Need a Small Gift for an Impromptu Celebration or a Cute Gift in a Small Budget? Here are 16 Gift Ideas for Small Occasions (2018)

Need a Small Gift for an Impromptu Celebration or a Cute Gift in a Small Budget? Here are 16 Gift Ideas for Small Occasions (2018)

Life is full of surprises and you never know when you need to give small but nice gift to a loved one or an acquaintance. But good ideas rarely come when you need them most so here is a list of some sweet, cool and nice gifts for children, men and women. These gifts are small, maybe even tiny but they sure do pack a punch!

What's So Unique About Giving Small Gifts?

They are Cute

Small gift articles are so cute and endearing that they can be kept as keepsake forever. The recipient gets a surge of warmth on being gifted something small and cute. He or she immediately notices the gesture behind the small gift and the thought. Cute decor gifts or small stationary gift items are very useful. Small gifts are often very useful and sometimes we cannot do without them. We need small items in our everyday life and often we tend to postpone or forget purchasing them ourselves, but when someone gifts them to us, we realize their importance in our daily lives.

They are Inexpensive

The best part about small gifts is that they are never a burden on the giver and the recipient. The one gifting a small gifting article like a pen does not need to shell much from his pockets and the one receiving the small gift items does not feel burdened by the cost of the gift. If you plan well, a small gift item will not be too heavy on your pocket and can be really appreciated by the recipient.

They are Perfect for Unexpected Occasions

Unexpected occasions like your friends or relatives achieving a rank in an exam calls for a gift and at such moments spending a huge amount does not make sense. Such occasions call for small gifts either to congratulations or to say best of luck. Your uncle gifting you a small globe when you leave for a long awaited foreign trip is just too perfect for the occasion and similarly, a small pen gifted to your buddy who has helped you is the perfect gesture to say thank you.

Small Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids are always happy with small gifts. Kids are indifferent to the cost of gifts and often small and little gifts mean the world to them. So if you are searching for a small gift for a kid, then we have some perfect suggestions for you.

#1 Stationary


This Perfect Minions Shape Pencil Box with Sketch Pens Kit has 12 assorted colored sketch pens which is one of the most essential requirement for every school going kid. The cute looking cartoon Minion case can be used as a pencil box too. All the sketch pens are of different colors. The product box is made of high quality and durable plastic and the box is spacious enough to contain 12 sketch pens easily. The box is priced at Rs.251 only. You can get this from and avail real quick home delivery.

#2 Key Chain


This My Lil Princess Keychain for Kids Green will be loved by your cute little princess. This PVC keychain has double sided designs. If your little doll loves her dolls, then she would definitely love this cute and small gift to keep her stationary, clothes and toys in lock and key. Teach her how to lock her belongings and pin her key to this cute key chain. The key chain features attractive color combinations and designs. The key chain can be used to decorate her school bag too. This one costs just Rs.177 on Amazon which is quite a fair deal!

#3 Cute Wall Decor


These Solimo Wall Sticker for Kids' Room will create a whole fantasy land for your child in his room full of his favorite animals. The wall decor stickers come in an ideal size of 190 cm x 194 cm. It is quite easy to apply on walls, tiled surfaces and other smooth surfaces. It is structured from a PVC self-adhesive material and can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, play room and kid's room to add oodles of cuteness to your living spaces.

Get these decals for Rs.189 only from These stickers come in a numbered format and you are just supposed to peel them off and stick them on the wall according to their numbers to form a pattern. Lastly, just firmly press on the borders of the stickers to ensure no air bubbles and loose edges.

4 Small Gift Ideas for Him

We are sure you have been gifting big and appropriate gifts to your guy on his birthday and anniversary but for small occasions like wishing him good luck or bidding him goodbye for his office trip call for small gifts. Here we have some appropriate small gifts for your beloved, so scroll down and choose one that suits the occasion.

