When All's Said And Done Buttering Up the Boss Always Seems to Get People Places(2019): Check Out Some of Our Birthday Gift Ideas to Make Buying a Gift for Your Male Boss a Hassle-Free Process.

When All's Said And Done Buttering Up the Boss Always Seems to Get People Places(2019): Check Out Some of Our Birthday Gift Ideas to Make Buying a Gift for Your Male Boss a Hassle-Free Process.

So you have your boss's birthday coming up. Thinking of what to gift him/her? Presenting your boss with a special gift, on a special occasion will definitely be a warm gesture on your part. So, if you are on a lookout for a boss birthday gift, take a look at some of the gift ideas listed below:

You Stand Out Among Bosses

Bosses are different - some are down to earth, some are sweet, thoughtful and kind, some speak to inspire while others are hardly ever around or supportive. The fact that you are reading this perhaps means your boss must be one of a kind. Congratulations! Not everyone ends up with charming and gracious bosses. So what should you get? Gifts are impressions that have a lasting effect and they are always a sign that you love, respect and treasure the receiver. It can be challenging getting a gift for people like our bosses who seem to have everything that comes to mind. But fret not, there are so many affordable gifts that are of great quality, elegant, classy and extremely beautiful that will melt his heart way when he receives them. Go for such gifts and you will be amazed at the reaction of your boss when he receives it.

What to Consider When Giving Your Boss a Gift

Give Him a Gift He Would Love And Appreciate

Have you ever received a gift that seemed more appropriate for the individual that gave it rather than you the receiver? Before giving gifts, consider the likes and dislikes of the receiver. Don't give a gift because you love it. The fact that you love it doesn't mean the receiver would love it too. Give a gift that focuses on the recipient instead of you the giver. A classic gift would be a bottle of wine, a gift that could be hung on the walls of his office or a small item for his desk. Well, it has been said that the best gifts are gifts that are related to your boss's interests. Find out his interests, his favourite team or some other game he loves and gets either a hat or a jersey of that team for him.

Aim At Pleasing And Not Impressing

The reason for giving your boss a gift is either to appreciate him for something he has done or maybe you are gifting a gift on the occasion of his birthday. Whichever it is, stick to the reason for gifting. Don't try to impress by buying an overly expensive gift or just to show to your boss that though he might be higher than you on the cadre but you can also afford the things he can. There is no need to impress your boss, give what is perfect and well suited for the occasion. An overly expensive gift can make you seem like you need special favour. Remember lavish gifts are never acceptable in the office. Keep it simple and classy.

Give It Your Personal Touch- DIY

A gift is a clear reflection of who you are and what you think of others. This is an opportunity to make let your boss see another side of your creativity. You can decide to make a handmade card, a throw pillow with an inscription "Cool Boss", A photo frame, A jar filled with chocolates and biscuits, a DIY desk organizer, a DIY gold Confetti mouse pad, a DIY business card or a DIY floating leaves and flowers. DIY gifts have a way of brightening the day for people once they see them. Make something that would last and be well appreciated. The gifts might be homemade but they will definitely hold a spot in his heart. Ensure they are attractive, colourful, neatly made, and well packaged before you present them to him. Giving a gift can sometimes go wrong if they are not well packaged and presented. You don’t want such an experience with your boss. It is better to remain in his good books than present something that will affect your relationship with him. Give him only the best!

Captivating Gifts That Will Get Your Bosses Attention

1. Phone Sanitiser And Charger

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Help your boss maintain a healthy life by gifting him this special and beautifully designed Phone sanitizer and charger. This gift comes in handy any day and anytime and the fact that it couples as both a phone sanitizer and charger makes it a must-have in this fast pace and technological era. While your boss’s phone gets charged, the sanitizer goes to work, clearing off the germs prowling on the screen of his phone. According to studies, scientists have found out that the most common contaminants of mobile devices are found in the restroom aside from the other routine culprits like doorknobs, handrails and areas where a lot of people are likely to touch, with unclean hands, on a daily basis. Whether your boss is a perfectly clean gentleman, this device will still be appreciated because germs can latch onto your phone from places you are not even aware of. This device will serve to protect his health and his phone. The Phone Sanitizer and Charger cost Rs. 7,000 and is rated 3.7 out of 5 stars on www.amazon.in.

2. World’s Best Boss Mug

Gift your boss the World’s Best Boss Mug and you will be sure to put a broad smile on his face. More so, if he happens to be a fan of hot chocolate drinks or coffee, the World’s Best Boss Mug will serve him well and it will be a great addition to his desk. The inscription on the cup will attract anyone that walks into his office. This funny ceramic cup can be ordered at www.corporategifts.in at a price of Rs. 249 only. The reviews on this product are amazing, therefore make your order as quickly and fast as possible.

3. Productivity Planner

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The Productivity Planner is a 365 Day Weekly Planner with Inspirational Quotes that allows you to write down your goals and work towards achieving them all. This gift will allow your boss to put all his thoughts and ideas in one place for easy access and for review purposes. One major highlight of the calendar is the fact that it is filled with inspirational quotes that will do a great job to inspire your boss. The productivity planner costs Rs.754 on www.amazon.in. Your boss will be excited to have this added to his collection.

4. MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station & Device Organiser

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There are some gifts that are just irresistible and captivating to receive and the Mobile Vision Bamboo Charging Station and Device Organiser is one of those gifts, which is a charging dock for multiple devices. The bamboo charging keeps your gadget secure while they power up. This make is slimmer and the lid's centre extends through to the third divider allowing for more alternatives for accommodating charging cable creating an all in one charging location for every device. The top rated charging station allows you to charge your laptop or multiple tablets, and at least 3 smartphones while being properly positioned on the bamboo charging dock. This all-in-one device is ideal for clearing up and organizing your table leaving you with more space. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on www.amazon.in and has a price tag of Rs. 6,994.

5. Post-It Note Holder with Photo Frame

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Great gifts come in special packages just like the Post-It-Note Holder which comes with a beautiful photo frame. With the Post-It Note Holder his sticky notes are well organized and will always be within reach to capture great ideas, thoughts and concepts. The Note Holders are specially designed to stay in one place to keep a desk organised. The photo frame can be used to display treasured photos to personalise your space. To get this exceptional piece, visit www.amazon.in and place your order. It goes for a price of Rs. 2,314.

6. Brick Design Wall Clock

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The unique piece is not only an attractive piece to be gifted to your boss but a gift that will add beauty to his office once he fixes it at the perfect spot. The brick design wall clock is elegant and so captivating and will be a source of attraction; an eye-catching beauty that will attract the comments of many. Get the Brick Design Wall Clock for a price of Rs. 1,651 at www.igp.com.

7. Stylish Fitness Band

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Bosses get so busy that they often forget to keep fit, rest when needed and eat to stay healthy and that is one of the reasons why the Stylish Fitness Band will be an appropriate gift to give to your boss. Even if he can’t make it to the gym, he can keep track of certain activities that can help him stay fit. Stylish Fitness Band is the latest generation tracker that assists individuals in tracking the number of steps taken, distance travelled, set alarms, monitor your calories, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, and to also keep track of time. The bands are very powerful when it comes to keeping track of activities and fitness, and they help people go from unhealthy to fit. Place your order for these Stylish Fitness Bands at www.igp.com for a price of Rs. 1,404.

8. Caitlins Home Scented Soy Wax Candle Gift Set

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The Caitlins Home Scented Soy Wax Candle Gift Set is the perfect gift for a boss. These calming aromatherapy candles will help calm your boss’s nerves, causing him to relax. This natural renewable soy wax is environmentally friendly and they smell really great. The popular scents are: pure white lavender to promote wellbeing and aids sleep, vanilla to soothe and relax and fresh cut roses invoking the fragrance of an English garden. You do not have to get a gift wrap because it comes beautifully packaged in a beautiful rigid presentation Box ready to be gifted. It is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars at www.amazon.com. Place your order for the Caitlins Home Scented Soy Wax Candle Gift Set at a price tag of Rs. 8,664.

9. J-Neck Pillow

Bosses are always on the move, trying to catch a flight from one city to the next. With the J-Neck Pillow your boss can enjoy a restful sleep during long travels, giving extreme comfort during his journeys. The distinct J-shape of this pillow is an absolute thrill which gives you a headrest, neck rest as well as a chinrest. The J-Neck Pillow can be folded into U-shape to give a better neck support. Aside from his travels, he can use the J-neck Pillow for everyday situations, quick and short naps at work, for relaxing and for maximum comfort when reading. It goes for a price of Rs.999 at www.bigsmall.in.

10. Crystal Pen Stand

Made from glass crystals with diamond cuts, embedded on tiny metal loops with silver or gold plating adding a sparkling look, the Crystal pen stand will be an irresistible addition to his table. It is elegant, classy and undeniably eye-catching. It is a handcrafted and hand-carved product; this beautiful stand is designed to carry tiny stationeries in a pretty style. Get the Crystal Pen Stand at www.homesake.in where it cost Rs. 399.

Things to Avoid When Getting a Gift

Don't Exceed Your Budget

Keep it reasonable! Have a budget and stick to it. Don't buy something that is not within your means or budget. Stick with the budget and get a gift that will be deeply appreciated by your boss rather than overshooting your budget especially if you are not in a good financial position. The amount you spend on your boss depends on your relationship, your job title and that of your boss. Don’t break your back or bank, after all, your boss knows how much you make.

Don't Include the Receipt of the Gift

This happens when people deliver gifts without getting a carrier bag to present to the receiver. One way to avoid this is to ensure you have a special carrier bag, so when transferring the gift into the package, the receipt is removed. Another mistake that can happen when giving a gift is forgetting to remove the price tag. Always remember to remover price tags and receipts from the gift items you buy before giving the gifts out to the receiver.

Don't Get a Gift That Is Too Personal

Giving a gift that is too personal or intimate can make people feel uncomfortable or send a wrong move. Avoid getting inner wears which send a very wrong message, avoid gifting them body wash or lotions that might make them question their hygiene. Be neutral! Stay away from gifts that will make the receiver question why it was given. Give a gift that is pleasing and appropriate. For most parts, the gift should be something appropriate to show in the workplace.

From our editorial team

Think of the Interests of Your Boss:

A gift for your boss does not have to be expensive, but it should still be thoughtful.

Is there a particular food that he likes? Does he have any hobbies or interests? Do you know of an online or department store where your boss likes to shop? Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be in a much better position to decide on a gift.

Talk with your colleagues and find out if all of you would like to chip in and buy something for your boss. Choose a gift that will make him feel special. Include a card or a handwritten note along with the gift; such a nice gesture will definitely be appreciated.