Have Someone New in Your Life? 10 Special Gift Ideas for New Boyfriend That Will Take Your Relationship to the Next Level (2020)

Have Someone New in Your Life? 10 Special Gift Ideas for New Boyfriend That Will Take Your Relationship to the Next Level (2020)

Everything is wonderful in a new relationship and you want to prolong the feeling of newness. The first kiss, the first holiday together, the first of everything is a moment to be savored. How about the first gift? It's never too early to give your new boyfriend a gift. Confused how to go about it? You need something small and inexpensive yet expressive as to how you feel about him. Find here everything you need to know as well as great gift ideas.

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Gift Shopping for New Boyfriend? Here's What You Need to Know

A gift is a wonderful way to express your love and concern for the person you are presenting the gift. Gifts also make your presence felt, so one should try giving good presents. Gifts makes memories. Always try to make sure that your gift is thoughtful and really tailored to your partner. Even a simple gift, like a CD of your boyfriend's favourite singer, could be customised to make it more personal by putting a picture of you together, thus making the gift even more valuable. One of the best ways to show affection to your partner is by making them a personalised gift. It shows them that you care and you know them well enough to choose such a thoughful gift for them, it also shows the dedication you put to craft something for someone that you love.

Impress Him With Something Exciting

Always try to gift something which surprises the person who receives it. If you have a gift you're planning on giving someone, simply mentioning to them that you have a present for them that they'll love in advance will make them curious and eager to receive it. Gift your boyfriend something that he never forgets. Gifts are like a moment, it makes a person to remember from whom he received it. The point of the gift is to show that you care about him, so avoid giving anything big or expensive. Even though it is a new relationship, find out what your boyfriend likes so you will have a better idea of what he will find exciting.

The Gift Should Relate to His Personality

Choose gifts for your boyfriend according to his personality and the hobbies he loves to engage in. This is a sure shot way of picking a winner. For example, if your boyfriend is into sports then gift him some sports equipment, or if he’s inclined towards art or music, then giving him art supplies or music equipment is a sure shot winner. You can also gift him an iTunes subscription, or make a personalised playlist if you are a little tight on funds. One thing when it comes to shopping gifts for your boyfriend is that you understand the difference between dorky and awesome.

Gifts Connected to Something You Both Have in Common

You can even gift him something that you both can enjoy together. It will give you more time to spend with your boyfriend. For example, games such as Jenga. It will also help you develop an interest in something that you both will have common to share. Or you can gift him something according to his hobby, it will even help you develop some interest in his hobby and it can even become your hobby as well. Finding a common hobby is the best inspiration of a thoughtful gift, as it lets you gift him something that you can also enjoy. That gift is bound to take your relationship to the next level.

Ten Best Gift Ideas for a New Boyfriend

Levi's Men's Prellude Sneakers

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Nowadays sneakers are very much in fashion, youngsters prefer to wear sneakers more than any type of shoe. So a sneaker could be a perfect gift for your boyfriend. All you need to know is about his style and size, and you're good to go. Getting your boyfriend a new pair of sneakers that he’s been having his eye on will be a perfect gift that he wouldn’t necessarily expect, and will be something that he will actually use. This Levi's casual sneaker is made up of polyester.It has laces as a closure type. This sneaker has a round toe. These sneakers are available in different colors, but in present time a white color sneaker is more in demand. You can buy this item for Rs.1,498 from amazon.in.

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

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Flowers and chocolate are sweet, sure, but if you found your boyfriend more into books, gift him something he can enjoy way past the petals falling off or the box left empty. You can tell your love just how much you care without having to say a single thing, only by giving him a good book to read. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves books.

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life is a biography of William Finnegan. This book is about how he spent his life spent traveling the world chasing waves through the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, Africa and beyond. Barbarian Days is an adventurous story and a social history. The book is available in hardcover as well as paperback. This book was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for biography in 2016. The book is in English and has 512 pages. You can buy this item for Rs.599 from amazon.in.

A Casual Shirt

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Believe it or not many guys who love dressing well actually hate going shopping. When you are not able to decide what to gift, clothing is the answer. This gift will be perfect your boyfriend as he would get to have an awesome shirt without going out and shopping for it. This black shirt by United Colors of Benetton will serve as a perfect gift. The black color suits almost everybody and everyone seems to love black clothes. This shirt is made of 98 per cent cotton and 2 per cent lycra, making it extremely comfortable. Being a long sleeve shirt, he can even wear this shirt to office or any formal places too. This shirt is also a made in India product. You can buy this item for Rs.949 from amazon.in.

Tub of Nutty Chocolate Popcorn

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Chocolate is a perfect gift for almost every occasion. It is said that there is nothing more romantic than chocolates and if you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend then chocolates are your best option. This chocolate box contains popcorn enrobed in luscious dark, milk and white chocolate with the perfect balance of almonds. This is a delicious gluten-free chocolate popcorn, having 0 grams of trans fat per serving. This is a certified Non-GMO corn having no MSG and also cholesterol free. This is also suitable for vegetarians. You can buy this item for Rs.165 from amazon.in.

