Age is Just a Number Till You Hit 40. Make Your Husband Feel Young Again with These 9 Gift Ideas for Husband's 40th Birthday (2019)

Age is Just a Number Till You Hit 40. Make Your Husband Feel Young Again with These 9 Gift Ideas for Husband's 40th Birthday (2019)

It's hard getting a gift for your husband turning 40, isn't it? A man turns 40 years only once in his life and it is an important landmark. And that's when people sit up and take note of the passage of time. Gifts for husband's 40th birthday must be unique, creative, memorable, and make him feel on top of the world, not like he's turning old! Find here ideas for gifts that are fit for such an important celebration as well as ideas on how to make this day a memorable one.

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If Your Husband is About to Hit the 40th Mark, Make His Birthday Remarkable

The best gifts are the ones that come from a place of feeling and appreciation. Every relationship demands and appreciates small tokens of love that reaffirms the connection you have with your partner. Finding a suitable present for your significant can be really difficult. Especially, if the occasion is your beloved husband's 40th birthday this task can be particularly daunting.

Forty years is a huge milestone in anyone’s life and when it’s your husband who hits the fortieth mark, it is a special occasion indeed. To celebrate it you must have planned something big, and what is a birthday without presents? So buying a gift for your husband on his fortieth birthday must be at the top of the list of for you. Can’t decide what to gift him yet? Need to find something that’s within your budget but at the same time portrays your feelings for him? Well, we have a ton of birthday ideas for a husband turning 40.

You should always remember that the best gifts can’t be bought. Thoughtful gestures are sometimes worth a thousand times more than any material gift. Try to remember what you did at the beginning of your relationship. The love letters and the custom playlists, little midnight surprise visits, the spontaneity. With a little effort and some help from us, you can recreate those moments and find the perfect gift for your husband’s 40th birthday, something which will transcend monetary value.

DIY Ideas to Create a Memory on Your Husband's 40th Birthday

You might want to try out something new and innovative for his 40th birthday. Planning the same kind of parties or dinners for every birthday take away the element of surprise from the entire occasion. In order to create such a memory that is unforgettable for the two of you, you need to think out of the box.

If you throw a party every year for your husband’s birthday, then maybe it’s time to do something different this time. Following the same routine year after year will obviously take away the element of surprise and make it a rather boring affair.

Opt for something that he won’t expect. You already know his likes and dislikes as well as his dreams and fantasies. Why not make some of them come true? We understand that you have to work on a budget, but it’s not always grand gestures which matter. The small ones can create a deeper impact.

Get his friends and family together to pose for a customized birthday card, or write him personalized handwritten messages. Put them all in jar or make a collage with them and present it to him. Get him a crown, and let him be king for a day, making sure that all his wishes are granted. You can make a video montage with all of your photos together and his favorite song playing in the background. The options are endless.

40 Envelopes of Special Messages


You can take this one step further by preparing a gift like '40 envelopes of special messages'. This is an apt number for a pleasant memory on his 40th birthday. You can make this present yourself in three simple steps. Take a paper double the size that you want your envelope to be. You then need to fold the paper over evenly to obtain a rectangle. Once you have achieved that, you need to tape together the right and left open edges while leaving the top open where you can slide in your letter. You can write sweet and special messages that your husband can read delightfully one at a time.

If you need a few tips for great handmade gifts then we are here to get you started. Create 40 envelopes filled with special messages. Use color paper to make cute envelopes. Start by taking a piece of paper which is twice the size of your desired envelope size. Fold it in half and tape the left and the right side. Cut the top open part to create a flap and your envelope is ready. Now all you have to do is to slip in messages from friends and family and watch his face glow as he opens each one of them.

40th Birthday Collage

A birthday collage can be a good way to remember all your good times together. You can make one yourself online. You just need to choose your favourite template from the various templates available. You can then add pictures and create a birthday photo collage. Finally, save it and share it online on a social media platform.

