10 Good Gifts for Husband on Valentines Day: Take the Lead in Wooing Your Man and 3 Ways to Charm Him (2018)

10 Good Gifts for Husband on Valentines Day: Take the Lead in Wooing Your Man and 3 Ways to Charm Him (2018)

Contemplating on what to give him on Valentines day? Let the love flourish and ideas will come to mind. It may also take some time and that's why BP-Guide is here to help you select the best gift for your husband and make it a blissful day. Aromatherapy wraps, snack box subscriptions and instant cameras amid romantic dinners and a whimsical trips, we have some unique and special gift ideas you can surprise your man with.

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Guidelines for Buying Gifts for Valentine's Day

Plan the Amount You Want to Spend

Valentine’s Day is all about love and the best way to express your love is through a romantic gesture. Your significant other may or may not be expecting a gift on Valentine’s but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t surprise them with one. Stop thinking of Valentine’s Day as a yearly obligation; instead think of it as an opportunity to dedicate a day to your love. Don’t pressurize yourself into buying an expensive gift.

It’s the day of love that you are celebrating, so the price of the gift should hardly be the main concern. Get a gift which you can afford and one which expresses your feeling for him. Your husband is someone who is the closest to you. Therefore there is no room for pretense or the pressure to keep up appearances. Give your husband a gift which is sincere, unique and within your means.

Make it a Memorable One

Don’t you want your husband to treasure your gift? Well, then pick a gift which not only provides momentary pleasure, but is treasured by him as a memorable keepsake. A memorable gift doesn’t have to be expensive. It should be meaningful to you both and have the potential to create memories. You could make him something yourself like a memory scrap book filled with photos and other memorabilia like movie tickets from you first date, ticket stubs from a concert or a goofy photo of both of you. You could create a book of love coupons or a handmade card. If you are going for store bought gifts then pick something personalised or something romantic like a book of romantic poetry.

Let the Gift be Precious

Give your husband a gift which he can cherish all his life this Valentine’s. Your man must have gifted you jewellery on many occasions. Well, it’s time that you pampered him a little. Gift your man some simple but meaningful jewellery like a ring, a pendant or a bracelet. Personalise the jewellery with an engraved message or both of your initials. The jewellery needs not be incredibly expensive. But make sure that it’s special. Pick something that fits his personality and Style. You could also give him something which is studded with his birthstone.

10 Good Gifts for Husband on Valentines Day

Messenger Bag

Source www.amazon.in

So a briefcase isn’t really his style? For the rugged guy with a fashionable side, here’s a home for his laptop and lunch while he rides to work. Taking care of someone and being privy to their needs is the most understated expression of one’s love. Giving your husband something that he can use every day is the perfect gesture of your affection.

A messenger bag is a versatile piece of accessory and one that is extremely useful. The Leaderachi Leather Muskat Messenger Bag is perfect for men whose style Is casual, minimal and trendy. This bag is made of pure vintage leather which gets better with age. This bag measures 12.5-inch x 14-inch x 3.5-inch with 1 large main compartment sealed by a leather cover with magnet closure, 3 smaller compartments attached to the front, 1 smaller compartment with metal clips in front of the spacious main compartments, 1 smaller zip pocket on the inside, 1 zip pocket on the back, 2 slip compartments within the main compartment, perfect for cell phone and wallet/purse. Buy it for ₹3449 from Amazon.

Deluxe Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

For the guy who loves his slim cut chinos, a compact wallet that won’t add bulk to his pockets can be a good gift. Every man needs a wallet which is spacious and safe enough to hold all his daily essentials like money, credit cards and IDs. Normal wallets can look bulky and create and unsightly lump when slipped into trouser pockets.

Get your man a compact and secure wallet like the Jeval New Best RFID Lock Wallet from Amazon. This wallet with an all around zipper has 36 slots for holding cash, credit and debit cards and IDs. It blocks RFID thus keeping your credit card and personal information safe. This slim wallet slides right into the pockets of the snuggest trousers and doesn’t look bulky. Buy this cool wallet for ₹434.

Back Aromatherapy Wrap

This year, give him this cozy aromatherapy wrap to make sure he takes time out to throw up his feet and relax every once and a while. The pressure of work and life can get to us sometimes, the side effects of which include body ache and stress. We are constantly in search of tools which helps us find relief from aches and pains.

An aromatherapy wrap is a simple and eco-friendly way to get rid of stress and muscle soreness. An aromatherapy wrap is like a neck pillow filled with natural herbs like lemon grass, lavender, Peppermint and chamomile. This soft plush wrap can be used as a hot or cold compress to relieve muscle soreness, stress, and tension. Just pop it in the microwave or in the freezer, and wrap it around your neck and back for instant rejuvenation. It’s lightweight and sits snugly on the shoulders without any discomfort. Buy from ahalife.com for $79.00 which is around ₹5.135.

Instant Camera

Though the smartphone camera will generally suffice, this small but mighty gadget will take his photo skills up a notch. Capture each and every moment on print instead of on your phone screens. Instant photos are not just fun to take but also become valuable keepsakes of your relationship. Buy your husband an instant camera. It’s the perfect accessory to carry along on a camping trip, a summer vacation at the beach, a picnic or a weekend trip.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini is a small but powerful instant camera with analog type printing capability which enables users to obtain great quality credit-card sized photos instantly. It’s also equipped with a selfie mirror and a close-up lens in addition to features such as automatic exposure measurement for aperture settings and high-key mode that enables users to take brighter photos which makes it perfect for portraits. The cameras are available in bright candy colours like cobalt blue, lime green, flamingo pink, ice blue and smoky white. Buy it for Amazon for ₹4050.

