Want Everything Perfect and Spectacular on Wedding Day? Great Home Decor Ideas and DIY Tips for a Lavish Wedding to Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Guests (2020)

Want Everything Perfect and Spectacular on Wedding Day? Great Home Decor Ideas and DIY Tips for a Lavish Wedding to Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Guests (2020)

If you are looking for great home decor ideas for a wedding in your family to leave an indelible impression on your guests, then you have just come to the right place. This BP Guide will help you understand home decor for wedding celebrations from the entrance to the mandap, wedding stage, rooms, chairs and everything in between. It will also give you great DIY home decoration tips to help you control your wedding expenses.

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Glam Up Your Home to Celebrate the Special Day

An event, be it small or large, is incomplete without the proper decor. It is the first thing that sets the people attending the event in the mood and it brings a lot of emotions to the people hosting it. A perfect decoration simply tells a lot about the event and the stature of the people who are hosting it as well as attending the party. Decorating a venue is like an art, you can simply add different elements like colours, fabrics and what not to transform a simple and plain venue into something like a film set. A well-decorated venue, your home or a hall turns into a memorable thing and you will see people talking about it for ages.

Making Your Home Look Good

Most of the time decoration of a party or a wedding is given to a decorator since they are experts in the field but if you are looking to decorating your home for a wedding you can do it yourself. All you need to do is to set a colour theme, lights, and special effects if you want, and off course a budget. Flowers are always a big hit and are an essential element in Indian weddings. They brighten up the venue and the beautiful fragrance enhances the mood of your guests.

Another important thing to decorate is the tables, because guests spend a considerable time on the tables chatting away and eating delicious food. Lights are also very important as they change the environment completely. You can decorate a simple home or a lawn with bright lights or spot lights and turn it into a fancy venue. There are many other ways to decorate your home if there is a wedding in the family. We have come up with some great ideas for you.

Things to Consider When Decorating for a Wedding

Now, that you are looking to decorating your home to make it more festive, here are some things you need to look into before planning it:

  • Location: There are no set rules when it comes to decorations. Every venue is different therefore you need to think of different ways to decorate it. If you are planning to have a wedding in a garden then it will be different than having it on the beach. Location plays an important role. The same rule applies when decorating your home. A small house in the heart of the city will require different elements than a huge house in the suburbs. Bright colours look wonderful on the outside whereas you can go with subtle colours for the inside of the home.

  • Theme: Most of the weddings these days are having decorations as per the theme selected by the bride and the groom. A theme reflects on your taste and personality. Themes work well if you are having a wedding in your home or you just want to make your home look festive for other events before and after the wedding. You can choose from some modern chic themes to some traditional themes but whatever you choose look for unique ideas to make it look different.

  • The Budget: Your budget is very important. Some of you may usually set up a budget for decorations but end up spending a lot more than you plan to. Do research and look for things you can buy in bulk or during a sale. Think of the things which are important than to just buy whatever looks good for decoration.

  • Space: When decorating your home you need to look at the amount of space you want to use. You will need a good amount of space for people to sit or roam around, therefore choose decorations that can be hung on the wall or the ceiling to utilise maximum space on the ground. Think of where you can set up the chairs and tables for the guests to sit and relax and the places where you can set up the food counter without it getting in the way.

  • Tent: If you have a small house but a large lawn then you can always set up a tent for small festivities before the wedding. A beautiful tent can turn a simple place into a grand venue in no time. It is advisable to rent a tent well in advance before the wedding so that you can get what you want rather than compromising on it.

  • Flowers: An Indian wedding is incomplete without flowers. There is no limit on how much flowers you can use. They look beautiful and make your venue look fresh and bright. If you have a garden you can easily put pots and plants in it to make it look vibrant or simply hang flowers everywhere and you are done. Fake flowers also look good and are quite cheap plus you don't need to worry about them looking stale after a day.

  • Plan-B: Always be ready for a Plan-B especially during the monsoon season.

Fantastic Home Decor Ideas for a Wedding

Here are some cool ideas on how you can prepare your house for a wedding. These decorations can be used if you are having the wedding at home or just want to make your home look nice and refreshing for a wedding in the family.

Decorating Your Walls for a Wedding

Let us start with decorating the walls of the home first. Decorating the walls of a house is easy, just bring on your creative side and let it roll. Here are some cool ideas on how you can do it:

  • Use Plates: You can take out those old ceramic plates hidden somewhere in your closet. Most of the time these plates just sit quietly and are never used, well, you can now use them to decorate your walls. Just hang them in various designs, you can use a strong adhesive or screws to hang them if you like. You can also ask your guests to write simple messages for you and your family on the plates and then hang them. Have pictures taken with these plates and keep them as a beautiful memory in your album.

