Guide to Online Shopping and 10 Incredible Ideas for Gifts for Boyfriend Available Online in India

Guide to Online Shopping and 10 Incredible Ideas for Gifts for Boyfriend Available Online in India

There are so many amazing choices for gifts online, but how often have you reached the checkout page only to find a massive shipping cost added to otherwise inexpensive gifts? The flip side to shopping online is buying from international retailers who will ship you anything, but at a cost. Why not look at the gift options available online in India instead? We have found some gifts for boyfriend, all available online in India, meaning you don't have to spend much, or anything at all to have it delivered to your doorstep!

Guide to Incredible Gift Ideas Online

Planning to gift your boyfriend? Choosing a gift can be a tough job. Not only does it have to fit your budget but it should also be according to the taste of your boyfriend. Usually, it can get quite difficult to select gifts. But rather than asking your friends about it, here is a classic guide for you to buy the best gift for your boyfriend.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gifts for Boyfriend, Online or Otherwise

Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better

Before fixing on the perfect gift, you need to know your options. Do you really know your boyfriend? If you don’t then it is not possible for you to buy a good gift for him. You have to jot down on a piece of paper about the things that your boyfriend would like to have or is fond of. The key to gifting someone is thinking in a broad manner. You have to ask yourself what your boyfriend needs. There is no use of a gift that is only pretty but has zero use. But before that, you need to know your boyfriend a tad bit better.

If you are new to the relationship, it can be difficult for you to know your guy properly. On top of that, if your boyfriend is shy and an introvert, things can get messier. But do not worry. Whatever situation you might be in right now, you can sort it out by following some simple tips.

Have a Conversation

There is nothing better than having a proper conversation with your loved one. If you want to buy the best gift for your boyfriend, you need to have a deep conversation with him. Try to avoid noisy places or the times when either of you is busy. The ideal place is where you both feel calm and relaxed. Do you want to know how it will help you to choose a gift for him? Well, deep conversations are like an open window to the heart of the man you love. This is the time for you to dig deep and ask about his likes and interests. If you want to know him better, you can ask him about his childhood. Talk to him about his aspirations. Try to not make the whole conversation about him as you have to talk about your interests as well to make the conversation interactive. This will not only help you get him a good gift, but will bring you closer.

Observe Him Properly

You need to observe him in a familiar environment to know more about him. You can even go ahead and plan a short trip for him. For example, if you take him to an amusement park, try to notice his reactions. If he gets annoyed with you after a roller-coaster ride, then he reacts in a negative way to fear. If not, then he is an adventurous guy. A man can be understood by how he responds to fear, stress and excitement. You also need to keep in mind how he interacts with other people. These cues may not directly help you pick out a gift, but knowing a few more layers of his personality will help in the long run and may be crucial for a final call.

Ways to Get the Best Deals Online and Shop Safely

If you want to buy online gifts for boyfriend, then you need to be a bit careful. The reason why people shop online, is because it is easier as well as a more affordable option. But you need to be careful about the quality as well as shopping safely. Do not worry as these are some of the hacks which will help you to select a gift for boyfriend online.

Never Fill Up Your Cart with Unnecessary Things

If you are not buying anything and still looking for options, try not to place items in your cart. This will alert the shopping platform that you are using and you will be enticed with coupons and other offers. As a result, you will spend more money on items that you might now need. Having too many items to pick from will only add to the time you spend in finalising a gift.

Never Trust Free Shipping Claims Blindly

It is the strategy of several shopping platforms to create an illusion by making shipping of products free. While you are buying a special gift for boyfriend, you may get tempted and go for such illusions. But do you know why it is a huge mistake? Free shipping doesn’t actually reduce the price of the product that you are buying. You need to compare prices from different platforms before you select one.

Even the big retailers do not always have free shipping. Sometimes purchases of a certain amount have to be made before you will be eligible for this service, and at other times certain geographic locations entail additional costs. Hence you must always check if it is an India based supplier that will send your shipment for free, the minimum purchase required to make you eligible for it, and whether there are additional costs involved to have it delivered to your desired address.

Shop Online Safely: Locks are Important

Whenever you are planning on buying a gift for boyfriend online India, it is essential for you to be safe and be careful of frauds. You do not want your information to be leaked to the wrong guys, do you? Here are some of the tips which can make your shopping experience a safe one.

Always use a website that has SSL as it provides a layer of security. Never use your credit card for buying a special gift for boyfriend in websites that don’t have ‘https://’ in their URL. You can ensure this by checking the status bar where a locked padlock will be seen. It is also advised to not share your credit card information over email.

Check Your Bank and Card Statements

You need to keep on checking the statements of your credit card in order to avoid any anti-social activities. If you see any kind of problem or irregular purchase, alert your bank and the ecommerce website immediately. There usually is an option for you to contact the company within 30 days. After that period of time, you will be held accountable for all the charges made to your card.

Use Your Own Computer

You should definitely avoid using public computers to buy a gift for boyfriend online India. Cyber cafes are used by all kinds of people and you never know whom you are handing over your information to. This often leads to a hacker cheating you and taking away your money. It is better to browse for products on your mobile and use specific apps of, the shopping platforms to purchase these products.

