Reconnect with and Show Your Love to Boyfriend Living in Singapore with These 10 Unique Gifts for Men (2018)

Reconnect with and Show Your Love to Boyfriend Living in Singapore with These 10 Unique Gifts for Men (2018)

Let not distance separate you. If you are in the same geographical location, then here are some interesting gifts to give to your boyfriend who lives in Singapore. These gifts are carefully chosen and will even be useful to him, entirely leaving him aghast due to your caring and mindful nature about him.

Why Give Him Gifts, Whether He is Near or Far

He might be goofy, he might be funny and he might also be annoying at times but he's yours and yours alone and you accept him with all his flaws. You know you love your boyfriend a lot and he's an adorable and all round great guy. It's time to give him a gift to let him know just how special he is to you. Maybe you're looking for gifts for your boyfriend on your one year anniversary or just a nice gift for your boyfriend for no reason other than that he's special to you. No matter the occasion, we're here to help you select the absolute best gifts that you can give him so read on and make him a really happy man.

Some Great Tips That Will Help You Choose the Perfect Gift for Him

Here are some awesome tips to help you choose cute gifts for your boyfriend which will make him smile.

Consider the Occasion and Gift Accordingly

Your gift will be best appreciated by him if it's appropriate to the occasion on which you are giving it to him.  You don't want to end up giving him socks for valentine's day!  Jokes aside, considering the occasion is really important. For example, a gift for your boyfriend on your one year anniversary is more important than one on your six month anniversary and the value of your gift should increase accordingly. If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend when he is going away, say for compulsory military duty, then get something that will help your relationship grow even stronger although you are separated by distance. Distance does make the heart grow fonder and your relationship will come out all the more strong after you get back together.

Think About What Suits Him

You know a lot about your boyfriend including his style and what would look good on him so take that into consideration when choosing a good gift for him. For example, if you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend on his birthday, then given him something that reflects what makes him, uniquely him because his birthday is all about who he is as a person.

Get Him a Sentimental Gift Which Showcases Your Emotions or Give Him Something Practical and Useful

When you are looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend, then you have an option of doing either of two things. First you could go for a sentimental gift which shows your feelings for him and reminds him of your time together, a cute gift like a cushion in the shape of a heart with a nice message on it could be a good idea. Cute gifts for your boyfriend are especially good on occasions like Valentine's Day. Alternatively, you could think like a guy to find out what is practical. Imagine yourself in his shoes and  think about what he might like or really want. Perhaps he is fond of colonge? Maybe he likes his beard a lot so beard care tools would be good? Brainstorm and you'll get the right answer! 

Think About His Likes and Interests

When getting a gift for anyone, it is always good to consider their own likes, personality and interest. If your boyfriend is a gamer, then you can get him the latest gaming gear. If he has a dog or pet he loves, then you could even get him something for his pet. Does he like chess? Then a weighted chess set would be great! You could even play together.

Gift Him an Experience Instead of an Item

Your gift will be even better if it's something that you both can experience together. Maybe you could buy a movie service like Amazon and Netflix and then cuddle up and share a movie night or two.

10 Great Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend in Singapore

To help you out with getting your boyfriend a gift, we've made a list of 10 awesome things you can consider giving him that will make him happy.

Viking Revolution- Beard Care Kit for Men

There comes a phase in almost every man's life when he tries to keep a beard. Well, that phase can be helped and encouraged a lot by Viking Revolution's Beard Care Kit for men. If your boyfriend sports a beard and you find it incredibly dashing, then this gift will help him maintain his leonine looks and make life easier for him. This care kit is also great if you would like to see your boyfriend with a beard and he doesn't currently have one. It comes with a completely authentic boar beard brush and a wooden dual sided beard comb which give amazing grooming service, are not made with any artificial materials and  are environmentally friendly, a good thing if your boyfriend or you care about the earth along with his dashing bearded looks. 

These are supplemented with some great beard balm and beard oil whose regular use will earn him compliments from everyone about his great appearance. The beard balm has a mild and appealing citrus scent while the beard oil is unscented and will give him a shinier and smoother beard. There is also a beard scissor included in the box which will help him keep him beard trimmed and looking great. Another thing that makes this a great present is that it comes with a premium quality, awesome looking metallic gift box. You can get the whole set for just around S$34.31 from

The Cotton and Canvas Personalised Pillow Case with Monogram for couples

A cute throw pillow is a great gift to give to your boyfriend. It can stay in his room and remind him of the relationship you share and the love between both of you. The Cotton & Canvas Co's throw pillow is special as you can personalise it and add both your monogrammed initials in a cute way. The pillow can then be kept anywhere, either his room or his car or sofa and will be a part of his upholstery for a long time. There are 33 different designs you can get the pillows in including pairs which say "Good morning handsome" and "Good morning gorgeous".  Some also convey a lot of meaning and simply say "His" and "Hers".

