Don’t Let Gal Pals Leave the Sangeet or Mehendi Party Empty Handed: 12 Return Gift Ideas for Ladies Sangeet in 2019

Don’t Let Gal Pals Leave the Sangeet or Mehendi Party Empty Handed: 12 Return Gift Ideas for Ladies Sangeet in 2019

The sangeet and mehendi are some of the most looked forward to functions at any Indian wedding. These traditional bridal showers are filled with music, singing, dancing and loads of fun. Send your girlfriends and female relatives home with pretty and interesting return gifts to thank them for being part of your wedding. BP-Guide India brings you a ton of great ideas for wedding return gifts and mehendi themed gifts for guests.

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Sangeet Return Gifts Must Be One of Three Kinds

Keep Them Small

Pre-wedding functions are getting bigger and more glamorous day by day. Your family members will leave no stones unturned to make sure your special day is perfect. And since gifting forms a huge part of the Indian culture, the bride’s and groom’s family tend to give return gifts to the guests as a token of love for attending the function. One such occasion is the sangeet or mehendi function. Give return gifts to your family and friends who attended the function and make the event more fun and memorable for them.

If you’re stressing about what to get as a return gift for your sangeet, don’t worry about it. When you’ve got us in your corner, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas that you can buy for your guests. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you buy the gifts – stick to the budget. Weddings can be inordinately expensive, so if you want to keep a tight rein on the purse strings you should keep your sangeet return gifts small, for example pocket mirrors, bangles etc.

Sangeet Return Gifts Must Be Girly

Keep your sangeet return gifts girly! You don’t have to worry about gifts for men and break your head about what to get them. Sangeet is a function held mostly for all your girlfriends and the female relatives in your family. It’s the time for all the women in your life to get together and have a blast dancing, singing, and partying hard. The only problem you need to worry about is getting a gift that is useful and fun for the girls, so go ahead and get them pretty girly gift items.

The mehendi ceremony is all about colours, traditions, celebrating the upcoming nuptials, and having a lot of fun. Keeping in tune with the ambience of the function, you can choose to give beautiful girly gifts to make your guests feel extraordinary on your special occasion.

Give Fun and Creative Gifts

Make sure your return gift for your sangeet is funny and light-hearted. You want your family and friends to look at it and think back at all the fun times they had at your mehendi function. It could be anything from customised mehendi-themed gifts or a customised travel kit. No matter what it is make sure it’s fun, beautiful, girly and light-hearted.


Athulyaa Gifting Solutions Lakshmi

Mehndi is a ceremony to prepare a woman to enter the next stage of her life - daughter to wife and bahu. We invite friends and family to show the bride a good time. It’s important to honor the guests who took time out to grace the occasion. Return gifts are the best way to express your gratitude—gifts are tangible memories as they remind us this wonderful occasion. Packaging and presentation is important as it shows how much you care to impress your guests and how much you value their presence. More than the gift, sometimes people are more concerned about the packaging. Gifting for mehndi has evolved over the years from just bangles to customised clutches, stoles, bracelets with latkans, ghungroo bangles, lac items like pocket mirrors.

For mehendi and sangeet return gift we recommend:
Ghungroo bangles, latkan bracelets, hathphool and maang tikka sets, bright gota finger rings, clutches, gift boxes, potli bags, embroidered fancy bags, haldi kumkum sets, stoles & dupattas.

Find all these recommendations, and more, on

Creative Invites and Hiring a Good Photographer are Important Details!

Invites to the Sangeet and Mehendi Will Make the Events Special

It's just a bunch of your closest gal pals so a group message on some social media or app, with perhaps a phone call to confirm will do, right? Wrong! Let's get something right ladies, this is one those moments of your wedding that you're going to look back at with the fondest memories, having a physical invite will help you relive them all the better. This is also your chance to go off-track and follow your own creative path. Given as most wedding invitations are on the formal side because they go out to all and sundry, your sangeet or mehendi invite can have your personal stamp.

