Do You  Want to Avoid Spending Moolah on Buying and Rebuying(2020): Use This Guide to Select the Right Foundation for Perfect Match and Look Flawless.

Do You Want to Avoid Spending Moolah on Buying and Rebuying(2020): Use This Guide to Select the Right Foundation for Perfect Match and Look Flawless.


Choosing the right foundation for your specific skin type and ensuring it’s the right shade is a strenuous task. There’s no one foundation that fits all. Knowing how to choose the right foundation is as important as knowing how to apply foundation. Here’s our go-to guide on how to choose a foundation shade that is perfect for you.

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Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Skin

Why my face colour looks so different from my neck?
Even after putting up makeup, why my face is looking so dark?
Why my face looks cakey in photos?

If these are a few of the questions that come across your minds after decking up for an occasion, then you are probably wearing the wrong foundation. Yes, it’s a very common blunder that women often make particularly at the time of buying their very first foundation. Foundation is the most essential makeup item and it is the first step to achieve that flawless look. But choosing the right foundation for your skin tone and texture is not a child’s play. The struggle is real and picking up the right shade of foundation can take a little longer.

Before you start your hunt for the right shade of foundation, go through what it does to skin and how to choose the right one

#5 Tips on Selecting a Foundation

Every woman wants to look like a diva, flaunting a flawless and glowing skin. But the problem is, nobody really owns a perfect skin and the more frightening part is no two faces come with similar attributes. Just like a clean canvas is needed to draw a masterpiece, an even base is essential to put on the makeup. Foundation creates a flawless base on your face where you can glide the brushes to achieve a perfect makeup look. Apart from making your skin even-toned, a good foundation also nourishes it with its healthy ingredients and protects it from harmful sun rays and pollution. Now take a look, how to choose the right foundation for your skin. Picking up the right foundation consists of several steps. All these steps are easy to follow, and they are as follows -

#1 Find the Undertone of Your Skin

We all have heard of skin tone but what’s this undertone? Before you embark on the journey of purchasing a foundation, it is essential to know the undertone of your skin. The surface of our skin can change its colour because of many internal and external factors but your undertone will remain the same. In simple words, we can describe undertones as the inner tone of our skin that comes underneath the skin. Undertone can be split into 3 main categories – cool, warm and neutral. Cool undertone results in more blue, red or pink tones in your skin. If you have a warm undertone, your skin will appear more yellow, peach or golden in colour. When it’s a neutral undertone, you have a combination of cool and warm colours.

The easiest way to decide your undertone is to look at your veins. If they appear blue or purple to you, then your undertone is cool. If you see a hint of green or olive in your veins, then your undertone comes under the warm category. And when it is not possible to see any dominant colour, you are blessed with a neutral undertone.

#2 Identify Your Skin Tone

Now you know what is the undertone. So, understanding skin tone will not be a hectic job for you. Skin tone is the colour of your skin surface which is visible to everyone. There are mainly three types of skin tones – Light, medium and deep. Indian skin tone largely falls under the medium category irrespective of our origin in the country. Light skin tone is more prominent among Caucasians and deep is more typical among Africans.

If it is too laborious for you to decide your skin tone and undertone, take the help of the makeup assistants present at cosmetic outlets. They are well trained in determining the right skin tone and undertone within minutes.

#3 Take a Swatch Test

Once you are aware of your undertone and skin colour, you are all set to take the swatch test to determine the right shade of foundation for your skin. With undertone and skin tone in your hand, you can narrow down your choice of shades of different foundations measurably. Now take the three shades which are pretty close to your complexion.

After you have decided the three closest matches to your skin, dab each of them as vertical short lines near your jawline. Leave a little space between them. Apply the shades on your neck with similar strokes. Now watch closely. Go for the shade that neither makes your skin lighter or darker but blends perfectly with your tone by giving it a natural finish. If you are confused between two colours, always choose the one shade which is on the darker side. If still, it is hard to decide one shade for your skin, then you can mix up two shades to achieve that even-toned look.

#4 Choose the Finish of Your Foundation


Just like one prescription doesn’t work for all, one foundation doesn’t work for all. Just the way you are different from others, your skin is also different and it has its own needs. After you have decided the right foundation shade, it is time to choose the right finish. Finish of your foundation will decide how it will settle on your skin after a few hours of application.

If your skin is oily, then it needs an oil-free or mousse foundation. The powdery texture of mousses foundation absorbs excess oils by leaving it fresh and smooth for hours. Hydrating or moisturizing foundations are saviours to dry skin. They give your face a creamy and glowing texture while offering the goodness of a moisturizer. If your skin is a combination type, then don’t go for an oil-rich foundation. Choose a mineralising powder-based foundation to achieve a balanced look

#5 Dab the Foundation and Forget about It


Never buy a foundation in a hurry. You need 1-2 hours before deciding the final finish of your foundation on your skin. After you try a foundation on your skin at any cosmetic shop, forget about it. After an hour, take a look at the mirror. If your skin still looks gorgeous without any darkening effect or cakey appearance, then it is the ‘one’. It is essential to let your foundation settle down on your face to determine the actual outcome.

Choose the correct foundation and stick with it! Follow these tips and we bet, soon you will live a happy life with your kind of foundation.

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Don’t Forget Your Neck

Nothing gives you away like a line at your jawline! If you don’t want to continue your foundation all the way down your neck, continue it underneath your chin and dust bronzer on your neck instead. Some people tend to apply a lot of powder on the foundation to make the face look more matte. But doing so not only makes your makeup look cakier but your pores start to produce more oil. Try to use a translucent setting powder to set the foundation in place and minimize the shine without making your makeup too heavy.