Go Ahead and Plan Your Camping Trip Even if You Don't Have a Tent! 6 Stores Across India Where You Can Get Camping Tents for Rent at Cheap Rates (2020)

Go Ahead and Plan Your Camping Trip Even if You Don't Have a Tent! 6 Stores Across India Where You Can Get Camping Tents for Rent at Cheap Rates (2020)

Travelling, trekking and camping needs a whole list of equipment to make your trip wonderful and unforgettable. If you have covered equipment which is to be taken on a camping trip. There could be much more and one such thing is your ‘tent’. When you away from home for your trip a tent is your portable home on the trip. You can easily get tents on rent, and it won't cost you huge. We have listed some specialize in providing tents for rent in your city check article for more details.

Benefits of Taking Camping Tents on Rent

Camping is a perfect way to detach yourself from the mad rush of urban life for some time and let you rewind in the lap of nature. Camping not only detoxifies your mind but also provides a soothing experience for your body and soul. There are trekking enthusiasts who would go camping frequently with their friends, family or even alone. Though staying under the open sky with moderate temperatures can be a good option, but sleeping in a covered tent saves you from mosquitoes, insects and allergies etc. Which can be unwanted guests during your rest session. Also, you stay protected inside a tent from the sudden change in weather, inviting rain and thunderstorm etc.

Trekking is a tiring physical activity and if one is not able to sleep properly after a hard day, then it ruins the fun and enjoyment of staying with nature. Camping tents are easy to install temporary setup, which provides you with the required protection and helps you to sleep comfortably after a difficult trek. You can cook outside the tent by creating a makeshift cooking arrangement and then eat peacefully inside the tent. This ensures that your food is not polluted by dust particles and insects etc in the open.

Buying a tent is a better option if you do frequent camping and like trekking and camping. But if you are a first time trekking explorer or do camping once in a year, then it’s better to go for camping tents for rent. In this way, you would be able to save money and that money can rather be used for other activities related to your camping trip or shopping on your way back from the trip. Renting a camping tent also gives you more options to choose from and you can check the latest tents with advanced features. You can also decide the tent size as per the numbers of people travelling or the mode of conveyance (car or bike).

So, if you are travelling solo on a bike, then you may need a smaller tent as compared to a big group going for trekking in an SUV. One more benefit of ‘camping tents for rent’ is that you don’t have to carry them from your home to the trekking spot, but you can pick one from the nearest spot or plan your journey in such a way that you halt at a place from where the camping tent can be picked. This makes your journey light and comfortable by reducing your baggage in some part of the total journey.

Camping Tents for Rent in Delhi

Shoes on loose provide tents for rent across Delhi NCR and they also have an impressive range of trekking equipments available on rent. Currently, they have four different types of tents available to suit the needs of different groups and can be rented from Shoesonloose.com.

  • 1) Quechua 2 Man Tent – If you are going camping with your partner, then this 2 man tent is a nice option as it’s a mini bedroom in itself. The tent is lightweight at just 3.4 kg and once folded, it’s quite easy to carry it along. The camping tent block over 90% of UV rays and has inbuilt pockets for keeping shoes. The bedroom size is 2.1 x 1.5 m and the height of camp is 1.1 meters, thus allowing you to sit easily. The rent per day for the first 5 days is Rs. 180.

  • 2) Quechua Arpenaz 3 Man Tent – As the name suggests, this camp can easily accommodate three persons and is fully waterproof. Once unfolded and fixed, the dome structure of the camp provides a height of 1.20 meters, which is adequate to sit comfortably. The rent per day for the first five days is Rs. 250.

  • 3) Quechua 4 Man Tent – This spacious tent can easily accommodate up to 6 persons with its 40 cm x 220 cm long bedroom. The tent comes with a permanent canopy, provides a height of 1.85m and covers an area of 3.2 sq. M. The waterproof tent can be rented at Rs. 400 per day for the first 5 days.

  • 4) Quechua 6 Man Tent – This huge six-man tent has a 6.75 sq. M living area and a permanent canopy. Height of fully installed tent is 2 meters and has 3 bedrooms of 140 x 210 cm. The tent is waterproof and wind-resistant and per day rent is Rs. 500 for the first 5 days.

Camping Tents and Camping Gear for Rent in Mumbai

If you live in Mumbai or are planning a trip nearby or via Mumbai, then ‘Add-venture India’ can help you get camping tents and adventure gear for rent. They are located in Navi Mumbai and delivery and pick up has to be done from their store by depositing a refundable security deposit, Id proof and address proof. They have two different types of tents available for rent and can be contacted by visiting at Addventureindia.com.

  • 1) Red Pillar 2-Person Tent – Two persons can easily accommodate in this tent which has 1 room of 7ft. X 5ft. The tent is waterproof and has a rugged floor with inverted seems. The tent also has mesh venting of airflow, rainfly cover doors and windows and two pockets inside the tent. The rent of this camping tent is Rs. 400 per weekend.

  • 2) Coleman Sundome 3-Person Tent – With its 7 ft x 7 ft room space, the tent can accommodate 3 people of average size and the centre height of the tent being 52 inches, a big window (51" x 27.5") and two pockets inside. The tent is waterproof and the rent is Rs. 600 per weekend.

  • Both the tents come with a separate storage bag for the tent and poles.

Camping Tents for Rent in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Shillong

Shady Tents provide camps and trekking gear at very nominal rates near the metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Shillong. They have varieties of option ranging from 2 persons to 15 persons and all their tents are made of waterproof material. The various options in camping tents for rent available with them are -

  • 1) Tent (2 persons, waterproof) – Lightweight tents, make your travel comfortable and only 24 inches long when packed in the bag. These tents are available at just Rs.35 per day.

