10 Ideas for a Beautiful Gift for Boyfriend and 4 Small but Important Things to Note When Giving Him Something (2019)

10 Ideas for a Beautiful Gift for Boyfriend and 4 Small but Important Things to Note When Giving Him Something (2019)

Gifts are a sure way to cement your relationship. It may be a cube mini lamp with beautiful memories. Or maybe a handmade gift, made with all your love. Loving it already? We have 10 unique gifts perfect for all occasions for your inspiration. We also added 4 important tips to make this a fun task for you.

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Finding Something Special for Your Boyfriend is Not an Easy Task

Boys are simple. But there is a complexity in their simplicity which can be visible while buying a gift for him. As he is the person who matters the most in your life, there is a pressure while choosing the right gift for him. It is overwhelming and stressful at the same time. Taking advice is not always helpful, but by thinking a little deeper, you can reach your goal of buying an item that will make him the happiest person in the world.

Tips to Buy the Ideal Gift for Him

You often get confused while buying something for your loved ones. But with a few tips, you will get a clear idea of how to buy something worthy and amazing gift for your boyfriend. To get rid of that confusion, try these simple steps which can be helpful for you during your shopping.

Buy Something that Represents the Occasion

Consider the importance of the event and think accordingly. If you choose to do a picnic on his birthday that may sound weird. It should be a movie date or a candlelight dinner, a sweet perfume or something nostalgic. It is also important to know that besides the memorable days like birthday or anniversary, gifting can be at any time without any particular occasion. The moment matters more than the size or value of the gift.

Choose an Experience or Something that Brings Back a Sweet Memory

Memories can be called the ‘sweet reminiscences’ and remembering a fresh memory from the past with your boyfriend will definitely boost your relationship into a new level. Buy a ticket to your favourite high school play, rent a paddle boat like you used to ride before, or tour your hometown like your early dates. Anything that both of you might have enjoyed together will give you the ultimate experience of joy and happiness. Surely this can be an exclusive gift for your boyfriend.

Think about His Preference or Need: Romantic vs Practical Gift

Try to avoid novelty gifts if your boyfriend is a passionate person. A box of love letters to open on the right moment in future which has your personal thoughts and encouragements, a love potion cocktail kit which is a magical elixir, or a boudoir book can be a priceless gift for your boyfriend on any occasion, or even if you want to surprise him sometime.

Make Something for Him Yourself

Nothing is better than a cute handmade gift that shows your love for the person and the effort you put in towards your relationship. A pop-up photo box, a love candle jar with his initials, an embroidered pillowcase, or an envelope pillow cover with a secret love note are some of the sweet gift ideas which you can make by yourself and make him the happiest person.

10 Ideas for a Beautiful Gift for Boyfriend 2019

Cubelit Mini Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

The cube mini lamp is a unique gift that is sure to light up the love of your life, every time he sees this special lamp at his nightstand. It is a cute personalized photo lamp that radiates five of your best memories. The pictures are your choice but make sure it is of high quality. This lamp has a beautiful glow with plug and play facility. The dimensions are 10.2 x 10.2 x 10.2 m and the weight is about 499 grams. This gift will be one of the best memorable treasures for your boyfriend in the coming years. The price of the item is Rs.999 with free delivery at Amazon.

An Air Fryer Cookbook

Source www.amazon.in

Air fryer can be one of the most comfortable gadgets that your boyfriend uses for healthy and delicious recipes. He can easily make his favourite healthy food in no time. Just a tablespoon or less oil is needed to fry the food. This air fryer is one of the best options for a quick cooking. However, what are you to do if he knows all this and already has one?

After the initial enthusiasm, how often does he use that air fryer, and is he a one dish wonder? Save him with a cookbook specially designed around air fryers, one that includes smart tips, hints and new 30 minute delicious meals. The product dimension is 20.3 x 20.3 x 1.3 cm, and the weight is 635 gm. The price for this air fryer cookbook is Rs.4,377 and delivered for free via Amazon.

Unique Message Box

Surprise the special person in your life with this funky bucket of messages. It has scrolls of little love notes that you might want to tell him often. This package inevitably brings magic into your lives as it provides you with a hundred ways to say how much you love him. It is a tin bucket with paper srolls with printed messages. The dimension is 6 inches x 5.8 inches, and the weight of this box is 500 gm. The message cannot be customized, but you can write and add more if you wish. ‘A hundred Reasons I Love You’ is available at the price of Rs.799 at Exciting Lives.

A Smart Backpack

A backpack is an essential element in today’s fast world, and if it can hold different gadgets, it can be the coolest gift for a guy. The backpack has a gap for the headphone, USB charging area and two essential compartments. It comes with anti-theft facility and is secured with the means of a password. The size of the backpack is 11 inches, and it comes in various colours like dark grey, navy blue, black and purple. The price of the backpack is Rs.1388, and it comes with free shipping facility from Amazon.