You already have a guest list prepared to send out wedding invitation cards to, just slip these in as separate add-ons for your special girlfriends. Need ideas for invites? Try Pinterest or browse the internet to get unique and creative ideas.

Zeroing in on the Right Photographer


But even before the invites have been taken care of and sent on their way, it is important you hunt down and book the right photographer. This is not a detail to be trifled with, because all your beautiful wedding memories will waft out of your mind with gleeful abandon unless you have the right person ready to snap them all up for you.

We don't know how to say this without having alarm bells go off in your head, but booking the right photographer has to be done really early on because you may find one whose work you love but their dates aren't available. If you're not sure what you're looking for, start browsing wedding photography and understand what style you'd like; it will help you select a photographer.

Types of Return Gifts Ideal for Ladies Sangeet

Personalised Gifts


Can you think of a better gift than personalised return gifts for your sangeet? Nothing says romantic more than a personalised gift with your wedding date or a gift with your favourite photo on it. If you have the budget for it then people will definitely remember it forever. You can get the item of your choice personalised with your name and your fiancé’s name along with the wedding date. You can get anything you want, from chocolates and candle stands to canvas prints and pillow covers, name it and it’s available. You can take a look at Giftcart’s personalised section to get more ideas on what you want to give your guests.

Cake, Cookies and Flowers

Cakes and flowers will make a beautiful return gift for your sangeet. Flowers are the epitome of romance, and if you throw in a cake to the mix no one will say no to it. A beautiful single stemmed rose and a personalised cupcake with your initials and wedding date on it, and this packaged in a gorgeous yet simple box will have your guests oohing and aahing.

Gift Baskets

A thoughtful gift basket will always pave the way to appreciation from the guests at your sangeet function. Giftcart has some of the finest collection of goodies and treats that will definitely make your guests very happy. You name it and you can have it, from special spa gift basket and Ferrero Rocher and cosmetics hamper to chocolates in handmade tray and nail polish with remover. It’s glamorous and unique return gift option. The price ranges from Rs.999 to Rs.2,899. You can even put them together with select items to fit your budget.

11 Cool and Trendy Return Gift Ideas for Ladies Sangeet

Bangles with Latkans

These pretty banfles with latkans are just the thing to give ladies arriving for the sangeet. Bright, colourful and incredibly festive, they will help guests get in the party mood. These gota bangles come as pairs in a range of colours and sizes and you can specify both while placing the order. Priced at Rs.95 a pair, these are must have for your ceremony. Order them here from

Lac Bangles


Lac bangles are auspicious in many parts of India, and the art of making these bangles is unique to India. This natural resin is even mentioned in the Vedas. They are truly traditional and beautiful, making it a very auspicious gift to give as a return gift for your mehendi ceremony. They are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. The Sukriti Rajasthani Kundan Lac Bangles for Women found in Amazon comes in a set of 2, with beautiful kundan design; you can purchase this set for Rs.440.

Gota Jewellery


Gota jewellery is the new trend that’s doing the rounds these days. Be it bridal attire or wedding decorations, gota is dominating the wedding scene everywhere. If you want to get your guests something unique and functional, then you should get the Gota Jewellery Set Of Jhumki Earrings Ring Maangtika. It’s pink, it’s earrings and it’s beautiful, what more could you ask for as a sangeet return gift option! You can get this gorgeous set on Kraftly for Rs.440.

Traditional Potlis


Have you always wanted a little potlis bag to match with your ethnic outfits? If you give lovely potlis as a return gift to your guests, they will definitely thank you. Fill it with little chocolates or makeup and you’ll make your guests happier with these little treats. The Funkia Women's Traditional Potli can be paired with any ethnic outfit and can easily store a phone, money and essential makeup items. It’s made from premium quality silk with the embellishment of sequin, beads and embroidery. You can purchase this stunning potli on Amazon for Rs.259.