Creating a birthday collage is another way to make his 40th birthday memorable and special. You can do this online easily and share it on social media or take a printout. If you are more artistically inclined then you can even make one by hand. Choose pictures which are special to him, include funny childhood pictures, pictures of him with his friends and with you. If you need a little help with the collage, try websites like that offer preset templates which allow you to make a picture collage in three simple steps.

Birthday Gifts to Revive the Passion

You can also help him venture into his deep passions and career goals that he might not have been able to to pursue for all these years. Even though most people might consider this a bad idea as he is approaching his fifties, but it is never too late to follow your passion and pursue your dream. This can be both awakening and fruitful for him.

Helping your husband find passion in his life can be a birthday treat that he will never forget. At forty most people give up on their dreams and concentrate on running the family. Maybe your husband likes writing, but could never find the time to pursue it, or maybe he always wanted to learn a foreign language. Surprise him by signing him up for weekend writing or language classes. If your husband is an artsy person, and likes to sketch or paint, get him the art supplies and watch his inner artist come to life.

Hot Rocks Massage Stones Gift Set

A special massage for his birthday can be a delightful experience. With the Hot Stone Therapy Pack you don't have to bother going to an expensive spa when you can have the same experience at the comfort of your home. It is available at Prezzybox for Rs.1,805. This involves the application of stones in a thermo-therapeutic massage for a sense of calm and tranquillity to your lives. As the heated rocks are applied they penetrate the muscles and ease tension to provide a relaxing effect.

If you are thinking about booking a spa session for your husband’s birthday then don’t spend a fortune on a masseuse. Instead get your husband a massage set and give him a relaxing massage yourself. It’s a perfect gift for husbands who are a little shy and don’t like to undress in front of a stranger. With this set you can have a relaxing spa session right at the comfort of your own home. The pack includes massage oil, natural river pebbles, candle to set the mood, and a waffle hair band.

Naughty Lingerie for Yourself

If you want to spice things up a little bit then you can think of presenting something special to your partner. The Mesh Flyaway Babydoll is one such idea. It is available at for Rs.1,599. What better than presenting yourself as a surprise! This babydoll outfit will blow your husband's mind and reignite the passion in your marriage. Either start his birthday with this sensuous surprise or keep for the end of the day, as one final surprise gift.

Unique Personalised Gifts for Husband's 40th

A handmade gift is always a bit more thoughtful and also very budget friendly. If you are on a tight budget, you can make a present yourself that can be customised to your husband's liking. A card or a box of homemade chocolates can be a good idea.

Handmade gifts are often easy on the pocket and at the same time thoughtful. With a personalised handmade gift you can show your dear husband how much you care for him. Gift him something which is unique and full of warmth. You can knit him a scarf of a sweater or bake him his favorite cookies.

Personalised Tooth Pick Holder

One of the greatest pleasures of being a married couple is getting to know the small things that really matter, that get your partner's goat, or tiny gestures that will melt his heart. Does he absolutely hate the morning newspaper to be taken apart and dismantled before he has got to it - one reason why you make sure he gets it before anyone at home has seen it? Do you take your time to get ready when going out? Perhaps that's why he stays clear of the dressing area or even the room to avoid stepping on your toes and risk being singed. If you have been nodding along while reading this you probably already have a few ideas coming to you.

This gift idea is for exactly this kind of marriage dynamics. Restaurants don't always keep toothpicks and your dear hubby absolutely needs to use one after his meal. What are you to do? You can gift your husband a personalised toothpick holder to show that you care about even the smallest things in a fun way. You can avail High-Quality Toothpick Gift Set Highly Polished Finish at at Rs.1,063.You need to simply add the item of your choice to the basket and then you can choose a free gift message. This can be a fun little present for your partner. He may even be moved to tears.

Another alternative for a personalised gift is this photo fleece blanket featuring a love theme. Available from Rs. 2,755 onwards on, make this blanket special by adding a favourite photo of you two together or him alone. You can even add in a line of a loving message onto it.

