What Have You Planned for Your Boyfriend for Christmas? Here are 10 Cute DIY Xmas Gifts for Boyfriend That You Can Make (2019)

What Have You Planned for Your Boyfriend for Christmas? Here are 10 Cute DIY Xmas Gifts for Boyfriend That You Can Make (2019)

DIY gifts are simply amazing as they are creative, original and unique. You can customize a DIY gift to his liking and personalize it too. This makes the gift even more personal and likable by him as it is customized to his preferences and tastes. You can as well order online some of the gift options detailed herein to wish him a Merry Christmas.

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Tis the Season of Joy

Christmas is all about giving and sharing. The decorations are lit in green, red, and white all symbolising the Christmas tree and Santa Claus. The tall Christmas trees with shining stars and red and white candy sticks on it, it is such a treat to the eyes. Children are so excited about Santa Claus giving them gifts, they keep the socks for a gift before going to bed, and the next morning it has a gift. Their parents make them happy and gift them in disguise. It is a pleasant feeling all over the place.

Christmas Celebrations with Your Beloved Ones

Christmas preparations begin almost early December to mid-December. Cleaning house, making sweets and plum cakes is a very basic thing. Decorating homes with lights and Christmas trees makes the house come alive. Another favourite thing people love during Christmas is shopping for clothes and presents for the near and dear ones. Exchanging presents is an integral part of the Christmas celebration.

Exchange of Gifts

Giving gifts is a process involving many emotions. A gift represents the love you have towards someone. So it is essential to select your gift very wisely. When you surprise your loved ones with a gift they would love, you naturally feel happier as you add to their happiness. As they say, there is a joy in giving!

What to Give your Boyfriend as His Christmas Gift?

You can gift your boyfriend anything readymade from the store. If you want to make his gift special and unique, instead of buying something you can make a DIY gift. More than the gift, he will love and appreciate the efforts you have put in for his gift. Therefore the following guide of top DIY ideas will help you surprise your boyfriend with an apt DIY Christmas gift.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

It is a hard task to think of gifts, especially for the male gender. They have limited gift options, but that does not stop you from giving your boyfriend something special this Christmas. Make a perfect DIY Christmas gift for your boyfriend, and he will be surprised and happy at the same time. So scroll through the guide for DIY Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Calendar Photo Frame

The DIY calendar photo frame is an inexpensive gift you would love to gift your boyfriend this Christmas. You can make a 2019 calendar for him with a picture on each month's page. All you need to do is collect 12 cute and adorable photographs of him. You can check the video at Itsalwaysautumn.com for better illustrations.

DIY Calendar Photo Frame

What you need:
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • A scale
  • Pencil
  • harp cutting knife

Take a look at the easy steps:
  • Sownload the free personalised calendar.
  • Use knife and ruler to cut out the box on each page of the calendar.
  • Attach the Perfect sized photograph.

The Perfect Bowtie

Help your boyfriend look elegant on Christmas Eve or gear up for the New Year’s Party! You can gift him a bow tie, and he will be more than happy if you have made it for him. Select a good fabric keeping in mind his favourite colour. Check for the tutorial link at Sewlikemymom.com to make a perfect tie for your boyfriend. To make a bowtie, you will need a fabric you want to stitch, Pellon 950F ShirTailor interfacing, matching thread:

The Perfect Bowtie

  • Note down correct measurements for the tie
  • Cut four pieces from the fabric
  • 2 or 4 from the interfacing
  • Lay the interfacing fusible on the opposite side of your fabric; make sure the parts are matching.
  • Join the two interfacing side and iron them
  • Sew around the edges of the tie leaving a quarter inch of allowance and a hole that’s about 2 or 3 inches wide right in the centre, to turn your tie through.
  • It’s easy to turn your tie by pinching it at the end, so the sides come away from each other,
  • Then use a chopstick to push the end down and out the 2″ hole you left in the middle of the tie.
  • Using the machine thread sew up the hole.

A Carved Candle

Source helloglow.co

This Christmas surprise your beloved one with a unique gift. You can gift him a candle! It is a very simple yet elegant gift. You can make it unique by carving his name on it. You can also carve his initials or a special date on the candle. This homemade gift will be a great piece as a home decor for your boyfriend. All you need is a candle, a cutter, ballpoint pen, gold leaf pen tape and a design in mind. You can check the complete tutorial at Helloglow.com.

A Carved Candle

  • Tape the design you want to carve to the candle
  • Trace the outline with a ballpoint pen
  • Trace it with the cutter
  • Fill the carvings with a gold leaf pen
  • Let it dry completely before giving it to your boyfriend.