  • Tulle and Lights: Tulle is commonly used for decoration these days. It is easy to handle and looks great. Use a double sided tape and tulle to make a curtain wall. You can also add in some Christmas lights to hang with the curtains to make it look attractive. You can easily find both of these in a craft or hobby store at affordable prices. Tulle is transparent, so if you want to hide the marks on the walls you can double it up or use bright colours to do so.

  • Metallic Foil Curtains: Metallic foil curtains looks very attractive and are easy to put up. You can use a double sided tape to stick it to one side of the corner and run it along the wall. Make sure to use enough tape for it to stick properly. You can also put them up with a rod, they look as good as being stuck to the wall.

  • Plastic Tablecloths: Another easy way to decorate your walls is to cover them with plastic tablecloths. They come in so many different colours and designs, therefore you can easily pick them up according to your theme colours. You can find them in those dollar stores or any shop that sells plastic items. They are fairly cheap and look great. Your guests will be impressed with your creative idea.

Decorating the Entrance Door for a Wedding

Decorating the entrance of your home or the wedding venue is very important, after all it is the first thing your guests will see, not to mention the very first pictures are taken at the entrance itself. Here are some ideas on how you can make your entrance door look beautiful for the wedding and have your guests guessing how the inside looks:

  • The colour yellow is an auspicious colour and it never goes wrong. It is a bright colour and can transform a plain door into a grand entrance. You can simply use a lot of yellow to decorate your door be it with yellow flowers or curtains or drapes.

  • Ribbons are quite popular and they look very attractive, plus they come in thousands of colours and shapes. You can use satin ribbons and mix them with flowers or lights to jazz up your door.

  • An Indian wedding is incomplete without marigold flowers, so use them to decorate your door. They look good in pictures and the smell of fresh marigolds is heavenly. You can either hang them on the door or simply wrap them around the pillars near the door to make the door look beautiful.

  • Another great way of welcoming your guests is by showering them with red flower petals. Shower them with these when they walk in and they will feel like a special person on your wedding day.

  • You can also use paper flower decorations. Have your friends and cousins sit with you before the wedding and make as many paper flowers as you can. You can use multiple colours, shapes and sizes and stick them on the door and the walls next to the door. Add a little green to them and you have a great looking door. Here is a video which teaches you to make beautiful flowers in no time. So, treat it as the last project with your friends before you say goodbye to them.

  • This is a cool idea for those of you who want to give your door a different look. A vintage rustic door is easy to make. You need a pair of rustic wooden doors which can be rented out for the day. Arrange some flowers or drapes on it and make a door for the guests to enter and take great pictures.

  • If you want to feel like a Bollywood diva on your D-day then you can have your entrance decorated with some red curtains and candle mirror stands. Choose a lot of red and golden and you have a Bollywood door ready for you.

  • You can use fairy lights to decorate your door and the pillars next to it or simply make a false ceiling to give a dreamy look to the wedding entrance.

Decorating the Rooms for a Wedding

So, after the entrance of your home, comes your room, this is where you have your guests seated as they talk and have loads of fun. You can use a variety of things to make your rooms look extraordinary for the wedding in the family.

  • Beautiful colourful tassels look very cute and you can use them in any ceremony, be it during the wedding, for the Haldi ceremony or for your Sangeet night. They come in so many different colours and sizes. Simply hang them from the ceiling or stick them wherever you want to make the room look bright. They look great in pictures and turn a boring, dull room into a party room. You can also add some lights to make them shine a little brighter.

  • If you are creative at heart then this is the time to show it off. Try using gota patti for decorating your rooms. You can find them in many colours, the best way to do is to add golden colour gota patti with multi-colours and hang them in your room.

  • A new and different kind of room decor can be hanging golden bubble bulbs from the ceiling. They can be bought from the market and they look like small golden bubbles falling from the sky. This will make your room look unique and beautiful.

  • Origami is also in fashion these days. You will find many places decorated with origami so why not try it for your room. You would remember making them in your childhood so go back to those old fun days and make small fans, birds, flowers from origami paper and hang them in your room. This is a very cost effective decor although it does take some time.

  • Flowers and more flowers. Use fresh flowers to decorate your rooms. You can use them for decorating the centrepieces on the tables in your rooms. Try using unconventional methods like putting them in teacups, ice cream cones or mason jars. They look good with anything and everything.

Cool Idea: Setting a Photo Booth

The invention of mobile phones has brought a wave to selfies and what fun it will be when you have a great looking photo booth for a wedding. You'll find people waiting in line to take turns and click great pictures in front of the photo booth. Here are some cool ideas on how you can make one at home:

  • A faux framed wall looks great for a photo booth. Simply put a mirror with an ornate frame – use a vintage frame and watch your friends going camera crazy.