Colourful Dupattas


Colourful, embroidered dupattas are another amazing gift option for you. Indian women can never have enough dupattas in their wardrobe. Choose a variety of dupattas, different colours and designs, that way your guests can pick their favourite dupattas from the lot. Banjara Women's Kutch Work Cotton Dupatta Chakachak comes in different colours and designs, from black and green to magenta violet and tangy orange. You can buy these online on Amazon for Rs.335.



Stylish clutches make an amazing evening-wear accessory, and because of this reason clutches will make a good return gift option for your mehendi ceremony. Small clutches with an embroidered design or beaded design are just perfect, just like the Tassel Decorated Crossbody Bag available on Shein. It’s a beautiful gold, bedazzled clutch with a gold tassel on one side. It also comes with a chain so that it converts into a crossbody too. This stunning clutch is priced at Rs.1,273.

Jewellery Boxes


When you’re thinking of giving a return gift for your sangeet, ensure it’s a useful gift. A jewellery box, big enough to hold earrings and rings will make a functional and pretty gift. To keep with the theme of an Indian mehendi function, you could get your guests an ethnic Homesake Heart Shaped Crystal Jewellery Box. It can be used to store all your trinkets in style; one can even use it to store all the jewellery when travelling. You can get this on Amazon for Rs.399.

Pocket Mirrors


No matter how many pocket mirrors a girl has it’s not enough. You could even go as far to say that mirrors are a girl’s best friend, only after diamonds of course! So, Pink Flamingo Round Beauty Mirror will make a beautiful return gift for your ladies sangeet. These mirrors are absolutely cute, available in many colours, durable, and will fit perfectly in a handbag. You can buy this on Amazon for Rs.209.

Pretty Parandis


Accessories never fail to make a woman feel pretty, especially when they dress up for an event. And the pretty Parandis does just that. You might think that parandis are old-fashioned, but they are definitely making their way back into the fashion scene this year. The bright coloured long tassels is braided into the hair to make it look pretty and make it appear long. The Punjabi Paranda available on Amazon, is handcrafted and designed with extraordinary craftsmanship. You can get these beauties for Rs.247.

Henna Themed Cookies

Make your sangeet more unique and special with henna-themed cookies. They are easily available in the market, and let us tell you it’s very much in vogue these days. Made@home provides exclusive catering services for private and corporate events. You could enlist their help in creating delicious henna-themed cookies as return gift for your mehendi ceremony, your guests will definitely find them mouth-watering and smack them right away. Inquire at your local catering services or look up specialty bakers in your city who can make these for you.

Travel Kit

Women always find it difficult to pack all their toiletry items in one bag when their travelling. It’s always a hassle to try and fit everything in one bag, and it’s such a big trouble to put in different corners of the bag. That’s why the Travel Kit for Woman on the Go will make the perfect return gift for your sangeet. It comes with Herbal Essences shampoo, Herbal Essences conditioner , Dove body wash, Lady speed stick deodorant , vanity pack , cleansing facial wipes, Crest toothpaste, toothbrush, styling comb, twin blade razor, shower poof, nail file, quart size zip top bag in floral print hand bag with wristlet. It’s available on for Rs.1,215.

Every Girl Would Love to Have a ₹500 Gift Card


Give your girlfriends an opportunity to select their own gifts. Give them gift cards to one of the trendiest fashion, accessories, makeup or home stores in your city. There are also gift cards for all the major online shopping websites like Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart. With this gift card you’ll be giving all your guests an opportunity to pick out their own gifts and they’ll love you for doing so. You can purchase any of these cards online.

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Don’t Fret About the Perfect Return Gift

The mehendi and sangeet are both light hearted functions where the bride gets to unwind and have a good time with her friends and family. The last few days leading up to her wedding can be stressful and these functions help her relax as well as prepare her for the big day. Keeping with the theme of the event, return gifts too must be fun, cheerful and pretty. However, don’t get caught up in trying to have everything perfect to the last detail. Plan the gifts well in advance to avoid last minute hassle, and after a point stop fussing about the details. Remember the bigger picture and why you’re having this function in the first place.