Make Friendship Day Memorable in 2019! 10 Amazing Ideas for Friendship Day Gifts Online with Delivery, So You Really Have No Excuse to Not Send a Gift!

Make Friendship Day Memorable in 2019! 10 Amazing Ideas for Friendship Day Gifts Online with Delivery, So You Really Have No Excuse to Not Send a Gift!

A friend in need is a friend indeed. How many times must we have heard this beautiful line! A friend is always there whether you're facing the most difficult time of your life or you're celebrating the best time of your life. Show your friends and colleagues what they mean to you with these 10 simple yet heart warming friendship day gifts.

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Friends This Friendship Day?

There is nothing better in this world than an excellent gift from friends or family. Gifting someone can mean many things and can also be seen as a sign of good gesture and friendship. People these days often opt for gifts because of the sense of oneness in a group of friends.

Gifts are the only things which help in building the relationship between co-workers in the first place. The sense of togetherness can only be created by gifting someone. Choosing a gift for a co-worker is hard, but choosing the right gift for someone and understanding the need for gifting someone is the key to build good relationships in the first place.

Initially, one needs to understand the needs of the person who is being gifted to, this understanding is key to buying the best gift for the co-worker. Friendship day gifts online delivery are the best options if you want to get those gifts at the convenience of sitting at your home or office.

Plan Something Special for Friendship Day

This friendship day, plan something out of the box. The best outing for a couple of days can be perfect for a change of nature. An ideal weekend amongst the hills or some days by the beach can mean many things for your co-workers. Planning an outing with old friends will make you relive your best memories of old days once again, and nothing can be better than that feeling.

Planning a vacation with you old friends with whom you were not in touch with for a long time is an amazing idea which not only brings you people closer after a very long time but also provides all of you with immense happiness and peace. Spending some quality time with your loved ones after a long time at a beautiful destination can be a great friendship day celebration option.

Take Your Friends Out or Give Them a Surprise Gift

Because of our hectic work life, we often lose our connections with our old friends. This friendship day call up your friends and invite them over a cup of coffee or take them out for a surprise dinner at their favourite restaurant. Our scheduled work life literally leaves zero time for us to spend on our own or with our loved ones. But this friendship day keep aside your work and take some time out to spend with your friends, the old and the new ones. Make amazing memories to cherish forever!

Plan a House Party

There is nothing better than planning a warm house party for your friends at your place and spend the friendship day. You can cook some nice delicacies which you all enjoy, arrange some nice beverages and fun activities as well. This is a great option if you do not want to go out and have a lunch or dinner with your friends, this can be a really nice personalised way to spend some quality time with your friends. You can nicely decorate your place and give it a cosy vibe where you and your friends can lounge and talk about all your nostalgic moments of friendship.

Special Present for Your Friends

Other than planning for general gifts for your friends, you can go for something personalised or something according to their preferences. Being their friends you obviously would know what they like and dislike or what things they need in their day to day lives, so accordingly you can plan to gift something useful to them which will be a great gift as well.

1. Box of Chocolates

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Hardly few people are there who are not fond of chocolates. If this friendship day you plan not to experiment much and go safe with your gifting options then gift your friend a box of chocolates. Chocolates are abundantly available around you either online or offline as well so you do not even have to spend time in finding anything specific. But if you plan to get your hands on one of the best chocolates, you can buy the Ferrero Rocher from Big Basket. The 200 gm of chocolate box contains adequate amount of chocolates (16 pcs) which is sufficient for the chocolate cravings. This chocolate comes with a crispy wafer outside and filled with milk chocolate inside. Priced at Rs 499 this is an ideal gift when you do not want to experiment with your gifting options.

