Nail Painting Inside the Lines is Hard, But These Hacks Make it Easy: 8 Nail Paint Hacks That’ll Help Even the Most Novice of Us Get a Professional Look (2022):

Nail Painting Inside the Lines is Hard, But These Hacks Make it Easy: 8 Nail Paint Hacks That’ll Help Even the Most Novice of Us Get a Professional Look (2022):

Getting your nails done perfectly, all by yourself at your home is quite impossible. But, if you know the right tricks, there’s nothing more fun and satisfactory than doing the nails on your own. Here are nail-paint hacks you can use to make your next attempt at pretty hands go a little more smoothly.

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Your Perfect Guide for Best Quality Nail Paint

Before you know about nail paint hacks, you should better know that how to pick quality nail paint for all the designs and nail art. Good quality nail paint never dries out your cuticles and you should pick an essential oil-infused nail paint for your nails. You should always buy from trusted brands only as cheaper brands can cause yellowing of nails. Moreover, never forget to check reviews before buying any sort of nail paint online.

Take Care of Nail Health Too

If you frequently apply nail paint then you should better take care of those cuticles well. Make sure they are clean and for that do not forget to take out any grimes under your nails. Apart from regular clipping and nail filing, you can also apply some cuticle oil on your nails for their overall health.

8 Amazing Nail Paint Hacks to Try

Here are some cool and inexpensive nail polish hacks for beginners as well as for professionals to create various designs easily. You just need basic things to try them out and you are going to fall in love with these simple hacks.

Petroleum Jelly for Easy Clean Up

Not all people have steady hands and they end up applying nail polish on their cuticles too. For this, we have one of the most effective nail paint design hacks.

All you have to do is rub some petroleum jelly on your cuticles before applying nail paint. Once you are done applying nail paint, just use a cotton ball to rub off excess nail paint. The petroleum jelly helps in easy cleaning and doesn't let the nail paint dry out on the skin. You can get perfect nail paint every time with this hack.

Perfect Zigzag with Tape

One of the easiest and quickest nail polish hacks to try is the transparent tape hack. You can use clear cello tape to create sharp and perfect zigzags and lines on your nails. You can try so many designs all thanks to this one hack.

Apply your desired nail paint and let it dry then paste small tapes in the desired way. Apply a different nail paint and remove the tape when it is dry. Now you have two different colours on your nails flawlessly. Try this hack for various patterns and colours.

Fishnet Manicure Hack

Another one in our list of nail paint hacks is to create a fishnet or snakeskin kind of look. For this, all you need is a loofah and two nail paints of your choice.

Just paint your nails with desired nail paint and let it fully dry. Now, wrap your nails with a loofah net tightly and use a sponge to apply another nail paint on it. Carefully remove the loofah and you have got yourself some amazing fishnet style nails in no time. Use a clear nail polish for the final layer on this design.

Matte Eyeshadow Hack

Did you know that you can create matte nail paint at home with simple ingredients? This hack is quite promising and only takes a few minutes to try.

You just need to mix your clear nail polish and your leftover eyeshadow to create a mixture. Just use a nail polish brush to apply this on your nails and it will give you a perfect matte finish on your nails. Isn’t this an epic way to use your favourite eyeshadow in a really unique way?

Ice Cold Water for Quick Dry


Do you know about nail polish hacks with water? Well, this one is for the keeps if you are in quite a hurry. All you need is a bowl full of ice-cold water in it.

Apply your nail paint and soak your nails in this ice-cold water for about 3 minutes. Usually, it takes around 7-10 minutes for nail polish to dry but with this hack, you can dry out your nail paint in just 3 minutes. In fact, your nail paints do not get smudged too.

Whiter Nails with Secret Mixture

If your nails are left quite dark after removing a certain coloured nail paint then we have one of the most effective nail paint hacks for it.

Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide, hot water and baking soda and soak your nails in it for about 1 minute. Now, rub your nails gently and you can see them becoming a lot cleaner and whiter than before.

Marble Nail Paint Hack

You can create the stunning marble effect quite easily on your nails which is all the rage right now. All you need is a spoon and two nail paints of your choice.

Take a spoon and add your favourite nail polish to it and then put some drops of another colour in it. Take a bobby pin and swirl them a bit but do not mix completely. Now, roll your nail on the edge of the spoon carefully to apply the nail paint and you are done getting a creative marble effect on your nails.

Aluminum Foil for Stubborn Nail Polish

Glitter nail paint stays for the longest time on your nails but they are so hard to get off when you are done with them. With these hacks on nail paint, you can get off glitter nail paint easily.

Just soak a cotton pad in nail paint remover and apply your nail paint. Secure it on your nails by wrapping it in an aluminum foil around your nails. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes then slide off the cotton pad and foil together. Your glitter nail paint will come off easily this way.

How to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer?

Now that you know about all the nail paint hacks, you should also know how to make your nail paint last longer. The overall health of your nails seriously affects the duration of your nail paint too. So, use nourishing and conditioning products on your nails and avoid nail paint chipping. Also, never forget the topcoat of the nail paint for long-lasting effects.

You should let your nail polish dry for at least 10 minutes, then only use your nails for other things. For drying, avoid soaking them in water and let them air dry.

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You don’t necessarily have to book a nail appointment to get the nail art. Through these life-saving DIY nail art hacks, you can experiment yourself. This will help save you a lot of bucks. Look for nontoxic products if you can, as nail polish,can include chemical nasties. Also, if you go overboard on the mani-pedis, your nails can become dry, brittle, and broken.