Foundation of Love: First Things First

You need to make the foundation of your relationship strong before you select a romantic gift for boyfriend. It is not only about knowing his likes or dislikes but it is knowing him as a person. You have to develop that sense of trust in him. It should be a two way process as he needs to know more about you as well. The basic foundation of any relationship should be trust and understanding, only then the road ahead of you will be simpler.

Exhibit Your Love

Are you the shy kind? Well, even if you are, you need to show your love to him. Gone are the days when you had to struggle to find the perfect gift as there are so many options available for you. It is not just about spending a huge amount of money on your gift but you need to gift it to your boyfriend with lots of love.

Pamper Him

Why should girls have all the fun? Why can’t you pamper your boyfriend? Just like your boyfriend pampers you on every other occasion, you can take the lead and show him how much he really means to you. Apart from choosing the best gift for boyfriend on his birthday, you need to give him your time and affection. He will surely appreciate all the effort that you are putting in for him.

Best Gifts for Boyfriend Online in India

If you are still unsure about what kind of romantic gift for boyfriend should you purchase, then do not worry. Here is an exotic list of online gifts that you can purchase for your adored boyfriend. Dive in and pick out the best gift for him.

Red Hug Lovely Cushion


It is one of the cutest gifts that you can buy your boyfriend. Red is the colour of love and if you want to shower him with love, then this is your chance. This charming ‘Red Hug’ cushion is recron filled and is made of top quality material. It measures 11” x 11”. You can get it from the Ferns n Petals website at Rs.399 only.

Stylish Black Superman Ring


Gifting him a stylish black ring will undoubtedly be a best gift for boyfriend on his birthday. This ring has a classic Superman inscription that adds a charm to its appeal. Featuring the amazing logo of Superman, it will make your boyfriend feel like he is on clouds. Well, even if your boyfriend has sensitive skin, it will not cause any kind of allergies as it is lead and nickel free. Grab it from Amazon at Rs.175.

Mesmerizing Body Spray

You can count on giving him a mesmerizing spray so as to keep him fresh throughout the day. This Nautica Classic Mens EDT Spray can lend a hand in revealing his masculinity. Not only is it affordable but it has great usability as well. This fresh fragrance has notes of lime, neroli, cinnamon and clary sage to keep him feeling vibrant all day. This is one of the best online gifts for boyfriend if you want to pamper him and groom him. Want to buy it? Get it from the Ferns n Petals website at Rs.1,499, today.

Men's Styling Essentials

Now a days, even men like to own grooming products and the best way to win a man’s heart is to gift him ‘Men’s Styling Essentials’. This package contains a face-wash and a wet styling gel. The charcoal based face wash will be perfect to get a smile on his face and the gel will keep up his amazing look all the time. This combo is available at at Rs.799 only.

Life is Good Sipper

If you want to motivate your partner, then this ‘Life is Good Sipper’ is what you can gift him. An inspirational quote can sometimes work wonders. He will appreciate this useful gift as it will help him stay hydrated all day, even when he is on the move. Lined with metal it is fitted with a spill proof lid. Get this fabulous sipper from Archies at Rs.599.

Men's Combo Casual Sneakers


Choosing an online gift for boyfriend can be tough but you can never go wrong with sneakers. Every guy likes to own a pair of cool sneakers and you can now gift him a combo pack to make his wardrobe even more happening. Receiving this combo will certainly make him jump with joy. These sneakers features laced up and slip on closure type. Made of EVA and synthetic leather, this pair will last long. You can purchase it from Amazon at Rs.499 only. This is the price of a single pair of sneakers but the special deal on Amazon is offering you two pairs of shoes for the price of one. It is indeed a wonderful deal.

Graceful Boat Neck Full Sleeve T-Shirt


Who said only girls are fond of new clothes? Gift him a cool t-shirt and watch your boyfriend's face light up! This Charcoal Grey Boat Neck Full Sleeve T-Shirt will certainly augment his personality. This piece is made of the finest quality cotton and features breathable fabric that will let your boyfriend feel cool. It is available in different sizes, so you can select the one that fits him the best. You might be wondering about the price of this stylish t-shirt! It costs only Rs.454, is not it amazing! Buy it from Amazon right away.

Casual Laptop Backpack


If your boyfriend is always on the move then why not gift him a good quality backpack like this Navy Blue Casual Laptop Backpack. He can use it not only for his laptop but there is one compartment along with several pockets that can hold a lot of items. What’s more? It is completely water resistant, made of premium quality material and is highly useful product. It measures 33 x 20 x 48 cm. You can purchase it for only Rs.858 from Amazon where it enjoys a 4 star rating based on over 1100 reviews.

Wheel Compass Key Chain Ring


Looking for something unique? This Wheel Compass Metal Key Chain Ring is the right choice for you. This is a special gift for boyfriend as it can be used both as a collectible as well a keychain. It measures 3 cm (approximate) in diameter and is made of premium quality metal, which makes it highly durable. This is an uncommon gift and now you can get it from Amazon at Rs.249 only.

Complete with You Coffee Mug

If you are looking for a cheesy and romantic gift for boyfriend then you can gift him this ‘Complete With You’coffee mug. Not only is it cute but it will remind him of you all day. This mug comes with two yummy Cadbury silk chocolates which you and your boyfriend can relish together. This is one of the prettiest gifts you can give to your beloved. It is available at the Flower Aura website at just Rs.799.

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