10 Exciting Gift Ideas for Boyfriend X'mas: Make It a Loving and Blissful Celebration (2018)

10 Exciting Gift Ideas for Boyfriend X'mas: Make It a Loving and Blissful Celebration (2018)

Looking for thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend? Or have you recently gotten into a relationship and need simple gifts for him for your first Xmas together? Whether you want to give him something useful, sweet, thoughtful or funny, we have a range of gift ideas for you to pick from. Haven't thought of what else you're going to do after exchanging gifts? We have you covered there as well!

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Gifting on Christmas: Spread the Festive Cheer with the Perfect Gift

The season of joy is upon us! If you are looking for cool gifting ideas for your boyfriend on Xmas then you are at the right place. Getting a gift for someone you love can feel stressful - you want the gift to be something that brings a smile to their face and makes them feel good.

Even though buying gifts for a guy many seem difficult, a little thought and a little planning will easily help you shortlist a few exciting ideas. To make it easier, we have these three tips which will get the ball rolling.

Get to Really Really Know Him

Good gifting is finding something that truly resonates with the recipient. The type of gift may differ - it can be a practical item, a sentimental gift, a gadget or even a gag gift - fundamentally, the gift needs to be something that matches your boyfriend's particular personality, preferences and interests. The best way to hit upon a great gift is to figure out what makes your boyfriend tick.

List down all the things your boyfriend loves spending time on -movies, any hobby, fitness, cooking etc. Or consider his daily routine and see what could help there. Think of his current life stressors and look for ideas that will relax him. You boyfriend will know you have put a lot of thought into the gift when he sees something that matches his unique needs.

Plan in Advance

It takes time when you want to find the right gift for your boyfriend. You will need at least a couple of weeks to scan through all the options online or offline, make a list of the best ideas you find and then actually order it (or buy it), and finally gift wrap it. Making a last minute dash to the stores is mostly likely going to result in a poorly thought out gift that may disappoint your beau so don't procrastinate!

Don't Go Overboard

Yes, you want to blow away your boyfriend with a fantastic gift, but don't give into the temptation to buy him something that feels too much. Consider aspects like the length of the relationship, your budget restrictions and your own boyfriend's perspective before you decide on your gift. For example, for a relatively new relationship (<1 year) giving an expensive gadget like a video game console or an overtly romantic gift may can seem overwhelming.

5 Ideas for the First Christmas Gift

If your relationship is still in its initial phase, then your Xmas gift must be something that's simple yet thoughtful. An extravagant gift may backfire as it may make your boyfriend feel uncomfortable and obligated. Here are 5 cool ideas that any new boyfriend will love to receive.

Funny Follow Your Dreams T-Shirt

A funny t-shirt is a perfect choice if your relationship has just taken off. Depending on your boyfriend's preferences, you can choose from graphic tees featuring his favourite movie or TV characters, stunning graphic tee or even formal tee styles like polos. If your boyfriend has a quirky sense of humour, then a t-shirt with a tongue-in-cheek message will work well.

The Follow Your Dreams T-Shirt from bewakoof.com is a casual tee made from lightweight jersey fabric that is pure cotton. Featuring a ribbed knit crew neck and a regular fit, the t-shirt is best for casual outing and daily wear. Available on the site for Rs.449.

Set of Superhero Cartoon Socks

Looking for a cute gift? Give him this set of cool socks that feature cartoon superheroes. The set of 5 ankle length socks features Batman, Superman, Captain America, Ironman and Spiderman and is made from pure cotton. The socks will fit up to UK size 8, so take care to check if they'll fit your boyfriend before ordering. Available on bigsmall.in for Rs.1,299.

Tech Sense Lab Universal Magnetic Mobile Mount

Source www.amazon.in

This magnetic mobile phone holder is great practical gift idea. Featuring 4 high quality neodymium magnets, a strong locking lever, extreme silicon gel suction and 2 magnetic plates, this mobile stand will be a reliable device to hold your boyfriend' mobile phones when he is driving, working or even just eating. The stand is easy to use with a 360 degree rotating head and comes with a convenient loading and unloading mechanism. A truly useful gift for your boyfriend. Buy it on Amazon for Rs.559.

Cool Joker: Inside Your Head Poster

For a geeky boyfriend, try looking for gift ideas that match his obsession. A neat poster featuring his favourite movie or TV character, with a cool quote or message is light, yet shows that you get him. This Joker print with an edgy quote will look great on your boyfriend's walls. But remember, since such sites usually just ship the printed poster, you’ll need to get it framed to make it a complete gift. Find a local framing shop or buy a frame online. The Joker poster is from thesouledstore.com – it's printed on high quality matte paper, and uses inkjet printing which ensuring a long-lasting life. Buy it for Rs.449 on the website.

A Delightful Christmas Sweater

Source www.amazon.in

Looking for a traditional Xmas gift idea? The top one would be getting your boyfriend a Christmas sweater! But don't stick to boring designs with reindeers or snowflakes. This funny Christmas Sweatshirt featuring a dabbing Santa is a cute departure from the regular options, and ideal for a guy who likes a laugh. Made of high quality material, the sweatshirt is perfect for wearing to Xmas parties or outings. The Santa print uses screen printing that ensures that the image does not fade. Buy it for Rs.1,604 on Amazon.

