Has it Been Four Months Since You Met? Here are 10 Top Notch Ideas to Consider for a 4 Month Gift for Boyfriend (2018)

Has it Been Four Months Since You Met? Here are 10 Top Notch Ideas to Consider for a 4 Month Gift for Boyfriend (2018)

Every day counts in a relationship and so 4 months is worthy of reckoning. What best way than to present a gift to remind boyfriend of the day you met 4 months ago. Find below useful tips to help you in making the choice of a perfect gift for him.

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When it comes to great relationships, every milestone is important which is why you can’t rest until you get the best 4-month gift for your boyfriend. That is the right thing to do since you must ensure that your man feels loved as well as appreciated. You would agree with me that the 4th month anniversary is not a common thing. That is why finding a gift that is not too general but rather perfect for this particular occasion in the best way possible can be a daunting task. It demands that you think critically and dig deeper.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be that hard to secure a romantic gift for boyfriend. As usual, you can rely on us in ensuring that you put a smile on the face of your loved one. In this piece, we present to you a list of the best ideas for a 4-month anniversary gift for boyfriend. Check it out.

Tips to Consider in Choosing a 4 Month Anniversary Gift for Your Boyfriend

Keep in Mind That You Haven't Dated for a Long period

Never forget that the relationship is already young. Therefore, it may not be wise to do something that will involve his family. That’s because he is probably not ready for that. Therefore, try your best to respect his personal space. With time, he may start letting you in more by more. Otherwise, you may look not only impatient but also desperate. That would only mean that there are high chances that you will not go far. Is that what you want? Of course not. For that reason, you should not forget that the relationship is still young.

Base the Gift on Hobbies You Have Noted in the Last 4 Months

If you were to base your gifts on some deep matters, there are high chances that you will get it wrong. How do you avoid that mistake? A good way is to base your 4-month gift for boyfriend on something simple. A good thing is his hobby and interests. They are not only easy to notice but also very outright. Therefore, you don’t need to beat yourself up when there is an easy way out. With time, you will be in a position to learn other things.

Consider Asking for Advice from People Who Have Known Him for a Longer Period

Seeking help is okay. Definitely, he's had people in his life before you became part of it. Consequently, they know more about him than yourself. That would only mean that they can help you a great deal in ensuring that what he gets matches his needs, style, and interests. That will make the gift relevant. In addition to that, he will notice the efforts and the length that you are willing to go to understand and make him happy.

Avoid Being Too Naggy

As much as a man has shown interest in you, it is not a guarantee that you will always be his number one priority. That’s because he is probably trying to understand you better and adjust his schedule to fit the dating aspect as well. Therefore, it is a high recommendation that you go for a gift instead of a date. It is likely to become a success more than a date due to the time factor. If he says that he can’t make it to a date, understand him. Most importantly, do not nag him. Not many men love pressure.

10 Best 4-Month Anniversary Gifts to Show Your Boyfriend You're Headed In the Right Direction

Personalized Playlist for An MP3 Player

Source www.quora.com

When it comes to a relationship as short as 4 months, getting it right can be hard. That’s because what you know is relatively little. In which case you should consider utilizing what you already know. For instance, compiling the songs you have noticed that he likes. If not the individual titles, you can consider the genre. It is a good idea since it is easy to make and cheap. The requirements are not only inexpensive but also easy to find. It will also show him that you are ready to set aside some of your time for him. If you haven’t done it before, count this as a learning experience as well. Visit instructables.com for a perfect guide on how to create this great 4-month gift for boyfriend.

Photo Memory Book

Source www.amazon.in

The next 4-month anniversary gift for boyfriend is a photo memory book. Who wouldn’t want a high-quality product? That is why the recommendation is one by Pioneer. The brand is formidable when it comes to the manufacture of albums, and this one is no exception. It comprises 10 top-loading page protectors and the same number of heavy white paper inserts. The number is perfect since there are low chances of having a lot of memories within four months of being together. Each page measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

On the other hand, the dimensions of the book itself are 1.1 x 9.9 x 11.5 inches. Due to its expanding library spine, there is room for additional unlimited refills. Therefore, as you continue making new memories, you will keep adding to the old ones with ease. It can make a perfect archive for those sweet memories even many years to come. As for the photos and the user’s safety, Pioneer has taken precautions. It is lignin, acid as well as PVC free. This also makes it environmentally friendly. Simply visit Amazon.in and buy it at Rs.2405 only.


Source www.amazon.in

Just as girls go the flower ways, guys love the chocolate stuff. Therefore, you can consider this Ferrero Rocher chocolate. They are perfect for gifting which makes them an ideal romantic gift for boyfriend on this special occasion. Is your boyfriend a vegetarian? If your answer is a resounding yes, you should not hesitate to make this chocolate the 4-month anniversary gift for boyfriend. That’s because the ingredients include sugar, cocoa mass, anhydrous milk fat, cocoa butter, and skimmed milk powder. Others include hazelnuts, vegetable oil, whey powder, wheat flour, salt and raising agent. It is not only multi-layered but also individually wrapped. Its availability is also a guarantee. It is as simple as visiting Amazon.in. The price for the 16 pieces is Rs. 475 only.

