10 Best Pigmentation Removal Day and Night Face Creams in India with Price: Bonus Tips to Get Spotless Skin (2020)

10 Best Pigmentation Removal Day and Night Face Creams in India with Price: Bonus Tips to Get Spotless Skin (2020)

Pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone are the most common distressing problems we all face at some age. Now with the latest innovations and revolutionary formulas, today there is a wide range of depigmentation creams, serums and moisturizers which work deep within the skin's cellular level. We have listed 10 best effective depigmentation creams. Keep reading to learn more about your options, products that you can try at home.

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Tips on Treating Hyperpigmentation

Causes, Types and Treatment

A common skin condition, hyperpigmentation affects all skin types. Some of the most common symptoms of pigmentation include age spots that appear on the face and hands owing to overexposure to the sun, melisma which leads to large dark patches on the forehead, face and stomach and patches of dark skin post an inflammatory condition like eczema or acne, medical conditions like hemochromatosis or Addison’s disease. One of the best ways of avoiding hyperpigmentation is to use a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher to avoid overexposure to the sun and avoid picking at the skin, scabs, spots or acne. Topical creams that include ingredients like vitamin C, Retinoids, Kojic acid, Corticosteroids, Hydroquinone and azelaic acid can be used to lighten the skin. There are some cosmetic procedures as well, which can aid the reduction of hyperpigmentation like laser therapy, chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, and intense pulsed light.

Home Remedies

Hyperpigmentation can be treated easily at home. For instance, ACV or apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which according to popular research reduces pigmentation.

Aloe Vera contains aloin, a naturally depigmenting compound that is known to lighten the skin and is considered a non-toxic treatment. The extracts of Red Onion can be found in some scar & skin lightening creams, while Green Tea Extracts also have a depigmenting effect when applied on the skin. Licorice extract – Glabridin has anti-inflammatory, skin whitening and antioxidant properties. Some other active ingredients that can be effectively used to treat hyperpigmentation include milk, buttermilk, tomato paste, orchid extracts, black tea water, and red lentils.

Products That Can Help with Pigmentation

From the products that can help treat pigmentation, there are a few that are leading on the market these days and come recommended by dermatologists as well. A refining mask that’s packed with vitamins, anti-inflammatory ingredients and nutrients will not only nourish the skin but will also reduce the dark spots.

A multi-vitamin serum can help firm up and revive your skin and complexion while protecting it all day long, as well as a serum that’s enriched with natural extracts and vitamins. A balanced combination of ingredients like amino acids, phospholipids and lemon tree honey can not only clear up the skin but also firm, its texture, while a spot corrector with a high concentration of vitamin C and accelerated Retinol SA will aid the complexion and minimize skin discolouration, eliminating any dark spots. Also, look out for products that help even out the skin tone and reduce fine lines.

Best Indian Face Pigmentation Creams

VLCC Spotless Clear Active D Pigmentation Cream

VLCC’s spotless, clear active D-Pigmentation Cream has been manufactured based on a 5000-year old system of Ayurveda in combination with modern-day science practices and its leading formula has been infused with antioxidants, healing oils and vitamins inspired by natural products. It features skin awakening hydrating components, with active ingredients that lighten the skin tone, reducing uneven pigmentation, minimizing dark spots and results in radiant skin naturally. The VLCC Spotless Clear Active D Pigmentation Cream is available in 50gm, priced at Rs. 189.00 and can be purchased online at Big Basket.

O3+ Professional Whitening Face Emulsion

Source www.nykaa.com

The O3+ Professional Whitening Face Emulsion from Nykaa is enriched with hydrating ingredients and antioxidants, which help in accelerating radiation with an improved skin tone and further protects your skin by reducing pigmentation. Its night use has known to leave the skin feeling lighter, healthier and visibly radiant. Priced at Rs. 490.00 the O3+ Professional Whitening Face Emulsion can be applied on the face and massaged in a circular motion and is best for night time use every day for visible results.

