Gives Clients and Employees Unique Gifts for New Year or Diwali This Year. Choose from 10 Impressive Corporate Gifts in Delhi (2019)

Gives Clients and Employees Unique Gifts for New Year or Diwali This Year. Choose from 10 Impressive Corporate Gifts in Delhi (2019)

Want to source corporate gifts locally this year? There is such a variety if interesting offerings in Delhi that even the most hopeful will be surprised. However, combing through what's available and what will impress customers, suppliers and employees alike can be quite a challenge. So here's a little help with choosing what to give and a wide range of gift suggestions that will fit any budget.

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A Look into the Corporate Gifting Trend

The corporate gifting trend is not something new that has recently evolved over the past few years. Big and small business houses have always been gifting gifts to their clients, employees, business partners and associates in order to spread good will, to motivate employees, as a gesture of gratitude and to maintain cordial relations. It is a wonderful gesture which helps you convey thanks, respect, camaraderie and also helps to pave the way to future success in the workspace. There are many companies in Delhi designing bespoke gifts, tailored to your individual requirements.

Gifting as a Means to Show Appreciation


Regardless of the gender and age, everyone loves a good gift. It makes them feel special, connected and cared for. Corporate gifting makes your seniors and juniors more approachable and connected. Gifting today is not limited to festivities or special occasions. Large corporate houses are investing in lovely gifts for their employees on the completion of a project, to motivate, appreciating someone’s work and even for employee’s families.

Today, companies are putting in an extra effort for the presentation too. A presentation can be in the form of a nice gift wrapper which helps to set a nice tone in the recipient’s mind. A wrong or ordinary presentation can take away the effort and time you invested in the gift. The final product needs to be executed beautifully to make it look like a gift.

What Makes a Corporate Gift More Complicated Than Personal Ones?

A corporate gift is far more complicated than selecting a gift for someone at a personal level, because you have no idea of their likes and dislikes. When you select something for your relatives and friends, at least you have a vague idea of what they might be interested in. While gifting at a personal level, you also try and give something that will match the expectations of the recipient. But when it comes to corporate gifting, you have to realize that gifting something just because you have to fill in the blanks. Given this challenge you have to take care in what you choose, else you will end up wasting time, money and effort.

When you invest well in corporate gifting, you are appreciating the efforts and presence of the most important resources of your company. Since many companies are gifting corporate gifts to each other these days, you have to take care to make yours a little more special.

What Makes a Corporate Gift More Special?

There are a few ways in which you can make your corporate gifts special and different from the rest. There are some people who just instruct their staff to buy something in bulk and have it delivered to their clients or employees as corporate gifts. Such gifts lack the personal touch and warmth and the recipients might easily shove it down the bin or pass it over, if they are not impressed with it. When you wrap a gift in a shoddily manner, you not only bring down your company image but also downsize the value of the gift. Presentation has a lot of power and can even uplift an average gift. Here is how you can ensure that your gift is well received.

Include a Personalised Message

A gift becomes more special if it contains a personalised message for your clients, employees or partners. If you have the time, then do try and write a short message for each one on a personal level and stick it on your gift. Else, you could just draft your words and get them printed for all the gifts.

Customised Logos and Prints

It is a corporate gift, it should have your company logo or name to make it more special. There are many companies in Delhi offering the option of customising the gift with your logo or name. You can choose to have your company printed wrapping papers too if you do not want the gift to have your logo or name.

Engraved Texts or Logos

You can also get your logo or name engraved on certain gifts with laser. Some companies offer this option of getting the company name or logo engraved on a pen, desktop stationary, bags or any such items. A laser engraving is forever and will always remind the recipient of your gesture.

Beautiful Packing and Presentation

Ensure that your gift is packed neatly and beautifully. Remember that it is a representative of your signature, company’s image and reputation and so it is even more important that you do not compromise on the presentation at any cost.

10 Great Corporate Gift Ideas in Delhi

Here is what we have picked for you from various ecommerce websites selling corporate gifts in Delhi. Choose your pick.

Well Designed Travel Kit

A low budget and a huge list for corporate gifting? Worry not! We have chosen this smart travel accessory that will be of utmost use to your corporates. We all keep running out of travel kits and there is always one on our shopping list. This kit is designed to fit in all your grooming needs while travelling. It is spacious enough to accommodate all your shaving accessories and basic toiletries. The exterior and interior lining of the kit is fabricated from a spill-proof material to protect your luggage in case of spills. Grab this one for Rs.395 from

Customised Office Bag

Get these smart office bags for your employees and clients which can fit in all their office essentials including a laptop easily. This bag is available at for Rs.500. The website offers the option of customizing your company logo. The logo is embroidered and the design team takes your approval with the design once you upload your logo on the website. They have also given wash/care suggestions and have advised to machine wash or hand wash the bag separately in cold water.

