Amazing Navratri Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas To Add Luster to Your Navratri Puja Celebrations:   (2019)!

Amazing Navratri Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas To Add Luster to Your Navratri Puja Celebrations: (2019)!

With the festival of Navaratri around the corner, it is time to deck up your house and the mandir. Don't forget to adorn your thali too, after all this is integral to your puja! Our easy Navratri Aarti Thali Decoration ideas will make your thali look pretty that too with readily available items. We even have suggestions of thalis to buy online, so read on for more!

Get to Know About the Significance of Navratri and the Thali

Before you know all about Navratri aarti thali decoration, you should get to know about the significance and rich history behind the celebration of Navratri in India. There are various reasons of celebrating Navratri according to various mythologies. The common theme of Navratri is the battle of good vs evil where in the end, good emerges victorious and it sends out a positive message to all the devotees.

There are seasonal Navratris but the most celebrated one is Sharada Navratri which is celebrated in Shukla Paksh of Hindu Month Ashvin which usually falls in September or October month of Georgian Calendar. Now, that you know most things about Navratri, you can get to know about the various ways in which you can prepare the Puja thali for this festival.

These Wonderful Navratri Aarti Thali Decorations are Worth Trying

Garba Themed Aarti Thali


This Navratri theme thali isn’t for someone who is a total newbie in the art and craft sector. You will need a lot of patience to create and decorate this thali and to be true, it won’t be easy. First of all, you need to create dolls of play dough with dandiya in their hands to represent the theme of Navratri. Don’t forget to dress them up too. Then fill the thali with fake grass and place these dolls on the outermost periphery of the thali facing towards the center. You can leave out on other decorations as you will need some space to keep diya, haldi kumkum box and other Puja items in the thali. Make sure to pick a big thali to create such kind of decorations in it.

Simple Decorated Aarti Thali


Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful ones - like this simple aarti thali decoration idea. This minimalistic thali is everything you would want to make when you have little to no time with you for the preparation of Navratri celebrations. For this, you can start by painting the thali in red or maroon colour. Don’t forget to use the final coating of clear varnish to bring the much-needed shine in the thali. Use a silver theme to decorate the thali. You can use a silver lace to decorate the periphery of the saree and stick it with a glue stick. Further use silver coloured stones to decorate the inner base of the thali. You can choose the design of decoration as per your taste.

Maa Themed Navratri Puja Thali


This Maa themed thali is something which resonates with the theme of Navratri well and you would also get a chance to show off your creativity too. First of all, paint the thali in different colours of white, yellow and red by creating equal triangles out of them. Of course, you can pick a single colour too, but it should be pastel and light enough to strike the further decorations on it. Use black colour to draw the eyes and other features of Maa on it. You can use Betel leaves and flowers for more decorations on the edge of the thali. Pick a bigger thali so that you can enough space to keep other Puja Samagri in it.

Kalash Themed Navratri Puja Thali


We all know the importance of Ghatasthapana on the occasion of first Navratri and this is why decorating aarti thali with the same theme would be a wonderful idea. This Navratri aarti thali decoration here in kalash theme looks traditional as well as appealing. For this, you would have to paint the thali in yellow colour to prepare a solid and popping base for the thali for further decoration.

You can use contrasting colours to create the design of kalash in the thali. Colours like red, green and orange would look really beautiful on yellow backdrop. You can go for other embellishments and other designs but simply drawing a kalash would be enough to bring a unique appeal in the thali.

Beautifully Embellished Navratri Puja Thali


A beautifully embellished aarti thali for Navratri which doesn’t even take much time is something you would want to know about for sure. This is our next recommendation in this list here and you will be needing different coloured and shaped stones for it. First of all, you need to create the base of the thali by sticking a thali sized green velvet paper in it. This colour is perfect to maintain the contrast of various stones on the thali. Use petal-shaped stones of colours like gold, silver, red, yellow, etc. and start decorating from the edge of the thali. Use your creativity and create various looks through these stones on the thali.

Hand Painted Navratri Aarti Thali

While going through some stunning aarti thali decoration pictures we found this hand-painted aarti thali which was really beautiful and very intricate too. If you are into art and craft then you can easily make an aarti thali like this for Navratri. The thali has a red backdrop because of the red paint used. Don’t forget to paint the kumkum and haldi box, Diya and incense stick holder with red colour too and further with clear varnish. You would have to use a pointed brush to draw the designs on the thali which are quite intricate. The use of contrasting colours like blue, green, yellow, etc. brings out the effect of the design really well. You can use embellishments if you want but it might make the thali look quite gaudy.

Swastika Theme Navratri Aarti Thali

This Swastika thali is something you need to see right away. Set on the beautiful backdrop of maroon paint on the thali, it looks traditional as well as quite attractive. Contrary to the complexities it contains, you can decorate the thali this way on your own. As we said, you would have to start by painting the thali maroon followed by clear varnish. Now, use small green stones to create Swastika pattern in the middle of the thali. Once you are done, create a circle around the Swastika with other coloured stones and repeat the same circle on the edge of the thali too. Fill the gap in between the two circles in whichever manner and patterns you want to complete this beautiful thali.

