Huda Beauty Foundation is to Beauty World Domination(2020): Keep Scrolling to Hear Everything We Know about the Foundation.

Huda Beauty Foundation is to Beauty World Domination(2020): Keep Scrolling to Hear Everything We Know about the Foundation.


Huda Beauty is, as most of you will know, the brand created by Huda Kattan. Huda is, without doubt, the world’s leading blogger, and on the back of her blogging success, she created her own product range which has been a huge hit. As the stock is selling fast, getting hold of a bottle isn't all that easy, but if her impressive back catalogue is anything to go by, it's definitely worth a shot.

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How to Choose the Right Foundation for You?

You rarely see someone without makeup these days. After all, a good makeup look boosts confidence in women, no matter what the age! So, if you are planning to revamp your beauty arsenal with the right tools, then we say you get yourself the perfect foundation first! Foundation forms the base of the makeup and usually comes in the liquid, stick or powder form. Being skin colour in tone, it essentially hides the immediate flaws in your skin, thereby building a base for the rest of the products applied on the face.

There is quite literally an innumerate number of shades coming from different brands of foundations. Finding the right shade of foundation that matches your skin tone is righteously called a tricky game of chance. In some cases, it so happens that a person lands on the exact match on the first few trials, while there are a whole lot of others who have been going through this ordeal for years altogether! So, how to choose the right foundation for you?

Understand the Intensity of Your Skin Tone and Type

First and foremost, you must know the very basic tone and intensity of your skin type. Almost everybody knows if their skin tone is light, dark or medium complexioned. Next, understand if your skin is sensitive, oily, or dry. Accordingly, you have to choose between foundations that are ideally designed for the aforesaid skin type and tones.

Find Your Undertone

Basically, there are three undertones seen in people- Warm, cool and neutral. To find your characteristic undertone, simply take a look at the veins in your wrist. If they appear blue or purple, you are said to have a cool undertone. You are warm undertoned if the veins appear to be green or olive and neutral if it’s a mix of both.

Determine Your Coverage Need

Coverage basically says how much of the natural skin you want to show through your foundation. If you are a person with quite a lot of flaws in the skin, including issues like acne, spots, pores or discoloration, you probably are looking for a high coverage foundation, to cover up the problems. However, you may also choose between foundations that offer medium or partial coverage instead.

Test the Foundation on Your Face and Not Your Hand!

Typically, people test if a foundation is the best chosen, by applying a small amount on their hands; or precisely their wrists. However, beauty experts insist that you test the foundation on your face and not on your hand! Apply a thin line of the foundation on your jawline and check under several lighting conditions. The foundation that basically disappears once applied on your skin, is ideally the perfect match!

Get a Second Opinion to Decide Between the Best

All that said, it may not be possible for one to choose between the right shade among a whole lot of foundations at a time. You can either bring along a friend, who is really good at doing makeup and whom you can trust. Or else, you can also ask the makeup professional manning the counter to help you in choosing the best foundation for you.

Why Huda Beauty Foundation is Considered the Best

So, you are all equipped with tips and tricks to choose the right shade. But where to start first? There are literally hundreds of makeup brands with foundations out there that claim to offer you the best. Picking one among the many is quite a tedious task after all. The Huda line of cosmetics is undoubtedly a one-stop-shop for all your makeup needs. In fact, the Huda beauty foundation is one of the most popular and most reviewed among beauty enthusiasts.

What makes Huda beauty foundation unique and different from the competitors? Launched in 2013, the founder Huda Kattan, an Iraqi American makeup artist, focuses on the genuineness and quality of her products above all. In a short time span, the beauty brand has managed to capture quite a lot of attention and a positive reputation among the followers.

The top attributes of the Huda beauty foundation are :

Best for Full Coverage

The Huda beauty foundation claims to give an airbrushed finish for a second-skin look. The Foundation is definitely worth all the hype, as it is reviewed as one of the best foundations offering full coverage. It blurs out enlarged pores, blemishes and spots without much effort.

Acts as a Concealor Too

A single pump or dollop of the Huda beauty foundation is ample to cover up the whole face. The Huda beauty foundation is not only a high pigmented formulation for a foundation but also acts as a skin corrector or concealer. Thereby covering up flaws like dark spots or under-eye circles.

Doesnt Turn Cakey or Powdery after a Few Hours of Wearing

Generally, it is seen that high pigmented foundations with long staying power, tends to turn chalky or cakey over time. However, the Huda beauty foundation literally glides over the skin’s surface and doesn’t settle into fine lines.

Feels Light Weight and Comfortable

The best part of the Huda beauty foundation is that the consistency of the product, is designed such that it feels light on the skin. Even though it is a high coverage foundation, it does not budge until you take it off at the end of the day.

Long Lasting over Hours

Not sure if your foundation will last over the party hours? Well, you can’t go wrong with this one, as the Huda beauty foundation is bound to stay for long hours, right from the morning till the party in the evening!

Worth the Money

The Huda beauty foundation is probably placed among the premium line of cosmetics and hence, is priced quite high. But it is always advised to not go cheap while choosing facial makeup. Besides, the Huda beauty foundation boasts of a radiant powder finish that subdues its price range.

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation for Indian skin

If you have been trying to hunt down the perfect shade of foundation for all this while, then listen up girls- your search ends here! Huda beauty foundations, when compared to other brands match your skin ten times easier and more accurately.

Huda beauty line, the brainchild of makeup maven cum Instagram beauty blogger, Huda Kattan features their prime product, the Huda beauty foundation #faux filter foundation as bestselling. The collection of the foundations from Huda beauty ranges across 30 different shades, all named after popular desserts!
So, it goes without saying that pinpointing on a foundation that suits your skin tone, is profoundly easy with the different products fit for fair, light, medium, tan and rich skin. In fact, each of these categories also boast of six different shades!

