Make Dry Skin a Thing of the Past(2020): 10 Foundations to Keep Flak, Dry, Patchy, Skin at Bay

Make Dry Skin a Thing of the Past(2020): 10 Foundations to Keep Flak, Dry, Patchy, Skin at Bay

Foundations are the base of any makeup look. How you apply the foundation determines coverage, finish and the overall evenness of your look. Not sure where to start? Keep reading to see our top picks that'll give you a flawless finish, that is designed to actually complement a dry complexion instead of just cover it up.

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Using Foundation for Dry Skin

Ever wondered how those celebrities manage to look gorgeous at each and every public appearance! How do models maintain their glowing skin on all those magazine cover shoots? You must be eager to know the secret. Right? But the secret behind those fabulous and flawless faces is not always a healthy skin rather the right amount of makeup and the first step to flawless beauty starts with choosing the right foundation for your skin. Now your hunt for the perfect foundation that matches the texture and tone of your skin is a real struggle. This struggle becomes really annoying particularly when you realize that your skin is dry. Foundation gives your skin a clear and even canvas where you can draw whatever you wish for. A good canvas can lead to a wonderful masterpiece while a bad one can be disastrous. Here is a complete guide on how to choose the right foundation for dry skin.

How to Choose the Correct Foundation for Dry Skin?

Dry skin is prone to rough texture and fine lines which means one has to be extra cautious while buying their cosmetic items. If you have dry skin then you need to buy a foundation that can moisturize your skin and prevent it from looking cakey or cracked after a few hours. Here is the 3-step guide to choose a foundation for your dry skin.

#1 Choose a Hydrating Foundation

One thing that your dry skin lacks is the natural process of hydration and moisturization. So, you have to quench the thirst of your skin by pampering it with loads of moisture and water-based products. Any sort of application of makeup usually soaks up the natural moisture of your skin. The situation can be really horrible if your skin is dry by nature. If you don’t apply a hydrating foundation before applying the makeup, then cracks may appear along fine lines once your makeup starts to settle. It is highly recommended to buy a hydrating foundation for dry skin.

#2 Choose a Foundation with a Creamy Texture

Who doesn’t want to look like a goddess with naturally sparkling skin? If you too wish for the same then stay away from drying matte formulas especially the powdered ones. Even ‘normal’ foundations can make your skin look dull and thirsty. Now, you can see what worse can happen to dry skin with these ‘normal’ foundations. The only way out is the foundation with a creamy texture. Liquid foundations that offer ‘dewy’ or ‘aqua’ effect are the best to buy as they are not harsh on dry skin.

#3 Choose Foundations with Satin or Satin-Matte Finish

Stain finish foundations are probably the most beloved product that one can gift to her dry skin. Their finish is simply amazing as they glide over your skin smoothly without giving you much trouble to blend. Loaded with a great amount of moisturizing ingredients, satin finish foundations are really good at keeping the skin supple and hydrated for long hours. If you don’t like that shiny finish, you have the liberty to choose from a satin-matte range of foundations. They will serve the purpose for sure without adding that extra glitz.

Top 10 Most Effective Foundations for Dry Skin to Buy Online!

We understand that most of you don’t like to hop from one shop to another and waste too many hours to choose that perfect foundation to match your skin type. But that doesn’t mean, you don’t deserve to be treated with multiple options. Just pick your mobile or laptop and take a look at these amazing foundations, all within your budget.

#1 Just Herbs Skin Tint


If budget is not a constraint for you, then you can trust the Just Herbs Skin Tint blindfolded. This is not a typical foundation but the best part is it is just right for ladies who don’t like to wear heavy makeup but love to flaunt a ‘no makeup’ look. This herbally formulated skin tint comes with medium coverage and just perfect for daytime application. It masks flaws like pores, blemishes and fine lines to give skin a smooth and natural finish. This product doesn’t at all feel heavy on the skin and you will never face the problem of chalky appearance. After priming your face, you have to pump this creamy foundation on your palm and then apply over face as well as neck with help of a brush or your fingers to blend it evenly. You can buy it from the Nykaa website (or mobile app) at Rs. 1,295 for a 40 ml bottle.

#2 Lotus Herbal Foundation Liquid

When your budget is tight but your skin refuses to accept anything but a good moisturizing foundation, then your search ends at Lotus Herbals Makeup Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation. This minimal coverage matte finish foundation comes with SPF 20 sun protection which means it not just makes your skin look flawless but also shields it against the harmful effects of sun exposure. Minimal coverage of this product is enough to hide those tiny freckles, fine lines and acne spots. This product can be ordered online from Myntra and it’s pretty reasonable with a price-tag of Rs.380.

#3 Lakme Absolute Dry/Wet Compact Foundation

Many beautiful ladies are out there who are not very fond of liquid foundations as they are little tricky to blend in and also feels sticky on the skin. If you are more into powder foundation then Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet & Dry Compact is your saviour for sure. In spite of being a powdery product, this foundation gives a smooth finish to your skin without making it cakey. It is available in two shades – Beige Honey and Ivory Fair. Ingredients of this matte foundation are suitable for all skin types. You can buy this pocket-friendly Lakme compact foundation from Myntra at Rs. 700.

