10 Gift Sets That Every Couple Wants: Romantic Celebrations, Birthdays, and Special Occasion Gifts for Couples

10 Gift Sets That Every Couple Wants: Romantic Celebrations, Birthdays, and Special Occasion Gifts for Couples

It is truly said that the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value. Everyone adores receiving gifts of any kind but with the growing age factor, it might just be best to take a moment of consideration before the gifting can begin. Let's take couples, married or otherwise. It serves well to check the couple-gifting requirements as in evaluating their needs, wants, preferences, tastes - one could go on ad lib. The following article illustrates just what you need to know about what to gift couples and how.

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The 'What' and 'How' of Gifting Couples, Be it Their Wedding, Anniversary or Another Memorable Occasion

Keep in Mind the Occasion

While gifting a gift to anybody, it is always a good idea to check the occasion. Gift that are occasion-appropriate are appreciated by everyone. Try to look for something that proves useful for both of them. You can consider buying a token if they have invited you for their housewarming party. On the other hand, if a couple invites you for their wedding anniversary, then stick to the purchase of a nice and expensive gift. It also depends on the closeness or proximity that you have with the couple. A good option might be couple-watches or a good photo frame with their picture in it. If you are really close to the couple, then opt for giving them tickets to their favourite spa/relaxation hub. You can also choose to plan a small trip for them and make their reservations. Think of gifts that help them spend some quality time together and reignite their love.

Focus on Their Preferences and Choices

Everybody likes receiving gifts based on their preferences and choices.Thus, spend some time and think about the couple's personality and interests. It makes no sense to gift someone something that they might not like and be unable to use. You can make a list of all the things they like or prefer and then decide on something based on that. Apart from this, it also seems a good idea to ask them directly if they need something directly or indirectly. It can be a coffee maker or a beater which both of them can put to good use. Try thinking of something unconventional yet something that interests them. If they both like dancing, then enroll them in a salsa class. They will definitely shower you with their gratitude as they might want to take that up rather than procrastinating because of a reason or two.

Always Keep Your Budget in Mind

When you are excited about gifting something to someone, it is quite possible that you completely forget about your budget. Also, it so happens that we forget to set a budget in the first place. This is not a good habit because you might tend to overspend and then regret it later. You might like a particular item and want to gift that one only. So, you do not give a thought to the price tag. On the other hand, planning out a budget strategy will help you buy an inexpensive yet valuable gift along with keeping your pockets warm.

Check for Offers and Discounts Online

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If you are aware that you have to head to a party and you would need a gift, then go check it online. The best part is that you will get a lot of varieties and products to choose from. The other advantage of shopping online is that you get to check reviews of all the products before making a purchase. Online stores also run different kinds of discounts all year round. Thus, you can get a nice item in a desired budget. Keep on looking for discounts properly and make sure you check all the stores. Add the selected products in your wishlist to avoid losing the track of items. You can then compare the prices from different sites and decide on a product. Check the descriptions properly and avoid items which have a return policy.

10 Amazing Gift Sets for Couples

Timex Analog Silver Dial Unisex Watch

Source www.amazon.in

The Timex Analog Silver Dial Unisex Watch from amazon.in is a wonderful couple gift set. The best reason to give watches as gifts is that they will continue to remain good for years and every time the couple dons these on, they will be reminded of you. Watches are also considered part of jewellery and thus, they make an elegant gift. The dial colour of these watches is silver and the case shape is round. The colour of the band is a mix of silver and bronze. The material used in the band and the case is stainless steel. The display of the watch is analog and the movement of the watch is quartz. The said wrist watches are also water resistant until 30 meters deep. It comes with a warranty of 1 year and is priced at Rs.4,245.

Ayurvedic Wellness Gift Box

The Ayurvedic Wellness Gift Box from kamaayurveda.com is a great gifting option. It is a set of pure ayurvedic treatments for head to toe wellness which can be used by both. The set contains Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment which treats hair fall, dandruff and hair greying.

It contains Sugandhadi Rejuvenating Body Treatment which can be used to release stress and body ache. Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser is also a product that is included in the box with Navaa Retexturising Soap. Both the soaps are suitable for all skin types. The products are really soothing and calming for the skin. The hair and body treatment comprises of 100 ml each while the cleanser is of 40 gm and the soap is of 75 gm. The gift set is priced at Rs.1920.

Taj Experiences Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

The Taj Experiences Gift Card is a unique gift. The card is valid for 365 days from the date of issue and can be redeemed at Taj Vivanta or Gateway hotels all across India. In this way, the couple will be forced to book a holiday or a room for a day or two in the hotel. They will get to spend some quality time and will get a break from the routine. The card can be recharged up till Rs.200,000. Thus, you can decide on a budget and recharge the card accordingly. The card can be used for spending on rooms, beverages, food and spa services. This item is non refundable. You can choose to give a gift card of Rs.2500 too given budget dealings. Buy it on Amazon.

