Pondering Over What's the Perfect Gift for Diwali 2020? Well We Have it Sorted Out for You. Checkout These Silver Diwali Gifts to Begin With.

Pondering Over What's the Perfect Gift for Diwali 2020? Well We Have it Sorted Out for You. Checkout These Silver Diwali Gifts to Begin With.

Selecting the best Diwali gift is very difficult. But wait, we got the best idea for this year's Diwali gifts and what's more, these gifts are made of silver. Checkout the article for special silver Diwali gifts for your special ones for this special year.

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Gifting Something Special This Diwali

Diwali is a perfect festive season to share happiness with lights and gifts. Fun unboxing this festival brings the distanced family members in a single place to worship Gods and play the firecrackers. If you cannot be with your family this Diwali, you can send your love in the form of gifts. This article has curated Silver Diwali gifts that you can opt for your loved ones this Diwali.

Dhanteras and the Importance of Silver in Diwali

Diwali is a five-day-long festival beginning with Dhanteras that has special importance in this festival. Originally, the word “Dhanteras” translates to mean wealth and prosperity so Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber are closely related to this event. On Dhanteras, people purchase gold, silver, precious pieces of jewellery and utensils along with new clothes for Diwali. Then, Goddess Laxmi is worshipped and welcomed through lighting earthen or metal Diyas (lamps) around the house and every doorstep.

It is believed that buying precious metals like gold and silver during Dhanteras brings more wealth and good fortune. Gold is expensive so people prefer buying silver instead. Silver is a precious shiny metal and it looks beautiful in every way you use it. From pieces of jewellery to utensils, silver can be used widely because of its shiny surface and hardness. Silver articles look warm-appealing and beautiful and you can also use them as premium gifts and send them to friends and relatives at Diwali.

10 Best Silver Diwali Gifts to Add Sparkle to the Festival

Silver Coin

After knowing the importance of silver in Diwali, it would be sure that silver articles can be valuable gifts for our dear ones. Long-lasting, religious and relevant gift for Diwali can be a silver coin. Diwali is the celebration as well as Pooja, watching colourful lights and worshipping cows and deities. The coin gets easily addressed as a Diwali gift as the Goddess Laxmi holds significance during Pooja during Diwali.

This 10 grams silver coin is beautiful as well as a wise selective gift for an auspicious occasion. The coin features Goddess Laxmi who denotes prosperity and wealth in nature. It can be the lucky charm for your dear ones this year ahead. This coin is pure silver that has 999 purity and 24 karats.

To purchase 10 grams of silver coin, you can place an order on www.coinbazzar.com for Rs.869.

Silver Kumkum Box

Source www.amazon.in

If you are searching for the Diwali gift for women, then your search ends here. Silver kumkum box can be an ideal gift for Indian women this Diwali. Women after marriage apply kumkum on their forehead and kumkum made of silver can give them a special feel.

Silver Kumkum Box by DesiMart presents handmade puja articles that blend Indian art and tradition. DesiMart offers a set of two single-handed Kumkum Haldi cups with holders on the top. German silver on this Kumkum box makes it more durable and has more corrosion resistance than brass.

Find this a set of two silver kumkum boxes on www.amazon.in for Rs.429.

Laxmi and Ganesha Idols

Source www.igp.com

God Ganesha is worshipped in all Poojas and before all good works. His presence is the prime importance in Hindu religion and so is with Goddess Laxmi. Laxmi is the Goddess of universal wealth and prosperity so people worship thinking to have favour on them. Gifting Laxmi and Ganesha idols can be real blessings to your beloved ones this Diwali.

The silver-plated Laxmi and Ganesha Idols come wrapped in a lustrous glaze. In the gift box, you can find Laxmi and Ganesha idols standing sturdy in a durable resin base. It can be the auspiciousness for your altar, locker, puja room, or religious setting. More than anything, this gift can be sent for festive best wishes.

Buy this auspicious Diwali gift on www.igp.com at Rs.1,695.

Agarbatti Stand

Incense is the key in the Pooja items and it needs something to stand at worshipping places or temples. You can easily come across the aroma of incense in all Hindu families. As Diwali is a festival of worship, you can send a silver incense stand or Agarbatti Stand as a gift to your relatives on this Diwali.

If you have a long queue of friends and relatives and are thinking about the Diwali gifts to send them, Silver Agarbatti Stand can be a good idea in an economic budget. This incense stand has precious design and optimum finish. Preparing through the latest technology, it looks so eye-catching.

You can find this Silver Agarbatti Stand on www.indiamart.com at Rs.150 per piece.

Silver Bell

Source www.igp.com

Finding a bell in the worship elements is no surprise as it is used every day during performing Pooja and after every prayer finishes. The Hindu belief says that the ring of the bell protects from all the negative vibes and awakes the attention of God. That’s why sending a bell as a gift to religious friends can be a good idea and if the bell is silver, then there will be more surprise.

This big silver bell is a premium gift that you can send to closed relatives or friends. It has a dimension of 3in X 2in X 2in that is an honourable size for the gift. Premium design and glossing look make this bell so appealing for this Diwali gift.

Feel good? Purchase silver bell on www.igp.com at Rs.7,875.

Silver Diya

Lighting is a symbol of knowledge and life and lighting Diya is the utmost important ritual in Hindu families. It removes darkness and brings happiness according to Hindu Mythology. As Diwali is a festival of light, during this occasion, Diya and light are used in a great quantity. Sending the silver Diya can be truly relevant and the perfect gift for this Diwali.

This silver Diya has truly amazing design with an attractive finish. It has a flower-shaped oil or ghee container and the burner in the middle. Made of pure silver (925), this Diya is about 13 gm and the dimension of 1.1 inches × 2 inches. This silver Diya is a premium gift that you keep for your closed circle friends and relatives.

