A Treat for Your Loved Ones: 10 Unique and Unexpected Miniature Gifts Available Online (2019)

A Treat for Your Loved Ones: 10 Unique and Unexpected Miniature Gifts Available Online (2019)

When it comes to choosing a gift for our loved ones, we want nothing but the best. Miniature gifts can be the cutest choice we can make for that special occasion. So, if you are on the lookout for cute and special miniature gifts, scroll down and take a pick.

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Best Places for Cool Miniature Gifts Online

The Little Me

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If you have ever wanted to gift a customized figurine, then, the online store ‘Little Me’ is for you. All you need is to send in the photos of either you or your loved ones (whose figurine that you want them to create) and they will have it send it to you.
You will need to mention as to how you want the faces to be customized. For your loved ones, they offer the options of getting bobbleheads and figurines; that said, they can even paste the photos of small children in their soft toys’ collection.

My 3D

If you have ever wanted to create a 3D selfie of you and your loved ones, then, ‘My 3D’ is the place you should go for.
Based in Chennai, ‘My 3D’ will create 3D figures of you and your loved ones, and that includes your pets too!! All you need is to send them your photo – (have to be in HD, though) and they will create perfect replicas of you and your loved ones.
Each of their life-like figurines is created from sandstone and great care and precision are taken to make sure that each of their figurines looks exactly as the given photos!!

3D Selfiy

Want to get 3D printed gifts to give to your loved ones? Head off to ‘3D Selfiy’ now – it’s the place where you can get unique and personalized gifts.
Offering 3D miniatures and customized 3D printed gifts are their specialty, as are 3D modelling works and replica dolls. To get a customized gift from them, you will need to mail your photographs to their mail address (gift at 3dselfiy dot com) and they will deliver the product right at your doorstep.
One of the best things about ‘3D Selfiy’ is that they ship their products worldwide.

My Cute Mini

Ever wanted to have a cake topper of your loved ones on their birthday cake? Yes, then, ‘My Cute Mini’ is for you.
Based in Chennai, ‘My Cute Mini’ can create perfect and life-like miniature replicas of your loved ones that they will be proud to show off on their birthday cake. That said, thy can also create 3D dolls, 3D selfie, 3D figurines, human clone dolls, to name a few.
And the best part about ‘My Cute Mini’?
Unlike their counterparts who use modern machines to create the figurines, they create the figurines entirely by hand!!

Selfie Miniature

Ever wanted to know how an award company can make your figurine look like?
Heard of ‘Selfie Miniature’?
Based in Chennai, ‘Selfie Miniature’s is an award-winning company (they have won three awards, as of now!!) which specializes in creating miniature selfies of people – send them a photo and they will create magic with their creations (that’s 3D printed figurines for you).
Having four years of experience under their belt and with more than 68, 000 happy customers with a 100 percent satisfaction rate, ‘Selfie Miniature’s the place you should go for if you want customized key chains, figurines, customized logo key chains, 3D avatars, human figurines, and such.

Want Something Different? Quirky Miniature Gifts Online That'll Stand Out

Handcrafted Wooden Calendar Cube

Instead of the usual desk calendar (and which you can’t gift it to anyone – it will look cheap, obviously) that you get to see everywhere, how about opting for a different theme this time?
Brought to you by the rural artisans of our country, this product is a desk calendar, all right, but it comes in the form of a cube and a wooden one. Priced at Rs. 1,250 for a single piece, each wooden block features a single month on each side with the surface painted with a solid one colour to highlight the texture of the wood.
That said, you can even use this cubic-calendar as a paperweight. Pretty cool, right?
This product can be found exclusively at the online store India Meets India.

Baby Laughing Buddha Figurines

Who can say ‘no’ to baby figurines?
Brought to by the online store My Pooja Box, this product is a set of five laughing baby monk figurines. Each of the figurines is made of poly-resin and features a different vibrant shade of orange, yellow, green, blue and red.
The best part about this set of figurines is that you can either give them a single figurine or the set as a whole. They make do as the perfect companions for both home and office décor.
This set of figurines is priced at Rs. 1,250 .

Womaniya Themed Glass Coasters

Why go for the same old boring and monotonous solid coloured glass coasters when coasters like this set exist?
Brought to you by the Indian brand ScrapShala, this set of coasters are made of glass and features woman-themed illustrations. Each of the four coasters features the illustration of a woman that is purely hand-painted with lead-free paints.
Priced at Rs. 600 for a single set, this set of coasters can be found exclusively at the online store of World Art Community.

Ginko Spoons - Set of 6

If you are looking for beautiful cutlery, then, you are surely going to love this product. This product consists of a set of six spoons that are pure hand-carved in the shape of a Ginko leaf – the leaf belongs to an ancient tree whose fossils remains date back to 270 million years, and possess healing powers.
The spoons are cast in metal and finished with the ‘margaz’ process – and hence, these spoons can also be used in vinegar, yogurt, and pickles, for they won’t tarnish, unlike raw metal.
Made of pure brass, this set of spoons can be found exclusively at V Clusive and is priced at Rs. 5,024.

