Get Closer to Him with a Sentimental Gift for Your Boyfriend: 10 Romantic and Thoughtful Gifts for the Indian Boyfriend (2019)

Get Closer to Him with a Sentimental Gift for Your Boyfriend: 10 Romantic and Thoughtful Gifts for the Indian Boyfriend (2019)

Tell him he means the world to you through a romantic and sentimental gift for your boyfriend. There are fun gifts, cool gadgets and trendy products but when you want to show him your thoughtful side, you need to get a little more creative. What does he need, or how can you make his work life easier? Answer these questions to come up with some fantastic ideas. Or you can simply read our tips and super gift suggestions and buy them online right away.

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Four Helpful Tips to Help You Choose a Gift for Your Man

Birthdays are always special for a person and everybody is excited about it. If you think about a birthday you will also think about gifts and parties that make a birthday special and exciting. And when it’s your boyfriend’s birthday then you will definitely feel the excitement.

Choosing a gift for your boyfriend is always a big puzzle to crack down. According to us the best gift for a man should match his temperament. You should let your man feel special on his birthday. The choice of gift can also show your feelings towards the person. Your gift should be according to his taste and need. To help you in choosing a nice gift for your man we have listed a few tips which would surely be worthy for you.

Get Him Something That Shows You Believe in Him

Your boyfriend will be so touched if you gift him something that shows your confidence, faith or believe in him. A gift that encourages his attitude or personality could be the gift of choice. Even a mug with the words 'you are the best thing in my life' could be sufficient for expressing your belief. Such kind of gifts can do wonders in making your love life more interesting.

Does he march to his own beat or takes up challenges most others would pass on? Walking down a less trodden road can be lonely sometimes and even the most resolute have their moments of doubt. Show him that you believe in him, encourage him, and tell him you're there by his side.

Avoid Feminine or Ladylike Things

Masculinity is inherent in every man. This also applies when we are selecting gifts for them. Choosing gifts which have a feminine touch like floral perfumes, pretty home decor or shirts with floral print may not attract him much. So, try not to include such kind of stuff in your list. He may not be into rugged and overtly masculine products but unless he has specifically expressed an interest in such things, skip the box of potpourri or those pretty cushions you love.

Get Him Something for Work

Men are busy in their own world that they get very less time to buy something for their work. They’ll buy gaming stuff and other things which could be of their interest but they won’t give even a second to buy thing which could be useful for their daily routine. So personal items like wallet, belts, and aftershaves could be a good choice for a gift. In the market, there are combos available which can be easily purchased from any online shopping store. These things although not sounding very extraordinary but when comes to their value they are more worthy than many expensive useless gifts.

Get Him Something of His Interest

Every man is crazy about something like games, movies, books etc. you should always be aware of the choice of the man in your life and gift him something which satisfies his hobbies or interest. If he has reading taste then you should know which type of books he likes and what the writers of his choice are. Gift him the latest released book of his writer of choice.

10 Sentimental Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Inspiring Mug for Work


Every person has some period in his life when he needs motivation. A motivation can do wonders and totally change the attitude of the person towards the life or job assigned. So, whenever you feel that your boyfriend is in need of some sort of motivation, gift him something which can boost his confidence. One wonderful way is by gifting him a mug printed with some motivational quote. You can get the coffee mug printed with the words 'you are capable of amazing things' online from for just Rs. 229. The mug has the capacity of 320 ml and is white ceramic in colour that imparts a good nice look to it.

Decent Grooming Kit


If your boyfriend has a job in which he has to go for frequent travelling to different places than this grooming kit from axe is of great value for him. This product can be easily obtained online from at the cost of Rs.508. This grooming kit from Axe consists of all the essential things which are required for the man on the move. The grooming kit includes Axe Signature Shaving Cream, Axe Signature After Shave Lotion, Axe Dark Temptation Body Spray and Axe Signature Mysterious Body Perfume. All these items are kept in a travel bag that is totally free with the kit. Your boyfriend will definitely adore the scintillating fragrance of the perfume included in the kit.

Premium Wallet


If you want that your boyfriend impresses others while paying his bills then you should definitely gift him an elegant wallet. A great choice is available at in the form of WildHorn Black Men's Wallet. This is a very stylish black leather wallet from Wildhorn. It has two compartments which are useful in keeping different stuff according to the need. The wallet is also accompanied by an amazing pen which is complimenting it very well. Also whenever your boyfriend puts his signature or pays the bill this wallet n pen combo brings you back in his memory. This wallet and pen cost Rs.590.

Unique Working Table


You can easily please your boyfriend by gifting him a multipurpose table which can solve his problem of managing things at home. Most of the men keep their place so crowded that if they have to keep their laptop in hurry then many things gets banged on the floor. So this working table with drawer is a very good solution to this problem. It is portable and very lightweight so that it can be carried wherever your boyfriend needs. The material of the table is also of good quality and drawer is useful in keeping laptop accessories and other important things. This is a very good option if your boyfriend is using the laptop on the bed. You can buy this item from Amazon at a price of Rs.999.

