Reaffirm Your Relationship with Your Girl with these Amazing Friendship Day Gifts for GF (2019)

Reaffirm Your Relationship with Your Girl with these Amazing Friendship Day Gifts for GF (2019)

The strongest relationships are rooted in friendship. If your girlfriend apart from being your romantic partner is also a very dear friend then celebrate Friendship Day by buying her a special gift. You tell her you love her all the time, but on this day show her that you value her friendship and we have just the thing for you! Read on for the best Friendship Day gift suggestions.

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Why Should You Buy a Gift for Your Girlfriend on Friendship Day?

Because She is Your Best Confidant

Friendship can be best described in the words of Thomas Aquinas, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”. Our friends are precious to all of us. They mean the world to us and friendship day is indeed the best time to let your friend know how much you cherish your relationship with her.

Your friend is one with whom who can be yourself, share your innermost secrets and cry without hesitation. There is none better than her with whom you can share your deepest secret and be assured that they will never be shared with anyone else.

She is Your Best Friend

Among all your friend is for sure the most precious of all and that is why you have chosen her as your girlfriend over all the others. She must be your best friend with whom you want to spend all your time, share all the good things of life, and enjoy each and every moment. You cannot deny that you love her the most and want her to be happy always. If she is a best friend then why not make her feel like the queen on this friendship day? Why not make her day special and give her with the friendship day special gift for your girlfriend?

She Deserves to Know How Special She is

Life is too small to be indecisive. Sometimes our best friend may be the one that we want to share our life with. It's not unnatural to develop romantic feelings for a dear friend. If you care for someone then let her know it. This friendship day, take up the initiative to let your friend know how important she is to you. Don't let the fear of ruining the relationship hold you back. There's a big chance that she is feeling the same way. So don't hold back any longer. Let your friend know how special she is and it may be the start of a beautiful new relationship.

Awesome Gifts for Your GF on Friendship Day

Getting your friend something that she loves, is an awesome way of expressing how much you care for her. That way she gets to know that you pay attention to her likes and dislikes. Moreover, with online stores, life has now become easier than it used to be earlier. Even if you do not have good stores in your locality, you can simply go to any of the online stores and purchase an awesome gift for your girlfriend from the comfort of your home. If you find yourself lost in the sea of gift choices available online, do not panic! With our help, you can buy the best gift for your girlfriend this friendship day.

For Your Sunshine

Girls love gift hampers. This cute gift hampers from Flower Aura has all the necessities that a girl might need, a beautiful a yellow beads necklace and earrings set, a cute teddy, Lakme sunscreen lotion, VLCC anti-tan facial kit and of 16 pieces pack of delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates. This yellow themed hamper is sure to win over your girl. You can purchase it online for Rs.1899.

Fun Personalised Album

Archies has been playing a crucial role in creating bonds of love since ages. It has now gone a step ahead and has introduced their online store with a number of gift options that are bound to make your friendship day a great success. Capture the precious moments of your relationship in the personalized album and surprise her with it. Being made of high-quality paper and softbound cover, it is convenient and portable. Simply email them your photographs with the desired messages and your album will be ready on time. You can purchase it online for Rs.999 from Archies.

Purple Orchids


Orchids are known as the flower of love and it can be one of the best ways of expressing your feelings for her in the simplest way. Purchase these freshly picked Orchids which is further beautified by the artistic florists who give a new look to the petals with their imagination. Moreover, the charm is enhanced with the blue paper and the pretty ribbon that is used to bind the 10 Orchids together for your girlfriend. Make her day special with this sensitive gift. You can purchase it online for Rs.1199 from Ferns n Petals.

Friendship Coffee Mug

If you want your gift to be unique but also useful, then you can surely go for the expressive Friendship Captured gift which will define your special feeling for that precious friend of yours. Capture the true meaning of your friendship with a personalised message and a photo of you both. Mail the high-resolution pic of you both along with the personalised message to the team and they will prepare your mug for your lady. You can purchase it online for Rs.399 from Flower Aura.