David De Gea Manchester United Premier League Football Pop Figure

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Priced at Rs. 1,099, this product will make do as a perfect gift for small children, ranging from three years and up.
This figurine features a football player, named David De Gia and is an officially licensed merchandise. Measuring only 10 cm, this pop figurine can also be placed at your study table or even your shelf.
This pop figurine can be found exclusively at the online store Entertainment Store.

Compact Pack Travel Neck Pillow

Made from elastomer and viscose, this product is perfect for all those nappers out there. No matter how and where you go, take this neck pillow with you – this pillow can be made to wrap around the neck comfortably for good support and soft cushioning.
Wondering how to fit the neck pillow in your bag? Not to worry – when not in use, the neck pillow can be rolled up into a compact ball.
Made in Spain, this neck pillow is priced at Rs. 4,139 and can be found exclusively at Uncommon Goods.

Animal Cushion – Mr. Mouse

Who knew cushions can look this cuddly and adorable?
Purely handmade, this cushion is made of recycled fabric and comes in the shape of an animal – a rat, no less!! Embellished with Katha stitch, this animal cushion can be used on car seats, or as a throw pillow.
Want to add a funky quotient to your living space? Go for this animal cushion – and the best part is that this animal cushion comes in three colours – yellow, blue and green. You can either opt for one piece or go for all the three as a set.
Priced at Rs. 760 for a single cushion, you can find this handmade animal cushion at the online store Kopai Paar.

Horse Lamps - Set of 3

Coming in a set of three, this product has three lamps to its name – made purely of bell metal, and which is a form of bronze, these lamps feature the heads of horses as the handles.
Of the three pieces, two-measure 5” x 4” and one measure 4” x 3.5”, these horse lamps are made in Kerala and can be found exclusively in the online store of Artisera.
The horse lamps are priced at Rs. 15,000 for the full set.

Mini Frame Bag

Looking for the perfect companion to take along with you for a brunch or an evening out with your loved ones?
What’s this mini frame bag for, then?
Handcrafted from pure leather, this mini frame bag measuring only 6.5” x 4.5” x 3” comes in the colour black and features a big sunflower patch on the front and is a combination of both machine embroidery and hand-done beadwork.
The best part about this leather mini bag is that the leather and the fabric (used for lining the bag) used in the bag are up-cycled.
This mini frame bag is priced at Rs. 3,900 and can be found exclusively on Swarang Designs.

Rickshaw Luggage Tag

Aren’t all those plain leather tags kind of an eyesore? If your answer is ‘yes’, then, we won’t blame you if you decide to go for this leather tag.
Handcrafted with pure leather, this leather bag features a quirky illustration of an auto-rickshaw in vibrant colours – something that definitely depicts our vibrant country. Measuring only 12.5” x 4.5”, this leather tag has a name card slot on the back.
Priced at Rs. 1, 750, this leather tag can be found exclusively on the online store Swarang Designs.

How to Get the Perfect and Unique Miniature Gift for Your Loved Ones?

Choosing and buying a gift for your loved ones is not that easy – but isn’t it completely worth it, when the joy they show after receiving your gift?
Instead of just mindlessly scouring the websites or online and physical stores for the perfect gift, there is a certain etiquette that you need to follow before getting that gift for your loved ones.

Who Says Size Matters?

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Of course, actions speak louder than words, and you might be thinking that you need to give a big gift to your loved ones – may be, that new curved smart TV that you saw at the store a few minutes ago.
But wait – that’s not the way to give gifts, of course, you want to show your feelings to your loved ones through your gift, but just think for a minute – what are they going to do with that big TV if they already have one?
That’s why it is recommended that you should try to think smart and practical – and opt for small and practical gifts; say, if they often have to travel for meetings and conferences, you can give them a neck pillow or even a classy leather tag – they will appreciate the gesture all the same.

Listening to Them

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While it’s great that you want to surprise your loved ones with a gift, it’s best that you should give them gifts based on what they have specially asked for, instead of giving them what you think they want.
Say, you have heard them wanting to get a new FitBit watch to help them get in shape, but instead of you giving them that particular item, you gave them a gym membership, because you thought that the former is too boring and predictable.
You know, what’s going to happen next? They are only going to buy a FitBit for themselves and ignore the one that you gave them. And you don’t want that to happen to your gift, right?

Keeping Your Options Open

Many receivers are quite ‘picky’ when it comes to shopping, and they won’t just accept anything, even if it’s from their loved ones.
In such cases, your best bet is to gift them a ‘gift card’ to their favourite store – that way, you won’t have to guess your gift. Plus, they will be happy and you too will also be satisfied!

Gifting an Experience

Even if everything fails – meaning, you have practically thought of everything, and yet, you couldn’t find anything suitable for your loved ones, then, you can still give them meaningful gifts, such as tickets to a play or match, or you can even gift them an online course.
These gifts may look small, but when experienced together, can create a lasting memory.

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Choose the Best Miniature Gift for Your loved One in 2019

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