A Pre-Planned Book Consisting of 12 Mini Nights

If you want to make 2019 a memorable year, here is a hack for you. Think of 12 different date ideas; think how you want to spend time with your partner on your date. The next step is, put it down creatively on paper and make a mini-book. A pre-planned mini book for perfect dates in the coming year. All you need is cardstock, divider pages, pen, scissors, hole punch, a ribbon—things you can quickly source from the stationery store in the neighbourhood.

A Pre-Planned Book Consisting of 12 Mini Nights

  • Select and download your free printable design
  • Print them on the white cardstocks
  • Write down the ideas you have in mind for each month mentioning the date, place and time.
  • After each cardstock, you can add cut-outs of red, pink, and grey scrapbook paper or photographs
  • Put them all together, punch a hole and tie a ribbon.

Your book consisting of 12 pre-planned dates is ready! You can check out the tutorial at thinkingcloset.com.

A Man Apron

Does your man like to dabble in the kitchen? How about you make him a lovely manly apron so he can whip up his favourite festive dishes without worrying about getting his clothes dirty. To see step by step pictures of how to make this, you can visit Lovelyindeed.com

A Manly Apron

What you need:
  • Flour sack towel, 33" x 38″
  • Black woven trim, 1 inch wide
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Freezer paper
  • Iron
  • Pencil
  • Fabric paint
  • Sponge brush

How to make it:
  • Arrange the towel so that a 33″ edge is at the top and the hems are the wrong side down.
  • Fold within the top corners 11″ from either side so that they fold at an angle down about 15″ on the outsides.
  • Pin at the edges. Arrange the towel so that a 33″ edge is at the top and the hems are the wrong side down. Fold in the top corners 11″ from either side and so that they fold at an angle down about 15″ on the outsides. Pin at the edges.
  • On the wrong side, sew a straight stitch hem where you cut in on the sides. Then sew down the diagonal folds. Trim away the excess.
  • This will form the top portion of the apron.
  • For the neck strap and waist ties, your measurements may vary. You can cut three pieces of black trims, each about 20 inches long.
  • Pin the primary behind the outer edges of the top of the apron and {stitch} each side down with a straight stitch.
  • With the remaining two, sew one on each side of the waist (the area where you cut in horizontally and hemmed).
  • Pin one end behind the apron and {stitch} with a straight stitch.
  • Make a quick fold-over hem on the loose end so that it does not unravel. Cut it out of freezer paper. Iron the freezer paper, shiny side down, onto the chest of the apron.
  • Using a sponge brush, liberally but carefully paint over the stencil with fabric paint. Be careful to put something down underneath the apron in case paint seeps through.
  • Paint the design, let it dry, and it is ready.

Suit Gift Box

This Christmas gift your man a reason to suit up and take you to the Christmas dance with this men's suit gift box and treat. While this is most definitely not the most expensive gift, but it has your love and care attached to it. These boxes are super attractive and unique. You can see the video and illustrations at 1dogwoof.com

Suit Gift Box

Things you will need:
  • Solid or patterned scrapbook paper
  • Matchbox
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Glue stick, glue dots or double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Matching buttons to make the suit gift box.

How to make it:
  • Measure the matchbox
  • Cut the outfit you want to design
  • Wrap the cloth at the bottom of the matchstick box and stick it.
  • Create the collar, draw a tie or stick it under the collar
  • Wrap the jacket piece over the matchbox make the marking and then glue it by keeping the front flaps of the jacket open
  • Insert the shirt card
  • Finally, add the button.

Photo Explosion Box

Another great option is to celebrate Christmas with a box power-packed with emotions. We are talking about a photo explosion box! You definitely must be having many memorable moments captured with your boyfriend. What else could be a better idea than a photo explosion as a gift for him? You can make a photo explosion box. Take him down the memory lane by adding a bunch of old pictures of the two of you together. The flashback will surprise him, with each photo popping up, and you will feel the ride of emotions all over again. You can see the video at YouTube for better ideas.

52 Reasons Why I Love You Card

Express your love like never before this festive season. Give your adorable and loving boyfriend a gift stating 52 reasons as to why you love him, and you want to be with him forever. It is easy to make, even for the non-crafters. Start with a few playing cards, a bunch of photos and coloured cardstock paper cut into the size of the playing cards. Alternatively, instead of just using cards as the "book cover" with cardstock pages, you can even use the full deck of cards. Make it look better by using ribbon instead of jump rings to bind the pages.

