Finding a Gift That'll Impress a CEO is No Mean Feat, So We Did it for You. Here are 10 Gifts These Leaders Will Remember Years Later (2019)

Finding a Gift That'll Impress a CEO is No Mean Feat, So We Did it for You. Here are 10 Gifts These Leaders Will Remember Years Later (2019)

Need a gift for a CEO who has it all? We suggest trying something you can’t get in any store, something one-of-a-kind—your unique brand of thoughtfulness. Because when it comes to someone this impossible to shop for, it is the thought that counts. Here’s a list of gifts CEOs will never forget (or throw away) even if it seems like they already have everything they could ever need or want.

An Important Gift for an Important Person

A company is made of its employees who function as its body but the CEO is the undoubted leader of the company. 

As such, he or she deserves a truly special gift when the time for gifting something to them comes. The person giving a gift to them stands a unique chance to develop a professional relationship with the most Important person of the organization.

If you're fortunate enough to be doing the gifting on behalf of your company or even personally, the prospect might seem a bit daunting and so to make your work easier we've made this article for you. 

We'll talk about how to choose the best Gifts for CEOs and give you our chosen 10 best gifts for a CEO.

A Few Tips for Choosing a Gift for Your CEO

Here are a few good tips for getting your CEO the best gifts for the occasion

Focus on What They Like in Their Personal Lives. 

A CEO often leads a very stressful professional life burdened with a lot of responsibilities such as the well-being of their company.

This is why gifts that help them connect to their personal lives become all the more dear to them.

If you gift your CEO something related to their hobbies or say their child's hobby, they will be touched and appreciate it more than the generic gifts others might give them.

A gift with a personal touch also shows that you've gone the extra mile and tried to know them as a person which will go down well.

Keep the Occasion in Mind and Get Them Something Suiting the Occasion.

Keeping the occasion in mind is something you should do when considering what to give as a gift to anyone at all and it becomes especially crucial when presenting a gift to someone as important as the CEO of a company. 

For example, if the occasion is your CEO's birthday, then you should give them something appropriate for such an occasion like a golf set but if the occasion is their marriage anniversary, they would appreciate something that also includes their spouse such as a gift reminding them of their mutual love. 

Choose a Thoughtful Gift


Your CEO probably has no shortage of money and can afford anything that they might want. 

This is why your gift should be something especially thoughtful and touching which will help them solve their problems. 

This can be something that reduces their stress levels such as a printed and framed replica of their favourite paintings or anything else that helps them customise their office space.

It could also be something as simple as a travelling card that saves him or her time and money in airports and hotels. 

Another example of a thoughtful gift is something that is related to his or her health such as the latest smartwatch which can help them count their calories, track their heart rate and so on. 

Spare No Expense When It Comes to an Official Company Gift

If your company has officially chosen you to select the best gifts for your CEO, then you will have access to a company budget and should spare no expense in choosing a gift that will reflect what the company thinks about its top officer. 

Even so, your gift should still have a personal touch such as being complemented with a card containing the well-wishes and signatures of the CEO's senior management and staff.  

Five Best Gifts for a CEO

Each CEO is unique in their leadership style but they all have a few common problems, stress, lack of time and so on. Thus these all weather gifts will definitely suit your CEO.

Buy Them a Real Meteorite or Moonstone

You can give your CEO a gift that is truly out of this world by presenting them with a meteorite or even a moonstone. Such objects are very rare and will show that you think highly about your CEO.

Meteorites are more exotic than normal gold or platinum jewellery and there are many options from which you can choose a meteorite that fits your budget and purpose.

  • For example, iron meteorites are among the most common types of meteorites found and are excellent for display purposes. They are also quite cheap compared to the other kinds available. Chondrites or stone meteorites are the ones that are usually observed to fall from the sky as "shooting stars" but they are rare as they are hard to find.

  • Achondrites are the rarest kind of meteorites and consist of moonstones and stones from Mars. These were not available for purchase to the public just a few years ago but in recent times, deposits have been found in deserts which have allowed them to be owned by collectors for the first time in history.

Meteorite collection is an exclusive hobby worth a CEO's time as there is an infinite variety found in these precious stones all of which look quite different and beautiful. Your gifted piece might just start a new hobby in your CEO's life, especially if they were already interested in outer space.

Every meteorite has a story of its own which makes it even more special. For example, the NWA 11474 is a Lunar Feldspathic Breccia. This particular piece fell in the Sahara Desert and since it was still hot, it fused with the brown desert sand that can still be found on its outer surface. 

It is sliced in half to expose its beautiful polished interior where even finer details such as shock melt glass and dozens of anorthosite clasts can be seen using a magnifying glass.  This lunar meteorite can be purchased for about ₹32,000. 

  • Iron meteorites might be better for beginners as they have the distinct shape meteorites in museums have. For example, The Skithote-Alin meteorite fell in Russia about 66 years before the iconic Russian meteor event which was captured on camera. Pieces from this meteorite have thumbprints or regmaglyphs which make them look amazingly beautiful. Its ethereal look is such that you can instantly tell the piece is a meteorite and not some common stone. Meteorite shrapnel weighing 30 grams from Skithole-Alin can be bought for around ₹3,000.