  • A great way to have a lot of fun with your photo booth is to use pinwheels. You will see people of all ages bounce back to their childhood when they see these colourful pinwheels going bizarre with the wind. You can mix them with flowers and let your family and friends have a gala time in your photo booth.

  • Another cool idea for a photo booth is to add a fun ride to it. You can use a typical Indian auto-rickshaw, a cycle rickshaw or an old vintage scooter. Paint it in bright yellow and red, add some flowers or lights if you want and your booth is ready.

  • Marigolds again. Nothing can go wrong with marigolds or genda phool. You can simply make a yellow flower wall and have your friends stand in front of it to take some great pictures.

  • Chalkboards, they are great and look different. Have a chalkboard set up with beautiful quotes or have your friends write whatever they want before they get their pictures taken. It looks very cool and unique.

Decoration for a Wedding in General

Weddings are a grand event and people usually like to celebrate them at special venues.They either rent out the lawns, wedding palaces, etc. and decorate them as per their choice. Here are a few ideas of how you can decorate for a wedding if it is not taking place at your home:

Mandap Decoration

Mandap is the most important thing in the wedding, this is where you make promises to your soul mate. Here are some cool ways you can decorate the mandap for a wedding:

  • The canopy style mandap is very popular. You can create a mandap with drapes and add a chandelier to make it look elegant.

  • The temple style mandap is also in demand. The wedding couple would feel extra special while sitting under the cascading drapes and flowers usually in pink and orange colours. You can also use tuberose, banana leaves, bells, etc. to decorate it.

  • You can also make a shimmering mandap with the help of twinkling lights, it will give you a feel of a Cinderella type wedding.

  • You can use the gazebo style mandap for an outdoor wedding. They look grand all draped in colourful drapes and flowers. You can also use large bulbs to make it more attractive.

Wedding Stage Decoration

After the mandap comes the wedding stage. Here are some ways you can have your wedding stage decorated and appear special:

  • Use a lot of baby pinks and ivories for a stage inside a hall. You can also add gold accents to make it look gorgeous.

  • Use a large wreath behind the couple's chair. It looks great for a night time wedding. Add some hanging bulbs on the wreath and make it look ravishing.

  • An Indian wedding has a lot of red and gold in it. Using these two colours can turn your stage into a traditional wedding stage and it looks beautiful and goes well with any theme.

  • White is always right! Use a lot of white, it goes well with all the colours. You can use white as a background and add different coloured flowers or just go with white flowers. Your lehenga and sherwani would look great in pictures with a white background.

  • If you love nature then show it off on your wedding day. Have a lot of green plants and pots on your stage or use leaves for decorating the stage.

Chair Decorations for a Wedding

Decorating your chairs is also very important, it makes the hall or the venue look festive and your guests would feel special sitting on those decorated chairs.

  • Use lots of lace, tie it across the chairs or hang it on them to make them look festive. You can use the colours of the theme of your wedding for the lace.

  • Wreaths are quite in fashion and they look very nice. Have them tied at the back or at the side of the chairs. They are easy to make and you can use different materials to make them.

  • A unique way to decorate your chairs is to use mason jar vases. Fill them up with flowers and hang them on the chairs. They look very neat.

  • Use pearls. They add a lot of fun and frolic to the wedding. Use a string or a band of pearls and hang them at the back of the chairs to give them a rich look. You can use either use white pearls or different coloured pearls to make it a pearly affair.

DIY Home Decoration Ideas

Here are some DIY ideas you can use to decorate your home or the venue for a wedding:

  • Use multi-coloured kites, painted light bulbs or simply jute ropes to make a suspended wall for your photo booth. You can also make paper umbrellas or hang ribbons for the same.

  • If you think fairy lights are boring thing again. Look for birdcages, mason jars or lanterns and stuff them with these lights to make them look different.

  • Ask you mother to give you her old silk saris or colourful shawls and hang them as backdrops, add some lights and flowers to them and you have a beautiful and affordable decoration.

  • Use torans made of Ashok or mango leaves, add some marigold flowers to them and you have a traditional door decor ready.

  • If you have trees in your backyard then you are in luck. Hang a jhoola and drape it with flowers or ribbons to give it a little extra punch.

  • Use terracotta pots in bulk and display them in the lawn or even inside the home with beautiful plants in it.

  • Dream-catchers make beautiful decorations. You can buy them or easily make them at home and hang them around the venue to make it look colourful.
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Keep a Close Watch on Your Budget During a Wedding

Everyone wants to have a lavish, impressive and memorable wedding, something which dreams are made of. But it is also the time when money is getting spent in bucket loads. It is therefore important that when organising or planning for a wedding in your home you constantly monitor and keep a tight control on your budget. We hope this BP Guide wold have helped you decide which ideas you can use for home decor in the forthcoming wedding in your family. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.