Earphone Sunglasses

If your boyfriend loves sports, the cool sunglass with Bluetooth earphone will make his day a special one. It is a high-quality sports sunglass which has Bluetooth and with a transmission range of 10 meters. It is multi-functional with music, voice control and multi-point connection. It maintains a 4.1 Bluetooth protocol and has a stereo channel. The sunglass from ClubFactory comes with a glasses cloth, USB data line etc. The specifications of this gadget is 2.4 GHz operating frequency, Bluetooth V4.1 with standard music support. It can play music for eight long hours, and support calls with its microphone for 4 hours. It supports Chinese and English, and the language can be customised too. It has a built-in lithium battery 180 MAH and the headphone talk time is 6 hours and the standby time is 150 hours. The price of the sunglass is Rs. 790, and it comes in two colours – yellow and black.

Personalised Coffee Mug

Source www.amazon.in

Nothing is more romantic and beautiful than a gift with a personalised name or message on it. This coffee mug is something that can be given on any occasion or even when you want to surprise your boyfriend. The mug can hold 11 oz of his favourite drink both hot and cold. It is dishwasher safe and made of non-toxic, BPA free, environment-friendly material. It is reusable and odour-free too. This multi-colour ceramic mug has a high-quality sublimation digital printing which is long lasting and durable. It has a premium and smooth gloss finishing and comes to you in safe packaging. The price is Rs.399 with a minimum delivery charge. You can get this beautiful mug at Amazon.

Sipper Water Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

Is your boyfriend a fitness freak or a travel junkie? Alternatively, maybe he is just a professional with a 9-5 job. This bottle is a useful gift for anyone who works at office or love to travel anywhere from trekking to hiking or even just to the gym door. This unique stainless steel, easy to carry sipper bottle is a beautiful gift which looks great and is useful too. The steel material is safe for health to use and it is of 600ml capacity. This bottle comes at a very reasonable price of Rs.499, and with no delivery charge. Get it from Amazon while it is in stock.

Simple DIY Gift: A Beautiful Display

Think how much exciting it will be if you make something on your own and surprise your boyfriend? To see a big and bright smile on his face when he sees your creative side the effort that you undoubtedly put into the gift To make a DIY gift you need not spend much money. A handmade gift is always priceless, and it shows the love and dedication towards the person as well as the relationship. Here is a beautiful gift idea which you can easily make for your boyfriend without buying many expensive accessories.

DIY Gift for Your Boyfriend:

What you need:
  • Glass case
  • Pebbles
  • Fake flowers
  • Two tea-light candle or small LED bulb

How to make it:
  • Place the glass case securely on a wooden base or keep it as it is.
  • Put the beautiful fake flowers inside as per your choice.
  • Keep the picture of both of you in the middle.
  • Place the tea-lights in both side of the picture and you are done.

Park Avenue Gift Set

Source www.amazon.in

A practical gift with a touch of elegance is always a good choice for gifting something to your loved ones. A quality product which you can easily buy without thinking twice. Park Avenue luxury grooming collection from Amazon is a smart choice as this gift is both economical and sophisticated.

The kit contains travel-friendly stuff, something that your boyfriend can regularly use. It has Park Avenue deodorant, shave cream, talc, soap, after shave lotion, shave brush and apache razor. It fits the budget nicely if you are hoping for some great items which are pocket-friendly. The price for this is Rs.513 including free delivery, and the net weight is 1.04 kg. This kit is ideal for all occasions as it addresses all the grooming needs. The masculine fragrance, perfect shave and fresh look from this kit will start the day of your boyfriend in a new and happy way.

Stylish Combo Set

Source www.amazon.in

There is hardly any man who can go out without shades, belt, watch and a wallet. This stylish combo pack contains a Fastrack sporty watch, a leather belt, a leather wallet and an aviator sunglass. The men’s wallet has three credit card slots, one coin pocket and two currency pockets and one window pocket for passport photos, driver’s license etc. to make it easily accessible. The wristband is made from a high-quality material which makes for a comfortable wear. The price for the gift set is Rs.525 with a free delivery offer at Amazon.

A Beautiful Gift for Your Boyfriend Can Boost Your Relationship

Gifts have always been an indispensable aspect of life, and it develops a healthy relationship apart from being a simple gesture. It shows affection for your partner and devotion towards your relationship. The time you spend in choosing the gift according to your partner’s personality and preference becomes special; More than how large or expensive the gift is. With all the tips picking something for your boyfriend is no longer a chore but it brings happiness and pleasure for you and your better half.

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A Gifts is a Wonderful Way to Express Yourself

Gifts are a beautiful way to express yourself in a relationship. It might be any occasion, be it a festival or birthday or anniversary. Or it can be even a surprise gift to lift him up when he is down. Buying a beautiful for your boyfriend need not be a big burden. While you might stumble in the beginning, as days go, you will understand the nuances of gifting. But do remember that every occasion has its own gifts. Choose relevant gifts for each occasion. If you are confused, you can always go for a handmade gift. There is nothing more romantic than a handmade gift. Put all your feelings in actions with a handmade gift or a personalized gift.