Doggy Collar for His Pet


If your guy loves his dog, then no gift would mean more to him than this cute little fancy dog collar for his best buddy. Dog keepers are generally too passionate and emotional about their pets and a dog collar would be an ideal gift if you want to impress your beloved. This Sage Square Faux leather Adjustable Scarf Neckerchief Collar for Dog would cost you Rs.195 only on Amazon. It has a beautiful triangular scarf with a floral pattern along with the dog collar.

The strong and durable PU leather collar will feel quite comfortable and secure around the dog's collar. The triangular neckerchief dresses up the dog beautifully and boasts of fine workmanship. One needs to press the collar tightly around the dog's neck ensuring that the neckerchief stays in place. There is an insurance clasp in the buckle which can be adjusted according to the age of the dog. The neckerchief can be untied and removed when you take the dog for his bath and re-tied later on.

Hand Painted Coffee Mug

A hand-painted ceramic or porcelain mug is a great gift for your beloved when you cannot find the ideal design you want to gift him in a mug. It is also an easy and effective DIY craft which shows your talent, adds your personal touch and also impresses your boyfriend with your thoughtful gesture. Follow the DIY instructions below to see how you can paint your own coffee mug.


  • Plain ceramic or porcelain mug
  • Paint brushes of varied sizes
  • Waste rag and a color palette for mixing colors
  • Porcelain paints
  • Black marker pen with a thin tip


  • Mix some of your favorite shades in the palette to ensure that you have various shades to make a colorful design
  • Draw your design roughly on a paper before. You can make small flowers or just a plain polka dotted design.
  • Start sketching the design on the mug with the black marker pen.
  • Once your design is drawn, it's time to paint. Start painting your mug in colorful shades.
  • Let the paint dry. Your DIY hand-painted coffee mug is ready for your beloved.

Personalised Monogrammed Playing Cards

Printland lets you create your own personalized monogrammed cards set. This one is an ideal gift, costs you less, looks small when gifted but is very impactful. It will remind your beloved of your thoughtful gesture every time he removes his deck of cards to play with his friends. The website lets you choose your own design whether a picture, photo or some words. They print your design and ship your deck of cards directly to your home. A personalised deck of cards will cost you Rs.349 only. Customise your design and place your order here.

Personalised Phone Cover

If your guy fancies personalised and monogrammed belongings then this is another great idea to gift him a nice gift. You obviously know which mobile he uses. So log on to to customize a mobile cover. They have plenty of mobile covers in various materials for different phones. Choose your boyfriend's picture or any other image you would like to get printed on the mobile cover. This will cost you Rs.239 only and will ship your cover to your home directly.

Although small, this is a very sweet gift for someone you care. The case covers are built in such a way to protect the phones from unintentional drops and accidents. They completely secure your phones and have proper spaces for the side buttons and the camera.

Crystal Diamond-Shaped Glass Paperweight


This simple and yet useful magnifying glass paperweight will be a useful tool for your guy in office. A paper weight is an essential desk accessory and almost everyone has one in his office. Gift this simple paperweight from priced at Rs.197 only. With an attractive diamond crystal design, this glass paperweight looks quite impressive. It is a 40 mm glass paperweight which can be used as a tabletop showpiece also.

4 Small Gift Ideas for Her

Small gifts for girls mean a lot to them because there are plenty of small item which a woman needs. Right from a simple nail polish to a cute little storage box, women love all kinds of gifts. So if you are looking for the perfect small gift for your love, then we have just the perfect ideas for you.

Eyeshadow Palette


All girls love their makeup and so if you want to impress your sweetheart with some makeup gift then this is an ideal option. Priced at Rs.160 only, this ADS Nude Eyeshadow Palette has all the colors to get a complete nude or no-makeup look. The expertly curated 12 shades haves soft shimmer and soft matte effect. They are crafted from good quality raw materials and completely safe on the skin. The shades are easy to blend. The shades are perfect for a wedding, office and daily make-up look. Buy it on Amazon.