If he's a guy who likes sleeping, then he certainly will appreciate a pillow! The material is of a fine quality canvas and because the pillows are available in a neutral colour, they will go anywhere and can be mixed and matched with other items. The covers measure 16 Inches by 16 Inches or about 40 centimetres by 40 centimeters. You can get these romantic throw pillows at Amazon for just around S$43 for pairs and S$29 for individual pillow covers. Keep in mind that pillows are not included but you can buy them separately.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam for Long Distance Lovers

One of the best gifts you can give to your boyfriend if you are long distance lovers or if one of you is going away for some time, say on military service is a great high definition webcam. Many laptops come with inbuilt webcams but these are often not that great for seeing your lover and talking to him as they have poor or average video quality. Logitech's HD Pro Webcam C920 will let you talk to him in Full HD 1080p on Skype or if you prefer other video calling apps, on 720p. It has a Full HD, five-element glass lens that comes with autofocus and will give you clear and beautiful images of him. Your boyfriend will also be able to use this webcam for his work purposes and it will enable him to stand out of the crowd because it will let him capture brilliant HD 1080p clips that will help in video interviews and other work related purposes.

There are two microphones on the webcam that will capture his words and convey them to you in such a way that it will feel as if he is right in front of you and hasn't gone anywhere. The lighting won't matter and you'll be able to see him easily because the webcam compensates and can capture crystal clear video even in low or harsh lighting conditions. This webcam will do all the work and handle video processing which will reduce the strain on his laptop or PC. The Logitech HD Pro Webcam is available at Amazon. You can invest in this webcam for your relationship for about S$75.

SteelSeries Arctis 5 Illuminated Gaming Headset

If your boyfriend is into video games and likes his binge playing, then the SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB illuminated gaming headset will be a gift that will send him into a tizzy of joy. This perfect gift for gamers helps them play and play well. The gaming accessory has been named the best gaming headset by Gizmodo and other similar headsets from the same company have been named the best headsets by IGN and Tom's Guide. The headset comes with top quality audio drivers and give the wearer amazing, crystal clear audio clarity. Your boyfriend will miss no detail in his game as the device has been crafted to generate extremely low distortion audio.

Its DTS Headphone:X v 2.0 technology will help him enjoy his games in 360 surround sound. The headset has an amazing ski goggles suspension band which comfortably fits across the whole head of the wearer and its weight is not concentrated in any particular location thus not creating any pressure point. To keep his ears dry and comfortable throughout his gaming session, there are sports grade fabric AirWeave ear cushions. The headsets are also very lightweight and he will forget that he is wearing them.

One of the main plus points of this headset is that it has the absolute best mic in gaming. The Arctis ClearCast microphone can capture all sounds as good as any studio device can and drowns out all background noises. Finally, the aesthetics are great and the cool lighting makes the headset look futuristic and amazing. You can get it for your beloved from Amazon for about S$137. 

RADICALn 16 Inches Handmade Black and Fossil Coral Weighted Marble Chess Set for Chess Lovers

Does your boyfriend like to play chess? If yes, then RADICALn's 16 Inches Staunton Style chess set will be a good gift idea. The beautiful pieces are handcrafted and made of black fossil marble and high quality coral. There is an imperial and royal feel to the entire set that makes playing using it a truly enjoyable experience. Storage is convenient using this chess board as the whole set comes along with a well designed box made out of velvet. The pieces won't get a single scratch on them as each piece has a different housing of its own which keeps them free of harm. The opulence of the board makes the players feel that they are truly playing the game of kings and royalty. 

This treat for all chess lovers has weighted pieces which give an additional aesthetic element to the games. The surface area of the board is very beautiful and well burnished. You can use it both indoors as well as outdoors and it won't be affected by the humidity in Singapore's air. The beauty of the board is such that your boyfriend can just put it out on display when it is not in use and it will automatically garner admiration. What's more, you both can enjoy a good match and have fun playing with it together. The RADICALn Chess Set is available on Amazon and you can get it for just about S$205.

Unconditional Rosie Romantic Memory Book for Boyfriend Which Will Make His Heart Melt

One of the most romantic gifts that you can give to your boyfriend is a cute memory book filled with all the good times you've had. It's also very personalised and can help release your creative juices. This is a great gift for your boyfriend on valentine's day, his birthday or any such occasion. The book by Unconditional Rosie will let you show your boyfriend just how much you care for him. There are 24 pages in the cute looking memory book with sections like - "A photo of the two of us together", "This is our love story", "Our love in numbers", "Special moments close to my heart", "Nine things I love about you" and a lot lot more!

