Do You Want to Surprise a Loved One on Her Birthday? 10 Unique and Unusual Birthday Gifts for Her (2020)

Do You Want to Surprise a Loved One on Her Birthday? 10 Unique and Unusual Birthday Gifts for Her (2020)

Good presents are always chosen with thought, affection, and creativity. The best birthday gifts for her are oftentimes unusual, not always practical, and are always the ones remembered for years. A nicely picked gift, thoughtfully wrapped, and cheerfully presented, should be just as unique as the gift recipient. Your special girl deserves something unique on her special day. Here are some unusual gift ideas for her.

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Unusual Gift Ideas for a Special Someone


Show Your Love with the Right Gift

Choosing the right gift is an art because it involves great deliberation about choosing the right item. A gift is a medium to showcase the emotions and thoughts of a person. If you want to make someone realize how important they are in your lives, then give them something they will cherish forever. Gift something that is by their personality and current lifestyle. This will make your special someone realize how important they are in your life.

Signs Your Loved One Wants Something Unusual This Birthday

Every person regardless of their gender expects special treatment by their partner/ spouse. More often than not, they drop hints intentionally/ unintentionally about some items that they would love to have. This is what needs to be picked up on and used for reference while buying a gift. They may look longingly at some household furniture/ decoration/ crockery or they may be planning to buy some makeup item. The signs are always there, they just have to be pieced together. Analyse their daily habit and needs and then choose the perfect item to be given as a present. Picking an unusual gift for her is a tricky business and that is why we have put together a list of items that are just perfect.

Tips to Choose the Best Gift for Their Birthday

To choose unusual gifts for her, several things should be kept in mind. First of all, keep their personality under consideration, next comes careful deliberation about their current lifestyle and then think about the things that she might need currently. This will help you figure out precisely what you should select for your loved one.

Top Ten Amazing Gifts for Her

24KT Gold Plated Honey Comb Bowl Gift Set

If your special someone loves little trinkets and bowls, then the gold plated honeycomb set is the perfect gift for her. Designed by Kalakriti Creations, This beautifully designed bowl set can be used to store anything from small ornaments and dry fruits to decorative beads and rocks. The white bowls have gold plated flowers on their lids which are very pleasing to the eye and can also be used to take the lids off the bowls. The upkeep of the set is fairly easy as they can be wiped with a wet cloth for cleaning. At Rs 807.00 this item is perfect for gifts as they can be used for decoration as well as storage purposes. This product is available at India Mart.

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

A heat pillow is a perfect gift for your lady to help them relax after long and tiring days. With a cotton exterior and filled with lavender and barley, this pad is perfect for loosening up and soothing the senses. Just two minutes of heating in the microwave is enough to make it work and the upkeep is extremely easy. The storage of the pillow is extremely easy as well as it can be stored in any fry place once it has completely cooled down after use. The barley filling holds the heat for a long duration of time and thus it does not need constant reheating. The lavender in the pillow lets out a beautiful aroma which is extremely relaxing to the nerves. The product design is very petite and the colour and aesthetics are beautiful to look at. This product is available on at Rs 2,500.00.

Moscow Mule Carry-On Cocktail Kit

If your lady love is going on a holiday and enjoys cocktails, then a Moscow Mule Carry-on cocktail kit is perfect for her. Designed and produced by W & P Designs, this is a perfect way for her to make a concoction without much hassle. The kit includes a recipe card, a mixer, half oz. Jigger, ginger syrup and a coaster along with a tin can for storage. The colour of the tin is very beautiful and pleasing to look at. This is a complete and easy way to self-brew a perfect concoction while travelling. The ingredients provided are of top-notch quality and are more than enough to make two cocktails. This kit is perfect for any couple looking to have a good time while travelling. The kit is available on Amazon at $22.21 or about Rs 1,582.00.

IUGA Premium Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

For a lady interested or practising Yoga, a durable and good quality yoga mat is the perfect gift. The IUGA yoga mat is made from premium quality materials that are long-lasting and durable. These materials are lightweight and eco-friendly as well (biodegradable and the ink used for designing is water-based). The surface of the mat is absorbent and does not require a towel during use as the surface does not become slippery. The mat is thick enough to provide ample cushioning to the user during exercising. With a weight of only 3 lbs, the mat can be easily carried from one place to another. Moreover, the size of the mat is much bigger than your average mat (73”×26) to provide more exercising space for the user. Currently, it is available on Amazon at $39.95 or about Rs 2,845.00 in a Mandala print.

