Choose Memorable and Unique Gifts this Festive Season: Check out these Useful and Budget-Friendly Diwali Gifts for Your Family, Plus Ideas for Doing Something Different and Making the Festival Special (2020)

Choose Memorable and Unique Gifts this Festive Season: Check out these Useful and Budget-Friendly Diwali Gifts for Your Family, Plus Ideas for Doing Something Different and Making the Festival Special (2020)

Diwali, the most important festive season in India, is marked with sharing happiness and gifts with family and loved ones. If you have still not decided what Diwali gifts to give to your family, why not opt for something useful and memorable which they will remember for a long time? This BP Guide has curated a list of extremely useful and budget-friendly gifts for all ages. This guide will also share ideas of what you can do to bring a smile on the faces of the less privileged this Diwali.

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How to Pick Diwali Gifts for Your Family?

Discussions are Always Welcomed

If you want to pick only useful Diwali gifts for your family then never forget that discussions are always welcomed between family members. Rather than planning a surprise gift for them which they might not like later on, you can just discuss it with them and pick something a lot more appropriate and useful. Don’t hold back and just talk it out, this way you will be able to plan this whole Diwali gift thing a lot more easily.

Something Budget Friendly

Considering gifts for the entire family can be such a huge deal and of course you need a good budget for it too. So, make sure you aren’t overspending on one single gift and then picking something quite average for the others. Decide an equal budget for all your family members to keep everyone happy and feel the same. Well, a little bit of adjustment here and there won’t be a bad idea too.

Age Matters

Not everyone in your family is of the same age and hence you can’t give the same gift to each one of them. This is why it would be appropriate to select gifts on the basis of their age and requirements. For example, giving a saree to your mother is an excellent idea but it won’t be cool for your sister though. Also, do not pick something outlandish for your parents or grandparents, they are not going to like it for sure.

Useful Diwali Gifts for Family: Find Great Ideas for Elders and the Young

Copper Bottle Gift Set


Nothing can turn out to be a better Diwali gift for your family than the gift of health. This is why we picked this Pure Copper Bottle and Glass Set as a Diwali gift pack for your family members. In fact, no matter what occasion it is, this gift is quite fitting for recipients like parents and grandparents. It's a known fact that drinking water from a copper bottle benefits your health in multiple ways – from better digestion to improving the immune system (need of the hour), it has multiple merits. And this copper bottle set here is quite amazing too. The sleek designed bottle has a 900 ml capacity and the plain glasses are quite elegant and would increase the beauty of your dinner table for sure. Grab this amazing copper gift set on Amazon for ₹ 995.00.

Diwali Pooja Gift Pack


Still trying to figure out what are the best useful Diwali gifts for your family? Well, you cannot find a more fitting and useful gift than all the Diwali puja needs in a gift hamper box. This gift is perfect for someone living away from the family like your sibling or cousin and not able to figure out how to do the puja properly. This gift box is packed with all sorts of items needed for performing Diwali puja and can be given to your relatives as a pre-Diwali gift too.

Talking about the kit here, it contains items like kapoor, sindoor, itre, aarti book, supari, akshat, gold plated Laxmi, Ganesha and Saraswati photo frame and a lot of other things needed for Diwali puja. This wonderful and wholesome Diwali puja kit is quite a perfect Diwali gift and of course useful too. So, buy it now on IGP for ₹ 695.00.

Black Leather Personalised Diary

You would be wondering why we would suggest a diary when it’s the end of the year. Actually, this one is a more personalised gift that isn’t designed for annual planning. This beautiful black leather diary with a brown thread looks absolutely gorgeous and anyone would want to write important things in it. An ideal gift for your siblings, this one can be customised with their name tags on top of it. Isn’t it so cool to have a diary with your name label on it? In fact, you can also add a charm along with the name like a heart, camera, plane, etc.

You can also choose blank or ruled pages (total of 140 pages) as per your wish. More customisation can be done with added charges on this diary. Moreover, this diary is definitely a deserving pick as a Diwali gift for your loved ones. You can buy this personalised piece on The Messy Corner for ₹ 899.00.

Personalised Diwali Wishes Family Mug


Another one in the list of useful Diwali gifts for your family is a customised coffee mug with a picture of your family on it. Well, this is something you can pick for each and every family member of yours. It is super useful and as it is personalised, the cup will remind your family of the amazing bond you share with each other. This black coffee mug is just perfect for the purpose. Made of ceramic, the cup has a capacity of 325 ml. In fact, the cup is microwave and dishwasher safe too.

You just need to provide a high-quality image of your family to them which can be printed on the cup later on. The image will be printed only on one side of the cup with a “Happy Diwali” message. You can buy this personalised cup on Ferns N Petals for ₹ 479.00.

Gift Bowl Set


The next one here is the most common gift you can imagine in probably every Indian household ever. This might sound a bit boring but a fancy bowl set is by far the most useful gift you can find. So, we found this really beautiful and fancy looking gift bowl set for your family members (your mom is going to love this). Made of brass, this one has a gold and silver plating on it which turns out quite beautiful, to be true.