Stuffed Tiger

Source www.amazon.in

Stuffed animals offer warmth, and though men usually act tough, they are big softies on the inside and he will find this endearing. Therefore, you can consider this tiger as a romantic gift for boyfriend - a soft toy that is also manly - a win-win for both! It is a clear indication that you want to spend the rest of your life besides him. In addition to that, it will give him the warmth that you are not in a position to offer at that time. Its material is cotton. For that reason, it is soft and vibrant. The material also makes it lightweight hence easy to carry. The tiger patterns ensure that it looks colorful, attractive as well as vibrant. It also matches with all home decors and can be ideal for decoration too. Since it is perfect for gifting and can be ideal for any occasion, think about it before deciding on the 4-month gift for boyfriend to gift him. You can secure it from Amazon.in for Rs.525 only.

Happy 4th Month Anniversary Mug

Just by a glance, it is easy to notice that this is a great 4-month anniversary gift for boyfriend. That’s because of the writings, “Happy 4 month anniversary”. Its material is ceramic while the color is white. With a capacity of up to 11 oz, the mug is suitable for serving him any of his favorite drink including coffee and tea. With the combination of high gloss finish and images, it becomes a beauty regardless of where it is. To make it even more beautiful, there are images on both sides. With men, a microwave is one of their best friends. Fortunately, this mug is microwave safe. However, when it comes to cleaning, it is advisable to avoid the dishwasher. Instead, consider hand washing it so that the images can stay for long. For health safety, the manufacturer has avoided the use of lead at all cost. Can you imagine the joy as he sips that coffee from a mug you gave him as a 4 month anniversary gift for boyfriend? The guys who have experienced it says that the feeling is priceless. Make sure that your man joins the happy team. The cost is Rs.500 only once you visit amazon.com.

Personalised Keychain

Source www.etsy.com

As for keychains, they have always been ideal gifts for most men. The fact that this one is personalized makes it a romantic gift for boyfriend. It comprises a large Tibetan silver hook and a metal key ring. The ring measures 1 inch. Additionally, it has a penny. Its default label is usually ‘Hooked Since.’ Then, you can select the date that you want for personalization. In this case, it can be the day you laid eyes on each other or that day you chose to become a thing. By the look of it, you would assume that you will have to break the bank to secure one. However, the cost is only Rs.850 at etsy.com.

Make a DIY 4th Anniversary Card

Because only a few people enjoy this particular milestone, it may be hard to find something that matches the occasion perfectly. That is why it's a good idea to make a great 4th-month-anniversary card. The things you need are as simple as glue, white card sheet, pearls, scissors, forceps, and double-sided tape. For more details regarding how to come up with a romantic gift for boyfriend regarding making a sweet card, watch this short video. It will explain in details and clearly how to make a DIY 4th-anniversary card.

Vintage Manual Watch

Source www.ebay.com

Since time immemorial, a watch has always been another great gift when it comes to the man’s world. However, it can be a cliché if you don’t think outside the box. For uniqueness, it would be advisable to go for the manual watch. Luckily, it is easy to find some that are fancy.

A good example is this second-hand manual watch. It has seen better days no doubt. You may not believe it, but it was not made long after World War II. These things are rare to find and could be a great addition to your boyfriend’s collection. The dimensions are 38 mm and 26 mm for the length and width, respectively.

The fancy bezel of the watch that shines from far is stylish. What would you expect if it is a yellow-gold stainless case? The leather band is the icing on the cake. With such a product, you can rest assured that you will touch a soul. Visit ebay.com with Rs.12,385 only. As for the price, it may be relatively high but worthy. Despite the short relationship, it is good to hope that your relationship will last for long if not forever.

Sporty Jacket

Since when did brands like 2GO disappoint? With that same expertise, the brand made this sporty jacket. It has zip, long sleeves, and mock colour. Equally important is it has two pockets, unlined fabric, and a regular length. Its material is 100% polyester hence soft and stylish. The other good thing is that you can get if from Myntra for only Rs.749 only.

Coffee Maker

If he loves coffee, this coffee maker by Havells Crystal is a perfect 4-month anniversary gift for boyfriend. It is versatile hence also ideal for making tea. Its power consumption is as low as 600 Watts. Equally important is it has a water level indicator. It has a removable filter and comes with a two-year warranty. The coffee maker costs Rs. 1999 if you visit Flipkart.

Bonus: Take Your Time and Write a Hand-Written Letter

When nothing else seems to make sense, write a letter. Ensure that you express yourself in the best way possible. Convey your message in a way that makes him feel loved beyond any reasonable doubt. In addition to that, make him know how happy you have been over the last four months. You can site a few great memories as well. It can play the trick and won’t cost you much.

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The perfect gift for him for your 4-month anniversary.

Now you have a clear clue on what to gift boyfriend for your 4 months dating anniversary. Take a cue from the various options presented above and make this anniversary one to remember. You certainly can't go wrong with any of these, so go on and make it count!