Looking for Budget-Friendly Ideas for Return Gifts for Wedding? Here are 12 Options That Would Cater to Your Needs (2020)

Looking for Budget-Friendly Ideas for Return Gifts for Wedding? Here are 12 Options That Would Cater to Your Needs (2020)

It has become a trend these days not to send your guests empty-handed. Have you been looking for relevant gifts that can be given to your guests after the wedding? In this post, we bring you 12 such options, which are just perfect for the occasion!

Return Gifts on Weddings - Expressing Your Thanks!

Here are some reasons why return gifts are important.

  • Token of Appreciation: While some of your guests may have taken special leaves to be a part of your occasion, others might have traveled long distances for the same. Since they have kept aside a day to be a part of your big day, there needs to be some kind of appreciation for the same. These return gifts are the perfect way to show them your love. Additionally, they will appreciate that you took time out from your busy schedule to pick out thoughtful return gifts. The gift need not be too expensive or elaborate. If you are running short of time, you can simply arrange for a beautiful basket with a 'Thank You' note on it.

  • Everyone Will Remember Your Day: If you choose to pick out a showpiece, then your guests will definitely remember your special day when they look at them. This is an excellent way of thanking your loved ones for their presence and gracing the event. Make sure to select the right kind of gifts that can be put to use and are practical. Gifts like picture frames, plants, or showpieces are great choices of return gifts. Every time they look at those gifts, they will be reminded of your special day with some amazing memories.

  • Strengthens Relationships: Ever since the earlier times, gifts have been used among people to build bonds and strengthen relationships. You can make use of this opportunity to thank your loved ones and improve your relationships. The return gift will remind them of some sweet memories that they will cherish.

12 Fantastic Return Gifts for Your Guests

1. Shreeng Gold Silver Plated Brass Bowl Tray Set

Source amazon.in

This Shreeng Gold Plated Brass is an excellent choice of return gift for weddings or anniversaries. This is widely used and popular for storing, serving, or carrying food items. It gives a classy and unique look to the tables and is quite an attractive piece of bowl tray set. You can be guaranteed that this return gift will be loved by one and all. The interesting features with stunning finishing and shine make it a very popular return gift that is apt for weddings or other occasions. The tray set is made using high-quality material, which ensures longevity. Get this stunning product at just a minimal price of Rs. 240 from Amazon.

2. Rose Fragrance Gift Pack

Source cycle.in

This is another amazing idea for a return gift for anniversaries or weddings. The gift package consists of 5 incense sticks, 10 gms of potpourri, 2 aromatic and fragrant rose floating candles, and 5 cones. The price of this stunning rose fragrance gift pack is just Rs. 150. It's one of the most popular return gift options for its lovely fragrance. You can purchase these the pack from cycle.in.

3. Photo Coasters

These photo coasters are personalized and can be designed as per your need. The best part about this photo coaster is that they don't eat into your wedding budget and are quiet on the affordable side. The price is just Rs. 150. This is a great way to show your token of appreciation to your family and loved ones. There is a wide range of options that are available for you to choose from. Design your custom coasters and win the love of your guests. You can book your order on canvaschamp.in.

4. Happie Shopping Wooden Coins Storage Box

Source flipkart.com

This wooden storage box is small yet an attractive design that will surely melt your hearts. The unique wooden carved box can be used for a wide range of uses like storing coins, or other small items. It has a great finishing, and an attractive shine on the wooden box makes it stand apart from the rest. It has a brown shade to it, and it is quite reasonable on the pricey side too - The price for the same is Rs. 167 and is available in a variety of colour options to choose from. It is a perfect return gift suitable for weddings, festivals, or other special occasions. You can purchase it from Flipkart.

5. Paradise Marble Painted Ganesha

Source amazon.in

Lord Ganesha is known as the God of beginnings. Be it a new job or a new relationship, it is believed that Lord Ganesha helps in removing obstacles. Hence, this marble painted Ganesha makes for an excellent return choice of gift for festivals, weddings, or anniversaries. The price of the marble painted Ganesha is Rs. 233 only. The idol is formed with enchanting traditional colours. Besides, the kundans add a pristine look to the idol. The product is available on amazon.in. Lay your hands on this mesmerizing Ganesha and ignite the spark of new relationships.

6. Kalamkari Bangle Box

Source wedtree.in

This Kalamkari Bangle Box is another amazing choice of return gifts apt for festivals, anniversaries, and weddings. The bangle box has a height of 1.5 inches with a diameter of 3 inches. The vibrant colour and design add to the beauty of the bangle box. Additionally, this return gift can be actually put to use and can be a great way to store bangles all in one place. The price of the Kalamkari Bangle Box is quite minimal, which makes it a great choice for return gifts. There are multiple other designs too that you can choose from. It is available for purchase on wedtree.in for Rs. 79 apiece.