  • Meteorite jewellery is one of the best gifts for a female CEO. You can buy rings or necklaces made by leading jewellery designers. The rings are made of Gibeon meteorite inlays as this gives them stability and an amazing unique etched pattern called the Widmanstätten pattern. The crystal structure of the various nickel-iron minerals in the meteorite can also be seen easily.  A meteorite ring can cost between ₹32,000 to ₹60,000. 

Callaway X Series 416 Graphite Golf Set, By Golfoy

Getting to the top requires precision, focus and skill. Perhaps this is why most CEOs prefer exclusive sports like golf which incorporates all these elements to unwind and relax.

If your CEO is a golfer or would like to start on this hobby, then there can be no better gift for them than the extremely exclusive Callaway X-Series 418 Graphite Golf Full Package Set. The Callaway X-Series is widely known to be among the best premium golfing sets available in the market and for good reason. What makes the set one of the best gifts you could give to a sports-loving CEO is that it grants a tremendous amount of power, range and speed to any golfer regardless of their experience level.

Moreover, it is truly a beast in the hands of more experienced players enabling them to leverage their full potential and fine-tune their game. The set has a total of 12 clubs each of which is tailored to fulfill their purpose perfectly for the golf player.


The X-Series Driver will surprise its user by providing a huge range that seems impossible to achieve otherwise but is reached effortlessly with the club. Its fast face provides amazing speed while its perfectly designed forgiveness lets its users have consistency even if their shots weren't that great technically.

Similarly, the very versatile X-Series Fairways provides supreme confidence to the person using it. With this, your CEO will be able to hit out of all kinds of lies including the rough while its centre of gravity lets the user launch the ball high in the air with the greater flight time.

The X-Series Hybrid is the kind of club that is designed to provide supreme ease of play. It is so easy to hit great shots that are guaranteed to make the ball go a long way with it that it makes it a more preferred choice than long irons. Whether or not your CEO hits the centre or off-centre, the ball will reach distances that they wouldn't have thought possible and this will give them the confidence to go for the greens.

Finally, we come to the Callaway Golf X-Series Irons Steel 5-SW. This Iron set to is designed to provide consistently great shots with improved distance. Their forgiveness provides that same consistency to miss-hits. This is thanks to the irons’ cavity back design distance technology.

They also come with the proven overhead size design which features a thicker top line, a deep undercut cavity and an aerodynamic face that makes the ball achieve incredible speeds.

There are 7 irons in total all of which look and feel the amazing and the best thing about them is that they will let your CEO shoot much lower scores. You can get the Callaway X-Series for around ₹99,999 on Amazon. Keep in mind that this set is designed for right-handed players and if your CEO is left-handed, then you should get them one meant for left-handed people.

A Classy Vintage Compass for the Outdoors Loving CEO


Compasses are things that aren't easily found nowadays, other than in mobile phones. However, these venerable devices have been instrumental in humankind's progress and development and are a symbol for courage, exploration and adventure. They capture these elements better than most other things and the sense of nostalgia that they create will be appreciated by any CEO who is into health and fitness or likes nature and the outdoors.

A compass also stands for having aim and direction and if you present it to your CEO with such a handwritten letter or official speech, they will be all the more touched and impressed. Thus a Vintage Compass is an unusual but great gift that you could present to your CEO.

There are many options you can choose from to give them this unique gift. You can get a solid brass sundial compass complete with a hardwood box for around ₹780. The size of the compass is 3 inches and it can be used whenever needed.


For a female CEO, you can get a Rose Gold Compass necklace instead as all the symbolism for a compass stands true for this too. A Golden Compass Necklace will cost you around ₹5,300 and is appealing to lady CEOs who like to travel.

This piece of jewellery tells us that life is a series of twists and turns and yet if we have direction, we will ultimately reach where we are supposed to. The colour is soothing to the eye and goes with mostly every other colour such as a black business suit or a white formal gown and thus can be used on any occasion.

Tickets to an Event that Might Otherwise Be Hard to Get

Being a special person who is the leader of your company, your CEO deserves a few special privileges in life. It doesn't get more exclusive than getting to go to an event that only a handful of people can experience. VIP Concierge is an extremely trusted service that lets you purchase tickets to some of the most exclusive red carpet events like the Broadway, front row tickets to a famous sporting event, celebrity parties where your CEO can mix with the rich and famous, the best concerts in the world such as Rolling Stones latest performances and more. There is nothing that is out of reach for this company.

What's more, they don't just provide you with tickets for the experience but are approachable throughout the process and can let your CEO and their partner have the time of their lives while being assured that their every need will be taken care of. This is an industry that lacks trust in many cases but not for VIP Concierge who have built their brand around trust. They are not only extremely professional but also cordial and make the once in a lifetime experiences even more enjoyable. This gift offers you the chance to show your CEO that you know them and their interests well and they will always remember the person who enabled them to have such fun times.

