What Types of Gifts Can You Get for Your Boyfriend? Woo Him with 10 Gifts That'll Win Him Over and Put a Smile on His Face (2018)

What Types of Gifts Can You Get for Your Boyfriend? Woo Him with 10 Gifts That'll Win Him Over and Put a Smile on His Face (2018)

From anniversaries, birthdays to other special occasions and romantic ones too, different types of gifts will be deemed appropriate for respectively different occasions. It is therefore, good to arm yourself with enough knowledge on what to get him, whether DIY gifts, certain accessories or anything else that will be a good gift idea to make your man happy. Below are some highly recommended gift ideas for your man.

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What Types of Gifts Should You Give Your Boyfriend

Buying a gift for a particular person is always better than buying gifts for yourself. When you like and respect the person, you still want to bring a smile on his face, especially if he is your boyfriend. Buying a gift is not always easy as it needs comprehensive research and dedication. You don't need to buy something big or extremely expensive; it can be affordable or just something special and nostalgic.

  • Romantic or Valentine’s Day gifts: It is always fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day or a romantic, special day with your boyfriend, especially when you are dating. Plan a movie date with some handwritten old-fashioned love letter and red flower while you meet, which will be entirely different than usual.

  • Birthday or Anniversary gift: Buying something for guys is always a big challenge! An extraordinary day like a birthday, month or year anniversary seems to be easy, but choosing a perfect gift can be a tiring job. Plan way ahead what kind of thing you want to buy and make him super happy.

  • Surprise and Special gifts: The time when you do not need any occasion, but want to see those sparkling eyes and a big smile on his face. Keep it a surprise and wait for that particular moment to give him the gift. Get romantic and surprise him with something he was poorly looking to buy for himself.

  • Personalised DIY gifts: Nothing seems to be complete than a handmade gift. It can be his favourite dish to a woollen sweater. It can be anything that makes you happy to do for him and make him so glad to get it from you. The feeling is beyond materialistic as handcrafted gift smells love and gratitude.

10 Types of Gifts for Boyfriend

Roses and Orchids

Source www.fnp.com

Flowers are always a symbol of romanticism, and nobody can go wrong with a beautiful bundle of flowers as a gift. It gives a 100 per cent guaranteed smile! A gorgeous flower bouquet can positively change the atmosphere and strengthen the bonding too.

Orchids, the tropical plant grows in almost every continent from the Arctic Circle to the southernmost jungle except Antarctica. They are beautiful flowers which are valued around the globe. The flower bouquet here has 12 Pink Roses and 12 Blue Orchids, a cylindrical glass vase (4 x 6 inches) and green fillers. You can reuse the vessel after the flowers wither away. The price for this item at Ferns n Petals is Rs.1,899.

Calvin Klein Gift Set

Men don't always take care of their toiletry, but if you are the one who takes this responsibility to get them what is needed for their grooming, they become happy. The Calvin Klein men’s gift set is a unique collection of perfume, aftershave balm, hair and body wash which is a complete essential goodie bag for your beloved on any special date. The one pack has all the necessary commodities.

It is a high-quality item and comes in excellent packaging. Perfume has lavender, mandarin orange, berries and many more aromatic fresh top and heart note in it. The content of it is 20 ml, the contents of aftershave balm, hair and body wash are 100 ml respectively. Let your partner enjoy the cool crispy woodsy smell and give you value for your top most choice for this gift. The price for this gift pack is Rs.4,075 at Shopperstop.com.

Personalised Tile Picture

Surprise your boyfriend on his special day with this personalised and stylish tile frame. This is a desk decorative customised with a nostalgic touch of a picture which can be the treasured memory of your relationship. Mail your favourite photo to Archies online and get the personalised gift for your boyfriend.

The specification of this item is length 330mm, height 350mm, material pure cotton canvas and the area is 220 x 200 mm. You can get it from Archiesonline.com at Rs.649.

Phone Sanitizer

It is possible that your boyfriend might not always love to be a sports person, he can be a gadget geek too. If it is like that, get this tremendous but useful smartphone sanitizer as a gift for him. A smartphone has some unwanted features like a breeding ground for germs like bacteria and viruses. Wipe out the bugs on the touchscreen of your mobile phone.

To clean the phone, place it inside and attach the charging cable. Then close the lid and let it charge. The ultra-violet lights inside makes the phone squeaky clean, and the exterior lights indicate when the phone is decent and fully charged. The phone case has built-in amplifiers which help to listen to music or use the phone alarm clock while it is in between the cleaning treatment. There are also some Phonesoap Microfiber Patches for quick and effortless cleaning on the go. The dimension is 7.6-inch length x 3.74-inch width x .84-inch height, and it fits almost all smartphones. The colour is white, and the price of this item is around Rs.4,286 and it is available at uncommongoods.com.

Colour Changing Speaker

If your boyfriend loves music or to give a party now and then, this colour changing touch speaker can be the best gift for him. This speaker changes colour according to the mood of the song. If you want to play a happy song, This speaker can be adjusted to the hue of sunny yellow. The room fills up with great colourful pigments and crisp sound just with a light tap. You can set it up on a rotating glow, increase its speed to create a disco ball effect which looks quite modern and chic. The collapsible handle design is great for hanging from the ceiling at party time or easy to carry on the go.

