Need a Little Help with Your Christmas Shopping? Here are 11 Girly Gift Ideas for Christmas to Dazzle Tweens and Teenage Girls With in 2020

Need a Little Help with Your Christmas Shopping? Here are 11 Girly Gift Ideas for Christmas to Dazzle Tweens and Teenage Girls With in 2020

Girls are in general not difficult to buy gifts for because they are so many pretty and nice things available for them. But when it comes to Christmas gifts for teenage girls, that's a whole different story because they are so particular about what they like. To help you along we have made a list of all the best Christmas gift ideas for tweens and teenage girls in 2018.

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Christmas Shopping Guidelines and How to Buy Gifts for Girls

Based on Your Relationship With the Girl

It is always a great idea to gift people. They get happy and excited but it is always necessary to understand what kind of relation you share with that particular person. Are you just a friend or an aunt or a mom. Think wisely before making the choice.

Also, make sure that you make the purchase based on the recipient's choices and preferences. Do not give her something in yellow if she loves pink. Teenagers are really particular about all of this and as a gift giver it is our duty to pay attention to the details. You could also decide on the basis of her needs. For example, if she has a new school term starting then it is a good idea to get her a trendy school bag or water bottle.

Pay Attention to the Packaging

We always pay attention to the gift but often miss out on the packaging. Teenage girls always love things that are blingy and pretty. So, you could win their hearts by wrapping the gift beautifully. Add a bow to the gift or maybe cute stickers and you are good to go.

One other good option is also presenting the gift in a different way. You could hide the gift somewhere and plan a whole treasure hunt for them. Give them different clues which finally leads to the main gift. This would make the boring gift giving a little fun and would be memorable for you as well as the gift receiver. You could also decorate the gifts with balloons and chocolates as this would add some vigor to the regular gift giving moment.

Choose a Gift Based on Her Interests

Always gift a person based on her interests and you would never fail. They would always like it or appreciate it. Hence, take a look at their preferences and choices. Is the person interested in art? Then gift her art supplies. Is she in to trends and fashion? Then gift her trendy tops or hair accessories.

If you do not get a clue of their interests then try and stalk their Pinterest profile. If you get the chance, you could also check their amazon wishlist as well. This way you could gift her exactly what she wants.

The other best thing is to either ask them directly what they need. This way you would get them what they love. You could also ask her friends or people she is close to. They might have an idea of what they need or want.

Three Safe Christmas Gift Categories for Girls

Christmas Greeting Cards

Festivals call for best wishes and blessings. Hence, giving a greeting card is always a good idea. It is pretty old and now everyone prefers digital greeting but we recommend greeting cards. Because greeting cards stay with a person forever and are a lifelong memory. A quick tip - do not forget to pen down the year in the corner of the card. This way the person will remember what year you gave it in.

Enchanting Light & Sound Christmas Card from is a great option. It is not just a normal card as it had music fitted in it.Whats more is that the card also gets lit as soon as you open it and so it is the best way to send best wishes across. This card is priced at Rs.399.

Cute Mugs

Too Magical by the is a great option. Normally any teenager would love it because of its badass and free soul kind of vibe.The mug is full of colours and has a pretty unicorn graphic on it. The best part is the tagline of the mug which states, 'Too magical for your bullshit'. It is made of ceramic. The capacity of the glass is 325 ml and the glass is printed digitally. The glass is priced moderately at Rs.249.

Box of Chocolates


If you are confused on what gift to buy for that girl in your life then think no more. Just opt for a good box of chocolates. You can never go wrong with chocolates. It is a treat that almost any girl would love. A Box of Yummy Ferrero Rocher Chocolate of 16 pieces from is a safe option to choose from. It weighs 200 gm and is priced at Rs.700. This is an ideal gift for Christmas for sure.

8 Special Christmas Gifts tor the Special Girls in Your Life

Candles with Unique Fragrances

Gifting scented candles for Christmas is a different and unique gift idea. Celebrations and festivals also call for decorating the whole house and thus candles would be a good idea. Also, you could club the candles with flowers and chocolates and make a little combo yourself.