Friends Forever Glass Bottle Quotation

This Friends Forever Glass Bottle’ is as soft and tender as she is! It is one of the most unique pieces that you can gift your girlfriend with on the friendship day. It comes with adorable crystal rose and a touchy quotation which can beautifully express your love for your dear friend. You can purchase it online for Rs.399 from Archies.

Spreading Happiness Friend Combo

The Spreading Happiness hamper is a gift which will instantly warm the heart. This adorable hamper includes a vibrant Friendship Greetings card, a bracelet that she can wear always as a token of your friendship, a coffee mug, and 2 packets of yummy Cadbury's Temptation chocolate bars. Purchase it online for Rs.999 from Flower Aura.

Classic Pineapple Cake For Friends

If your friend is a cake lover, then this is the friendship day gift for her. It is sweet yet classy and nothing else can satiate her taste buds than this all-time tasty Pineapple cake. It is a half kg cake and you can share it with your friends also if you wish to. Personalise it with a meaningful message on the top and make her feel she is worthy of all the efforts and time. You can purchase it online for Rs.599 from My Flower Tree.

Hues of Friendship

If you think utility gifts cannot be fun then you need to see the Hues of Friendship purse. This vibrant purse will make an elegant gift for your girlfriend. This brightly coloured striped pouch comes with a friendship bracelet. This wallet is sleek and lightweight. It can be easily slipped into a purse. You can purchase it online for Rs.1099 from Flower Aura.

Being Us Friendship Day Hamper

A complete package which will speak a volume about your friendship is this “Wonderful Friend” hamper and it will also not pinch your pocket. So, if you have boundless emotions but minimal budget goes for this gift pack. It contains a Wonderful Friend card saying everything about your special bond, a friendship band, and a little message bottle. You can purchase it online for Rs.399 from Archies.

There She Glows

If you want to make your girlfriend know how precious she is in your life, make her realize her worth to herself first. How? Gift her this friendship day hamper that is going to be her spa set at home. It is the best thing with which she can start her day and she is going to love you more every day for this elegant gift. It consists of Khadi Naturals Geranium massage oil, Rose and Honey based body wash, and moisturizer, Vega’s pumice stone, and comb, all beautifully packed in a handpicked box. You can purchase it online for Rs.2149 from Flower Aura.

Tips for Selecting a Good Gift for Your GF on Friendship Day

Before you go ahead and purchase a gift for your girlfriend, take a look at these tips from us:

  • Purchase something special for her.
  • The gift should not be generic and it should be romantic enough to make her feel that she is the best thing in your life.
  • Be sensitive to the needs and emotions of your girlfriend.
  • Purchase something that will add value to her life.
  • Gifts that emphasise your friendship.
  • It should be a token of your relationship.
  • It should be something that no one else can think of gifting her.

Go for Romantic Gifts

You are in love with this girl, right? If you want her to feel different and special, your gift should be equally unique. It should not be something boring and common. There are umpteen romantic gifts available online, so even if you are not a romantic person, you can take the help of the internet and purchase something easily.

Give Her Useful Things

While romance is important, the usability factor of the gift is also important. If your gift is something which she already has or doesn’t use; it will not hold value to her for long. A gift for your girlfriend, the most precious friend of yours, should be something useful, beautiful yet different! If you pay attention to the likes and dislikes of your girlfriend and know what she needs, purchasing something useful will become an easy task for you. Speak to her, know about her requirements and elate her with it on the friendship day.

Gifts that Emphasise Your Friendship

Now, comes the most important thing that you should remember while purchasing friendship day gifts for girlfriend online: your gifts should be token of your friendship. Since you are trying to make her feel special and express your feelings through your gift, it is crucial that it should be related to your relationship and every time she uses it or looks at it, she is reminded of you. Through your gifts, you will be with her always. Since you are planning to gift your girlfriend with something special on a special day, you should purchase items synonymous to your relationship. You can also purchase any useful item and personalize it with some tagline, or her name, or some message. Everything is available online, so you just need to think, search and purchase something that none other friend has ever thought of gifting her; you will surely win her heart!

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