Luxury Grooming Collection from Park Avenue

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This gift will be helpful to your boyfriend in many forms, as it contains a total of 7 items. This grooming collection includes one Park Avenue Deo, 150 ml, talc, 100 gm, shaving cream, 70 gm, after shave lotion, 50 ml, soap, 125 gm, one apache razor, and one shaving brush. This luxury grooming kit is one of the premium preparatory tool that is an ideal option for your stud boyfriend. It also comes with a free pouch making it easy for the user carry all the items of the kit. You can buy this for Rs.540 from amazon.in.

Cool Sun Hat

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If your boyfriend loves wearing hats, or he loves playing outdoor games like golf, you really can't go wrong with this gift. This gift will serve as a perfect addition to his wardrobe. It is a gift you know that he'll use and appreciate. This Columbia Bora Bora Booney hat will be very useful on sunny days. This is an imported product made up of nylon. It comes with an adjustable chin strap. This product has SPF of 50, which means one-fiftieth of the sun's UV rays reach the skin. This hat has a quick dry property. It is a freestyle hat, which comes in one free size. You can buy this item for Rs.4,077 from amazon.in.

Men's Wallet

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According to a psychologist, the wallet is a perfect gift for men. If you want to gift him something he could use daily, so why don’t you replace his old wallet with a new one. This Woodland Tan Men's Wallet is made of polyester. It has two compartments. The dimension of the wallet are 22.5 cm x 9 cm x 2 cm and weighs 76 grams. The color of the wallet is tan. The wallet has 90 days manufacturer warranty. You can buy this item for Rs.1,295 from amazon.in.

DC Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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You can even gift him a t-shirt. DC Men's Laser Beam Long Sleeve T-Shirt is made of pure cotton. The t-shirt has long sleeves and is of fine ring-spun fabric. It is a classic and comfortable regular fit t-shirt with crew neckline. It has a graphic print on the front and sleeves. It is available in two colors black and porcelain rose. You can buy this for Rs.1,350 from amazon.in.

Latest Music Album

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If your boyfriend loves music then give him a copy of his favourite band or singer's latest album. If you share a taste in music give him a new artist or album you've discovered and would like him to try. If he is a fan of rap songs you can gift him a CD collection of the album named Damn. Damn is the fourth studio album by American rapper Kendrick Lamar. The genre of the album is hip-hop and conscious rap. This album won best rap album at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. This album has songs in the Spanish language. You can buy this item for Rs.1,465 from amazon.in.

Handheld Foam Roller

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If your boyfriend is a gym lover you can gift him this portable massage roller. This roller targets both large muscle groups and pinpoints to specific areas. It can be used either seated or standing. AcuGRIP handles provide targeted relief that is equivalent to the pressure of a massage therapist's thumb. It has a weight of 768 gm. The roller is 21 Inch long and less than 2.5 inch in girth, which makes it convenient for the gym or office. You can buy this for Rs.5,098 from amazon.in.

A Dinner Date in a Nice Restaurant With Live Music

Apart from the thoughtful gifts that you can give, you can even take him out to an exotic dinner date to make him feel special and pampered. When you’re in a new relationship the only thing that you want is to spend as much time as possible with your better half. You can ask him to accompany you to one of the poshest restaurant of the city, where you can spend an awesome time with him. Taking him out for a dinner will not only let you hang out but also let you enjoy an awesome dinner.

You can even level up your dinner date by choosing a restaurant that also has live music. Live music can make a normal date even more romantic and special, so pick the restaurant wisely. Make sure that the restaurant plays soulful blues or romantic songs that will make you and your boyfriend sexy and at the same time. The other thing to look for while choosing restaurant is the cuisine your boyfriend likes.

Bonus Tip: Don't Splash Out on Expensive Gifts at the Start of a Relationship

New relationships could make us feel magical all the time. We feel like doing something special for our better half and sometimes even think of buying something way out of budget for the special one. However, this should not be the case. At the beginning of a new relationship focus should be given on strengthening the relationship rather than showering your boyfriend with expensive gifts. The key should be finding a balance, as your complete focus should be getting to know him better and find out about his hobbies and passions.

You should not feel the compulsion of getting him that expensive phone or a trip abroad unless you feel truly comfortable with him. It is after few months in a relationship, one gets to know the real nature of a person and so you should also wait till you fully know the person that you love. It might be hard not giving an expensive present, especially if he had already told you about the thing that he already wanted, but patience has its own rewards. First date him for some time, know him better, make a deeper connection and then think of getting him something that you have to save for a lot.

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Learn About Each Other

The chemistry draws people together, but it's the friendship that makes them stay. As magical as everything seems at the beginning, the glow will not last forever. If you want this relationship to turn into something meaningful and long lasting, take time to understand your partner, find common interests or cultivate new ones that both of you can enjoy. Time spent with your boyfriend cannot be all romance; you need to be able to talk to him and enjoy each other's company like you would with any good friend.