Celebrate Your 50th Wedding Anniversary with Pomp and Style. Thoughtful Party Favours for 50th Anniversary to Make the Occasion Special (2020)

Celebrate Your 50th Wedding Anniversary with Pomp and Style. Thoughtful Party Favours for 50th Anniversary to Make the Occasion Special (2020)

What could be more precious for a couple than to be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary together. So, if you are planning to organise a grand party for the lucky couple then surely you are also blessed to have received their love and affection for a long time. Along with the other things you would be managing, you also need to keep in mind that the 50th anniversary party will have guests of all ages and your party favours should not only be thoughtful but also memorable so that the guests remember the happy occasion long after the party is over.

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Throw the Grandest Party for the Golden Jubilee Couple

To commemorate the glorious day of the couple’s first step as one, and to cherish the memories of their long journey together, we’re here to guide you in celebrating the 50th anniversary in a manner as magnificent as the couple’s love for each other.

The couple has spent 50 blissful years! It has been a roller-coaster ride accompanied with all the ups and downs, but they have lived every minute of it together and to the fullest. The love they had 50 years ago is still young, lively and intact. This celebration is a way for them to thank each other and all the people who have supported them all along in these years. Your family and friends have bestowed them with love, affection and caring, and you have decided to address their blessings by inviting them to commemorate the stills of the past and to give and receive love.

The return gifts are just a token of your regard and hence are of utmost importance. The gifts should always remind the recipients of the golden moment they were meant to celebrate. The celebration should be a reflection of your own bond and love. And keeping all this in mind, we bring for you some of the best souvenirs your guests can take back home from the grand party.

Party Ideas for the 50th Anniversary

First Things First, Everyone Must be There!

It is crucial to surround ourselves with our loved ones, family and friends. In times of joy or even distress, a friend, a companion can provide both support and comfort and a reason to rejoice. There is no better excuse to have a party, a get together than to celebrate such an important milestone. This golden jubilee is a moment to celebrate with all the people who have had a part to play. So everyone important in your and the golden jubilee couple’s lives must be invited because as you know, the more, the merrier!

Create a Slideshow or a Movie

Pictures capture emotions and movies capture them even better! A very creative way to look back at the beautiful journey the couple has undertaken - a slideshow or a short film, is a great way to get all the memories flowing. Add a sweet melody or song and the slideshow will surely stir the old feelings and freshen up the lovely past moments. There are a certain things to keep in mind while preparing a slideshow or a video:

  • The video/slideshow should not be too long, or it might lose its essence and effect. Try to choose appropriate music, something that everyone would like, especially not something that someone might hate.

  • Sort the events in the video/slideshow in a chronological order and organise them so that the length and the pace both are in the right range.

Nowadays slideshows serve as a powerful means which take you to places where you ache to be again. They are like time machines that take you in the past and relive the long lost memories once more.

Pick a Venue That Matches Their Personalities

A quality media might be an excellent way to grab the attendees’ attention, but is it enough to set the right mood and feeling? Experts say no. It also takes the right venue and place to set the mood and get the party going. Several things have to be considered when selecting the right place to celebrate – the location accessibility, cost, services included and of course, the personalities of the couple are the most important factors. Additionally, the venue can be related to some past event in their life, like the first place they met, or the site of their first date, or maybe someplace where they have always wanted to go. Another way to select an apt venue for the event is to look at the interests of the couple. If they are a movie fan or have always loved history, a theatrical theme place or a museum hall might be the way to go.

Party Favours for the 50th Anniversary: for Female Guests

Weavers Villa Women's Shawl

A fashion apparel that is truly timeless, the Kashmiri shawl by Weavers Villa is a fashion statement in itself. Drape it around your neck or put it casually over your shoulders, this shawl is trendy as well as comfortable. Made of wool (60%) and cashmilon (40%), this shawl is undoubtedly a delight to hold in your hands. The exclusive pattern and colour combination can be paired with your favourite blazer, jacket, sweater or salwar suit.