Ideas for a Christmas Gift if You Have Been Together for Some Time

When you have spent a fair amount of time as a couple, the gift you give must reflect the commitment and love you share. It must show an deep understanding of your boyfriend's needs and preferences. Long term relationships also means you can confidently go for romantic gestures like engraved jewellery, and big ticket items like gadgets as your gift.

Chevron Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

This 7 In 1 multifunctional wireless bluetooth speaker is a cool gift idea for a tech-obsessed guy. The Chevron Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is really an all-in-one device - in addition to being a portable speaker it can functions as an alarm clock, can be used to answer calls from connected smartphones, plays the FM radio, play MP3s, and line-in plus also act as a night-time table lamp! What's more it also has a LCD mirror display which works as a screen and also as a reflective mirror. The speaker comes with a built-in 2000mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can provide nearly 6 hours of music and light on a charge of 4-5 hours. Buy it for Rs.2,999 on Amazon.

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset 40MM Lenses for IOS and Android

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend is a serious gamer , the latest trending gaming accessory to get him is a VR headset which can bring a never-before immersive experience. The Procus One Virtual set has 40 mm lenses which is among the biggest available and offers an expanded field of view of over 100 degrees.

The headset has been designed for convenient viewing with HD optical lenses, inbuilt touch button for controls, plus adjustable IPD feature and screen distance. It is compatible with a wide range of devices which makes it a safe choice, but do remember to check for your boyfriend’s device. Your boyfriend will also find it a comfortable to wear as it comes with an adjustable headband with head support and face cushioning. Order it for Rs.2,199 on Amazon.

Zara Cream White Leather Backpack

Source www.zara.com

Your debonair boyfriend will love this exclusive backpack from Zara. The genuine leather backpack in cream and white has an elegant and striking design that is assured to grab attention whenever he carries it. Featuring a grainy finish, the leather backpack has one compartment inside with a zipper pocket as well as two front pockets. The bag closes with a zip across and features a handle plus adjustable straps at the back. A really cool accessory for the hipster guy. Buy it for Rs.8,990 on zara.com.

Gift Republic Bucket List Poster: 100 Movies

Source www.amazon.in

This is fun idea for those guys for whom it is hard to buy gifts. The scratch off bucket list poster features 100 must see movies across the world. Your boyfriend will love to find out how may he's watched and will enjoy the process of looking up the ones he hasn't yet - just so he can scratch it off. Underneath is a cool movie-related image so he can display the poster even after everything is revealed. The interactive and engaging concept makes this a wonderful Xmas gift.

This poster comes rolled up so it may be best if you get it framed. Available on Amazon for Rs.4,139. In case your boyfriend is not a movie buff, you can choose from other bucket list options. The brand offers posters featuring 100 best books to read which costs Rs.2,150; there are other posters featuring 100 best music albums and also 100 amazing places to visit.

Plan a Vacation

Make your boyfriend’s Xmas a really sensational one - gift him a vacation! You can pick a cool beach location to enjoy quality time and reconnect as a couple. There are several travels sites that offer packages which remove the hassle of planning out the holiday.

For instance MakeMyTrip has incredible range of all-included packages: Check out the Romantic Holiday in Goa package that offers 3 nights and 4 nights for around Rs.18,000 per person.

Interested in an international beach holiday? Nothing to beat Thailand. The Magical Pattaya & Bangkok - Super Saver package which offers 5 days and 6 nights is a fabulous combination of a beach vacy and an exciting city holiday. Costs approximately Rs.30,000 per person But this gift cannot be a surprise – you must plan out the vacation with your boyfriend so it suits his (and your) professional and personal priorities.

Make This Christmas Extra Special

Your Xmas gift need not be expensive or flashy to be impactful, it just requires you to put some thought into it. Of course, Christmas is more than gifts – it's all about spending with your loved ones, sharing the festive joy and expressing your thankfulness for and appreciation of each other. Here are 3 uncomplicated ideas that can make Christmas a little extra special for you both.

Give Him a Love Letter

Caught up in our daily lives, we may not always find the time or the inclination to explicitly share our feelings for our beloved. You may say the three magic words of I Love You, but may not have told him just what he means to you, the small things that does that make him precious to you, how he has made your life better, or his lovable quirks. This Christmas, write him a heartfelt letter that tells him just that. Be detailed, genuine and open - he is guaranteed to cherish and treasure the letter for life.

A Small DIY Gift

The charm of a handmade gift is such that it is pretty much not replicable. Make this Xmas special by adding a small DIY gift to make gifting really personal. It is not difficult today given that we have plenty of resources at our fingertips - look up Pinterest or YouTube, and you will have enough ideas to choose from. Some simple examples: a book of love coupons, a date night jar or a monogrammed mug. All easy gifts to make which speak to how much you care for him.

Start a Tradition With Him

Traditions play an important part in bonding. Having a tradition for the just the two of you will bring you closer and create lovely memories. Starting this year, why not pick out a Xmas tradition (if you don't have one) of your own. It could be as simple as going around the local markets to see Christmas decorations, cooking Christmas cookies and treats together, scheduling a movie marathon of Xmas movies or spending time volunteering with the underprivileged.

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