Surprise Your BFF with the Best Gift Ever in 2019: Your Guide to Friendship Day + Top 8 Picks for Friendship Day Gifts on Snapdeal

Surprise Your BFF with the Best Gift Ever in 2019: Your Guide to Friendship Day + Top 8 Picks for Friendship Day Gifts on Snapdeal

This friendship day, bring some more happiness in your BFF's life who has always been there for you no matter what! Create your DIY presents or get some gifts online for them, we're here to help you with everything you need. Let's check out the best gift from Snapdeal for your friends.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Gift this Friendship Day

1. What Makes Your Friend Happy?

Take out your diary and make a list of things that your friend likes. Brainstorm their likes and dislikes both. Then filter the list based on their interests and preferences. For example, if they like reading books, then maybe you could separate it based on authors, genres, and so on.

Choose a gift based on your friend's favourite brand and in their favourite colour. If you don't know about these, try asking casually in a conversation. You can also take help from your friend's siblings if you are close to them. Do not merely gift them something that you like.

You can also decide which type of gift you want to give them. It can be a sentimental gift or a funny gift. Try figuring out the personality of your friend. If they are emotional, then make a gift for them. If they are materialistic, then gift an expensive gift based on your budget.

2. Listen, and They Might Just Tell You What They Want

Listen to your friends carefully. They might be talking about the things they love or the things they are interested in. If your friend casually talks about the love of coffee, then you can consider gifting them a pack of premium dry coffee powder.

Sit down and think of some the past conversations you've had with them where they might have mentioned what they like. Just put in a little bit of effort, and your friend would surely acknowledge it.

3. Online Stalking isn't Always Bad

If everything else fails, check their social media accounts. Their posts might give you a hint of things they like. You might also get a whiff of their favourite colour and favourite brand too. It will also help you analyse the type of clothes they wear if you are planning to gift clothes.

Stalk their Pinterest or Instagram if they use them. People usually like posting things they like on social media. You can get a lot of different gift ideas from there. If you can stalk their Amazon wishlist, you may be able to get an excellent idea about what they truly want.

You can order a gift for your friend from their wishlist which might come as a surprise at first but they'd surely love it!. Apart from this, you can also get them a gift voucher of their favourite brand/online store. They can easily shop something based on their interest from there.

4. Add a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to any gift is very important. It shows the recipient that you care about them and you are not gifting them something just for the sake of it. You can add a nice gift card along with your gift. Add some heartwarming friendship quotes in that card.

Apart from that, consider gifting a personalised gift. There are many items like pen, pen stand and even bathing towels that can be personalised with a person's initials. Try looking for such kind of gifts.

It is possible to even personalise gifts with the help of a picture. You could get a photo of your friend and you, and get it framed. It would be a great remembrance for your friend.

8 Perfect Gifts for Friendship Day

1. Fujifilm Instant Camera


What better gift than a camera for your photographer friend? And for that purpose, we bring you this instant camera. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Joy Box with Instant Camera from is an awesome gift idea. It comes in the flamingo pink colour.

The picture size for the same is 62 mm by 46 mm with a film size of 86 mm by 54 mm. Close up shootings for up to 35 cm can easily be clicked with this cute camera. It also has a selfie camera for your friend to show off their beautiful smile.

The camera comes with one year of manufacturer warranty and is priced at Rs. 6,999.

2. Saregama Carvaan Mini


If your friend loves music, then try gifting him/her this fantastic portable radio. It looks and works like a Bluetooth speaker only. However, the highlight of this device is pre-loaded songs. There are 351 different preloaded songs from the golden era of the Hindi music industry. The songs are sung by legends like Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, Mohd. Rafi and Mukesh da.

There are a different collection of songs for every mood. Caravaan Mini is loud enough for most rooms. You can also take it to outdoor picnics as the speakers are loud enough. Besides pre-loaded songs, you can also listen to the FM and AM both.

Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker from Snapdeal is a beautiful gift for your friend. He/She will remember you every time they listen to music on it. It has 3.5mm audio jack for connecting external speakers and headphones. It comes with a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 5 hours.

Apart from that, it comes with an AUX input for plugging in phones and other devices. They are available in different colours like red, blue, green and even black. It can be charged easily with any android charger. It is priced for Rs. 2,360.

3. Photo Frame


Photo frames might seem like a conventional gift idea to give to your friend on Friendship Day, but it always works. People love looking at their pictures and revisit the memory lane. You can choose some pictures of both of you and add them. Try choosing photographs that have a memory attached to it. For example, your first trip together or your first selfie together.