Shawls are one of the most versatile accessories in a wardrobe, and it makes an excellent gift for anyone into fashion. Shawls as a gift are creative and unique and are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Along with that, they keep you warm and cosy. Such a handy accessory! You can buy this exquisite shawl from Amazon for ₹ 690.00.

Jewellery Box

A perfect return gift for parties, weddings and anniversaries, a colourful and vibrant jewellery box might be the best pick for your party. Lined with a soft velvet cloth on the inside and having a Kalamkari design on the outside makes this box very appealing for your female guests. Having a luxurious look and a sober design it is apt for keeping bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings in this good-sized box.

There are a number of reasons to choose a jewellery box for your return gift – it is very handy and can be easily carried in a purse or bag. It also helps in preventing damage and routine wear and tear to precious jewellery pieces and keeps them safe and shining.

Sometimes when your jewellery is strewn around randomly or scattered all over the place, it becomes difficult to access specific pieces when you need them. Imagine getting ready for an urgent meeting or a date, and you remember the exact bracelet that goes with your dress. Unfortunately, you can’t locate it due to lack of proper storage and end up being late for your meeting. Have a good jewellery box in your pack, and everything is sorted. Moreover, it says a lot about your own style! Overall, a great way to thank your guests for their love and support, a jewellery box can make for a great return gift. This beautiful jewellery box is available on Wedtree for ₹ 120.00.

Designer Jute Bag

A trendy accessory not only in European countries but also in India, jute bags are synonymous with sustainable, recyclable and green products. The new variety of trendy designer jute bags not only make your own unique style statement but also convey that you are an environmentally conscious human-being.

Jute bags are not only stylish and pollution-free, they are also very durable and sturdy, and will last you for years. Hence, they make up as a great gift for everyone and especially on an occasion like a wedding anniversary, which is a symbol of durability and strength in itself. Essential in day-to-day life, jute bags lend themselves to customisation and win over the minds of people with their versatility. Adding the designer element makes them even more special for your beloved guests, as the designers have the power to make any product look trendy and fresh! Get these trendy designer jute bag from Wedtree for ₹ 126.00.

Party Favours for the 50th Anniversary: for Male Guests

Wall Clock

Decorative clocks are considered as a style statement by many and add to the ambience of any room they are in. They are a timeless piece of art befitting any man who appreciates the importance of time. Wall clocks complement every type of decor. Offering the best utilisation of wall space, be it the living room, bedroom or even a small study, a wall clock brings an empty, bare wall to life. Wall clocks are no doubt one of the best examples of classical art - somewhat old and forgotten nowadays. What a better way to commemorate the old days than to get a vintage wall clock for your classy guests! Available on Pepperfry this unique wall clock costs ₹ 699.00.

Jaipur Wood Photo Frame

A wooden photo frame is stylish, durable and classy - a perfect combination for capturing and displaying a perfect memory. If you plan to add a vintage touch to your home decor, make your bare living room wall interesting or add some life in your office, a wooden photo frame is a perfect idea. All these factors certainly makes a wooden photo frame a hot favourite for an anniversary return gift. How better to celebrate a journey of memories together than to give your guests a means to preserve their memories, all the while adding charm and elegance to their room.

Moreover, they are not only stylish but also very versatile. You can get all crafty with them, re-painting them with new colours and creative designs! This beautiful wooden photo frame can be purchased from Flipkart for ₹ 169.00.

Leather Wallet

Wallets far exceed their utilitarian function of holding money and cards, the right wallet is a must-have for every man. A very integral part of a man’s fashion getup, they are indispensable, and although the perfect wallet differs from man to man, what everyone agrees on is they are an important necessity.

Long associated with a man’s status, wallets are useful for storing money, cards, keys, coins and whatnot. Often taken for granted, the effect of a carefully put together stylish outfit can be ruined by a shabby looking wallet, or if the ungainly bulk of a poorly designed wallet is visible through your jacket or trousers.