Now, we have made things even easier for you by compiling a list of the top 10 most popular foundations from Huda beauty, two each from the different skin tone range.

For Fair Skin

Indians, in general, are usually medium skinned. Nevertheless, there are a lot of us who fall into the fair skin range. In fact, if you happen to be lucky to fall under this skin type, then finding a foundation that perfectly fits you, is a critical task indeed. If you chose a darker foundation then it definitely shows off (in a wrong way, of course!).

Vanilla 120 B


The Vanilla 120b foundation gives a nice coverage for the lighter skin tone; especially for those with a beige undertone. Also, it leaves the skin hydrated giving a matt finish. Besides, the foundation has a very strong floral scent that appeals to many of the foundation freaks. This is a well-balanced neutral shade which is perfect for the tad lighter than usual people!

The Indian beauty website Nykaa, features the whole range of Huda beauty foundation. You can find the vanilla 120b shade on the website for Rs. 3,310.

Cashew 140 G


This velvety full coverage foundation is perfect for the Indian skin of the lighter tone, as a majority of the fair Indian ladies fall under this category. Enriched with ingredients like Argan Oil and Centella Asiatica, this foundation leaves the skin looking glowy, hydrated and dewy. The constitution is perfect enough to smoothly glide over the skin and is of the perfect texture.

Get a super flawless look with this mesmerizing Huda beauty foundation, almost quite effortlessly! You can check out this product on Depop for Rs. 3,831.

For Light Skin

Camouflaging the dark circles, concealing blemishes and covering up imperfections, the Huda beauty foundations are the best for all skin types- including the lighter-skinned ones. This intelligent liquid foundation comes in smart shades that perfectly blends in with the lighter tones skin. Here are two of the most popular foundations in this category.

Custard 220 N

The name custard pleasantly reminds us all of the delicious desserts that is a hot favourite among all Indians. Well, this foundation from Huda beauty is no different! Popularly pleasing among a wide section of the Indian population, the custard 220 n is a foundation that goes well for neutral undertones. Consisting of a high percentage of ultra-refined pigments, this shade of the Huda beauty foundation is a generally perfect match for the wider Indian community. Available on at Rs. 5.549.

Cheese Cake 250 G

Yet another popular dessert, the cheesecake is very popular among not only food enthusiasts but also makeup enthusiasts. The Huda beauty foundation of the cheesecake shade is that popular all over the world. Like all other foundations of this range, this too is perfectly pigmented with the right tone of the skin. Also, a tip. For people with a lighter shade, it is always advised to go for one shade lighter than their original tone. Find the cheesecake shade on for $40.

For Medium Skin

If not light-skinned, Indians are all majorly found to be medium skin toned. The notion that the beauty of a girl lies in the colour of her skin, has profoundly been broken. Modern women are confident to flaunt their original skin colour and not run behind getting themselves picture-perfect fair skin. Huda beauty features such a variety of foundations that go well with all the skin tones- light or dark.

Tres Leches 320 G


To give your skin the best means to feed it with products totally free from any harmful ingredients. All Huda beauty foundations are free from paraben, sulphate, talc and gluten. What is even better? These foundations are basically vegan too. This particular foundation, named after a sponge cake from Latin America, feels and smells like a sweet affair! Get this Huda beauty foundation on for Rs. 3,310.

Dulce De Leche 350 G

Dulce de leche is a South American confection that is of the caramel colour. This liquid foundation is great to be worn by the dark medium complexioned. This foundation feels lightweight and comfortable to be worn all day. Basically, a perfect match if you need good coverage and have a medium complexion.
Available on for USD 50 or around Rs. 3,200.

Tan Skin and Rich Dark Skin

The next two categories cover people with the darker side of the skin complexion. Not that it is a bad thing, but earlier many were upset when they fall under this colour range. After all, the perfect Indian bride always had to be fair-skinned(unfortunately!). But strong modern Indian women have broken barriers and appear confident in flaunting their original skin tone, leaving the society with no other option but to accept them as it is.

Tan Skin

Toffee 420 G

This utterly flawless, full-coverage foundation embraces the toffee coloured complexion, hence the name. The foundation blends in evenly and dries quickly, leaving you with no hassles at all. The liquid is of the perfect texture making it easy to apply all over the face. Available on for Rs.3,102.

Cinnamon 440 G


Ladies, never be disappointed with the god gifted complexion of yours. In fact, embrace it with love and care even more with this amazing Huda beauty foundation of the cinnamon shade. It is great to be worn both in the day as well as the evening. Available on for Rs. 2,990.

For Rich Dark Skin

Mocha 500 G

It is not an easy task to look beautiful and put up all day. With the wonderful Huda beauty foundations, it ought to not be an issue now. The long-lasting effect of these foundations is sure to be visible until the time you take it off. The mocha shade is sure to give you the much-needed oomph for radiant skin! Available on for USD 50 or around Rs. 3,200.

Cocoa 510 R

With this amazing cocoa shade of the Huda beauty foundation, show off your vibrant skin, and not your flaws! This full-coverage velvety foundation is sure to free you off any worries that could be holding you back till now! Available on for USD 50 or around Rs. 3,200.

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The Finish:

The foundation gives you a flawless, velvet finish. In our opinion, it’s a semi-matte finish but it still gives the skin a lovely glow. It does seem to ‘set’ on the face though so in that sense it does have more of a matte feel. Huda herself describes it as a radiant powder finish, and you really do get just that.

In terms of longevity… it is very long-lasting too.