Bar Cabinets and Wine Glass Holders

A classy present always adds a special touch to a birthday. You can gift a stylish wine glass holder that can be a classy accessory for your home. The Wall Mounted Glass Holder is available on Amazon for Rs.335. It is extremely easy to install and can hold up to 8 wine glasses. It is a perfect glass organiser crafted with stainless steel that adds to its beauty.

Another great gift for your husband is Caledonia Bar Cabinet, a spacious bar cabinet with unfolding surfaces and dedicated storage racks which can accommodate 21 full size bottles, and 9 long stemmed glasses. It has open shelves which be used for other types of glasses and smaller bottles and a built in drawers for bar accessories. Built with high quality Sheesham wood its priced at Rs.29,999 on Urban Ladder.

Create Experiences for Your Husband on His 40th Birthday

If you want to make a grand gesture to show your husband how much you love him then plan out something that he has always wanted to do. Arrange a spontaneous getaway. Take a salsa dance class together. Plan an entire day filled with innovative surprises for him. Book a tour of the city; discover places that you never knew existed. Take a helicopter ride, and watch the sun set over the city skyline.
There are plenty of things that you can do together.

Visit an Exotic Place Together

If you want to do something which would be substantial and really mean something to your spouse, you can think of all the things and desires that mean a lot to your husband. If he wanted to try bungee jumping or go on a road trip; you can plan and make these wishes come true. This can be an experience worth remembering. It can be an extremely romantic idea to visit a romantic place together. With your busy and hectic schedules in real life, you can plan a short escape for the two of you to a destination of your choice. You can decide on this location by keeping in mind your spouses liking and the weather during that season. Majauli, Goa, Sundarbans, Laddakh and Gurudongmar are some of the beat destinations that you can choose from. This can help the two of you bond and get closer as well.

There are places in your own country which you may have never visited and what better way to celebrate your husband’s birthday than to discover an exotic new place together. Spend the evening watching the sun set on a secluded beach, or cuddle up in the snowy mountains. A few uncommon places within India would be the Gulf of Kutch, the Sundarbans, North Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Daman and Diu, the Lakhswadeep Islands, Coorg and many more.

A Hot Air Ballon Ride

A hot air balloon ride can be an unusual and innovative escapade for the two of you. Pondering on your thoughts in mid-air can be a pleasant idea while having a loved one beside you. You can look at the world from a different perspective while riding amidst the clouds. Such rides can often be expensive since the concept is fairly new. However, some places in Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Karnataka make this facility available at a reasonable cost of Rs.500-700 per person. This can be an affordable and enjoyable experience here.

Taking a hot air balloon ride is a fun and exciting new experience to gift to your husband. It may be a new concept in India and a tad pricey, but sometimes it’s okay to splurge a little, as the memories you will create will be worth a lot more. There are a few places in India where hot air balloon rides are available, as it’s still a fairly new concept. Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Karnataka are some of the places where you can get a taste of this amazing adventure. Adventure Nation offers one day balloon ride trips at Rs.8,500 per person. There are several other operators you can compare and check rates with before booking.

Dine at His Favourite Place

If your spouse is a food lover then planning a dinner at his favourite restaurant can be a good idea. This can also be an excuse for the two of you to spend some quality time together. The top restaurants in India include Indian Accent in New Delhi, Peshawri in Mumbai, Villa Maya in Trivandrum, Bukhara in New Delhi and Agashiye in Ahmedabad.

If your husband is a lover of food, then a great gift would be to plan a dinner at a hot new restaurant that just opened its doors. Discover a whole new cuisine, or visit a special themed restaurant. You can also take your husband to an old favorite which you haven’t visited in a while.

It's His 40th Birthday! Be Creative and Plan a Grand Celebration

Most of all, you need to remember that his 40th birthday is a huge milestone for all his achievements and all that he stands for. Be sure to make it a grand event that is both memorable and enjoyable in every way. You could hire musicians and arrange for the best food on this special occasion. Art and jewellery can be used to add some elegance. In whatever you plan, make sure to make him feel special and loved on this special day.

