The 10 Coolest Gifts for Programmer Boyfriend in 2020 & Three Tips to Reach Out to the Geek in Him

The 10 Coolest Gifts for Programmer Boyfriend in 2020 & Three Tips to Reach Out to the Geek in Him

Your programmer boyfriend is like no other guy you know, which is why all those cutesy, mushy gifts will hardly appeal to him. Sure he may be momentarily happy, but it will likely soon be forgotten. Now ladies, if you want to engage his interest for more than 10 minutes, you need to give him the unique geeky, nerdy and tech gifts that we have compiled for you. Thank us later.

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How to Choose the Coolest Gift for a Programmer: 3 Tips to Get it Right

  • Look for Creative but Utilitarian Gifts for Him
    Programmers are a different species altogether! Before buying anything for your programmer boyfriend, it is best to explore his interests and passions, his usual routine in his natural environment and ensure that whatever you end up buying for him is worth his while and your efforts. Whether he’s a gaming expert or a sci-fi movie buff, understand how he likes to spend his free time, in front of his computer or always on the prowl for age-old comic books? What delights him? Does he stand out from the rest of his buddies? He may also prefer collections of books, games or movies or even sci-fi tv series. Whatever you choose, it has to be unique and engaging for your ‘class apart’ boyfriend.

  • When in Doubt Ask Another Geek
    If you find yourself lost in the world of codes, numbers and geeks, the next best thing to do is consult someone who’s from the same world. Catch up with his friends from the same mold and seek their opinion on gifts they’d recommend for him. Get pointers on which stores or web portals to explore to save time in hunting for his gifts. If looking for best games in the market, sought professional advice on the trending game. You could also look for smaller gifts that you’d wrap up into a bigger one or slide them one at a time whenever you want to make him feel special. For instance – floppy disk notepads, app magnets, coasters, laptop rests, tabletop gadgets, etc.

  • Make Geeky DIY Gifts for Him
    If you’re good at making things, then a handmade gift would be perfect to express your love and show that you care enough to take time out to make something for him. You’d make wall décor with their favorite sci-fi character or create a jigsaw puzzle with pictures of you and him, put together a book of mathematical puzzles and quizzes from easy-difficult levels or look for a logical board game that you can customise with some of his favorite characters and make it an interesting play for hours on end.

10 Cool Gift Ideas for Programmer Boyfriend

Magnetic Nano-Dots

He would love creating a magnetic art piece on his desktop in his break time with these Magnetic Nano Dots which are ideal for release of nervous energy or to be used as building blocks. The neodymium orbs snap together and can help create uniform shapes giving way to intricate designs. These powerful magnetic balls comes in a tin case with 216 balls of 5 mm width each and can be chosen from different color sets. They are easy to attach and detach and can help create different shapes, allowing the dual brain hemisphere stimulation. The magnetic nano dots are priced at Rs.1,499 on

Binary Watch


Inspired from science fiction, the uniquely crafted binary watch has a power saving make, which can double up as a fashion accessory, a bracelet when idle. For time keeping, one just needs to press the mode button. It is water resistant up to 30 m and the Japanese battery plus high Taiwan IC chip set provide strong glass power. The zinc alloy plating makes the watch non-allergic, protects it from fading and the high harness glass is pressure tolerant. The watch dial is made of glass while the wrist band is stainless steel. It is priced at Rs.1,839 on Amazon and comes in black color.

Personalised Coffee Mug

Design a personalised coffee mug for your programmer boyfriend with this text ‘I am here because you broke something’. You can either buy a plain white coffee mug and adorn it with your artistic hand and the text or order a custom coffee mug online for a nominal price. If you’d like to go in for a polished finish to your thought, you can customise a mug for him at

Choose from a given category of mugs or perhaps choose one with a wraparound text option and insert some funny one liners like – ‘Code blooded’ ‘I turn coffee into code’ with an image from their image gallery or an image of your choice selected off the internet or your computer. Pick and choose your colors, review the selection and place the order! All for a price of just Rs.300.

Programmer Cushion Cover


Give him an artistically designed fridge cushion that says ‘ I Am A Unique Programmer’. The cushion is made of Made of lightweight and durable polyester material with 12 x 12 Inches or 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm in size. Snoogg I Am A Unique Programmer Digitally Printed Polyester Satin Cushion Cover is priced at Rs.199 on Amazon.