Khadi Anti Blemish Cream

To fight off environmental pollutants, sun’s harsh UV rays and dust, intense care are required to ensure your skin’s protected from the resulting damage, acne, blemishes and sunspots. The Anti-Blemish Cream from Khadi Naturals includes natural ingredients like aloe Vera extracts, rose, papaya, and liquorice extracts, Ashwagandha-fenugreek extracts, jojoba-grape seed and wheat germ oils and base gas. Suitable for all skin types, Khadi’s Anti Blemish Cream is one of the leading creams in the market, ideal for combating anti-ageing and is best applied on the face after cleansing. It should be applied twice daily for best results. Khadi Anti Blemish Cream is priced at Rs. 297.00 for 50gm.

Himalaya Bleminor Anti-Blemish Cream

Enriched with active ingredients like almonds, white dammar, liquorice and silk cotton tree, Himalaya’s Bleminor Anti-Blemish Cream displays astringent, anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties that help battle hyperpigmentation, melisma and recurring inflammatory damage to the skin. It also aids in correcting skin discolouration post-injury trauma. Available in 30ml, Himalaya’s Bleminor Anti-Blemish Cream is priced at Rs. 150.00 and is best-applied post-facial clean up in a small quantity avoiding the area around the nose, eyes, lips and ears.

Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating And Brightening Night Cream

Kama Ayurveda’s Rejuvenating & Brightening Night Cream is an excellent night time remedy that brightens the complexion, promotes cell growth and relieves the skin of ageing signs. Created out of an Ayurvedic formula that’s made of the finest Saffron from Kashmir, the cream lightens and brightens the most uneven skin, reducing pigmentation and dark circles, repairs fine line, reducing signs of ageing and eliminating age spots. Its active ingredients like the antiseptic Indian madder, protective aloe vera not only heal the skin but also slow down the skin ageing process remarkably. Other ingredients like Vetiver and lotus extracts cool and cleanse the skin while clearing blemishes, while liquorice protects it from fungal and bacterial attacks. Priced at Rs. 2,350.00 for 50gm, Kama Ayurveda’s Rejuvenating & Brightening Night Cream is 98% natural.

Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

Mamaearth’s Bye, Bye Blemish Face Cream restores an even skin tone, fights pimple and acne and lightens dark spots, in addition to brightening the skin. With ingredients like daisy flower, mulberry extracts, germanium and Vetiver oils, vitamin C and patchouli, the cream can be applied on the face and the neck area liberally massaged in an upward motion for complete absorption. To avail the best results, the face cream should be applied twice daily. Mamaearth’s Bye Bye Blemish Face Cream is priced at Rs. 599.00 for 50ml.

Re’ Equil Skin Radiance Cream

The Re’ Equil Skin Radiance Cream is a paraben-free facial cream that can be used by both men and women for removing pigmentation, skin radiance, skin lightening, dark spots and marks removal. The cream has been tested dermatologically and comes enriched with ingredients that aid in anti-ageing and anti-pigmentation properties. With regular use, all skin types can witness changes in about 8-10 weeks. Priced at Rs. 490.00 the Re’ Equil Skin Radiance Cream is available in 30gm.

Vaadi Lemongrass Anti-Pigmentation Massage Cream

Vaadi Lemongrass Anti-Pigmentation Massage Cream is enriched with a blend of lemongrass and Cedarwood, in addition to a variety of assorted herbs and oils that is the best way to achieve a radiant and smooth complexion. Similar to a home spa session, the cream improves the quality of your skin tone with antioxidant properties, fighting off pigmentation, penetrating deep into your skin and improves the blood circulation. Its active ingredients like walnut scrub, DM water, marigold oil, apricot extracts, coconut oil derivatives, pure cedarwood oil, and lemongrass essential oil help make the skin healthier and smoother. Vaadi Lemongrass Anti-Pigmentation Massage Cream is priced at Rs. 265.00 for 70gm.

Jovees Anti Blemish Pigmentation Cream

Jovees Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream is developed using Saffron, Grapes, Almonds, Olives, Beeswax, Licorice, Coconut and Purified water to help reduce skin irritation, restore the skin tone evenly, smoothen the skin texture and reduce any inflammation. Enriched with varied herbal extracts, Jovees Anti Blemish Pigmentation Cream is best used twice a day after cleansing the face and pat dried. It can be applied all over the face, neck and other areas affected by blemishes and pigmentation. Priced at Rs. 216.00 Jovees Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream is available in 60gm.

