular notebook and Rs.999 for the large one. It's available at

Smartphone Projector

When you are holidaying with friends and you try to watch a movie on your smartphone alone, it is not a big deal, but imagine you are watching a big game or a movie that is a favourite for all, you'll wish to have a big screen instead. Here comes the magic of technology, you can watch a movie on a big screen without paying cinema prices. This Smartphone Projector can transform any space into a big screen.

This bright projector gives the freedom to watch the movies the way they should be projected. It is incredibly compact, and can project the images to the wall which will give your friend a fantastic viewing luxury without any problem of wired electronic devices. Plug speakers with it to create the home theatre effect and enjoy the experience.

It has an 8 X magnifying lens at its front, so all that is needed is to press the play button, pop the smartphone to the projector, plug in the speakers and enjoy. It is made of cardboard, and the dimension is 17.50 cm (L), 16.50 cm (W) and 10.50 cm (D). As it fits most smartphones, it is indeed a perfect gift for movie buffs. It will cost Rs.1,540 at

DIY Ideas for Friendship Day Gift

Layered Candles

Who doesn't love the aromatic smell of candles, especially if they are colourful and bright looking? Imagine making a few of them for your friend all by yourself as an extraordinary friendship day gift. It is a beautiful idea to make some candles from scratch. All you need is wax, hot glue gun, wax crayons and a candle holder. Just follow the steps shown in the video and surprise your friend with your hidden talent.

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Making something by yourself gives inner satisfaction as well as makes the gift unique and priceless. Organic sugar scrubs are expensive and we generally don't bother buying them. However, they have many sound effects on our skin. Try them at home and present it to your beloved friend, they will surely believe that these scrubs are super luxurious, but they don't think that these are super inexpensive too. You can make a whole bunch with different smells altogether and right in your kitchen. All you need is sugar, coconut oil, and one or more essential oil of your choice. Try out the methods described in this video and let your friends enjoy the luxury.

Make a Journal as A Gift

Journals can be easy to make at home with just a bunch of great looking high-quality papers. It silently says a lot and presents an excellent gift for friends. This DIY project can be inexpensive and also express love for the beloved friend in a natural way. You can be as creative as you wish and add pictures and create memories. Follow the steps shown in the video and make a cute journal for your friend.

Focus on The Sentiment Behind the Gift


Friendship day is a celebration of sentiment which pulls the emotional string between friends and ties the relation in a more robust way. Meaningful gifts are essential to enjoy at that moment and make it more special. These natural gifts will make your special day a lot more exciting and bridge the gap between all friends. This unites hearts and connects friends from all over the world at one place at the same moment.

From our editorial team

Coolest and easy DIY gifts

So there is it, cool and easy friendship day gift for your beloved friend. Of particular interest is the DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts. The thoughtfulness behind it makes it so special and unique. So, I'll say, if you really want to impress your friend with a gift, go for a DIY personalised gift. Consider making a homemade sugar scrub, a layered candle or a journal, I'm pretty sure your buddy would really appreciate the gesture.