10 Useful Diwali Gifts(2020): Gift a Smile with These Gorgeous Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family

10 Useful Diwali Gifts(2020): Gift a Smile with These Gorgeous Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family

With the festive season around the corner, we’re all stumped for choice when it comes to gifting our loved ones something extraordinary. This is why, we’ve rounded up the 10 most unique Diwali gifting ideas for 2020. Gifts that your friends and family will just not want to pass on.

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Reasons for Giving Gifts in Diwali

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Diwali is just around the corner and most of us are busy in the preparations be it planning on what sweets to make and what kind of gifts to buy for friends and family. Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in India. It is celebrated all around India and abroad. The objective behind celebrating Diwali is to spread happiness and prosperity among people therefore it is the best day to give wonderful gifts to people we love to show them what they mean to us. Giving gifts in Diwali is a great way to strengthen our relationship be it personal or professional and off course giving brings a lot of joy to the giver as well.

Giving gifts on Diwali is an age-old tradition. Earlier when people did not have too much money they exchanged agricultural goods and cattle as gifts. They also made sweets and other handcrafted items and gave it as gifts to near and dear ones. It was taken as a way of showing your love towards one another. Since times have changed and gifts are not only to show your appreciation but also signify your status and wealth people end up buying very expensive gifts for each other. Most of the time people buy things related to Diwali like lights or idols of gods but remember it is not the gift but the thought behind it that counts. You can always go with the traditional gifts like sweets and idols or puja thalis etc but if you really want to get a gift which leaves an impact you should opt for something which would be useful for the receiver. We have compiled a list of some creative and useful gifts you can buy this Diwali and give it to people you love but before that let us see why giving gifts is so important during Diwali.

  • Mostly it is done to pay homage to an age old tradition. People give gifts because that is what you are supposed to do. It could be small or big as long as it brings a smile to a dear one's face.
  • Gifts are also a great way to show your feelings towards each other. It rekindles the bond you have with each other.
  • It also promotes harmony and unity among each other. Getting a gift from our boss on Diwali shows that your work is appreciated and valued which brings a lot of joy in your life and makes you more dedicated towards your work.

Useful Diwali Gifts for Family and Friends

Here is a list of some very useful things you can buy as a gift this Diwali. These gifts can be used by the receiver for a long time and they would think of you each time they use it.

Personalised Mens Wallet

Men's wallet is not just a thing for them to put in their important documents or cash; it is an actual style statement and a way to show their status. Men love carrying stylish wallets with them and if you can gift a great looking wallet for Diwali for your dad he would love it. You can order a personalized wallet for him for Rs. 999 from www.themessycorner.in and watch him flaunt it around proudly. This wallet is made of synthetic leather and is quite durable. It has 6 slots in it and 2 slots of cash. You can have his initials embossed on it and add a personal touch to it. This can actually be one of the best gifts you can get him this Diwali.

Personalized Glass Bottle

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Most of the gyms were closed due to the spread of Coronavirus this year but recently some of them are opening up which has brought a lot of joy into a fitness freak's life. If you have been seeing your brother running off to the gym each day and looking for a water bottle to carry with him each day at home then this would be a perfect time to get his own personalized glass bottle. It is a perfect Diwali gift for him. It is a white bottle with a black cap and has a dumbbell printed on it. You can have his name printed on it to make it personalized and prevent it from being lost while he works out. It will be a classic style statement for him between his gym buddies and he will love you for it. You can order it for Rs. 545 from www.igp.com.

RM Incense Gift Box with Elephant

Diwali is a grand festival that starts with doing pooja of Laxmi and Ganesh. A pooja is incomplete unless you burn a sweet smelling incense to offer your prayers and respect to gods. Diwali is a great time to gift a pack of incense to your friends. They will be able to use it during the pooja and thank you for it. The RM incense gift box comes with three different natural fragrances like flowers, spice and resins. These fragrances give a home an earthly feel and add charm to your house during the festival. The natural fragrance is also a great aromatherapy and helps in relieving stress. You can get this beautiful gift box with a pack of incense, four candles and a beautiful elephant incense holder figurine with it for Rs. 749 from www.thefragrancepeople.com.

Born to Travel Personalised Gift Hamper

Have you been noticing your husband talking about travelling lately? If yes, this Diwali can be a great time to encourage into doing what he really wants for once. You can get him this wonderful Born to travel personalized gift hamper. The hamper contains a travel wallet, a keychain and a luggage tag in it. You can get the wallet personalized for him to make it special for him. This gift will make him happy and he will thank you for supporting him for what his heart desires. You can buy the hamper for Rs. 1,599 from www.themessycorner.in.

Itiha Peacock Haldi Kumkum Holder

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Another wonderful and useful gift for Diwali is a haldi and kukum holder. Although it is one of the traditional gifts, it is liked by all because it is a useful item for pooja on Diwali. This beautiful peacock haldi and kumkum holder would look great on a pooja place. One can easily put in on their pooja thali or in the temple. It is made with a light material that can be kept on any surface. The beautiful peacock in the centre of the holder makes it look unique. You can buy this as a gift for your friend and wish her all the prosperity in the world this Diwali. It is available for Rs. 239 only on amazon.in.