Wireless Laptop Keyboard and Mouse

The super space saver and practical Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard with Mouse is an ideal buy for your boyfriend that offers 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity option, which also enables zero downtime. It has a wireless interface, with a range of up to 10 meters, an adjustable keyboard height and 2 year keyboard battery life. The compact keyboard is almost 36 per cent smaller than the usual keyboards and will keep his information safe by encrypting data transfer. He can simply plug the wireless receiver into a USB port on his computer and start working. With the Windows 7 OS, the package includes a keyboard in black, a mouse, a Bluetooth connector and an instructions booklet. It also carries a 3 year warranty. It is priced at Rs.1,250 on

Noise Cancelling Headphones


The JBL T450BT wireless headphones are lightweight, flat-folding, comfy and compact. The 32 mm drivers provide for some excellent bass sound and your boyfriend can manage his calls with its built in microphone and music/call controls that are placed on the ear cup. It offers 11 hours of non-stop audio playback on a single charge and has Wireless Bluetooth 4.0. The package comes with on the ear headphones, a charge cable and user manual. The headphones have a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response with an aux jack of 3.5 mm. It is priced at Rs. 2,799 on

Evernote Premium Subscription

Gift him an Evernote Premium App Subscription that can help him organise his work life with his projects and daily tasks run without any errors. It can record and access all the data on all his devices, even when he’s offline, help him get all his projects, meeting notes, receipts or personal documents easily as well as have access to all his emails, official documents, images or even handwritten notes! With an unlimited virtual space and the option to share his notes with the click of a button, he can work from anywhere. The subscription is priced at Rs.190 a month and can be activated with a free trial to get a feel of how it will work.

Computer Glasses

Specially designed for computer users, these glasses provide a sharp vision with an anti-blue light coating that prevents the harmful blue light from getting into the eyes. Computer glasses are also very helpful for people suffering from the computer vision syndrome, and can create health challenges that are extremely uncomfortable, thereby affecting one’s work productivity as well. Computer eye glasses should be used only when one suffers strain on the eyes or when one needs to work long hours on the computer. These glasses have an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare by reducing the contrast. These glasses are with no power, available in all kinds of frames, including a yellow tint to protect the eyes from the damaging lights. You can pick one for your boyfriend from the Graviate series by Cool Winks in the range of Rs.1.750.

The Arduino Starter Kit


The Arduino kit is an open source electronics prototyping platform which is designed with adaptable and easy to use software and hardware. The kit provides a hands-on experience of using Arduino, including an assortment of some common and useful electronic components with a guide of 15 projects that will help control stuff with sensors and actuators.

The kit comes with different branded products from Robo India with over 200+ items and all the basic learning elements included, in addition to 15 projects with tutorials. From the very basics of electronics to complex projects, this kit will help your programmer boyfriend not only master the projects, but also have a palette of essential equipment to creative something innovative. It is priced at Rs.1,850 at

Key Ring Charging Cable


With this cute and handy little gadget on his key ring, your boyfriend will never have to worry about looking for a charger! The device is highly secured due to its leather design with magnetic lock and can be simply used by just inserting into your preferable device. Compact and strong with high quality elements, the cable can never get tangled and are protected well with their adjustable blacking cover. It is available for both android as well as iPhones also other portable devices. Priced at Rs.1,499 on

Bonus Tip: Look for What Makes Your Programmer Unique

Programming is specialised and unique line of work, hence great gifts for programmers are also kind of hard to look for. Every programmer is different, yet there may be some common preferences that you’d pick up as feelers from his friends or colleagues with similar background. To be able to search for some extraordinary gifts and thoughtful at that, you have got to keep a close watch on his particular brand of geekiness!

Whether it is videos, games, fantasy fiction, technology or gadgets, select the coolest item off the list. Creatively unique and of practical use are what will make for some outstanding gift items for the coding gentleman. For instance a set of bat pegs for drying out his laundry or better yet to clip his photographs will be pretty starry for your hero! If he is a Lord of the Rings fan, then get him the LOTR ring to surprise him.

If he doesn’t go anywhere without his laptop then you can buy a laptop bag for him with high quality and sturdy material, big enough to carry a 15” laptop with ample space and pockets for his accessories and other essentials. A virtual laser keyboard would be a cool carry-on or a superhero sleeping bag for his overnighters in the office or campouts with his colleagues on a Friday night could be a fun present to keep him coming back for more!

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Show an interest in his passions

Highly technical stuff is not everyone's cup of tea, but there must be things your boyfriend is interested in that also appeal to you. Think about what you admire about his work and the deep interest he has in certain things, these will not only give you ideas for what to buy him but also help you two connect better. You don't have to be actively involved in everything he cares about, just pick a few things that you can also genuinely appreciate and work with those.