If needed, your company can sponsor a vacation for your CEO. Want to get them a chance to visit the sets of their favourite TV shows? You can make it happen. Want them to give them a chance to attend the Golden Globe awards? The tickets are not open for the general public but this company might get you there if you are subscribed to their offers. The VIP Concierge has received 100% 5-star reviews from its many users on sites like Trustpilot and that itself is an achievement. Since this gift is an experience, it would be reasonable to trust the experiences of other people and we can see that their experiences have been nothing short of outstanding.

You could treat your CEO to a Netflix After Party where all their favourite stars are present. The agency will ensure that your CEO's name will definitely be on the list for the party. The service will also provide limousines and other conveniences a CEO might like. The entire process is handled with respect, patience and good communication. The price of the tickets depends on the event but to give you a general idea, a ticket to a meet and greet event involving Ellen DeGeneres who is a famous American talk show host with a Private Reception and Front Row VIP Seats had cost around ₹1,72,600 per seat in the past.

There is also an annual subscription you can buy for your CEO with three options. “The Ultimate” option is meant for people who love the finer things in life and want nothing short of the best. The agency will be on hand for your CEO at any time throughout the year and they can avail its services like booking ultra-luxurious private villas on exclusive islands like the Turtle Island or arranging dinner parties at the hottest locations in town. The service is global and is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Restaurant reservations to the world's best restaurants, entry to the most happening nightclubs and parties, advance notifications for VIP events and access to premium events and experiences not available to others using the site. It’s all possible with this membership which costs a whopping ₹12,83,000 a year. Other memberships are available for lower rates but their service locations are limited to the United States.

Jura Coffee Machine E8 Piano Black


Coffee machines are an indispensable fixture of any office. The beverage is known to have stimulated imaginations and powered long working hours for innumerable people across the globe, making it a popular gift item everywhere. For a CEO, we suggest a coffee machine, a premium one.

Coffee beans and even carefully selected fine roasts are nice, no doubt, but if you have money to spend, splurge on a gift that will last longer than a couple of packs of coffee. And since it's not an ordinary employee you're giving it to, the basic machines that sit atop scores of home kitchen counters will not do.

Hence we picked the Jura Coffe Machine e8 Piano Black. This bean to cup machine is counted among the best coffee machines, in part due to it's quieter than usual operations, good delivery on a range of coffee preparations, customisable options, and overall brew quality. If you're not sure what this means, simply put, it delivers the great coffee many machines claim to but fail at.

In other pluses, this automatic machine has a 1.9-litre reservoir for water thus eliminating the need for frequent refills, has an automatic timer to turn off, comes with an 18-bar pump, and has a ceramic burr grinder that can grind up to 15 gm of coffee bean.

At Rs.1,34,900, it does cost a packet and some cheaper models may do a somewhat decent job. But if you're gifting a coffee connoisseur and have the money to spare, do not skimp and buy this, it will be an unforgettable present. It is available on Amazon.

Bonus Gift Ideas to Further Impress Your CEO and Make the Gift Memorable

Not all gift-giving occasions require a big and expensive gifts. A person at the level of a CEO is an accomplished individual and has all the material comforts that he or she desires, and thinking outside the box to give them something unusual will be met with appreciation. Here are some other gift ideas that your CEO might love.

  • A Cricket Bat or Sports Ball Signed by Their Close Team Members
    A sport like a cricket is a great unifying force, a leveller that evokes similar passion and enthusiasm from people across the social strata. A simple conversation can bring out such an interest and it will not be difficult to find out which sportsperson they admire greatly. If you are enterprising or have connections, try to get an autographed memorabilia, else these are also available for sale and you can buy one.

  • Something to Read Which They Like, Even a Comic Book Which Reminds Them of Simpler Times
    Looking at their success and serious persona it can be easy to forget that highly successful individuals also have simpler interests like the rest of us. Do they have a stack of comic books in a corner of their office or have never missed a movie based on certain superheroes? Get a collector's edition or some cool merchandise if regular comic books seem trivial and watch the delight on their faces.

  • Donate to a Charitable Cause Close to Them
    Many successful people like to give back to society and will prefer a donation in their name over an expensive gift. Which makes sense because they are at the top of their game and can easily afford most luxuries and probably already have whatever they want. A goodwill gesture like this stands out over and above expensive gifts in shiny packaging.

  • Travel Gift Cards or Luxury Hotel Memberships
    Businessmen, CEOs and senior executives are always on the move and a premium membership to a luxury hotel will be much appreciated. If you know which chain or brand they are partial to, which can be discovered through simple enquiries at their office, buy gift cards to these. A useful gift is always a good gift.
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Don't Give Promises or I.O.U.s

Never give favours, offers to take your boss privately to lunch or dinner, or I.O.U.s. You're better off buying a greeting card and hand-writing something meaningful—which will stand out in today's digital world. Remember, your boss may have authority over you at work, but they are still human. People like to be remembered and acknowledged.