Leather wallets are the best choice as a gift for the men of your party as nothing looks as elegant as fine-grain leather. Leather is also very durable and comfortable to hold in the hand. Many gifts have certain superstitions associated with them, and a wallet is one such gift. It is customary to give some amount of money as ‘shagun’ in India as it makes this gift very auspicious. This Lee Cooper leather wallet in brown colour is available on Snapdeal for ₹ 500.00.

Don't Forget the Kids at the Party! Return Gifts for the Little Ones

Stationery Goodies Bag

A bag full of fun and learning, what better gift could you ask for a kid? Filled with exciting stuff like crayons, colour pencils, and a full geometry set with lots of other stuff, the best gift is the gift of education. Kids are naturally inquisitive and creative, and giving them the proper tools and direction is a great step towards their success. This is the exact motive of the stationary goodies bag, and therefore it is such a great option if you are looking for a return gift for the young minds.

The complete combo includes water colours, pastel colours, pencil colours, sketch pens, bag, pencil, pen, rubber, sharpener, ruler, stapler and pins, paper clips, stationery pouch, etc. Available on Paytm Mall the colouring and stationery goodies bag costs only ₹ 299.00.

Inflatable Balls

A very exciting and enthralling experience is waiting for the kids with these inflatable balls. Be it a house party, or a beach time chill, these balls make the best companion for the fun times together. The balls are a good 8 inch in size when inflated and come in a pack of 24. They are made up of vinyl – a high-quality material that looks awesome and feels great. These absolutely form the best party favours that your little guests will love to take home with them. A pack of 24 such inflatable balls is available for ₹ 799.00 on Toyshine.

A Cute Goodies Bag for Keeping Chocolates & Candies

These goodies bags from Chocozone are an awesome way to make any child’s face light up with a toothy grin! They can be used to store candies, chocolates and other treats. Coming in a good size, enough for all your kid’s sweets, these bags are designed keeping in mind one of the most favourite things of kids, emojis! We know that your party will be hot and happening, but the kids need a reminder from time to time. What better way than to give them these trending emoji themed bags! These bright coloured goodies bags are exceptionally versatile and can be used at parties as gift bags, treat bags, party favour bags and much more.

So undoubtedly, these are an excellent example of a tasteful return gift that can cheer up the kids too. Kids will love to take home a personal slice of the party with their fun emoji party favour bags. A pack of 50 of these bags costs ₹ 799.00 on Amazon.

Bonus: A Woohoo Gift Card for Guests to Purchase Whatever They Like!

A return gift is a wonderful token of appreciation to thank your guests for gracing the occasion and serves as a memento of your celebration. It is an excellent way to thank your guests for being there to celebrate your happy moments, and for their blessings and love. Sometimes it is difficult to make all your guests happy with the same return gift. So just to solve this problem, what could be a better solution than to let them choose their own return gift!

The Woohoo gift cards are the cherry on the top of the cake and will serve to make your celebration complete. These gift cards can be chosen from a multitude of stores, offering hundreds of brands and zillions of products. Let every guest serve their wishes onto their own plate. This gift card will just be the means to the best gift you can give to your loving guests.

The range of items is immense. Be it apparel, electronics, books, home furnishing, movies, dinner, or salon services, any or all of these can be the gift your attendees receive just at the click of a button. Moreover, you can personalise the gift cards according to your wishes. Add a personal message, share a memorable photo or just mention a funny phrase, you can do it as you like! You can buy these gift cards on Woohoo for a denomination which you like.

Customised Party Favours for the 50th Anniversary Party

Another brilliant way to thank your guests for the time they took for your celebration and were there with you all along. ChocoCraft’s special customised chocolate boxes are the sweetest return gifts for your lovely guests. They are available in all shapes and sizes and can be customised as per your requirement. They have multiple box designs and options are also available for the capacity and size of the box. You can also create the message to be displayed on the box for your guests or choose from the already available messages. Check out these perfect party favours on ChocoCraft.

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Party Favours Are a Key Ingredient for an Anniversary Party

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