Have You Ever Thought of Creating Your Decorations and Adding Your Personality to Your Home(2021)? DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas and Crafts that You can Indulge in and Create Interesting Decor Items for Your Home This Diwali.

Have You Ever Thought of Creating Your Decorations and Adding Your Personality to Your Home(2021)? DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas and Crafts that You can Indulge in and Create Interesting Decor Items for Your Home This Diwali.

You might be thinking that you have enough time on your hands to get things ready for Diwali, but do you really? Take it from us; the days will fly by before you know it and you will be wondering why you did not seize this exact moment to get your home ready for Diwali. These traditional Diwali decorations don’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. In fact, there are a lot of quick DIY Diwali decoration ideas and it’s simple.

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What is the Significance of Diyas on Diwali

Diyas are always associated with Diwali and the sheer excitement to buy different types of diyas during the festive season is evident amongst us all. Although, the urbanization has taken a few good things from us with Diya being one of them which is nowadays replaced by the Chinese lights. However, the trend of having colourful diyas is coming back with leaps and bounces. Not just diyas look beautiful there significance on the day of Diwali is unmatched. Diya is the symbol of light over darkness and goodness over evil.

Tips to Consider before Buying Diyas

Let us share a few tips for buying Diyas this Diwali to make the festival even more special for you.

Should Be Made from Non-Toxic Material

Earthen diyas are for sure safe as they are made from mud. However, nowadays diya decoration has become a trend and folks like to buy painted a designer diyas. While buying designer diyas, make sure that the paint or material used in decorating it is not toxic. Go for the diyas that are decorated and painted with organic colours. As the trend of everything organic is on the rise with people becoming more conscious of their choices, you will easily find pop-up shops this season selling organic diyas and rangoli colours.

Paying Too High for Coloured Diyas is Not a Good Idea

At the end of the day once you light the diya the underlying colours and design are faded in the light. Buying super-expensive designer diyas just for one day can be avoided unless you are buying it for making rangoli or decorating a corner in the house without lighting the diyas. You can simply buy the normal diyas for lighting on Diwali and the designer diyas for decoration without lighting them rather than spending a lot on designer diyas only.

Buy from the Roadside Vendors

Diwali is one such festival that gives temporary jobs to many across India. We can help them to earn a living by buying diyas on Diwali from them without bargaining too much. Even if you are looking to buy the designer diyas, the normal earthen diyas can be bought from the roadside vendors. As we celebrate the festival of light, let us also make someone else’s festival happier and better.

Buy a Few Covered Earthen Lamps As Well

We all have that sour memory of Diwali when you spend hours arranging and lighting the diyas and just one dash of breeze puts everything off. To avoid that disappointment, it is always better to buy a few diyas that are covered. There are so many types of covered diyas available nowadays.

Diya Decoration Ideas to Try This Festival

Before going on a shopping spree this festival, let us share diwali diya decoration ideas and crafts to try out this festival.

Floating Diyas

Floating diyas have been intend for quite some time now attracting us all every season. Floating diyas are easily available in the market and look very beautiful during the festival. However, you can also make this diyas at home thus saving and making your Diwali even brighter. You need very basic materials like Glitter foam sheet, Glue, tealight candle, scissor and a small mirror. Make a few basic flower designs on the foam along with the circle and cut it out. Then stick a tea light candle on the top of the foam flower and place it on the circle. Decorate with the glitters, mirrors and kundan and your floating diyas are ready for the festival.

Sparkle and Glitter Diyas

Festivals are all about glitters, lights and sparkles and what could be better than celebrating this Diwali with the sparkle and glitters. There are different types of glitter diyas available in the market that you can purchase from. Moreover, sparkle and glitter diyas are also used for decorating rangolis adding to the colour and festivities. In fact, diya rangolis have become quite popular and looks beautiful. You can buy diyas decorated with different colours of sparkles and splash colours for the festival light.

Hanging Earthen Lamps

Talk about adding a vintage flair to your festival and the first idea that comes to mind is hanging earthen lamps. With each year we come across new designs and decorations in the market and a different variety of hanging lamps. These lamps add to the beauty of your porch, garden and outdoor. Moreover, you do not restrict the available space for the kids and the pets by putting excessive diyas on the floors. Hanging diyas usually are covered and therefore the flame lasts longer without getting extinguished even in the windy weather. Buy some of these beautiful and safe hanging earthen lamps this Diwali adding variety to your decoration.

Diya Rangoli with Diya Shells

Collecting shells is a hobby that many of us enjoy while walking on the beach. But little did we know that we can add to the beauty of these shells by making shell diyas. What is even more exciting is the fact that you can DIY these shell diyas by pouring the wax and fixing a wick in the open part of the shell. Alternatively, you can also put the tea light candles in the diya shell and light them. Shells are also used in decorating rangolis and look beautiful when added systematically to the entire decoration. The unique shell diya idea is both budget-friendly and looks beautiful.

Tea Light Diya in Shot Glasses

Yet another easy yet distinctive idea for Diwali diya decoration is putting the tea light diyas in the shot glasses. This diya decoration looks beautiful when placed in the dining area, balcony or coffee table. Usually, we hesitate to put diyas on the tabletops or inside the house to avoid any accidents. However, putting the diya inside the shot glass not only looks beautiful but is also safe if you want to decorate inside the house. Get a bit more creative and buy different shades of shot glasses to put the tea light diyas.