#4 Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation

Maybelline is one of the best cosmetic brands that comes with a wide range of affordable yet skin-friendly foundations. Their Fit Me collection is designed with the aim to offer amazing skin products without forcing customers to pay hefty. Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation comes in various shades to fit every skin tone and texture. It’s a liquid and moisturizing foundation which is available online on Carethy at a price of Rs.410.

#5 Revlon Colour Stay Foundation for Dry Skin

When it’s Revlon, there is absolutely nothing to worry about the quality of your skincare items. This brand has crafted a niche on its own right by delivering high-quality makeup ranges to women all over the globe for ages. If you are looking for a foundation for dry skin with a moderate budget, then pick up the Revlon ColorStay Make-Up Foundation for Dry Skin. It will cost you just Rs.1,209 at the Look Fantastic website but we can bet, you are going to get more than what you expect from this one product. This lightweight, the silky-textured foundation offers medium coverage without drying up your skin. It also protects your skin from the sun with its SPF 15 factor. You can choose from its 17 shades to find the right match for your tone.

#6 Sugar Cosmetics Foundation Face Stick

Sugar has always been a market leader in offering excellent makeup and skincare range in the world. Sugar Cosmetics Ace of Face Foundation Stick is just one-stop solution to dreamy, flawless skin. This stick is easy to apply on face and very effective in blurring away pores, dark circles, blemishes and fine lines at one go. This creamy but lightweight foundation blends without any hiccup. You can order it from Sugar Cosmetics by paying just Rs.999.

#7 Sephora 0 Hour Perfection Foundation

Sephora is undeniably one of the most sought-after makeup brands across the globe. It is particularly known for the never-ending collection of high-end makeup products. If you are bothered about nothing but the quality of your foundation then Sephora 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation can be a great item in your vanity bag. This Paraben-free, 10-hour wear foundation masks scars, dark spots, fine lines and blemishes instantly while it's Hyaluronic Acid smooths out your skin and Vitamin E rejuvenates it. You can place an order for a 25 ml bottle at the official website of Sephora against the payment of just Rs.1,690.

#8 Chambor Revitalizing Foundation for Dry Skin

When your skin is looking for a moisture-boosting foundation, pamper it with Chambor Enrich Revitalizing Makeup Liquid Foundation. This base product is available in three shades that cover almost every Indian skin tone. This moisture-rich, creamy foundation blends into your dry face like a second skin. Loaded with Ginko Biloba Extract, it keeps free radicals away to ensure youthfulness for your skin. Another magical ingredient of this liquid foundation is Hop Extract which is known for restoring firmness and minimizing the signs of ageing. This Chambor foundation is available at Lifestyle store and website with a price-tag of Rs.1,295.

#9 NOTE Luminous Moisturizing Foundation for Dry Skin

Are you worried about the natural glow that your foundation is masking after every application? No need to worry anymore. The Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation is a miraculous product that takes care of those blemishes, dark circles and pigmentations while adding a tint of glow to your skin. The main ingredients of this product include Sweet Almond Oil (for exfoliation) and Macademia Oil to give the skin a boost of essential acids. A 35 ml tube of Note foundation is available at Archies Online site at just Rs.1,019.

#10 Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation 30ml

Cover FX doesn’t need any introduction to women. This brand has always been celebrated by millions of women for their fabulous makeup range. When looking for an oil-free yet flawless foundation, Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation is the answer. This silky, lightweight and water-based foundation hydrates your skin while it's Vitamin C and E take care of your skin damage. Available in 40 shades, this Cover FX foundation can be bought at Look Fantastic at a price of Rs.2,139.

3 Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

If you are tired of your dry skin, devoid of any natural glow but flaunting lots of fine lines, then it is high time to look for some natural remedies. Although natural remedies don’t bring instant results surely they will do once you follow them regularly. Here are three such incredible natural remedies for dry skin.

#1 Face Massage with Coconut or Almond Oil

Mother Nature has blessed us with a hoard of natural ingredients to treat the dry skin problems. Massaging your face with coconut or almond oil is the best of them all. There is no specific time to rub the oil on your face but prior to taking the bath or going to bed is the ideal time to do so.

#2 Avocado Mask with Honey

Avocado is another wonderful skincare item loaded with the goodness of moisturizing the skin and keeping it supple and young simultaneously. You just need to mix half of a ripe avocado with a little bit of honey and yogurt to make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it for 10 minutes. Then rinse it off with normal water. Do it at least twice a week.

#3 Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub

As the name suggests, this scrub is made of Olive Oil and sugar. You have to apply the mixture on your face and then rub it in gentle motions with the help of your fingers. While Olive Oil hydrates your skin, sugar granules exfoliate it to bring out the natural glow. After granules get melted, you can wash your face with water to experience that natural glow. Scrubbing with Olive oil and sugar should not be done more than twice a week.

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Be Careful with Ingredients

Does your skin breakout often? Or do you get pimples after using certain products? Rethink your purchase. Compare, do your research and spot the ingredients that are giving trouble to your skin and ask the beautician at the store for foundations that do not contain that particular ingredient(s).