Arum Special Couple Combo

Source www.amazon.in

The Arum Special Couple Combo is a beautiful and useful gift. It contains one men's wallet and one women's wallet with a keychain. Both the wallets are made out of leather and are brown in colour. The women's clutch bag has 5 credit card slots, 4 open compartments, 2 zippered compartments with 1 back pocket for mobile phone. It also contains one window pocket for passport photo and driving license.

In the same way, the men's wallet contains 5 credit card slots, 1 coin pocket and 2 currency pockets. The men's wallet also contains one extra pocket for passport photo and driver's license. The size of the women's clutch bag is 15 x 10 cm and that of the men is 12 x 9 cm. The keychain size is 11 x 5 cm. The set is priced at Rs.899 on Amazon.

The Story of Us

The Story of Us from uncommomgoods.com is an unconventional gift for any couple. It is a fill-in journal which will help you cherish all your memories in one place. You can either choose to fill in the journal if you are really close to the couple and know all the details or let the couple fill in themselves. It is made from FSC certified paper and contains 72 photo corners. The journal is 9 * 6 inches in size and contains 88 pages. It is made in USA and is available for Rs.2,484. The website ships the ordered products to India.

Outdoor Wine Glasses - Set of 2

These highly useful Outdoor Wine Glasses that come as a set of two glasses on uncommongoods.com, is a wonderful set for a couple who loves drinking wine. The best part about these glasses is that they are not made out of glass but they are made out of acrylic. Thus, you can carry them to a beach, park, garden or any other outdoor place. You can set it afloat on the water surface or wedge the base of the glass in to the shape of any sort of terrain. It helps you enjoy spill-free and unbreakable experience. The dimensions of the glass is 10.5 x 12.5 inches. It is recommended to use in top rack of the dishwasher and is priced at Rs.1,541.

Zevrr 92.5 Silver Swarovski Crystal Platinum Plated Couple Rings

Source www.amazon.in

Get them couple's rings like these Zevrr Couple Rings from amazon.in is a wonderful gift. It contains 92.5 per cent silver and the rings are plated with swarovski crystal platinum. The rings are of great quality and are properly finished with a balance of shine and platinum finish. The silver metal is completely skin friendly as the platinum polish is free from nickel and lead. It has been recommended to protect the ring from water and perfumes. You can also get the couple's name engraved on the rings and make it customised. The price of the rings is Rs.1852.

You Know Nothing, Matching Tee

Source bonorganik.in

Know a fun couple who is always ribbing each other? You Know Nothing, Matching Tees from bonorganik.com is a fun gift for a couple. It contains a tee for the man and a cold shoulder dress for the woman. It is made out of a combination of 85 per cent cotton and 15 per cent polyester. The colour of both the garments is grey melange. It is available in all the sizes. It is advised not to apply bleach or wring or tumble dry the dress or the tee. It is advisable to hand-wash it. The combo is priced at Rs.1599.

Heart Shaped Coffee Mug

For a newly married or rather romantic couple, these Heart Shaped Coffee Mugs from igp.com will be a very nice gift. The couple will remember you everyday while having their morning coffee. The mugs are red and white in colour and they complement each other perfectly. They are made out of ceramic and come in a pack of 2 pieces. They are 3 x 3 inches in size. The site recommends ordering in advance as the delivery dates might vary during festive seasons. The mugs are priced at Rs.610.

YaYa Cafe Polycotton Mr Mrs Worlds Couple Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to combine romance with utility, give them bed linen. YaYa Cafe Polycotton Mr Mrs World's Best Couple Bedsheet is one such option. It is a bedsheet set which comes with 2 pillow covers. The couple will find their bed very pretty and quirky at the same time. The fabric of the bedsheet and pillow covers is glossy cotton which is made of high strength microfiber yarns. The dimensions of the bedsheet are 84 x 84 inches while that of the pillow cover are 27.6 x 18.4 inches. The weight of the bedsheet is around 1.4 kg and is pink in colour. The set comes in a durable poly wrap packaging. The set is priced at Rs.2,499 on Amazon.

Bonus Tip: Your Gift Should Encourage the Couple to Spend Quality Time Together

Everyone's lives have gone hectic due to their work schedule. Hence, it is a good idea to gift the couple near you some quality time. It will help them remember their old dating days and will also help them get some romance back in their lives. Gift them a nice holiday or plan a date night for them. You can make reservations on a weekend in their favourite restaurant. This will make them fetch some time and go for a good dinner. You can also book a movie date for them. If you have to choose a gift for a couple who is still dating, then plan something fun for them. You can gift them a board game for bedroom dares or plan a visit to museum. Whatever you choose, make sure it ignites the spark of romance in between the couple.

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