In this set, you get a beautiful small sized tray, 2 amazing bowls and 2 matching spoons too. And on top of that, all of this comes packed in a gorgeous red velvet gift box. You are going to love the very detailed and intricate carving and designs on every article. You can get this whole set on Amazon for ₹ 235.00.

Laxmi and Ganesh Set

Diwali gifts for family members should be meaningful and they can be spiritual too. This is why we decided to zero down on this beautiful idol set of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh who are worshipped on the occasion of Diwali.

Made of polyresin, these beautiful idols come with 2 attached T-light holders and a stunning backdrop design too. All of this is joined together to form a single piece which is further decorated with pebbles and stones. If you want something simple but significant for Diwali then this is the one you should go for. Beautiful carvings and details on this entire set are really breath-taking and the idols look quite lively too. This stunning Lakshmi and Ganesh idol set is available for purchase on Home Centre for ₹ 639.00.

Mercury Jar with Fairy Lights

Decorative items are a huge hit during the festive season of Diwali and hence we bring you a relevant but still kind of unique gift. This one is a mercury jar filled with fairy lights and in reality it looks as magical as it sounds. Your younger siblings and cousins are going to love this and you can even decorate your home with this beautiful light jar too. You can put it in the centre of the dining table or in your living room space too.

The jar comes with a gold metallic finish which helps the light to radiate through it. To use it, you need to dip the reeds into oil and then place them into the jar again. As the reeds absorb the oil and diffuse it in the air, they not only glow but also leave an amazing fragrance in the air too. This lovely mason jar is available on The Fragrance People for ₹ 1,319.00.

Essential Oils Gift Box

Another one of the useful Diwali gifts for your family is as amazing as the previous one and would help in maintaining the right kind of vibes on Diwali. This is called Soul Fuel which is more of a complete package to be given as a gift set to someone you love.

The kit contains 1 candle diffuser and 2 essential oils in it. Talking about the oils, you have a huge choice to pick, i.e. lavender, rosemary, peppermint, tea tree and many more. In fact, you can also choose the colour of the candle diffuser too from red, blue and green. The mystical fragrance of these essential oils is no less than magical and it will surely fill your living space with so much positive energy. Grab this amazing fragrance gift set on Satt Naturals India for ₹ 1,000.00.

Coasters Set

If it is Diwali, then there will be feasting, fun and joy and of course endless meet and greet with relatives too. So, why not consider giving someone a set of coasters to make sure that they at least do not stain their tables with their dripping drinks?

This one is a set of 4 wood-marble coasters. Crafted with premium quality acacia wood and the finest quality marble, these are no less than an example of fine craftsmanship. Available in a modern hexagonal design, these coasters are half and half wood and marble which makes them minimal yet elegant. These are easy to clean and have non-slip feet. No matter who will receive this gift, they will be delighted for sure. Buy this set of 4 on Nefficar for ₹ 499.00.

Kulad and Kada Gift Box


And finally, we have one of the best Diwali gifts for the family. This is something quite relevant to this COVID-19 season and something you would want to give to each and everyone in your family. This is a Kulad and Kada Gift Box. You cannot find something more useful than this kada set for your loved ones so that your family members can stay immune to all diseases. This health hamper isn’t just about the kada but two beautiful kulads you get with it. Enriched with all the exotic herbs like cinnamon, neem, laung, etc. this kada is surely a health booster and easy to prepare too. All of this comes packed in a nice gift box too. You can buy this pack on IGP for ₹ 495.00.

Make This Diwali Special by Doing Something Different

We tried our best to suggest some fitting Diwali gift ideas for your family members, however, this Diwali you can try something different to spread a smile on those faces who need it the most. Celebrate this Diwali in a unique way to make it special for not only your family members but others too. After all, the Earth is your one big family too!

Donate to NGOs

Rather than spending unnecessary amount on crackers, sweets (which would go down in the dustbin eventually) and other items, you can put this money to good use. Donate the amount to an NGO which works for the betterment of the society. It can be about child welfare or women empowerment or caring for specially-abled people. This would definitely make you feel a lot better.

Visit an Orphanage/Old Age Home

For once in your life, share the emotions of people living in an orphanage or an old age home and make this Diwali a bit special for them. Buy clothes and sweets for them and even if you can’t do that, simply visit them and meet them to make at least this day different for them. This will remind you that there are a lot of things you should be grateful about.

Shop Local

This is the time to shop local and support small businesses rather than buying from already successful retail chains. Buy all the useful Diwali gifts for your family members from a shop near you to bring a smile on their faces on this Diwali. Whether it is about diyas, decorative items or even about buying clothes and other items, you can always pick small shops instead of big suppliers. This can surely make a lot of difference in supporting the local economy too.

Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali

Now, this is the most important step to take towards making your environment cleaner and better. Bursting crackers not only causes massive air and noise pollution but also scares small animals and kids too. In fact, in some cases, you can get hurt too if you are not cautious enough. Diwali can be celebrated just by meeting and greeting people and lighting diyas to spread the message that eventually good always wins over evil.

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Diwali is about Sharing Happiness and Joy

Diwali is not just a festival but a delightful experience of sharing your joy and happiness with others. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which gifts would be suitable for your family members and how you can make this Diwali even more special and memorable by doing something different this festive season. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.