10 Most Impactful Gifts for a 15 Year Girl in 2019: Think Gift Shopping for Teen Girls is Tough? Not Anymore!

10 Most Impactful Gifts for a 15 Year Girl in 2019: Think Gift Shopping for Teen Girls is Tough? Not Anymore!

Who doesn't love receiving presents? But when it comes to 15 year old girls, picking the right gift can be tricky if you aren't completely clued into what she thinks is cool, and what's not. We have a whole bunch of gift ideas that will appeal to different girls, as well as a quick guide to ensure you get her something she will love.

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How to Shop for 15 Year Olds and Teens in General

Pamper Her With Treats

Which teenager would not be happy to see the latest film or to attend the concert of their favorite band? There is no doubt that most of them will not be half as excited at the sight of chocolate eggs. Treat her to things she likes and will get excited by. She will be delighted at the idea of spending an evening with her friends at the movies or a concert.

She may even enjoy a nice dinner at her favourite restaurant, or the new place that has opened which has been really wanting to try out. These experiences may not last long, but the memories surely will. Think of all the things she likes to do or has been wanting to learn and try to incorporate that into a treat - such as a fun workshop on decorating cakes if she has an eye and taste for desserts, a weekend trip with her friends, a visit to the amusement park or sign her up to learn a musical instrument she has always wished to play.

Customise the Gift to Her Tastes

What gifts do teens like? They grow up, and their tastes change, sometimes completely, in the space of a few months. They are not adults yet would like to be treated as though they are. Some are geeky and love their gadgets and high-tech accessories that revolve around their favorite PC, smartphone or game console. Many are more inclined toward fashion and style and their interests will lie in latest fashionable bag, jeans from their favorite brand, sneakers of the moment or trendy jewellery. Yet others will appreciate something entirely different, like a science fiction book, romantic novel, or a pet.

If you have no idea what interests her now, there is no need to go digging in her room! Respect her privacy and ask her what band (or genre) of music she likes to listen to, what is the last movie she went to see at the movies or just, what would she like to receive. Sometimes, asking is still the best option to really please. But if you already know what she likes, all you have to do is filter the selection of products to fit your teen's tastes and buy that. As a last resort, buy her things she can use such as stationery, a bag for school, journals, etc.

Look Beyond Materialistic Things

Gifts don’t have to come in a box, and sometimes doing simple things with her will mean the world to her - such as a girls night where you put face masks on and paint each others nails, or an elaborate movie night at home complete with popcorn, drinks, candy and a cosy blanket; you could also sit and watch her favourite shows on TV - you may not like them but she will be pleased that you’re making an effort to understand her world and that will help you bond with her.

Do you want to offer a beautiful girl a lovely gift? Choosing a gift for a teenager is a difficult exercise as you cannot give the same thing to a 12 year and a 15 year girl because tastes and preferences change. It is therefore important to focus on the tastes of the girl for whom this surprise is intended.

Non-materialistic gifts create beautiful memories that one can cherish for a lifetime. The idea of taking a 15-year-old-teenage girl to a dinner date, organizing a breakfast for her with the favorite food and making her homemade goodies will show her how much you love her.

3 Fashion Gift Ideas for 15 Year Olds

Casual Sneakers

Source www.amazon.in

There are few occasions in a teenagers life where sneakers cannot be worn. You may or may not like them as much or be just as addicted to them as her, but there is no denying their utility, comfort and style statement. Those who wear sneakers love them, and collect them: glitter, colored, plain, with pearls, lace, patterns, low, high, there are sneakers of all kinds and for all outfits!

Girl of every age, especially 15-year-old love wearing them in the summer, in the spring, with a skirt but also with jeans and with just about any outfit. Sneakers are comfortable and they are not going out of trend anytime soon.

Therefore, the casual sneakers make fun yet functional gifts – highly affordable, excellent in quality. You can consider this Women Casual Shoes by Krafter, a stylish pair of casual sneakers in baby pink hue. Composed of high-quality synthetic leather and fabric, these closer type shoes with lace-up can be worn for any casual occasion. They are priced at Rs.499 and can be bought at Amazon.

Buy it here.