7. Minakari - Stainless Steel Aarti Plate

Source wedtree.in

Here is a beautifully carved Minakari aarti plate that makes for a great choice of a return gift. These conventional design aarti plates can be put to use. Besides, these traditional gift items that will be loved by all. The plate looks quite attractive with Minakari designs all over it. The plates are made of stainless steel, which is of top quality. Hence you can be assured of its longevity. Besides, there are stunning floral patterns all over the plate that adds to the beauty of the plate. You can use them as a return gift during weddings, anniversaries, special occasions or festivals. Available for purchase on wedtree.in for Rs. 445.

8. Oxidized Photo Dry Fruit Box Small

Source theoneshop.in

This stunning dry fruit box makes for a perfect return gift for weddings and annivarsaries. The size of the oxidized photo dry fruit box is 6" x 6" which is decent for the price. It has an excellent finishing and shiny luster on the exterior. The price of a beautiful box is just Rs. 189. Moreover, you can order in bulk at great prices.

This dry fruit box can be put to any good use and can be used to store dry fruits or other small items. If you have been looking for a return gift at reasonable pricing, then you should go for this dry fruit box. It’s available for purchase on theoneshop.in.

9. Shubh Shagun Wedding Party Return Gift Potli

Source flipkart.com

This beautiful polt is the most traditional choice of return gift. Usually, potlis are commonly used as return gifts at weddings or other auspicious occasions. They are small in size, yet quite attractive pieces of gifts that your family and friends will love. This stunning potli is priced at Rs. 269; It has a nice pink colour to it though there are nine other colours available. The material of the potli is fine quality silk, and that of the closure is drawstring. This product is definitely worth your money and will be liked by everyone. You can buy it from Flipkart.

10. Agarbatti Stand

Source athulyaa.in

The Agarbatti Stand is another small return gift option that is attractive and pocket-friendly. The price of this decorative agarbatti stand is Rs. 95. It has 6 holders in it and is crafted with marble. Besides, it also has stones adorned all over it, which adds a special appeal to the decorative agarbatti stand. If you wish to purchase a small yet unique return gift that will be loved by your close ones, then this definitely should be your choice. Grab this amazing product on athulyaa.in.

11. Blasta 16 Chocolates Gift Tray

Source snaktime.in

Blasta 16 Chocolates Gift Tray can easily be your go-to option for wedding return gifts as it has the right amount of sweetness and aesthetic appeal. The tray comes with a delicious set of 16 chocolates consisting of flavours like cashew raisin, marzipan, coffee-filled truffle, butterscotch filled truffle, caramel-filled truffle, and many more.

While ordering the chocolate tray, you also get to customize the contents according to your choice or guest preference. You can make your guest feel special with this tray of chocolates as a return gift. The price for Blasta 16 Chocolates Gift Tray is Rs. 700, and you can order it from snaktime.in. Add a "Thank You" card along with this special return gift or you can customize it beautifully for every guest.

Notable Mention: Silver Plated Metal Mug

Source igp.com

This Silver Plated Metal mug will make you the talk of the town for all the best reasons. The silver metal mug has such traditional artistry that anyone will fall in love with it. It is priced at Rs. 1,190, a bit expensive than other options mentioned, but worth spending on for its fascinating appeal. You can give your special guests this beautiful tableware that will remind them of you every time they'll use it. You can order it online in bulk as well. This silver coated metal mug is not much heavy to lift and can be used on any special occasion. Its exquisite detail and beauty make it the perfect wedding return gift. Available for purchase on igp.com.

Tips to Keep the Cost Low

Weddings and family functions are an expensive affair. Besides, the cost of the return gifts can also shoot through the roof if you plan on gifting an elaborate gift. Hence, you can look out for reasonable and budget-friendly gift options that would be useful for your loved ones.

Choose eco-friendly products as return gift options beneficial for the environment; at the same time, you don't have to put a restraint on your pocket. You can also choose cloth bags or similar other items that fit within your budgets and can leave a beautiful impact on all your guests.

In true sense, it is not the price of the gift that displays your love; it is the feeling and thought behind it. Keep your gift option creative. You could also cut down the expenses by writing handwritten 'Thank You' cards on creatively decorated cards. You can buy paper boxes and decorate them beautifully. Along with it, personalize all your gifts accordingly to make your guests feel extra special.

From our editorial team

Return Gifts Have Always Been a Part of the Indian Tradition!

The tradition of return gifts has been practiced all around for the world, and especially India for time immemorial. Ever since the times of kings and queens, there has been a tradition of offering return gifts to people. These gifts were not only for weddings but also used for festivals and other parties. During ancient times, the return gifts used to be quite expensive since it was a way of flaunting their wealth. These return gifts were given as a token of appreciation for their presence on the occasion. This tradition is followed till date and is practiced widely.