Black Leather Personalised Diary

People are all set to celebrate Diwali and welcome the coming New Year right after it. This is a great time to get them a personalized diary. Diaries make a great gift because people need a new one each year to write down their new year's resolutions and plans for the future. It is one of the most useful gifts you can buy at the end of the year. This beautiful leather personalized diary comes packed in a box with a name tag on it. You can order it for Rs. 899 from www.themessycorner.in.

Miradh String Lights

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Can you imagine Diwali without lights? Didn't think so. Getting lights as a Diwali gift is a great way to wish joy and prosperity and to eradicate the negative vibes from the life of your loved ones. You can buy this beautiful Miradh String multicoloured lights. The string is 11ft long with 16 LED fairy string light orb lantern which makes it unique and beautiful Your friends can use it to decorate their temple or put it out on the door to make it look more welcoming. It can be bought for Rs. 499 from amazon.in and makes a perfect gift for Diwali.

Kitchen Spice Organizer

Most of us like to keep our kitchen organized. It is said that a woman's kitchen tells a lot about her personality and the way she takes care of her home. If you have a sister who is a little finicky about organizing her kitchen, Diwali is a great day to give her this beautiful and stylish kitchen spice organizer. Spices are used every day and it becomes a hassle to look for them while cooking. This rack is a great way to store your daily use spices in it and save space on the counter. The rack is made of PVC and you get 24 plastic bottles with it. It is available for Rs. 2,395 from www.peelorange.com.

Coffee Prep - Gift Kit

Looking for a great gift for your mom this Diwali which she'll actually use and not transfer it to your sister? Get her this Coffee prep kit. This would be a great way to show that you care for her and wants her to take care of herself as well. The mCaffeine coffee prep kit is loaded with the goodness of coffee and fights free radicals to make your skin glow naturally. It also removes dark circles and tones your skin. The kit contains a coffee face serum and a coffee under eye cream which is made with natural ingredients like vitamin E, sweet almond oil and white water lilly. She would be pampering herself and thank you when she sees the results. You can order it for Rs. 995 from www.mcaffeine.com and hand her beautifully packed kit this Diwali.

Hamid Handicraft Wooden Desk Organizer

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Most of us are working from home these days and have set up a work table at home. A good desk organizer can be a useful gift for anyone these days. The Hamid handicraft wooden desk organizer is a very sleek looking item which can be kept on a table. It is hand-carved and is made with high-quality wood. It has 5 storage compartments to keep your pens, cards, and small stationery items. It is a great way to keep your table tidy. You can gift it to your wife on Diwali and help her organize her table. The organizer can be bought on amazon.in for Rs. 599 only.

Tips on Buying Gifts This Diwali

Here are some tips which will help you buy great, useful gifts without spending too much on them for the people you love.

  • Always plan ahead and don't forget to keep your shopping under your budget. Going to the market and looking at all those glorious things in the shops can make a person confused and buy a lot more than intended. If you plan ahead as to what you want to get for each individual you can stay focused and save money as well as your time.
  • You will see tons of discounts during the festivals in the market. Most of these discounts are just marketing techniques which do not help us in saving money. Make sure to do math before you buy something from discount. So if you get a 30%+20% discount on an item in one store and a 45% discount on the same item in a different store you are actually paying less in the second store. You can do the math yourself and see if it is true.
  • We know Diwali and sweets go together and there were times when people bought sweets for each other but please don't go ahead and keep buying sweets now. There are hundred so of better and creative gifts available in the market so do your research and buy something unique. You can add sweets to it if you like though.
  • People also end up buying a lot of home decor pieces like paintings, wall hangings or wind chimes but most of these gifts end up being recycled, it is because they either don't match with the decor theme of the receiver's house or they simply don't like it. Don't buy these expensive items unless you know it is something your friend really wants. It is always better to ask before you buy such gifts for people.
  • Make a list of the people you want to buy gift for so that you don't get confused when you shop. It will also help you stick to your budget. Don't do impulse shopping.
  • Remember gifts are not about quantity it’s about quality and the thought you put behind it. Buy something small but unique and durable rather than buying anything off the rack. Think how you would feel if you got it as a gift, it will help you decided.
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Be a Good Host

Diwali is a time to celebrate, to feast and to embrace the love and togetherness of friends and family. It is also an auspicious time when Goddess Lakshmi is believed to grace our homes. So, as both earthly and celestial guests are going to come visiting, it’s important that your house be spic and span. You can also cook a lot of Diwali snack recipes and Diwali sweet recipes for guests. It is considered a good symbol to welcome guests in a spick and span house. All of us prefer to visit clean and spruce up places, over-cluttered or unhygienic places.