Casual Floral Dress

Source www.shein.in

Fresh flowers fade but those on your clothes will not have to be thrown out anytime soon. Casual spring dresses in varying lengths are the perfect summer outfit for just about any girl - they keep her cool and looking trendy. Dresses in floral prints enhance feminine beauty and every girl must have a few such pieces in her wardrobe.

There are loads of ways to personalise such dresses to the individual style - pair them with boots or sandals, slip on a jacket on top or an oversized coat, or keep things simple with a hat. She may even be able to pull it off over a pair of jeans for an effortless style.

You will find an assortment of floral dresses online for your teenage girl at affordable prices. To help you out, we suggest Floral Print Ruffle Hem Surplice Wrap Dress by Shein. Styled in a classic and elegant way, this polyester dress in burgundy features a floral pattern, high-waistline and bishop sleeves. All in all, this dress makes a must-have piece for the spring and summer wardrobe. Buy it for Rs.1,122 on shein.in

Buy it here.

Trendy Sling Bag

A sling bag or handbag really makes a nice gift for a 15-year-old teenage girl. No matter what the occasion is sling bags not only make a stylish statement but also functional and highly practical. If you are thinking she already has plenty of handbags, well, think again. A girl can never have too many bags. More than mere accessories, handbags are inseparable from their owners and entrusted with precious belongings. They follow her everywhere, in all her adventures and chores from morning to night, at work or on vacation. Give her a bag she will enjoy wearing with her favorite outfits.

To make your task easier, we have shortlisted this Turquoise Blue and Orange Sling Bag by Yelloe. Made from synthetic leather, it comes with magnetic closures. It has one main compartment and an inner zip pocket. It comes with a 3 months warranty and retails for Rs.764 on Myntra.

Buy it here.

7 Personalised and Handmade Gifts

DIY Greeting Card

Making a beautiful, thoughtful card for your friends and loved ones are one of the easiest holiday activities to do. With a little basic material and creativity, you can create a unique and memorable card for any occasion.

What you need:

  • Colourful stock paper
  • Liquid glue or a glue stick
  • Fine-tipped pens
  • Scissors
  • Photographs
  • Ruler
  • Pressed flowers or shells for decorating


  • Use a good quality stock paper and cut it in the shape you want the card to have - a square, rectangle or something more unique like a flower or heart.
  • Fold it in half to create the card, crisping out the edges so it closes perfectly.
  • Write your message inside. Use your own words or take help from books or website for inspiration.
  • Decorate with the flowers and shells, or use ribbons, colourful washi tape, glitter or anything you think will make it look pretty. You can even use cutouts from magazines to decorate.

Chocolate Hamper

Are you out of ideas for a fantastic gift? Think chocolate. Whatever the occasion is, chocolates are always a pleasant surprise. Most people enjoy sweet treats and find it difficult to refuse chocolates, but girls in particular are known for having a sweet tooth and very rarely will a girl not be delighted to receive chocolates. Give her a big basket of it, you can even put together your own DIY basket if you know which brands and flavours she is partial to, or you can buy her a gift hamper filled with sweet indulgences.

On her birthday present her with this two-storied chocolate hamper from Book My Flowers. It contains 12 Nestle KitKat Chocolate weighing 18 gm, 11 Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate weighing 12.5 gm, and 12 Cadbury Five Star Chocolate of 21.5 gm each. Designed in round shape, the hamper is adorned with white and red ribbons, perfect for gifting. Buy it for Rs.1,399.

Buy it here.

DIY Photo Frame

Source www.gurl.com

Beautiful pictures with our best friends and loved ones play an important role in our lives as they capture fond memories; framing those pictures in lovely photo frames become a great way to cherish them forever. Buy her a cute frame and put a picture of the whole gang having a blast at your usual hangout, or on one of the memorable trips your group of friends took together. If you are short on funds or enjoy getting crafty, make her a picture frame or even a photo collage.

This photo collage with her name initial is super simple to make. All you need is a cardboard or stiff card paper cut out of her initial, and enough pictures to cover it with. Just glue on the pictures and give it to her to decorate her room with. You could choose another shape or a smaller or larger size frame as you see fit.