Check out the step-by-step guide with illustrations at Littlegrayfox.com.

52 Reasons Why I Love You Card

Supply list:
  • 1 full deck of playing cards
  • 1 foot of red ribbon
  • Paper hole punch
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Personal photos and generic stock images from the internet

Follow the easy steps below to make his unique Christmas gift:
  • On your computer, start typing out your 52 reasons as to why you love your partner.
  • You can enhance it by adding in clip-art sand photos of yourself.
  • Print everything and cut them to the right sizes
  • Arrange it correctly in the deck and tie it up after you have punched all the cards together.
  • Check out the step-by-step guide with illustrations at littlegrayfox.com.

Steamy Bucket List

Surprise your boyfriend with a romantic gift. Show him the new romantic side of you by gifting him a steamy bucket list. Make 2019 a romantic year filled loads of love and warmth. Have you always felt shy and could not express yourself or tell him the things you wanted to do your partner? Therefore, here is a chance to openly express yourself, make this bucket list with all funny, loving, and romantic things you wanted you to do with your boyfriend, and leave the execution to him. You need to download the steamy bucket list printable to go ahead in making this gift. You can visit Thedatingdivas.com for in-depth details.

Simply print the different items on the list on cardstock, punch and tie them together and you're done! Don't forget to wrap it nicely and perhaps include a box of homemade cookies or some chocolate to make it an even sweeter gift.

Don't Have the Time to DIY? Here are Some CUte Gifts You Can Personalise for Him This Christmas

If you do not have time to make the gifts, you check the online websites who have amazing personalised gifts. Make your boyfriend special with all the efforts you have taken to make his Christmas present.

Love Contract

You can Send your loved one an envelope comprising a hilarious contract binding him into an inescapable act. OyeHappy has readymade formats like the cuddle contract and the make out contact. You can choose your won deal after the payment. Each contract will have some terms and conditions to be fulfilled by your boyfriend. The sample content of the cuddle contract is Nibble on the ear, grizzly bear hug, Eskimo nose rub, and a puppy-face kiss. This love contract will cost you. Rs.290.

Letter From Santa

Gift your loved one a customised Official letter from Santa Claus. The letter consists of your boyfriend's name, a certificate with the particular person’s name, a badge with either ‘Santa Says I’m Awesome’ or ‘Santa Says I am Hopeless’ printed on it. You can buy this letter from OyeHappy for Rs.390.

Letters To My Love

You would love to write a letter to your boyfriend to express your feelings. However, if you do not have the time, do not worry. OyeHappy will send your boyfriend seven letters on behalf of you, stating seven reasons to be together forever. You can customise your seventh letter, as the other six will have their templates. This bunch of seven letters will cost you Rs.590.

Reel Life Story

If you have all the funny and emotional moments captured. You can gift these priceless moments captured by gifting your boyfriend a reel life story. This gift is available at Oyehappy. All you have to do is share 6 six pictures of him, or you both and they will do the rest. The approximate size will be A3, and it is priced at Rs.620.

Little Something

Sometimes, it is challenging to appreciate the little things our partners do. You can express your emotions by adding an element of “special” to our days. This set of 5 mini placards gift will bring a smile on his face. You can buy this unique gift from OyeHappy at Rs.450.

Other Cool Things to Enhance Your Christmas Gifts

Printables are pieces of artwork, drawing, graphic designs and pictures. They are designed and made available for ready use. You can download them free at Catchmyparty.com and use it for personal work. There are various printables available online for cards, newsletters, gift tags, stationery, party invitations, bingo games, colouring pages, Christmas lists, thank you cards, and much more. If you are throwing a Christmas party at your place, send invites to your family and friends. There is also an exclusive collection for the kids. You can buy these for your siblings or kids and surprise them. Kids, as well as adults, can play the Christmas bingo which is a fun holiday game at parties. Wrap your gifts with amazing tags.

The Christmas cards have specific templates available in various colours. These newsletter templates will help you create your own Christmas newsletter, so you can keep everyone updated with what has been going on. These free printables are making life easy. You can download any number and use it for any purpose, as there are many designs available.

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Impress your Boyrfiend this Chritmas with DIY Gifts

DIY gifts can be customized to set the mood. To create a specific ambience and let the love flourish as you enjoy the festivities. The best thing about DIY gifts is that they are personalized, hence the person gifted will feel much appreciated. There are a number of things to give and if you run out of ideas, there are some online DIY gifts that can be presented as a gift as listed above.