Archies Frames Generic Photo Frame from Snapdeal is a beautiful gift idea. You can add nine different photos in the frame which give you enough options to choose from. The suitable photo size is 4 inches by 6 inches.

The width of the frame is 45 cm, the height of the frame is 45 cm with a depth of 2 cm. The total item weight is 1.4 kg and is priced at Rs. 1,115.

4. BFF Key Chain


Some gift ideas work for a specific time and then fade away. However, the keychain is not one of them. It is there to stay. People usually appreciate cute and pretty looking keychains as they can add those in their locker keys, car keys or house keys.

The whole idea is to look for quirky and different designs. Do not gift your friend a typical design which has been ongoing for years. Put efforts and find something different. One option to consider is the BFF Keychain from Snapdeal.

You can have yours and your best friend's initials personalised on it or only of your best friend's, and they are going to love it. It is priced for Rs. 1,037. You can add a note or card with this before gifting this to your BFF.

5. Headphone Splitter


Headphone splitter is a useful and practical gift. This works if you and your friend listen to a lot of music with the same set of headphones on. Belkin brings you this six-way splitter. It is basically a headphone adaptor which splits into six different auxiliary ports for easily sharing it with six people.

This works best when you are chilling together or travelling together. It will work with any device which has an AUX port which includes tablets, smartphones, and even older mobiles. It can effectively deliver sound to 6 different devices at the same time.

It comes with an auxiliary cable which is needed to connect the device. With this device, you can mix songs easily. You have to just use the standard control devices for each device connected for mixing and fade-ins too. It comes with a limited warranty of 2 years and is priced at Rs. 1,221 on Snapdeal.

6. Pourni Silver Plated Friendship Bracelet


Friendship band is the most popular friendship day gift. It was popular back in the day, and it is still popular. Many colourful friendship bands can be found in different stores right before the friendship day. You can buy it locally from a store or also purchase it online.

Apart from that, you can also consider buying a bracelet or something which can stay with your friend as a remembrance for a longer period. These friendship bracelets come in attractive designs and patterns. It is available for boys and girls. You can consider giving your friend a bar of chocolate with this friendship bracelet.

Pourni Silver Plated Friendship Day Bracelet from Snapdeal is a wonderful gift idea. It is advised to keep these bracelets away from heat, water, and deodorants. It is priced for Rs. 314.

7. Bonsai Tree


The bonsai tree is like a miniature tree which comes with a pot. It is portable and convenient to store both. It has a lot of different types like Boxwood, Juniper, Pomegranate and various others. They look really beautiful and can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your garden and living.

It is an excellent idea to gift something like this to your friend on Friendships day. Bonsai usually signifies peace, harmony, balance, and even order of thoughts. Bonsai trees almost live forever. Thus, gifting the tree to someone can mean that you want an everlasting bond with them.

This Bonsai plant from Snapdeal is a great gift idea. It is built creatively and has a great aesthetic to it. Your friend can keep it at his/her work desk or even in their living room. It is priced for Rs. 1,899.

8. Flexible Silicone Cell Phone Holder


In today's time, everyone uses a phone. Everyone wants their phone to look unique and thus, people decorate it with different accessories available to them. If your friend also does the same to their phones, then gift them this unique smartphone holder. It is affordable and looks great.

Get this Totu Flexible Silicone Cell Phone Holder from Snapdeal for Rs. 251.

This Friendship Day, Go Green and Wrap with a Scarf


You can make a difference to the environment with a tiny step. Instead of wrapping your gift with a paper or plastic bag, cover it with a colourful scarf. It will look unique and different both. Use a colourful scarf which your friend can use later on as well.

You can browse for different tying techniques of the scarf. Check YouTube videos and even Pinterest for creative ideas. Your friend would surely be curious to open this wonderful environment-friendly gift. It builds up the excitement and anticipation of opening the gift. For your friend, we've picked this trendy scarf from Ziva, which is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 264.

You can also wrap your gift in a silk scarf if your budget permits. You friend can re-use it as a fashion accessory. Apart from that, you can consider wrapping your gift in naturally found elements like jute or even large leaves. Tie it with a jute string. It will look different and unique.

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What Matters is the Gesture, Not the Gift

You may get your friend the most expensive gift ever, and they still may not even like it! While presenting just an inexpensive photo frame with your best of photos may just be enough to melt their hearts, hence, go for gifts which make them feel good to have you in your life and show your thoughtfulness instead of shelling out thousands!