Inveda Whitening & De-Pigmentation Cream

Inveda Whitening & De-Pigmentation Cream is ideal for restoring your skin’s radiance, which is affected by uneven skin tone, pigmentation and dark spots. Aimed at restoring natural radiance, skin lightening, and anti-ageing signs or discoloured skin patches, the cream comes included with bleaching features that automatically lighten the skin, restoring the natural sheen, protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and other environmental pollutants. Ideal for daily use by both men and women, Inveda Whitening & De-Pigmentation Cream is for all skin types, priced at Rs. 326.00 for 100ml.

Bonus Tips: Derma Recommended Dark Spots Treatment

There’s no dearth of options for dark spot treatment, but it can be too taxing to find out which one’s the best. An irritating and embarrassing skin challenges, hyperpigmentation is rather cumbersome to treat, caused mostly due to excessive exposure to the sun, injury or inflammation leading to scars, splotches or brown patches. Before you start treating the condition, it is vital to know what type of pigmentation it is, as different skin types are prone to different forms of pigmentation. For instance, fair skin types more susceptible to sun exposure pigments while an olive skin complexion is prone to post-inflammatory pigment, and more.

  • Vitamin C – Effective as a topical antioxidant, Vit. C can help block off the free radicals from causing any oxidative damage to the skin and thereby eliminate the wrinkles and dull complexion. It also prevents the production of melanin, which leads to skin discolouration. Vitamin C lightens the target areas only and not the entire skin region.

  • Hydroquinone – A remarkable ingredient, hydroquinone is usually available in 2% concentrates or less and works biologically by impeding the production of the tyrosinase enzyme which aids in the production of melanin and the results are visible in less than 2 weeks sometimes. However, the use of hydroquinone can cause skin irritation, burning, and dryness, so it is best to use it sparingly and apply it on the centre of a spot, feathering it towards the edge.

  • Kojic Acid – Derived from fermented rice or mushrooms, Kojic Acid is typically used as a skin lightener and mostly in combination with hydroquinone for optimum results. Kojic Acid works by quashing a key cause in the pigment cells and hence it is best used in small doses at night for people with sensitive skin.

  • Soy – Derived from the soybean plant, the soy extracts are known to help skin brightening and are considered excellent for dark spot treatment by preventing the melanin entry’s into the skin’s top layer. It is best used twice a day before a moisturizer to the dark spots.

  • Azelaic Acid – A lesser-known component, azelaic acid comes dermatologically recommended, as it acts as a natural element that interferes with the production of abnormal pigmentation and its antibacterial constituents can help eliminate pimples, acne and the scars with ease.

  • Laser – One of the most expensive yet most effective treatment options, lasers can help reduce dark spots remarkably with focused beams of light on the spots or pigments to break them and do away with the particles in the skin. However, on the flip side, laser rays can impact adversely on the surrounding skin, particularly the tanned or darker areas. Optimum laser treatment usually provides a cooling blast or limits the volume of heat generated, thereby avoiding an inflammatory reaction, further skin damage or any burns.

  • Chemical Peels – Chemical Peels help remove the upper dead skin layers and aids in reducing the dull appearance leaving behind a more radiant and healthy skin. After a while, the peels can encourage the production of collagen, improve cell production and minimize the dark spots, but they can also result in skin burns. So one has to be careful in the use of these chemical peels.

  • Sunscreen – Despite the variety of dark spot treatment options available, one of the best treatments is the use of sunscreens. The application of a sunscreen every day is the best to prevent hyperpigmentation and the use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect from the UVA and UVB rays, every couple of hours is essential.
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As you can see, skin lightening creams are quite effective with natural ingredients at what they do and are easy and safe to use. If you want a fairer glow skin while protecting your skin from further damage, they’re the best choice. We hope you found the one, that best matches your needs, and you’ll see the results in almost no time at all.