Homemade Cookies

Homemade gifts are a wonderful way to show someone how much you love them. Making a gift requires a lot more thought and effort than buying one, and as you spend time working on it, the thought of how happy she will be when you give it to her makes the whole experience so much sweeter. Pick a project you can make based on the skills you possess, it can be anything really, and as long it is made with love and care, the results should be good. We suggest a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies. Why? Girls usually love chocolate and cookies are such a great comfort food. She doesn’t care much for chocolate? Pick another recipe or even a completely different dessert.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

What you need:

  • 1 ½ cup plain flour
  • ½ tsp of baking soda
  • A pinch of salt
  • ¾ cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 200 gm semi sweet chocolate, coarsely chopped


  • Combine the flour, baking soda and salt and in a bowl, keep aside.
  • In another bowl cream together butter with both sugars using a wooden spoon. Once light and fluffy, beat in the egg and extra yolk.
  • Stir in the dry ingredients as well as the chocolate, use your hands to lightly knead it together to form a dough. Cover and refrigerate for an hour, or overnight.
  • Decorate with the flowers and shells, or use ribbons, colourful washi tape, glitter or anything you think will make it look pretty. You can even use cutouts from magazines to decorate.
  • When you are ready to bake, place the grill at the center of the oven and preheat to 190° C. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
  • Use an ice cream scoop to scoop up balls of dough and drop them on the baking sheet 2 inches apart as the cookies will spread when baking.
  • Bake one sheet at a time for 8-9 minutes or until cookies are lightly browned around the edges. Allow them to cool on the baking sheet before transferring them to an airtight jar.

Cute Gifts Teenage Girls Will Love

Hair Accessories

Whether your daughter has long hair, luscious curls, cute bangs or a short crop, she surely likes to try out different hairstyles and wear pretty accessories in her hair. There are so many styles and types of hair accessories available to suit different styles and for different ages, though at 15 she has a fairly large pallette to play with. She can use hair bands, clips and pins meant for slightly girls as well as be able to pull off cute and colourful trinkets. You can source them from your local beauty shops, high end brands as well as buy them online. She may like Flower Party Hair Comb in gold from Tia Hair Accessories. The comb can add glamour to a regular outfit or be paired with more accessories for when she wants to dress up for a special occasion. Buy it for Rs.209 on First Cry.

Scented Body Mist

Girls and women of all ages have a special connection to fragrances, sure everyone likes to smell good but women in particular love being surrounded by an envelope of sweet fragrance. No wonder lotions, potions, body mists and just about any product for personal care is scented with flowers and fruity fragrances to appease them. Perfumes last much longer than body sprays and mists but at 15 she may be a little young for perfume. Besides, perfume ought to be dabbed on and at this age she may rather prefer spraying it on, hence body mists are a far more suitable choice. Insead of one large bottle, give her a sampler set containing a variety so she can experiment and better understand her personal taste.

We suggest Floral Mist Box from Kama Ayurveda. Packed in a beautiful gift box, it contains three floral mists that are suitable for both body and face. They consist of Pure Rosewater, a natural astringent and toner, Pure Mogra Water - balances dry and sensitive skin along with the intoxicating aroma of Indian jasmine, and Pure Lavender Water that calms and soothes with its delicate aroma. These mists are made using natural ingredients and besides keeping her scented all day long, will hydrate her skin as well. Buy the pack for Rs.695 on kamaayurveda.com.

Funky Notebook

Notebooks are such a useful thing to have in your bag or desk at home. They can be used for penning down writings and musings, make plans, jot down reminders and sometimes just plain doodle. As a school girl she would also need plenty of journals and notebooks so such a gift will never go to waste.

Is your 15-year-old teenage girl a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series? Or does she love to write beautiful stories? She is sure to enjoy using this funky notebook with it’s Harry Potter themed cover. The soft laminated cover has been digitally printed and the book contains 80 pages, one blank page alternating with a ruled page. Buy it for Rs.199 on the souledstore.com.

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Teens Aren't A Mystery

Teens often get a bad name for being picky, moody and sometimes a little hot to handle but that is hardly the case. There is a lot going on in their lives, nothing that a little love and understanding cannot soothe over. Your 15 year old will value the effort you put into understanding her. Sure will love an exquisite,trendy and expensive gift but the rewards in reaching our to her on a personal level will be far sweeter than any cool gift.