  • 2) Tent (4 persons, waterproof) – These are spacious tents and can easily accommodate four persons. The weight of the tent has been just 3.5 kgs and 2 feet long when packed, so you can easily carry it along. The 100% waterproof tent is available at a rent of Rs. 79 per day.

  • 3) Tent (max 15 persons, waterproof) – This huge tent is perfect for a big group and 10 – 15 persons can easily sleep in this tent. The tent also has 2 separate bedrooms, two side doors and 2 side windows for proper ventilation. The tent is mosquito/insect-proof and is available to rent for Rs. 999 per day.

Camping Tents on Rent - Pan India

Source www.10kya.com

10kya.com is a platform which provides camping tents and camping gears etc. To almost everywhere in India. They have a wide range of different types of tents available for rent; the articles are delivered at your doorstep upon submission of security deposit and ID proof and are picked back once you complete your trip and return home. We have selected a few popular camping tents from their collection and the details are mentioned below.

  • 1) Basic 2 Person Tent – The size of the camp is 200cm (L) x 150cm (W) x 110 cm (H) and ideal for a short camping trip. They recommend the use of waterproof tarp below the tent before pitching the tent and the camping tent is available for Rs. 500 for a week and Rs. 50 per extra day thereafter.

  • 2) Advance 4 Person Tent for Rent – A spacious 2 door tent with a maximum capacity of up to 4 persons, ideal for a small family or a couple. The camping tent has a separate canopy which partially covers both doors and blocks major part of sunshine from entering. This canopy also protects from the UV rays of the sun as well as from the rain. In the night, you can remove the canopy and stargaze without the fear of mosquitoes and insects as it has an inbuilt mosquito mesh. Rent per day of this tent is Rs. 400 and after that Rs. 200 for every extra day.

  • 3) Basic 6 Person Tent on Rent – Suitable for 6 persons, the dimensions of this tent are 250cm (L) x 220cm (W) x 150 cm (H) and is a perfect camping tent for light winters. The tent provides a maximum space of 1.35 feet per person for 6 persons and the rent is Rs. 450 per day and thereafter Rs. 225 per day.

  • 4) Privacy Tent – This small tent can be used as a shower, bathroom or changing room during a camping trip, the size is 210 x 150 x 130 (LBH) cms, and weighs only 2.1 kgs. This privacy tent can be used to set up an outdoor camping e-Pot commode, and you are ready to attend a call of nature within minutes. Per day rent is Rs. 200 and thereafter everyday rent is Rs. 100.

  • 5) Advance 10 Person 2 Bed Room + Hall, Swiss Glamping Tent for Rent – Best suited for large groups or families, this tent has 2 separate bedrooms and a hall and the entire camping tent can be set up in 10 minutes. The camp has a mosquito mesh, windows for proper ventilation and separate roof cover, so you can even watch the stars on a clear night. The size of the tent is 430 x 308 x 200 cm, weight is 17 kg and one day rent is Rs. 2000 and Rs. 1000 per day thereafter.

Home Delivery of Camping Tents and Camping Gears

Though all the platforms mentioned above provide camping gear and trekking equipments as well for rent, there are few more platforms which offer home delivery of camping tents, gears and gadgets to your doorstep. They have a complete range of camping tents and related gear, which makes your trekking trip a lot easier, cheaper and comfortable.

Camp Easy – Campeasy.in have 2 person tent (Rs. 149 per day), 3 person tent (Rs. 249 per day), 4 person, family tent (Rs. 449 per day) and 6 person tent (Rs. 549 per day). Other gadgets they provide for rent are:

  • 1. Large Portable Outdoor Speakers with features like Bluetooth, AUX, USB, Karaoke MIC, mobile charging and 9 hrs continuous play life. The LG-FH2 speaker is available at a rent of Rs. 549 per day.

  • 2. Medium Outdoor Speaker with Bluetooth pairing which allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet with the speaker. It also has AUX and USB connectivity options and the 2000 mAH battery of the speaker gives adequate backup for 4 – 5 hours. This speaker is available for rent for Rs. 99 per day.

  • 3. BBQ (coal bases cooking) at Rs. 199 per day and charcoal for Rs. 50.

  • 4. Stove (windproof butane outdoor stove for cooking) at Rs. 99 and gas canisters (approx 2.5 hours of burning) at Rs. 170.

  • 5. Small tent light at Rs. 50 per day, tent lights at Rs. 99 per day and torch and tube-light at Rs. 50 per day.

  • 6. Icebox of 51-litre capacity with a sturdy, rugged exterior and easy-grip side handles, inner dimension 57 x 31 x 30 cm at Rs. 199 per day.

  • 7. Sleeping Bag at Rs. 150 per day and Sleeping Mat at Rs. 50 per day.

Brag Packer - Bragpacker.com specialize in trekking and camping gear and their prices are as cheap as Rs. 30 per day an article onwards. They provide doorstep delivery and pickup services pan India and they have a wide range of trekking shoes & clothing, biking gear, camping items and road trip essentials. You can check their website bragpacker.com to check the complete range of articles and gadgets for camping and trekking.

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Book Your Tent before Some Days of your trip!

You can get tents for rent from our listed stores. The average cost per tent depends upon it varies with the seasons. During weekends and public holidays, these stores will be crowded, hence tents will get booked very fast. It is good to reach early during busy days and make sure you have a tent for your unforgettable trip.