Hosley Aroma Diffusers from is a great option. They are scented with lavender and come in a pack of 6 candles. The burn time for them is almost 18 hours for a jar candle and three hours for a tea light candle. It is priced moderately at Rs.249.

Cute Makeup Bag


New Women Portable Cute Multi Function Beauty Pouch from is a great gifting option. It is a good idea if the girl you know loves makeup. She could carry it when she is travelling in her plush pouch. Also, the pouch can be simply used for packing travel essentials. Hence, it makes a practical and useful gift. The pouch is of 22 cm in length and 13 cm in height. It is made of polyester and comes in a nice blue colour. The pouch is priced at Rs.449.

Unicorn Plush Toy

Abracadabra Decorative Unicorn Cushion from is a great soft toy. All girls are big fans of soft toys. They love decorating their rooms with them irrespective of what age they are. Hence, choosing this would be a wise step. This is a beautiful and perfectly sized unicorn cushion with a shiny attractive horn. The dimensions are 30 x 18 x 12 cm. It is made out of good quality cotton. The cushion is priced at Rs.594.

Shimmery Party Dress


Shein Green Iridescent Long Sleeve Sequin Bodycon Dress from is a great option. Every girl loves to dress up and no matter how many clothes they have, they always want more. Also, Christmas is a time for celebration and party. So, its a good idea to gift the girl in your life a pretty dress.

The colour is green and is suitable for party. The material used is sequins and comes with a round neck and long sleeves. The hem is pencil shaped but the fabric is not stretchable. This pretty dress is priced at Rs.1,630.

Luxurious Bath Melts

Luxury bath melts and scented bath products are something any girl would love. It is a great form to pamper yourself. And Luxury Bath Melts Collection from is a treat not only to your body but also to your eyes. They look so pretty that you could actually eat them.

The gift box contains of three tranquil bath souffles and three pretty sundaes. They are decorated in a way that they look like delicious cupcakes. They are basically filled with essential oils to suit every mood. Anyone would love to receive this gift. It is priced at Rs.1,412. So, what are you waiting for? Get this gift already.

The box contains bath melts scented with:

  • Lavender and Patchouli
  • Summer Evening
  • Hyacinth
  • Peony
  • Lemon and May Chang
  • Rose Geranium

Unique Ring Grip for Smartphones


Baskety Mobile 360 degree Rotation iRing Universal Ring Grip from is a unique gift. It is a mobile holder which helps you to have a grip while clicking selfies. Girls would definitely love something like this. It is a mobile phone accessory which she can proudly show off in front of her friends. The Baskety Phone Ring is ultra thin and lightweight and is made of premium zinc alloy. It comes in black colour and weighs 18.1 gm. This unique product is priced at Rs.299.

Trendy Electronic Gadget


Boat BassHeads 900 Wired Headphone with Mic from is a great option. Who isn't a technology fan in this digital era? If not anything, a person would definitely love headphones as everyone listens to music. Especially such accessories are famous with young girls. Thus, if you gift her this, you are surely going to be her favourite.

The headphones comes with extra bass and clear and natural vocals. The headphones come with a microphone and hence can be used for talking over the phone as well. They come with a tangle resistant cable with audio jack of 3.5 mm. They are priced at Rs.799.

A Nice Bottle of Perfume and Body Mists

Perfume is an accessory that a girl wears proudly. Who doesn't like to smell great? So, we have searched the best gift option for you. Skinn Kissed Oh So Fab Body Mist for Women from is a great gift option. It comes in a package of 200 ml.

The best reason to buy this product is that the fragrance is a beautiful blend of rose and strawberry. What's more is that it has aloe vera and chamomile extracts which are really good for your skin as they moisturize your skin. The fragrance is basically based on the floral family and has shelf life of 36 months. This product is priced at a modest Rs.695.

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Steer Clear of Popular Gifts

The thing with the popular seasonal gifts is that everyone is buying and gifting them, so unless you are close enough to the girl to know what she has, stay away from them. You may be tempted by some of the nicer options but she is bounds to receive at least some of them from others, and repeat gifts are always a bummer, especially for young girls. Use your imagination, do some research and come up with creative gifts that will be unique and light up her Christmas.