2. Spa Voucher


There will be times when choosing a gift becomes difficult, and you got to look for other variables. A spa voucher is one of the variables which one should look for in times of need. This sort of gift comes handy when you can't think of anything to gift your friend. A spa voucher can be a very meaningful present, in some instances a spa voucher is an excellent way of saying to take a break. Especially when it comes to gifting your friends who lead a hectic work life, a spa voucher can always help to take some time off their schedule and relax for a little bit. The Aroma Thai spa gift card can be a great present, it comes with a validity of 3 months from the date of issue and a person can enjoy innumerable types of spa therapies via this card which is worth Rs. 1,200 on

3. Shopping Voucher


Needless to say, a shopping voucher is a special kind of gift which can be gifted to anybody regardless of their gender. This is an extremely useful gift as well. The Shoppers Stop gift card worth Rs. 2,700 at is an amazing thing to gift if your friend is a shopaholic, even if they aren't, this is going to be extremely useful to them. The card enables the card holder to shop from end of season sale and also comes with a warranty of 1 year which makes it an amazing gifting option.

4. Grooming Items


This is one of the best ways of saying thank you to your friends. Gifting a grooming kit or grooming merchandise can be an extremely useful gift especially for men. When it comes to gifting things to male friends we often run out of options, in such cases a grooming item can be a great thing to give them. You can gift your male friends the Bombay Shaving Company 6 Part Shaving System worth Rs. 2,995 available at This kit is organised in such a way which will automatically turn a regular shaving regime into a luxurious experience. All of the products are skin friendly and suitable for all skin types.

5. Board Game


Board games can be great gift items for your friends. It will be helpful for them to spend their leisure time with others if they get a board game which is not kiddish and is meant for adults mostly like the Guess Who? board game. It is a fun game consisting deck of mystery face cards along with illustrated instructions. The board game is available at Amazon.

6. Home Decor Items

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Gifting certain things which are going to help your friend decorate their home can be a very thoughtful gesture. The Ajanta Royal Classic set of 12 photo-frames can be a good option to gift your friend this friendship day. It consists of 12 pieces of photo-frames of different sizes and shapes made of Korean synthetic wood with improved hooks to hang them. The price of the frame set is Rs. 1,325, available at Amazon.

7. Amusement Park Tickets

A visit to the amusement park at the end of the week is an excellent way of having some personal time with your colleagues. It will also help them to relax from the regular office work. Spending the whole day with your colleagues also means that you are spending time with them even if you are out of the office. It happens to be one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your colleagues apart from mundane tasks.

8. Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant

Taking your colleagues out for dinner at a fancy restaurant is one of the premium ways of saying thank you. It happens when you get to celebrate your birthday or any other occasion and then only you get to invite your colleagues. This sort of gifting option can be considered only on certain occasions such as at the time of birthdays or anniversaries. It is more of personal nature because not every one of your colleagues gets invited to these sorts of dinner parties. However, this gifting option has a more personal touch to it, and it also includes a sense of emotion as well.

9. Custom Printed T-Shirts

Customised printed t-shirts are an amazing option to gift your friend. You can choose a fun picture of yours with your friend and get it printed on a solid colour t-shirt and present it as a memorable gift to them. You can choose solid t-shirts from the Underground Printing's range of solid t-shirts. You can create your own design and get that printed and present it to your friend. the t-shirts are available in a huge number of colours and are of very soft and breathable material, t-shirts for both men and women are available at

10. Potpourri & Candles


Scented candles and dried flowers are again amazing gift options. You can gift your friend a kit of scented candles of their favourite fragrance along with a potpourri. Both are amazing for refreshing the indoor environments of houses. the Iris Rose Candle Incense Stick & Potpourri Fragrance Gift Set is an amazing option priced at Rs. 140, available at This possess a mild and relaxing fragrance. The kit consists of a set of 10 gm Potpourri, 5 Incense Dhoop, 5 Cones, 2 Aromatic Rose Variant Floating Candles and a Holder.

Additional: The Old School Friendship Bands

There is nothing better than gifting your friends something that reminds every bit of your old days of togetherness. A friendship band is one such item which will never fail to make your friends happy. It is nothing less than a ticket to take your friends down the memory lane of your childhood days.

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Bring a Smile This Friendship Day

Whether it's a board game or a memorable item from your childhood, a friendship band, we assure you gifting something as small as an old school friendship band is going to make your friendship bond warmer and stronger. This friendship day, don't sit back and gift your friends a nice present to tell them what they mean to you and make their day!