15 Easy but Amazing Return Gift Ideas for Adults in India (2018)

15 Easy but Amazing Return Gift Ideas for Adults in India (2018)

Return gifts are a custom in India where guests are gods. A token of our gratitude for them taking their time to join us for the party should be well thought out. This article gives you everything you need to consider before choosing gifts and also few gifts that are would be instant hits.

The Safe Return Gift Options for Adults in India

The tradition of gifting return gifts at parties is a time-honoured one. Giving return gifts is a way of thanking your guests for taking the effort to come and ensuring that they leave with satisfied hearts. In India religion is a vital part of our lives. If your party or gathering is being attended by a lot of people especially people who are elderly, then a safe gift option would be something religious like an idol of a god or goddess, or artefacts with religious motifs and images. Religious gifts give people a feeling of hope and goodwill. A lot of people associate religion with luck and prosperity. Gifting people with objects related to religion is a sure shot way to get their approval.

Handcrafted Gifts

Handicrafts are also a popular return gift choice for a party consisting mostly of adults. India has 29 states and seven union territories. Almost every state in India has a cottage industry producing a unique style of handicrafts particular to that region. There are huge volumes of handicrafts being produced every day in India. Indian handicrafts are famous all over the world for their beauty and distinctiveness. You can find a wide array of handicraft products on the market. There are handcrafted bags, home décor items, jewellery and a ton of other useful things. You can buy them from government emporiums, flea markets and also online. Shopping for handicrafts online will give you access to a variety of different styles of handicrafts from a large number of states. You can also find great bargains when you shop for handicrafts online.

Small Return Gift Items

A return gift should never be big and bulky. They should also be low priced. When you are buying gifts for twenty or so party guests, you should always keep an eye on the budget. A small token is enough to convey your feeling of gratitude to your guests. We have put together a list of suitable gift items. Take a look.

Religious Return Gift Items for Adults

Wall Hanging Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is supposed to be the bringer of wisdom, peace and prosperity. Gift your guests the E-CraftIndia Nine Variants of Lord Ganesha wall hanging to help them invite positive vibes into their home. This beautiful wall hanging is made of bronze coloured metal and measures 22.5 cm x 1.25 cm x 22.5 cm. Buy it for Rs.448 from amazon.in

Makka Madina Wall Clock

Mecca Madina is the religious pilgrimage of the followers of Islam and this beautiful clock with the Engravings of the two famous monuments will make any ardent follower very happy. This artistic piece is made of wood and plastic and costs Rs.132 on batranovelties.com

Buddha Cube Lamp

The square Buddha lamp from Giftcart.com puts a stylish twist on a religious symbol. This uniquely designed lamp has a vibrantly coloured psychedelic print design which becomes visible when the lamp is lit. The printing has been done on a scratch proof laminated surface which makes it extremely durable. Buy it for Rs.999.

Ganesha Rock Slate and Dry Fruits Hamper

If a gift basket with a religious theme is what you are looking for then pick this one from Giftcart.com. This hamper contains a Ganesha idol, a slate printed with the Ganesha mantra and a 100 gm bag of almonds. Buy it for Rs.1,299.

Feng Shui Evil Eye Crystal Pyramid

Introduce your guests to the powers of Feng Shui by gifting your guests the Feng Shui Evil Eye Crystal Pyramid from Giftcart.com. This artistic piece of home accessory keeps the home safe and protected. Buy it for Rs.549.

Precious Handcrafted Return Gifts for Adults

If you have decide on handcrafted items for you return gifts then take a look at the list that we have put together for your convenience.

Miniature Ashoka Pillar

As a resident of India, you must be familiar with the Pillars of Asoka. You must have seen this iconic structure in government seals, currency and legal documents. Buy this unique handcrafted replica of the Asoka Pillar from handicraftsinindia.in. It has been carved out from white wood and finished with a smooth polish. This is an ideal gift to present to your party guests. Buy it for Rs.285.

Wooden Dibby

A Dibby is small wooden container usually used for keeping vermillion powder or Kumkum. This small wooden Dibby from Handicraftsinindia.in has beautiful carvings on the outside and costs Rs.60 a piece. These are perfect if you are looking for pretty and inexpensive return gifts.

Lac Pen and Diary Set

A simple gift like a diary and pen gets new life in this beautifully decorated set. Decorated with beads, mirror and lacquer, this diary is not only a useful daily item but will also add to the beauty of any desk on which it’s placed. Buy it for Rs.225 at handicraftsinindia.in

Handcrafted Wooden Coaster

One can never have enough coasters, and when you have coasters as cute as these owl shaped ones, people at home will never again need to be reminded to use one. So gift these quaint wooden owl shaped coaster set to your dear guests. This set of four coasters comes with a holder and costs Rs.299 on theexoticrafts.com

Block Printed Duppatas

A block printed dupatta is one gift that your female guests will greatly appreciate. This beautiful cotton block printed and shibori tie and dye dupatta from Itokri.com can be worn as a stole as well. Buy it for Rs.395.

Small Return Gift Items for Showing Regards to Adults

As we have said before, return gifts need not be big or extravagant. There are plenty of small inexpensive aesthetically pleasing items which make great return gifts. We have curated a special list of a few such items.

Bangle Box

Bangles are one of the most difficult jewellery to store. But with this fabric covered bangle box from theoneshop.in storing away your bangles neatly will be easier than ever. The box has a beautiful design motif on the outside and costs Rs.99.

Crystal T-Lights

If you want to gift your guests with a small gift which creates a big impact then go for the Crystal Flower Tea lights from Theoneshop.in. These beautiful lights are bejewelled with crystals which make them shine and sparkle in the dark. A set of two candles cost Rs.79.

Fibre Jali Thali

A tray can be used for keeping a variety of things and this beautiful fibre tray with jail work from theoneshop.in is not only useful but also looks great on a tabletop. You can use it to keep your keys, for arranging fruit or on top of your dresser. Buy it for Rs.99.

Floating Diyas

It’s common to gift diyas or lamps for the occasion of Diwali. Giving your guests a diya as a return gift would be appropriate for occasions like these. This beautiful white metal diya has brightly coloured Kundan work. The inlaid stones make the lamp shine brighter when it’s lit. Buy it for Rs.85 at theoneshop.in

Heart Shape Kumkum Haldi

If you want to stick to traditional gifts then this heart shaped tray with two bowls would be a great choice. This set can be used in the Puja room for carrying essentials like vermillion, turmeric and sandalwood paste. Great for use in rituals and festivals, this set is made of white metal and costs Rs.75 on theoneshop.in

Your Return Gift Must Show Respect Towards Adults

When you are having a social gathering in your home your guests will comprise of people of various ages. In our culture, we always aim to respect our elders. This must be kept in mind while choosing return gifts as well. When there are elderly guests present, it becomes essential to pick gifts which convey your respect for them. Things like religious idols, puja accessories, traditional handicrafts etc. are things which are appreciated by elders. Pick such gifts to make your elders happy and receive their blessings.

From our editorial team

Don't forget the budget!

It's very easy to be carried away when purchasing gifts. So you need to be careful when you choose return gifts. Fix a budget and the number of items you are going to buy. Enquire as to the availability of any wholesale stores or wholesale online stores which will bring down your budget. Also, if possible get multiple gifts aiming at different age groups. This will be a hit among the guests and they will appreciate the pain you have gone through to choose the return gift. Even if the gifts do not go well with a small portion of the guests, don't worry!! You cannot satisfy everyone at the same time.