A Few Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas to Try

Aarti Thali Decoration with Flour Dough

Can you imagine Puja aarti thali decoration with a kneaded dough? This idea is surely going to blow your mind. Put your creative side on the front and start by kneading a smooth dough of wheat flour. Take some dough out for the later and then spread the rest of it on the thali to create a base. Mix red colour in the remaining dough and create eyes, nose and other features of Maa Durga through it on the thali. You can also create the diyas through the dough too. This is such a creative idea because once the dough will harden, it will create a wonderful look for the thali and you will get to showcase your skills in front of everyone.

Beads and Zari Decorated Thali


One of the most common decoration ideas for aarti thali is using easily available decorative items and putting them together to create something extraordinary. Items you can easily find online or offline are beads, zari lace and border, gotta border, pearls, kundan, multicoloured stones, etc. These things are available in all shapes and sizes; so you can create your desired design using them with utmost ease. For a quick decoration, you can decorate the edges of the thali with zari border as it will bring a rich look to the thali. Further cover the base of the thali with coloured paper or cloth. Then decorate it with beads and stones to create concentric circles inside. Don’t forget to decorate the diya and kumkum box too.

Decoration with Bandhej Print Cloth or Paper

Bandhej theme is the easiest idea you can incorporate into decorating your aarti thali for Navratri. The best thing about this theme is that bandhej printed clothes and paper are easily available and they are super affordable too. Hence, you won’t have to make extra efforts for this decoration idea. All you have to do is cover the entire thali with Bandhej printed cloth or paper and stick it well using glue sticks. You can use a golden or silver border to decorate the edges of the thali further. You can cover the diya and kumkum haldi boxes from outside to keep the cloth stain proof. You do not need any other form of embellishments when you are using this traditional idea for thali decoration.

Aarti Thali Decoration with Acrylic Colors

For Navratri aarti thali decoration, acrylic colours are the next choice you can make. These colours are easy to use and they are easily available too. All you need is different brushes to paint and draw on the thali by yourself. We would highly recommend you to use colours like golden, red, green, yellow, silver, etc. to bring out the true theme of Navratri through the colours. You can start by painting the thali with golden or red colour. Once it dries out you can coat it with clear varnish to bring shine into it. You can now use different acrylic colours to draw whatever you want on the thali whether it is flower designs or a Durga Maa face.

Go with Flowers and Leaves for Simple Decoration

And finally, the most economic out of all and definitely a recyclable idea is to use flowers and leaves to decorate the thali. This is one way through which you can redecorate the thali into various themes and the flowers and leaves can be used for making compost. You can cover the entire thali with betel leaves as they give out a strong aroma and they look really beautiful too. You don’t need to make much efforts to turn this decoration into permanent solution as the flowers and leaves would start decomposing the very next day. So, just create simple patterns and create one of the most unique thali with eco-friendly decoration.

You Can Buy These Beautiful Decorated Thalis Online Too

Those were the aarti thali decoration ideas and images we curated for you all for some creative DIY process. However, because of some reasons if you are not able to decorate the thali by yourself, then you always have the option to buy one online. And thanks to modernisation, you can easily find pre-decorated aarti thali easily. Here are a bunch of these thalis that we picked for you.

Designer Acrylic Puja Thali


Buy this acrylic haldi kumkum thali set when you need a pretty thali that's simple yet colourful. This thali is perfect for not only Navratri but all the other festivals too like Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. You also get a holder for haldi and kumkum with it too. This beautifully red coloured embellished thali is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs.320.

Meenakari Puja Thali

The next one that we have in this list is this Meenakari Puja Thali which is minimalistic as well as beautiful at the same time. Such kind of thalis are perfect for people who do not want much fuss in their aarti thali with all those gaudy embellishments and stones. You get an incense stick holder, diya, a small bowl for prasad and a kumkum box with this thali too. You can buy it on Snapdeal for Rs.520.

Traditional Hand Painted Puja Thali


If you are into more traditional approach while deciding Navratri aarti thali decoration then you are going to love this hand painted puja thali. Of course, decorating it by yourself is going to take so much time. So, you can instead buy this beautiful metal thali online. This traditional Rajasthani themed aarti thali comes with haldi and kumkum bowl, diya and one more small bowl for prasad. Buy it now on Amazon for Rs.415.

All Purpose Decorated Steel Thali

We got one more thali to recommend that is all decked up. You can use it for all the occasions whether it is for festivals or for weddings or any other purposes. This steel thali is decorated with velvet cloth and pearls embellishments. It comes with all other elements like moli roll, diya and 2 bowls for haldi and kumkum with it. You can buy it on Flipkart for Rs.499.

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Happy Navratri!

We curated the best designs for thali decorations for you. So we hope you pick the one that is easiest for you. Make sure you are well prepared with your decorations for the entire duration of Navratri. Enjoy the auspicious occasion of Navratri with your near and dear ones with all the traditional pomp and show.