Your Handmade 3 Pack Wooden Book Page Holder

For people who are avid readers, anything that aides this habit is a treat. If your girlfriend likes to read books, then wooden page holders are a perfect accessory. Available at Amazon at a price of $18.80 or about Rs 1,340.00 they are economical and a great value for money. These handmade page holders come in a package of three and are perfect for people who like to read books on the go or even at home. The package includes three holders in mini (0.75”), standard (0.85”) and large (0.95”) sizes so they can be used by children and adults alike. The beautiful and carefully crafted product makes it easier to hold books with one hand and also looks great as a decoration item on the table when not in use. Moreover, the finishing of the holders is very smooth and does not injure the hands when used for a long period. Surprise your loved one with this thoughtful gift and she will realize how much you love her.

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Another one of unusual gifts for her is a scratch-off poster. If your lady love likes to hold movie watch parties, then this is one gift that she definitely will love. Made in the United Kingdom, this poster has scratched off little movie posters that let people choose the movie on a whim. All the user has to do is scratch off the coating with the help of a coin. The poster comes in the dimensions of 23.2” × 16.5”. The material of the poster is 300 gsm wood-free gloss paper which is extremely well designed and printed. The storage and maintenance are fairly easy as it can be rolled into a tube and only has to be protected from direct sunlight and moisture. The poster is available on at Rs 1,072.00.

3D Hair Dryer Mug

Some special ladies like to collect unique and beautiful coffee/ tea mugs and boast of extensive mug collections. If you are looking for cool birthday gifts for her in India, then the 3D Hair Dryer should be your choice. This is a ceramic mug with a handle shaped like a hairdryer. The mugs have funny captions on them like “bad hair day” and “woke up like this” which add to the funky demeanour of the mug. Such mugs are definitely worth giving to the ladies who like to showcase their out of the ordinary personalities wherever they go. You can also buy a pair of these mugs for both of you to enjoy drinks together. Mugs make for a great gift for a loved one because they are often used and remind the receiver of the person who gave it to them. Available on The Shop Circuit at Rs 253.00 this mug is a perfect, economical and thoughtful gift.

Mason Jar Garden, Grow Your Own Herbs Gift Set, Contains Rosemary, Basil and Sage Seeds with 6 Soil Pods

Any woman who cooks prefer to add fresh herbs in their food. Similarly, everyone is aware of the advantages of fresh herbs. If your loved one is one such lady, then the Mason Jar Herb set is the perfect gift for her. The package is gift-ready and beautifully presented. It includes three colourful jars and seeds of three herbs i.e. Rosemary, Basil and Sage which are herbs used in almost all food items. Soil pods are also included in the packaging so the Mason jar garden can be started immediately after opening. The jars are made of beautifully tinted materials and decorated with a farmer’s twine, ribbon which gives them a rustic look. The Mason jar garden is useful and decorative at the same time and will be well received by your special someone. This gift set is currently available at Amazon and has a price tag of $34.99 or about Rs 2,492.00.

Forever Young Personalized LED Keychain


Do you want to surprise your loved one with a personalized gift that will cherish and keep with them wherever they go? Then an LED key chain with a photo of you two is the perfect option. All you have to do is select the ‘personalize’ option and upload your favourite photo. The company will make a key chain with the photo in it which symbolize your relationship with your loved one. This is a truly thoughtful gift and will remind your love of your love and dedication wherever you go. It is available in the size of 1.4 in × 1.4 in × 0.5 in. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around every day and the superior quality means no wear and tear. It is available on for Rs 345.00.

60 Page Paisley Journal with Handmade Paper from India, "Paisley Memories"

Many women like to keep journals/ diaries to record their everyday lives, make lists and notes about important tasks. For this purpose, they like to buy aesthetically pleasing, durable and good paper quality diaries. If your loved one likes to have a cute journal, then Paisley Journal from India is the perfect gift for her. Designed by Arti Sharma, the Paisley journal is a beautiful item. This journal has a cotton coral outer cover with gold design on it which is a trademark of Indian culture. The sixty pages are handmade and unlined for the writer to use them as they like. To safeguard the diary and the entries, a string has been provided to tie it with. The paper is of exquisite quality that is fun to write about. The dimensions of the journal are 7” × 4.7” × 0.6”, which is a fairly standard size and ample space for writing and drawing. The paisley journal is available at Novica for a price of $17.99 or about Rs 1,425.00.

Gift Ideas for Women Who Have a Unique Taste

Women with a unique and different personality need cool and unique birthday gifts and out of the box. They prefer, items that are out of the ordinary and that will satisfy their curious nature. The presents should surprise them and appease their aesthetic sense. The above-mentioned gifts are truly unique and unusual gifts for her and will make your loved one feel very special.

Why Giving Gifts is Important

Giving unique gifts brings happiness to the giver and the receiver both and this fact has been proven by science that the act of giving gifts is more satisfying than receiving one. A gift symbolizes the feeling and emotions of a giver and this is a great medium to showcase emotions. Giving gifts also increase mutual respect and adoration between two people and regardless of the nature of the relationship takes it to the next level.

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