Carry That Suave Look to Your Next Party! 10 Party Shirts for Men + Hacks which will Make You Look Even Smarter!

Carry That Suave Look to Your Next Party! 10 Party Shirts for Men + Hacks which will Make You Look Even Smarter!

Ever felt reluctant for going to that party which you absolutely wanted to just because you didn't have that 'party shirt'? Never again you'll have to face this as we're here with uber-cool party shirts for men which are sure to get you some compliments from all around. These shirts are handpicked for you to feel confident and complete when you head to your next party.

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Are You Wearing Your Shirt Right? Here Are Some Hacks!

Going for The 'Basic Tuck'

To do this tuck, pull down your shirt as far down as you can, and button it. Next, pull up your trousers right up to your waist, and push the bottom of your shirt inside them. Note that the shirt’s bottom should fit comfortably inside the pants.

Put on a belt, even when you don’t need it, and you should always do when you wear a tucked shirt. Pull out your shirt a bit – an inch will do – just so your shirt doesn’t come out of your pants when you turn or bend.

Finally, take a look at yourself in the mirror, and make sure that you look professional!

Opting for The 'Military-Style Tuck'

The military-style tuck is almost the same as that of the basic tuck, though the only slight difference is that instead of pulling out your shirt a bit (like in the basic tuck), here, you don’t need to do the same, and hence, the shirt will stay tucked inside the pants.

You should, however, remember that this style is quite notorious for coming undone and is a definite no-go when you have an active lifestyle. In such cases, you should opt for a basic tuck shirt style.

Know When You Should Tuck Your Shirt

There are no hard and fast rules when you should tuck your shirt and when not. Most of the shirts are designed in such a way that they can be tucked-in. That said, if you want to look good, confident, and well-dressed, you should always tuck in your shirt. Apart from some party shirts that don’t need to be tucked and hence are designed in that way, you would want to tuck in your usual shirt if it goes well past your hips or else, your shirt will look more of a dress or even a flowing nightgown.

Taking Note of the 'Shirt Tuck' Mishaps

Oh yes – those shirt mishaps, it’s best if you can avoid those! When you decide to tuck in your shirt, always do so by putting on a belt, and always remember to put on a belt after tucking even if you don’t need it – it will bring on that professional look.

Avoid going for the half-tuck style. Not only it looks unprofessional, but it also makes you look lazy and will ruin your entire get-up. If you want to tuck in your shirt, do it all the way or else, it will make you look dishevelled, no matter what the fashion-gurus say!

8 Awesome Party Shirts for Men

Embroidered checkered Shirt

Brought to you by the fashion designer Saksham Neharicka, this shirt is made from brushed flannel fabric.

Entirely in navy blue, this shirt is adorned with thread embroidery of white floral motifs. Having a stand and fall collar in the neckline, this shirt has full-length sleeves, and its closure is designed to be front-buttoned.

Priced at Rs. 9,600, this embroidered checkered shirt can be found in the standard sizes and can be found exclusively on the online store of Aza Fashions.

Black Full Sleeves Shirt


Priced at Rs. 5,950, this party-wear shirt is designed by Manoviraj Khosla and is made entirely of satin fabric.

Coming in a dark grey hue, this party wear shirt is made eye-catching by the big motif of a champagne glass on the bottom left side of the shirt. Available in all the regular sizes for men, the shirt is embellished by a front pocket and full sleeves, with the front closure as close-button.

It can exclusively be found on, this party-wear shirt is a must if you want to make a style statement at any party.

Deviated Neckline – Loom Art Full Sleeves Shirt

If you are a lover of all things handmade, then, you are pretty much going to love this unique piece.

Made by a weaver, this shirt is entirely handwoven using khadi fabric, and hence it makes for quite a good choice for the summers. Two of the most notable features of this handwoven shirt are its deviated neckline and the shoulder area, which are adorned with small wooden buttons, as well.

Truly a style statement in its way, this handwoven khadi shirt comes in the off-white hue and is available in all the universal sizes for men. It is priced at Rs. 6,800 and can be found exclusively on

Polar Casual Conversational Printed Shirt

Cotton is so much better in this sweltering summer than that heavy fabric out there! Made of pure cotton, this shirt comes in the hue of dark red and has a pattern of small dogs printed all over. Having a button closure front, this shirt comes with full sleeves, with a front pocket completing the look.

One of the most notable features of this shirt is that it comes with removable collarbones and hence, the shirt can be worn either is casual get-up or a formal one.

Priced at Rs. 2,299, this shirt can be purchased from and is available in all the universal sizes for men.

The Sun Dyed Designer Shirt

Made of pure cotton satin fabric, this shirt can be found exclusively on and is priced at Rs. 2,049.

Entirely in the hue of mustard, this shirt can genuinely turn out to be a style statement at any cocktail party Adorned by three big floral motifs in black, they are carefully placed on the top of the left shoulder, and the remaining two on both the arms.

This full-sleeved shirt has a button-up front closure that truly brings out the unique yet appealing style of the shirt. It is available in all standard sizes for men.

White Shirt with a Colorful Bicycle Stripe Print

Brought to you by the fashion designer Sahil Aneja, this party-wear shirt is the one you should go for if you are looking for something entirely different.