Tea Infuser


This TGL Co. Luxury Teas Silicone Tea Infuser Handle Stainless Steel Strainer Filter is too endearing and useful. Get it at Rs.219 only from

It is engineered from FDA approved pure food-grade silicon and stainless steel. It is safe to use and also very easy to clean. The silicon does not conduct heat and hence you can safely hold the tip while using the infuser in your cup of hot water. The infuser is dishwasher safe and very easy to use. If your girl loves her morning tea, then this tea infuser will be a cute little gift for her so that she does not have to waste a lot of time cleaning but instead can savor every sip of her delicious tea with this easy to use tea infuser.

Daily Meal Planner


A universal problem for all ladies in India is to plan their weekly or daily menu in the kitchen. This cool and useful meal planner will let you be very organized and planned in your kitchen. You can plan your weekly menu on your weekends and stock your groceries and vegetables accordingly. A very handy planner, this one can be the most convenient gift to gift your lady love. This mean planner notebook will cost you Rs.545 from This one is a proper journal with tabular content inside with columns for the day of the week with columns for lunch, dinner and breakfast. You can, this way, also ensure that your family gets healthy meals daily.

Tiny Earrings


These YouBella Jewellery Gold Plated Fancy Party Wear Earrings for Girls and Women are pretty and very glamorous. The subtle colors on the beautiful flower design make these earrings an apt accessory for every dress. These off-white colored gold plated earrings should be stored in zip lock pouches to prevent rust and corroding. Featuring dimensions of 9.6 (L) x 8 cm (W) x 6 cm, these earrings have an easy lock-in-hole type of clasp which keeps them in place. Get it for Rs.175 on Amazon.

Tiny Gift Ideas Galore

We also have tiny gift suggestions for other important relations in your life. Small gifts can be gifted to everyone right from your love to your mom, dad and siblings. Small gifts can be gifted often without burning a hole in your pocket and to continue to create warmth and love in your relations. Small gifts given your parents and sister often sometimes mean much more than investing on a big gift just once a year.

Small Gift Idea for Mom


A mini planter for your mom would be a lovely and thoughtful gift for her kitchen garden or her room if she loves plants. There are many varieties of indoor plants which impart that fresh vibe and greenery in your home spaces. This Swadeshi Enterprises Mini Ceramic Pot with Tray for Table will cost you Rs.250 only. It has a small capacity and is made from ceramic. Buy it on Amazon.

Small Gift Idea for Dad

This quirky pen holder will bring a smile to your dad's face whenever he looks at it. Sitting on a closet, this man is just managing to get ready for his office in time. Thenese The Butt' Office Supply Station Desk Accessory Holder Butt Station Pen Holder for Desk is actually a stationary holder with a quirky design. The tape holder in the front is ironical with a toilet paper roll in the bathroom. It's dimensions are H: 2.5 x W: 5.75 x D: 6, this stationary holder has a tape dispenser with a cutter, a pen holder, card holder and a magnetic paper clip holder. The funny design will add squeals of laughter to anyone who looks at it. Buy it for about Rs.730 from

Small Gift Idea for Sister


A small and thoughtful gift for your sister, these aromatherapy candles have a lovely and relaxing lavender scent. The pretty floral design of the holder can be used as a decor piece. It is a delightful and thoughtful gift for all occasions. The candle has pretty small intricate carved roses all over. The beautiful shades of while and lavender look quite appealing. Buy it for Rs.399 on

Small Gift Idea for Brother


This Cello Highlighter-Pack of 5 is a very useful gift for your brother who is fond of stationary and office supplies. These marker pens will help him mark important points in his office documents thereby staying quiet focused and organized. Priced at Rs 100 on Amazon, this pack contains colors like pink, red, fluorescent green, orange and purple. The ink is washable and non-toxic. It works in faxes, photocopies, carbonless forms, computer printouts and others.

Hopefully, this above galore of small gift ideas will be useful for you to decide on an appropriate gift for your loved ones!

From our editorial team

Small gifts are the easiest to buy!

The great thing about a small gift is that anything cute, useful, pretty or trendy can be given as a gift. Since the occasion is casual, the budget small and giving a gift is nice but not necessary, it takes off all the pressures and pitfalls of gift giving. Don't overthink it and buy anything small and sweet that can put a smile on the person's face, act as a small treat, be slightly useful, or is just something they may like.