Candle Stand with the CDs for Diyas

Now, this is one of the Diwali diya making ideas that also include recycling of the old stuff at home and putting it to creative use. Take two logs of wood and colour it well. Now add a bit of artistry to it or alternatively you can buy designer wooden logs available in the market. Make small cuts to fit the CDs well in those logs so that it does not fall due to the weight of diyas. Do not forget to decorate the CDs the same as the wooden logs to enhance the décor.

Diyas in Bangle Towers

Colourful bangles are naturally beautiful and therefore make a perfect decoration prop on the auspicious day of Diwali. Moreover, this Diwali decoration idea is also very easy not taking more than 10-15 minutes to complete the entire décor. All you need is a bundle of colourful bangles and tea light diyas. Make sure that the bangles are of different colours so that either you can make a rainbow tower or just single shades towers. Take fevicol or any other glue available at home and stack one bangle over the other to form a tower. Now lite the tealight candles and put the stacked bangles around it. You will see the colours of the bangles reflecting as the diya remains inside. Not only the decoration looks unique and beautiful but also wind does not spoil your decoration.

Pebble Stone or Rocky Diya Stand

Want to give a bit of organic touch to your Diwali decoration this year – then pebble stone diyas are your perfect pick. Pebbles would easily be available in gift and souvenir shops. Moreover, you can also find them in the store where feng-shui or Vaastu items are available. If you are a pebble collector then you are sorted and just need to buy diyas according to your choice. Now, you can either keep the pebbles in their original form or colour them out. However, we like natural pebbles and coloured diyas better making the entire decoration subtle but beautiful. Stack the pebbles one over the other with the help of glue or any adhesive you have at home. Make sure that you stick the diya on the topmost flattish pebble with the help of the glue. Now to stack one over the other, your bottom and topmost pebbles should be flat. Once all the pebbles are balanced well, light the diyas and put on the terrace, garden, stairs etc.

Paper Lotus Diya

Lotus is not just a beautiful flower but also has religious significance. However, we bring you the decoration idea which would not need you to wander in search of lotus. Moreover, if you want to engage your kids in creativity this Diwali, then paper lotus diyas are one of the best activities to do so. Now take red colour paper and cut in the shape of lotus petals. In the centre of the flower, put a small flower cut out from white paper. Take tea light candle holders and stick it in the centre of the flower. If you want to decorate it with the sparkles and beads, do those as well and your beautiful lotus diyas are all set to take the Diwali decoration a notch up.

Painted Flower Diya

Yet another fun activity for the kids, we are sure you will enjoy doing this Diwali décor at your home. You would need flower petals of different colours, diyas and acrylic colour. Make sure that you buy those earthen diyas from the local vendors because the colours look more vibrant on these diyas. Make rangoli with the petals of the flowers and then match the colour of the flower petals to the colour you are using to paint the diyas. Put the diyas around the floral rangoli. Moreover, you can also make the entire rangoli from these diyas in different corners of the house.

Must Have Items During Diwali Puja

So here are the bunch of diwali diya decoration ideas at home that we think you would love to try. However, the festival also requires you to buy various other essentials for performing Ganesh Lakshmi puja at home. Let us do a quick checklist for you for the Diwali essentials thereby saving your time and letting you enjoy the festival even more.


Starting from the auspicious festival of Dussehra to Diwali, sweets keep on pouring into every household. It goes without saying that sweets make the festivals even sweeter. However, the significance of sweets is beyond just savouring the taste during the festivals. Sweets or mithai are used as an offering (bhog) to the god showing our gratitude towards the supreme creator. Going back to our traditions, pooja without bhog is not recommended. You can either buy sweets from the market or make different types of sweets at home. Make sure that you have a box of sweets when starting with Ganesh-Lakshmi pooja during Diwali.

Ganesh Lakshmi Idol

Hindus across the world worship Ganesh and Lakshmi during Diwali. While Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of fortune and wealth, Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the remover of obstacles. Right after the pooja, kids in the house open their books and study a chapter or two near the temple to get the blessings of the gods and continue their studies free from the obstacles. A new idol of Ganesh and Lakshmi is preferred every year and prayer is done by the families to begin the Diwali celebrations.

Marble Puja Thali

Diwali is all about creativity, culture, art and celebration and that is why we recommend ditching the ordinary pooja thali this festival. You can buy hand crafted Diwali Marble pooja thalis to make the festival even more specials and have the heritage feel uplifting the décor for the day.

Flowers and Dhoop

Just like the sweets, Ganesh-Lakshmi idol and pooja thali, flowers and dhoop are also essential for performing the puja on Diwali. Make sure that you buy fresh flowers on yellow and white colour on the Diwali for offering it to the gods.

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Enjoy with Lest Fortunate

On Diwali, you spend a lot to give gifts to one another, you can make some of the above gifts and give it to your friends and families. This will save you money for Diwali's other expenses. You people can also enjoy the joy of this festival by helping the poor. In this way, you will get to know what God has given you and you will seek blessings also.