Priced at Rs. 6,900, and can be found exclusively on the designer’s site, this shirt comes in pure white. On the right side of the shirt, you will see a striped portion in pale hues of blue and which is adorned by a print of a man on a bicycle in black.

Available in all the universal sizes for men, this shirt is made of pure cotton with the frontal closure of button-up style, completing the style with full sleeves.

Grey, Peach & White Coloured Block Shirt

Another masterpiece of Sahil Aneja, this shirt features a coloured block design, not usually seen in men’s shirts.

Priced at Rs. 5,400, the shirt features three blocks of colours; grey on the top portion, peach in the middle part, and white on the bottom portion. Made entirely of cotton, this shirt can be found exclusively on the designer’s website and comes with full sleeves.

The shirt is further complemented by button-up closure and a dark grey collar – note that the dark grey colour is also seen on the full back of the shirt which comes to the right sleeve of the shirt. Add to the look a set of black pants, and you are ready to rock any party!

Lavender Full Sleeve Shirt

Who says lavender isn't for men? Take a look at this shirt, for instance. Priced at Rs. 2,399 and can be found exclusively on, this shirt is truly one of a kind.

Made out of pure cotton, this shirt features a lavender hue that is further complemented by pink detailing on the shirt’s front as well as the cuffs. Adorned by two pockets on each side, this shirt can make do as both party wear and formal wear.

One of the most notable features of this shirt is that it is entirely handwoven, and as such, slight variations may occur in the fabric, but that is a characteristic and feature of a handwoven fabric where no two pieces are the same. This shirt comes in all the universal sizes for men.

Keep These Tips in Mind Before Buying a Shirt Online

What is an essential piece of men's wardrobe that they can’t live without? Shirts, of course! Not only are they an important part of the wardrobe, but also they form an essential piece to any suit; and when the occasion calls for it, they can hold your attire on their own too.

That said, many men don’t realize the power of a well-fitting classy shirt. It can make you feel confident – get the right fitting and a sartorially solid shirt if you can, it will make you feel like you are in control!

However, to get the best shirt, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money – there are a few things that you can take note of when buying this timeless piece of clothing.

Get to Know the Right Measurements + Body Type

Men’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, so, it just won’t do if you buy shirts in small, medium or large sizes. The best solution to tackle this issue is to have a general sense of your body type along with your body measurements.

Just to give an idea – the right shirt should have to be nicely fitted to your body, with very little excess material. The shirt, when put on the body, should look flattering and appealing to the eye, with practically no excess material that will make you look like you are wearing a parachute!

That said, the shirt should not be too tight on the body either, making it look like the buttons are going to pop out any minute. Take note of the shoulder seams – they should hug your shoulders and stop just where your shoulder ends. As for the sleeves, they shouldn’t be too short or long and should extend comfortably to your wrist.

Don't Overlook Those Subtle Features

Don’t just go for the shirts because they look good – they have to fit your body perfectly too! Here’s what you can do – go for those shirts that have pleats. In shirts, pleats are the extra folds of fabric that shirts have at their back to give the wearer extra room; though you should keep in mind that you should only wear these type of shirts when you are not wearing a suit.

If, however, you need to shirt to wear under your suit, it’s best to go for those which say ‘tailored’ and ‘slim fit’. We won't recommend wearing pleated shirts under a suit, you will need a well-fitted one to do the job.

But even then, if you can’t find a shirt with the right fitting for you, it’s best to go to a tailor that can do the job for you.

Take Care of the Collar

Today, in the market, there are many collar styles, and honestly, it can get a little overwhelming, and in that case, it’s best to go with semi-spread collar style. Granted, it’s not trendy or conservative, but it will go well with any suit and tie.

You should also take note as to how the collar fits your neck – remember not to fit the collar too tight that will cut off your air supply. Here’s what you should do – try putting one finger between your neck and collar, but if two fingers can fit comfortably, then, it’s a large fit for you, and hence, won’t suit you.

Opt for the Right Fabric

When buying shirts, do consider the fabric – you won’t like to wear a shirt made of heavy fabric in the middle of summer, would you? That being said, do steer clear of cheap and flimsy-looking shirt material. When in doubt, it’s always best to go for cotton fabric. Always try the shirt out before deciding to make a purchase.

Do Pay Attention to the Colour & Pattern

Ever wondered which are the basic colours for shirts? Solid white and light blue – dubbed as the starter colour for shirts, they can be worn on any occasion, but as it's said, too much of anything turns out to be boring pretty soon.

So, why not opt for something different?

Since it’s summer now, you can opt for lavender or light purple, or if you are in the experimental mood, you can go for the gingham style shirt as they are very-of-the-moment and can add an instant pick me up to any wardrobe.

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Make Sure to Check the Size Properly

Often the brands and designers offering these shirts use different size systems, for instance, an M sized shirt of a company can turn out to be much larger or smaller for you from your regular M sized shirts. A better way is to go for specific measurements, and if they haven't provided it on their website, you can always shoot them a message asking for clarification. Make sure you check and buy clothes according to your proper size only.