The Comprehensive List of the Best B'day Gifts for Husband in 2018

The Comprehensive List of the Best B'day Gifts for Husband in 2018

It gets harder and harder to outdo yourself each year doesn't it? Your husband seems to pick out such wonderful presents for you effortlessly and you wind up thinking for months to come up with a nice gift for his next birthday. Take a breather this year and stop planning his next birthday gift even while he's blowing out the candles on his birthday cake because we have put together the absolutely best best birthday gifts for your husband. You're welcome.

How Exactly Does One Find the Perfect Birthday Gift for Husbands?

Do Some Ground Work

Your husband’s birthday is probably the best time for you to shower your love and affection. While looking for a perfect gift for your husband’s birthday, you must do the ground work to make him happy. You should find out about his interests and hobbies to buy him the perfect gift for his birthday. You can gift him something that aligns well with his interests to make it even more special for him. If he is into sports then you can gift him something related to sports and like wise. So, do your ground work and take your time to find him the perfect gift.

Think Outside the Box

While there are various gifting options out there, you should choose a gift that is outside the box. You can get more creative and think of a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. No more clothes and watches, you need to rise above these gifts and gift something unique to your husband on his birthday. You must have given these gifts to your husband in the initial stage of your relationship anyway. So think creatively to come up with something that he would find useful and would cherish. You want to make your husband feel special and make him feel loved.

Make it Personal

While gifting your husband on his birthday, you should make it point to add a personal touch. The value of a material gift increases when you add something personal or sentimental to it. For example, making something from your hands like a personalised card or love letter expressing your feelings to him. You can also top up the gift with a special ritual that you two follow together. For example, if you always watch a particular series together then maybe watch an episode or two together on his birthday. This way you can your own special touch to the event and make it all the more special.

The 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband This Year

Men's Flat Lens Sunglasses


These Ray-Ban men’s flat sunglasses come with a one-year manufacturer warranty on any manufacturing defects. It provides 100% UV rays protection. It has a gold colored frame with gold temple. The stunning green colored glass lens with the metal frame would look great on your husband. You can buy this gift to your husband for Rs.6,913 from Amazon.

Wireless RF Key Finder Locator


Gift your husband with this Esky wireless RF item locator support remote control. It has 1 RF transmitter and 4 receivers. You can attach the receiver to any 4 items and then press the buttons that are color coded to locate them. It is very easy to use and operate. The receiver beeps to help you find the lost item. The remote control also has a light for better visbility in the night. You can buy the same for Rs.5,119 from Amazon. This will be a very thoughtful gift for your husband’s birthday.

Hair Trimmer Set


This super taper has a very powerful motor with an adjustable blade. It has a warranty of 24 months from the date of its purchase and makes for a perfect grooming gift. You can gift your husband with this hair clipper on his birthday. This is a very unique gift for your spouse that you can buy online from Amazon at Rs.3,640.

Leather Briefcase


Gift your husband with this Hammonds Flycatcher leather briefcase. It is made of two-tone leather and is ideal to be used in courtroom, boardroom, travel and formal use. This office cum laptop bag has zipper and sliders of premium quality. It has a non-nylon tape that is used inside the bag making it sturdy and long lasting. This will be a very thoughtful gift for your husband on his birthday. You can buy the same from Amazon for Rs.2,599.

Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes


These chilling stainless steel reusable ice cubes are ideal for your husband’s birthday party. White Ice Whiskey Stones is a set of 6 cubes and can be added to liquor to make it cold without diluting it. Your husband would totally love this gift and would thank you heartily for this perfect birthday gift. The ice cubes are reusable and made of porous material that doesn’t have any taste or odour. You can buy this amazing gift for your hubby from Amazon at Rs.2,763.

Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker


Fitbit zip tracker tracker can track calories burned, distance and steps. It automatically syncs with your computer or bluetooth 4.0 tablets or smartphones. Your husband can use it to set goals and view the fitness progress. It is very small and easily fits in your pocket. It is also sweat, splash and rain proof. The fitbit activity tracker comes with a replaceable battery that has a life of 4-6 months. It has a 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. You can buy it for Rs.9,304 from Amazon.