This gift is special because he will cherish it for many more years to come. There are three whole sheets of emoji stickers included along with the book so that you can customise it as you wish. All the pages also have great looking illustrations and are not bland or boring. You won't have any issues of ink smudging up your beautiful memories because the paper is made of great quality ink adsorbent paper. The book measures 8X8 inches and is spiral bound and hardcover so as to be long lasting. 

A big huge smile is sure to be plastered on his face when he goes through this sentimental memory book and the story of your relationship so be sure that you are waiting with a camera to capture that moment. You can get this awesome gift for your boyfriend from Amazon for just S$27.

Surker 3 In 1 Professional Electric Razor

If your man likes to keep a smooth shaven face and you want to give him a practical and useful gift, then SURKER's 3 in 1 Professional Electric Razor is the right gift for him. Your boyfriend won't have to spend his time worrying about missing stray hair on his face when using this razor as it will give him a clear, smooth and kissable face with minimum work. This competent razor has three separate heads and can multitask easily.

It can easily follow the contours of his face giving him a clean and easy cut. Even thick hair can be cut easily with just a few moves because of its revolutionary double grade technique. If he has unsightly hair in his nose or ears, the hair and nose trimmers included in the shaver can make short work of it and leave him looking gorgeous. The shaver is waterproof and can be washed easily, it is also light and can be taken along on trips. The SURKER 3 In 1 Professional Electric Razor is available on Amazon and you can get it for him for just about S$77.

Partytalk Creative Gift Box

Want to surprise your boyfriend? Then how about giving him an exploding gift box! Don't worry, he won't be hurt at all, in fact he'll be pleased. PartyParty Talks' creative explosion box is a very unique gift. When it is in a closed position, it looks like an ordinary gift box but once he opens it, it will explode with its sides falling back to show him its interior which will have to be designed by you. You can put pictures or some writing in the three dimensional album and also place a ring or gift in the central gift box.

The interior consists of a big multi-layered card. You can put your memories in the scrapbook which is made of great quality paper although it is very light and can be used easily. You can be very creative and personalise the gift as you see fit. Some YouTube tutorials are available from the manufacturer which will help you develop the box better. You can get this gift from Amazon for just about S$35.

Funny Hollabears Teddy Bear to Share a Light Moment

How about a light hearted gift which you can give your boyfriend that will make him break into a smile? Hollabears' Teddies are just such a gift, the bear looks like an ordinary cute teddy bear but has "Shawty U fine as shit tho" written on it. This may sound a little weird but there's nothing wrong with being a little weird at times. Hollabears have been featured on MTV, the Elvis Duran Show, Buzzfeed, IncredibleThings, DudeIWantThat, ShutUpandTakeMyMoney, ThisIsWhyI'mBroke, and numerous other stores thus attesting to their immense appeal and popularity as a gift.

The teddy has a high quality and all of its parts are made out of the finest materials such as soft polyester fleece making it a fit gift for your boyfriend. It will last for a very long time while looking new and can take many hugs. You can get this cute teddy from Amazon for about S$37.

Couples Necklace With "I love you" Inscribed on It

Now for a very romantic gift, a couple's necklace with a ring. Each ring has one half of a heart on it which when coming together, give a full heart. This symbolises how both of you are so deeply in love that your hearts beat together. The necklaces also have "I Love You" inscribed on them which is one of the purest phrases that a person can tell to their beloved. The necklaces also come with colour changing beads which are supposed to sense the mood of the person wearing the necklace. Such a unique gift will be perfect and both of you can wear it every day if you want to. Everything in the necklace is hypoallergenic. Available on Amazon you can get this necklace for about S$24.

Some Bonus Tips You'll Benefit From

Here are a few bonus tips you'll love:

  • Get him something handmade: If you're the creative type, then a handmade gift for your boyfriend will be awesome as he will be able to remember you better because of it.

  • Pair your gift with a card: You can add additional messages of love and convey your feelings better this way.
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Selecting Impressive Gifts For Boyfriend Living In Singapore

Despite the fact that it is a matter of tastes and preferences, there are other gift ideas that can play a part in gifting your boyfriend living in Singapore. For instance, gifts such as a memorable experience or handy gifts that can be put to use time and again. Therefore, make thoughtful considerations before presenting him with a gift. All the same, a gift will make him happy, and herein BP-Guide has guided you to some of the best gift ideas ever for your boyfriend living in Singapore.