Manly Leather Belt


Your boyfriend can show off his outfit with this gift set from you. The leather belt and wallet combo from Hornbull would really be a great pick for your boyfriend. The belt is made up of superior quality, pure buffalo leather material. The size of the belt can be adjusted according to your boyfriend’s waist. The look of the buckle is also very appealing which gives a great elegance to it. Not only has the belt, but the wallet included in the combo also had an elegant look with enough space to accommodate cards and cash. This durable and stylish belt and wallet combo set cost Rs.882 on

Stylus Pen for Smart Devices


Your boyfriend will certainly appreciate your choice if you gift him this stylus pen. He will be very happy to show off this pen in-front of his colleagues. This will add a pride to his attitude. This stylus pen from Akon is highly sensitive, smooth and makes no scratches on the mobile screen. This is compatible with almost each and every brand of mobile phones so you need not worry about the compatibility issue with your boyfriend’s phone.

This is a 2 in 1 pen has an ultra-sensitive stylus on one end and is outfitted with a good blue ink ballpoint pen on the other. The ballpoint pen has long-lasting ink with replaceable refills. You can buy this item for your boyfriend for just Rs.278 from

Unique Manly Watch


You can add more style to your boyfriend’s personality by adding in his collection some more watches. He can be more classy and smarter among his friends by wearing different watches on different occasions. You can add in your cart this Exclusive Analogue 4 Stylish Watch Combo and gift your boyfriend these multicolour watches. These watches are simple and elegant with the different multi-coloured strap which can be used in different combinations. Strap material of these watches is very soft and durable which will give a nice comfortable feeling on your boyfriend’s wrist. These straps have adjustable buckle clasp for different wrist sizes. You can buy these analogue watches from for Rs.699.

A Good Massage


After a day full of hectic schedule if your boyfriend gets a good body massage then all the strain can be easily removed from his body. This massager from Amazon can be used for this purpose. The massager includes three different heads which generate different types of soothing feeling at different speeds. The massager helps in relieving pain from back, shoulders, and thighs by increasing the blood circulation to these areas. The massager is very easy to carry and can easily be kept in your boyfriends travelling bag. This massager is not only good for excise but it also helps in relieving pain by soothing and relaxing muscles. You can buy this item from for Rs.991.

Inspiring Book for Men


A good inspiring book can change the attitude of the man towards a woman in his life. You can add this book from Amari Soul titled Reflections of a Man in your cart. The book will help your boyfriend at different levels of life. This book is useful for both men and women so both of you can enjoy it together on weekends. This allows you people to be more attached to each other emotionally. By going through this book your boyfriend will definitely understand what is valuable for you and what you really desire from him. The book will help him to understand the woman emotionally from inside. This book can be purchased from for Rs.738.

Sexy Male Vest for Indoors


Everybody is concerned more about the outdoor dressing of a man. What about indoor clothing? These also need to be chosen carefully according to the comfort and choice of the person. You can gift your boyfriend this stylish vest and boxer set for indoor usage. Men are always buying sexy lingerie and pretty clothes for their wives and girlfriends, so why not try the reverse? He will flattered you want to see him look his best.

When your boyfriend will wear this eye-catching fishnet design t-shirt many girls around you will get jealous with you. These polyester vests are nice and comfortable to wear. The Boxers and Tees are available in various sizes and you can buy the one which suits your boyfriend’s dimensions. You can buy this item from at the cost of Rs.2,601.

Include a Handwritten Card with Your Gift

Whatever gift you have chosen for the man in your life, it needs to be accompanied with a beautiful handwritten card. Cards can express your love and affection for that person. A simple handwritten card having few words of love would be more valuable than the most expensive gifts of the world. In a card, you can express your love and sentiments which you might not be able to say in front of him.

You can tell him in the card about the importance of the gift that you are accompanying along with the card and why have you chosen that for him? You can also write love quotes in the card which can reciprocate your love and care for him. He definitely will save this card for his life as a token of your love for him.

Sentimental Messages to Include with Your Gift for Him

You can make your boyfriend be on cloud nine by treating him some excellent love messages. A message which sends the vibes according to your boyfriend’s frequency will definitely hit him at right spot. Here are a few messages which you can send or write on the card to express your love for your boyfriend.

Cute and sentimental messages for your boyfriend:

  • In a sea of people around me, my eyes always are in search of you.
  • My love story is made up of only six words: “I cannot imagine my life without you”.
  • Life without you is like a black and white movie having no colours in it.
  • Moments spent with you are the most precious moments of my life.
  • The decision to make that which part of my day is more pleasant waking up next to you or going to sleep with you is the toughest one to make.
  • The only dream I have in my life is to be with you forever.
  • If loving you is wrong then I don’t want to be right.
  • I may not be your first love, first lady or first date but I want to be your last everything.
  • If your love for him is true then the entire universe conspires to help you to be with him.
  • If God grants me one wish then I will ask him to allow you to see through my eyes, then only you will realize how valuable you are for me.
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What does your gift say?

Buying sentimental gifts is different than getting the best or coolest product for men; your gift must send a message, that you love and care for him, or that you believe in him. What you pick may serve a small need and may not cost a lot but as long as it can convey your feelings, it is one of the best things you can give your boyfriend.