Whiskey Glasses


Buy these Cristal D'Arques old fashion whiskey glasses for your husband’s birthday. They are made of glass and are very hygienic and safe to be used. They are also refrigerator and dishwasher safe. Your husband would love drinking his favourite drink in these old-fashioned whiskey glasses. It has a classy look and makes the whole drinking experience enjoyable. You can choose this as a birthday gift for your husband. It is available at Amazon for Rs.2,039.

Impact Drill Tool Kit


This Hitachi impact drill tool kit is made of plastic and is black in color. It has power input of 550 W and has a warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchase. It has a cylindrical housing for durability and is reversible by level switch. This offbeat gift can be perfect for your husband as it is very handy. If your loves fixing things by himself then this is the ideal gift for him. You can buy this gift from Amazon at Rs.4,499.

Dart Game for Bathroom


You can gift your husband with this funny gag gift dart gift for bathroom on his birthday. This fun game is a great pass-time while in the loo. It has one kit per package and you can play this while sitting. Instead of giving darn boring gifts, you can give this unique and funny gift to your husband. The gift can be bought from Amazon for Rs.3,035.

Batman: Metal Die-Cast Bat-Signal


Married to a man who refuses to grow up, at least in some ways? This batman metal die-cast bat-signal is a unique gift for the husband who loves the idea of a masked vigilante rushing to help hapless victims when summoned by a mysterious sign in the night sky. It is made of metal with 360-degree rotatable base. It has an LED light up function with a projection of 20-feet in darkness. It may not light up the night sky like the real Bat Signal, but this is about as close he will get. It does not include batteries and is a 48-page hardcover book on bat-signal lore and batman. It is great gift for Batman lovers. You should certainly consider gifting this to your hubby on his birthday! This ultra cool gift is available on Amazon for Rs.3,100.

Bonus Ideas That Will Make Your Husband's Birthday

Birthdays come every year and after spending so many years together it can get quite predictable as to what your spouse might gift you. Giving a unique and exciting gift every year can be quite a task. But you surely have to up your game and come up with a great gift for your husband on his birthday. You should gift him something that surprises him for real. Here are few ideas for giving the best gifts to your hubby that will make him go wow!

Support His Fitness Goals

Apart from material gifts, even simple gestures can win your husband’s heart. While a gift is a temporary expression of your love for him, you can always back it up with some long term goals. You should support the fitness goals of your partner. When your hubby talks about the next workout that he wants to try or his training goals then you should listen with all your attention. You should encourage him for getting better at it and achieving his fitness goals. Helping him in his fitness journey also includes making sacrifices like following diets together and minimizing cheat days, perhaps even working out together! So, supporting his fitness goals could indeed be a great way of expressing your affection.

Make Him Laugh

It is the simple things in life that count and even the simplest thing like making your husband laugh can be a sweet gesture of love. Life is a roller coaster ride and not all days are the same. Well, when life does give lemons to hubby dearest, you should know how to cheer him up and loosen up a little bit to make him feel good. With that being said, don’t just wait for things to turn bad. You can always make him laugh and you should do it quite often. A couple that laughs together stays together.

Think of Couple Gifts to Enjoy Together

On your husband’s birthday, you can gift him with the cutest couple gifts that symbolise your relationship and how special you are for each other. You can gift him with a wine box and glass set for two to celebrate his special day. Customised pillow cases, photo case with both of your pictures, matching love pendants for two and the like are such gifting ideas. These cute gifts will not only make him feel special on his birthday but will also remind him of how great a couple you two are. You can add a gift card with a beautiful message or maybe make one yourself on the occasion of his birthday. Happy gifting!

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Do Something Different

You best know what kind of gifts you've given your husband over the years. If his birthday and anniversary gifts have always been sensible, practical and useful things, introduce a twist this year in the form of a quirky present or an adventure. On the other hand, if you're always giving him interesting and unusual gifts, a nice shirt, tie or belt wouldn't hurt this time around. The point is anything can become repetitive, and changing your approach can keep things interesting and fresh.