Folding Table Clock

If you have a low budget and yet want to gift something useful to your employees, then get these stylish table clocks from This clock will ensure that they are never late in their targets and deadlines Priced at just Rs.82 a piece, you will have to order a minimum quantity of 120 pieces. The clock features a classic analog design and a unique folding function. You can also access its snooze alarm function. It is available in four vibrant colors and it can be easily folded and kept away when not in use. This watch also has ample branding space and it comes with batteries included.

Car Mount for Phone

Everyone needs an efficient car mount in their cars today for their smart phones. These mounts are very practical when you need to receive calls or navigate GPRS while driving. has plenty of corporate gifts, of which includes this stylish car mount for phones. This one is a high quality magnetic car mount is ideal for flat surfaces or windshields of your care. It is easily compatible with major smart phone brands. The mount comes with a 5-inch gooseneck arm which can be set in various angles. The base has a strong suction and does not fall out even in rough terrains. The powerful suction mount is also easy to remove and reusable. Grab this one for Rs.575 per piece.

Bluetooth Speaker and Alarm Clock


This Sublime III Bluetooth Speaker and Alarm Clock can be purchased from for a price of Rs.2,960. This speaker is equipped with an AUX Input, BT, FM USB, Alarm SD Card. A cute and very small digital device, this one will be most appreciated by your employees. This product does not offer cash on delivery option but there is no minimum units requirement. You can now connect your songs and listen to them on the go.

Laser Printed Praline Chocolates


Appreciate your employees or motivate them with this box of goodies. You can never go wrong with chocolates and whenever you cannot decide on the perfect corporate gift, this one will be just apt. Grab this one for Rs.899 from The box has 20 praline chocolates. The box contains a very appealing gold colored laser print on top. The box is a ready to gift item.

Ganesh Idol

Bestow good luck and wishes to your employees before they begin an important project or wish them for Diwali with this beautiful Pagri Ganesh idol. Priced at Rs.159, this one can be bought from

Multi-Function Clip Holder

A multi-function clip holder is the need of the house today. For all those employees who are in 9 to 5 desk jobs, this clip holder can come very handy. Priced at Rs.450, this one can be got from This clip holder can clip on to any furniture and is extremely convenient to hold your cup of coffee or drink. It is a very smart accessory to own in the office. Not only drinks, this holder can also hold keys, stationary and mobile.

The best part is that the holder has a small hole at the bottom which can let your charging cable to pass through, thereby acting like your perfect mobile holder. This ABS plastic holder is also very useful as it can prevent accidental spills on your desk. It can fit on tables up to 1.75 inches thick. It is also very easy to use and carry.

Box of Dry Fruit

Who doesn’t love dry fruits? One of the most popular corporate gifting item, this one is always appreciated. has plenty of dry fruit boxes for corporate gifting. This one is priced at Rs.325 for a 200 gm box. The box contains 50 gm of Californian almonds, 50 gm of cashew, 50 gm of salted pistachio and 50 gm of raisins. You have to order a minimum quantity of 100 units to avail these. The alluring box has a pretty design which makes it gift ready. The website offers the option of customizing your logo and gift wrapping on an additional cost.

Smart Water Bottle

A water bottle which does not leak and also looks smart and sleek is most required by office going people. Gift this trendy and smart water bottle from This bottle has a capacity of 800 ml and is priced at Rs.830. From the brand H2O, this stainless steel vacuum bottle can retain the temperature for upto 8 hours and you can take hot coffee and drinks in this bottle too. This sleek bottle can fit easily in the side pockets of your office bag.

Why You Should Give a Bespoke Corporate Gift

A bespoke corporate gift helps you convey the message that you hold the receiver in high esteem. Gifts are powerful business tools and you can use them to connect with your employees better, deepen your relationships and even convey your gratitude for working with them in the past. Corporate gifts need to be personalised when you want to lay emphasis on the occasion or an accomplishment. A bespoke corporate gifts also helps to enhance your relationships and in a subtle way, helps to pave the way for future business deals and mutual agreements.

When to Gift Your Employees and Business Partners?

If you are confused about when to gift your employees and business partners then you will have to prioritize certain occasions and festivals because these can be many and you cannot be gifting on every such occasion in a year. Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Birthdays, milestones achieved, company anniversary, etc. are some of the occasions when a special effort from your side can make the associates, clients and employees feel special, honored and connected. You can also distribute some gifts before the initiation of an important project as a gesture to motivate your employees.

So choose from any of the above mentioned corporate gifts available in Delhi for your clients this year and spread good and happiness in your office spaces.

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Advance and bulk orders can help you save cash

Whether it's for an upcoming festival, event or you routinely have to give our corporate gifts, a little early planning never hurt anyone. Placing your order well in time gives you a chance to look around for the most competitive price for the chosen product, and if you place a bulk order, it's easier to coax sellers into bringing down the price. Receiving your stock of gifts early has another plus as it leaves room to deal with exchanges and faulty shipments.