Like it? You jump on to click the order button on www.ompoojashop.com at Rs.2,020.

Silver Bowl

Listing on the silver articles, the silver bowl also can be a practical Diwali gift. This bowl to contain cooked items and sweets at festivals looks decorative and beautiful while serving the guests. Also, placing on the table with and among the utensils matches the customary details at home. You can use it from the dinner table to the Pooja house, and made of silver, this bowl can satisfy you every way you use it. Apart from using for your own, you can send this silver bowl as a Diwali gift to your relatives.

This silver bowl from Shri Jagadamba Pearls is made for gifting at special occasions. It has a simple yet beautiful design along with a smooth finish and touch. It is made of 0.8 silver and weighs around 9.4gm. With good size, the bowl includes a dimension of 1.1 x 1 x 2.2 inches.

If you want to buy this precious gift at Diwali, you can find it on www.tatacliq.com at Rs.1,208.

Silver Dinner Set

Source www.amazon.in

An Indian family has a typical dining set with traditional dinnerware. Having a big plate and a small set of bowls over it is decorated elegantly with Indian foods and cuisines. It would have a special feel while taking a meal on a silver set this Diwali. Also, you can make this silver set a gift idea to send to your relatives for their use. It will definitely work to make them feel happy while dining on the sparking plate and bowl.

GoldGiftIdeas Silver Dinner Set has seven pieces including one Thali three bowls, 2 Katori, one glass and a spoon. You can get this set with an attractive designer corrugated box. Surprise your relatives with this silver dinnerware set that has vibrant and glossy platters with elegant bowls and a designer spoon.

This silver dinnerware set is available on www.amazon.in at Rs.1,099.

Silver Photo Frame

Source www.amazon.in

The best way to keep the memory is having the dear ones’ pictures in the frame and place it on the table so that you can always remember them. And when the frame is silver, then the picture can be more beautiful and attractive. If you are about to pass out the gifts to your beloved ones, the idea of packing a frame with a photo can be a good idea.

Silver photo frame by Crafts and You is the affordable gift that you can give away to a large circle of friends and relatives. It is a table photo frame with a dimension of 18 cm x 2 cm x 22 cm and you can place a 4 Inch x 6 Inch picture in it. The frame is made of plastic in silver colour and it has plain glass on the top witnessing the crystal clear picture.

Showcase your love for your beloved ones with this silver photo frame that is available on www.amazon.in at Rs.249.

Silver Aarti set

Source www.amazon.in

Pooja items are not just for use during festivals as the importance of these materials remains even after such special events. Especially, the aarti is one of the necessary rituals during Pooja at Hindu families and all Hindu devotees need an aarti set every day. It always feels good doing Pooja with a precious metal like silver as silver touches up in the temple or Pooja place gracefully.

The silver aarti set from eKolhapuri includes 10 items including one Pooja Thali, one Bells, one Agardaan, two Diyas, one Haldi KumKum Set, one panchamrut Set and two Katoris. If you want all necessary Pooja items in a single box, aarti set will be a beneficial choice. Also, a silver aarti set can be a premium gift that you can send out to your religious relatives or dear ones this Diwali.

Surprise your relatives with a premium silver aarti set and you can find it on www.kalapuri.com at Rs.1,470.

Tips on Buying Silver Diwali Gifts

Consider Purity of Silver

Source www.quora.com

Like gold, silver is also hallmarked nowadays by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to indicate the level of purity. Hallmarking an article provides valid proof of the purity of the metal and you can safely purchase the metal. Look for four things while buying hallmarked silver: BIS logo, Purity grade or fineness, Hallmarking centre's identification mark or number, Jeweller's identification mark or number.

Watch Out Buy-back policy

Lack of buy-back policy can bring issues in the future when you decide to sell gold or silver previously bought. In many cases, there is an unmatched calculation between the price of the same metal at the time of purchase and at the time of selling. It happens when people sell old jewellery and buy new ones without noticing the buy-back policy. So, ask the jeweller about the buy-back policy so that you can get the fair price when you sell silver or gold once purchased.

Check if Gemstones are Added

Gemstones add more beauty and charm to metal whether it is gold or silver so that jewellers embed them on precious crafted metals. While selling, many jewellers do not inform that they weigh the metals along with the gemstones and hand out the unfair bill to their customers. To keep you away from such unfair deals, check if the silver or gold are added with gemstones. If there are gemstones embedded, ask jewellers to weigh the metal only and pay for it only.

Ask for Making Charges

While buying gold or silver, jewellers ad making charges for their benefit and their policy. Making charges are the additional charges that come along with the actual price of the metals. Many times, we do not bother to know it and later we find an unfair deal. So, ask the jewellers about the actual price of metals available in the market and making charges separately. It can keep you in healthy shopping and can avoid some kinds of frauds.

Differentiate Between Sterling Silver and German Silver

Experts say that there is nothing like 100% silver. Sterling silver contains 92.5% meaning that 7.5% of the alloy is made of copper or other metals. Besides, German Silver compiles an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel and sometimes, it also contains lead and tin. Sterling silver and German silvers are heavily available in the Indian market. In the comparison of both metals, Sterling silver seems to have higher purity of silver than German silver. But German silver is more affordable and used widely because of its hardness and resistance to corrosion. So, next time recognize the Sterling Silver and German Silver before buying at the jewellery shop.

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Add Charm to Your Gifts with these Silver Gift Ideas for 2020

While these silver Diwali gifts will make your gifting extra special, make sure you always go for actual silver, and don't go for silver without hallmark. It ensures you don't cheated and get the correct resale value.