The 40th birthday of your husband is an occasion which you can only celebrate once. Therefore make a grand gesture to show your appreciation for him. Take him away on a retreat, where he will get to unwind and relax and indulge in his favorite activities. Book a place to stay. Get together some friends and some local musicians or a band. Have a nice cookout or arrange for his favorite food and drinks. Do something that he enjoys. Plant a tree or buy a piece of art. The whole thing will cost around Rs.90,000, which is a bit pricey, yes. But your husband only turns 40 once. Make sure that he remembers it for the rest of his life.

Create a Memory Around His Birthday

It is all about cherishing the old memories and creating new ones. You can play fun games with your spouse on this special occasion. There are different challenges and games that are doing rounds about the internet nowadays; games like 'guessing what is in your spouse's purse' or mailing a sweet letter in the old fashioned way are a few of them.

Memories are what make a relationship stronger and long-lasting. When you share experiences together, then you are partaking in each other’s lives. Try to do more activities together. You can play games with each other like guessing what is there in each other’s purses. Read a romantic novel or poetry together. Bake a cake together or help each other cook whip up some delicacy. Write each other love letters, look at the starry night sky. Say I love you in innovative ways, the possibilities here are endless. Be creative and spontaneous. You know that you love each other, but after a long time together you may sometimes need to rekindle that romance. The best way to do that is to just spend time with each other and create memories.

Give Him an Experience

The idea here is to give him an experience that he is going to cherish for years to come. Bringing up something that makes them feel nostalgic like a collection of precious pictures or planning special surprises for them can be a good way to make them feel special.

The best gifts in life are something that you experience. People seldom remember what gift they got for their wedding, but they vividly remember their honeymoon. Therefore try to make your husband’s life more colorful by treating him to different kinds of activities. Bring back the romance in your life by filling your entire bedroom with old pictures of you as a couple. At forty a man often goes through midlife crises. Therefore he often looks to his wife to guide him through this phase. Through your thoughtful gestures you will not only become the apple of your husband’s eye but also keep the relationship exciting.

Recreate Passion in Life

You can make this experience special for him by trying to rekindle the passion in your lives. If you have been married for a while or been in a long-term relationship; the passion between the two of you could be fading with time. You an take some effort to rekindle this passion and keep your husband intrigued and interested. This passion could also be in the form of what the two of you look forward to in life. The aim here is to renew your lives with a sense of renewed excitement for things.

Passion is the key ingredient in any relationship, without it the relationship becomes dull and monotonous. Both the husband and the wife need to put in some effort to keep the relationship alive. But when the occasion is your husband’s 40th birthday, then it’s you who needs to take the initiative to give your husband the romantic surprise of his life. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Applying your creativity can often render great results. Plan a romantic night out, or cook a romantic dinner at home, followed by some passionate time in the bedroom. Be a little adventurous, take charge and get rid of your inhibitions. Who knows? You may surprise even yourself!

Make Him Handmade Gifts

Handmade presents can be a little more thoughtful in showing your concern and care. They can be personal to the core and hence are one of a kind. You can customise a handmade gift for your husband according to his liking. The best part here is that it doesn't require to be expensive and yet is sure to bring a smile to his face.

When you are searching for the perfect gift for your husband’s 40th birthday, you want something that will be special and something which he will use every day. You don’t want to gift him a trinket which will lie in the drawer or sit on a shelf day after day. Handmade gifts are perfect to give to your loved one. Firstly they are unique and one of a kind. Secondly they have that personal touch. Thirdly, they are fun to make and fourthly, your husband will appreciate the fact that you are gifting him something which has been crafted with a lot of love.

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Mix Gifts with Gestures and Experiences

For landmark birthdays such as the 40th people often tend to gravitate towards big, lavish and expensive gifts. While that is alright, make sure you budget your gift in such a way that you have enough for smaller treats such as a party, a nice celebration, or even a trip. Because the 40th birthday is a big one, and your husband may also suddenly feel like time is flying by too fast and age is catching up. A single gift will not do, there has to be more - to show him how loved he is, what a wonderful life he has lived thus far and the great things that lie in store.