The measurement of this unit is 4.7-inch Length x 3.8-inch width. It has a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls and Bluetooth, which ranges up to 10 meters. The playback time is approx. 3 to 4 hours and it takes 3 hours to charge it up. It has a touch control and supports MicroSD cards. It is available at uncommongoods.com, and the price of this gift is Rs.2,145 at present.

Multipurpose Blanket

Travelling may not always come with notice for your boyfriend and packing a big blanket if he is going for any beach party or camping is next to impossible. You can give him a handy multipurpose blanket as a gift which will be his go-to thing. Whatever his next adventure might be, this useful blanket will get him covered.

It has a combination of repurposed top layered nylon flannel with an upcycled rip-stop nylon bottom layer. It is dirt, sand and water resistant, warm comfortable and lightweight too. It comes with a zippered pouch, and it can be doubled as a pillow. The size is 4 x 6 feet, and it has a hood and connectable snaps to roll in during bad weather. The Multipurpose Blanket is available at uncommongoods.com, and the price is Rs.5,716. It can be a great outdoor companion for your boyfriend.

Wooden Photo Album

Source www.amazon.in

Choosing something that you both can cherish today and in your future is what you should buy on a special day for him. What better than a traditional photo album made of wood and names as ‘Happy Everyday’? In this photo album, he can keep his life journals, learning materials, works, collections or creative gifts. It can be a travel log or a thing to keep all the happy moments he had sent with you.

It is a regular rectangle shaped album made of high-quality wood. Its dimension is 22 x 16 x 4 cm, and it weighs around 522 grams. It has 30 pages, and each page can be used as double-sided. It has beautiful curved designs on the front, and the colour is brown. The price at amazon.in is Rs.499.

DIY Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Light Up Mason Jar

Can you get anything better than your handmade gift for him? It’s impossible to get any substitute for a beautiful handmade craft for your love-life. You need a few things to make your own beautiful homemade mason jar which lights up and looks great at dark. Watch the tutorial above to figure out how to make one.

DIY light up Mason jar

What you need:
  • 2 inch wood letters
  • A mason jar
  • Jewelry wire
  • Acrylic pain
  • Paint brush
  • Construction paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fairy light
  • scissor

How to make it:
  • Take your mason jar and peel off the price tag
  • Take letters of your choice and paint two coats of acrylic paint
  • Grab the construction paper cut different types of circles and do some spiral shape
  • Roll the end of the spiral and roll until it takes the form of a rose
  • Secure it with hot glue at the bottom
  • Take the fairy light and glue them at the centre of the lid of Mason jar
  • Take the jewellery wire, measure how low you want the letters to stay in the jar
  • Cut the cord accordingly and attach them with the alphabets and twist
  • Glue the wire to the top of the lid
  • Put the roses inside the pot, letters and the light up the bulbs to complete the project

Photo Wind Chime

Pictures are always nostalgic. The moments you capture are going to be with you forever. We keep the images either on our computer or phone. They are never in front of our eyes. This photo wind chime will make those happy moments alive as it will always be hanging in the room. Moreover, it is super easy to make and a wonderful romantic handcrafted gift too. Watch the tutorial above to get an idea of how to make this DIY gift.

DIY Photo Wind Chime

What you need:
  • CD
  • A4 size sheet
  • Teddy
  • Fur
  • Pen
  • Glue gun
  • Adhesive
  • Lace
  • Pictures

How to make it:
  • Use adhesive to glue the pictures and paste it in the same size sheet paper. After pasting the pics, cut the lace in few pieces in to 54 cm, 28 cm and 18 cm length respectively. Use hot gun glue and put it on the laces and attach one picture each time.
  • Take another picture and paste it on the opposite side of the first one. Make few lace with double sided pictures. Take the fur cloth and on the opposite side mark two circles with CD with pen, and cut them.
  • Mark the CD in four equal length and attach two 18 cm lace with hot glue. Put the fur cloth over it. Mark on the opposite of the CD in five equal length and attach the lace with pictures on the mark. Now put the fur over it and use the ribbon ends as hanger.
  • Attach the hanging ribbons securely and place the teddy bear and glue it over the fur. Attach a keyring to hold and your photo wind chimes ready to gift.

Bonus Tips to Choose Gifts for Him

  • Your thought and openness are more precious than the price tag of the present. Buying and gifting something always matters, but most importantly, it matters how you are giving it or what you are thinking to gift. When you purchase something always keep in mind, your man will value you if you understand him and be thoughtful about the gift.

  • Keep in mind of the importance ‘special day’ before you buy any gift. Always think about the moment and don't put yourself in embarrassment after buying a wrong gift for him on a wrong occasion. Suppose, you are thinking to celebrate your monthly anniversary, and you are buying a thing like a pocket watch, which is ideal for your 25Th Anniversary. If you are still confused, buy nothing but make something DIY special gift which will make him feel the most special.

  • It is always tempting to buy a CD or a T-shirt as those are the most comfortable options and can't go wrong. Buy something useful or sentimental, which will make you different than the rest of the world. Get something he loves or has a passion for achieving. If he wants to go for an adventurous trip, buy something he can use for the journey, this will be useful and thoughtful too.
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Bewilder Your Man With Different Types Of Gifts

You may not see it, but deep down he may light up with joy over the gift you have given him. Moreover, acts such as chest bumping due to happiness may be overrated, but with some of the gifts listed above you may see this act. All the same knowing your man will also play a major part when it comes to selecting a gift for him. If you have no idea on what to get him, keep calm, BP-Guide has got you covered with some special gift types for Boyfriend.