Snacks Every Month

Source getbojo.com

If your husband is always raiding the kitchen cupboards looking for his favorite box of cookies or packet of crisps then we can safely assume that snacking is one of his favourite activities. For a snack enthusiast nothing is a better gift than a box full of edibles and with the snack subscription boxes from Bojo.com you can give him just what he wants.

This website has a variety of snack boxes filled with delicious munchies which are healthy to boot. Each box includes a specific number of handpicked food items. The prices of the boxes vary according to the quantity and also the kind of food that you order. These boxes contain everything from nuts and health bars to baked chips, chocolates, popcorn and much more. Subscription starts from around ₹650 for a month.

Shaving Essentials

Most men are simple creatures and greatly appreciate practical gifts that they can use daily. Gifting your man daily essentials, therefore, is quite a good idea. Gifting a man products which lets them take care of themselves assures them of your love and affection. Just because you are gifting basic essentials doesn’t mean that you can’t make it special.

This gift box form Bombayshavingcompany.com is a complete shaving kit with a face scrub, razor, cream, brush, blades and a post-shave balm. It’s suitable for all kinds of skin, even sensitive ones. The package includes a razor with mild and aggressive clamps, blades, scrub, cream, brush, balm, razor sheath and towel. Buy it for ₹2995.

A Gift Card

Gift cards are the go-to options for people who either hate shopping for gifts or are unsure about what gift to get. You can get gift cards on various websites. Choose a card depending on the kind of person your husband is and his favorite activities. If he is a movie buff then gift him a gift card from Bookmyshow.com. If he loves shopping online, then send him an email gift card from Amazon that he can use to buy something of equal value. You can also visit Giftcardsindia.com where you will find a variety of cards for buying everything from books to pizza.


Source www.amazon.in

There are some classic gifts that you can always fall back on, and a great pair of cufflinks is one such gift. Cufflinks maybe small accessories but are essential elements required to complete a formal look. A great choice is the Sol Invictus Silver Black Imperial Art Cufflinks with gloss finish from Amazon. These unique cufflinks have intricate design detailing on them and are made of metal. These cufflinks are perfect for special occasions like weddings and parties. Buy the pair for ₹659.

One Awesome Husband Coffee Mug

Source www.amazon.in

We know that you think that your husband is awesome and rightly so. Your husband’s awesomeness is something that should be acknowledged. While shouting from the rooftop’s may not be a viable option, a more subtle gesture is getting him something that he can proudly display on his desk for everyone to see.

Get this awesome combo of two from YaYa cafe containing an Awesome Talented Smoking Hot Husband Coffee Mug and a coaster with the same message. The mug is made of ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It has premium long lasting digital printing with fast colors, its non toxic, BPA free, environment friendly, reusable and odorless. The coaster is made of canvas fabric and is washable. Buy this combo for ₹349 from Amazon.

Coffee Maker

Source www.amazon.in

If your husband’s day doesn’t start without freshly brewed coffee then we have the perfect gift for him. The Café JEI French Press Coffee and Tea Maker is a manual coffee maker which requires no electricity. With a capacity of 600 ml, it can produce around four cups of fresh brew. With 4 Level Filtration System this device can produce fresh french coffee, tea, espresso, cold brew or even latte.

You can even use the french press coffee machine to froth milk using the double screen filters for providing you with perfect latte every time you want. It’s heat resistant; made of stainless steel and Borosilicate Glass. It’s completely food grade and BPA free. The package contains bonus stainless steel screen filters and 20 oz coffee measuring spoon. The perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts, buy it for ₹1299 from Amazon.

Creative Ways to Give Gifts on Valentine's Day

Arrange a Surprise Dinner with Him

Surprising your man on Valentine’s Day is the best way to celebrate it. There is nothing that a man enjoys more than a great meal with his favorite person. Cook something special for your husband on valentine’s day and have a cosy dinner at home. Just because you are eating at home doesn’t mean that you can’t make the experience a special one. Don’t tell your husband of your plans but make him come home early by making some excuse. Decorate the dining table with flowers and candles. You can make a cake or some other dessert or you husband’s choice. Buy a bottle of wine and last but not the least put on something pretty or sexy

The Improbable Delivery Person

The obvious first choice would be a small child, perhaps your own, but the task could also fall to an obedient pet that’s not averse to having a small box attached to its collar, or a neighbor who can pretend he got your postal delivery by mistake. Handing your husband his Valentine’s Day Gift is an option but if you want to mix things up a little, get it delivered by some other means. If you have children, you get your gift delivered by them or pay a neighbor’s kid and ask him or her to do it. You could get it delivered by a courier service. If you have a pet dog then you could train it to deliver your gift to your husband.

Attach the package securely to its body or train it to carry the gift in it’s mouth. Attach a bow with a red ribbon on the dog’s head. Don’t forget to add a greeting card or a handwritten note. If he leaves for work early then take help from his colleagues or his secretary. Get them to leave his gift in his office or cubicle. This unique way of delivering the gift is sure to amuse your husband and bring a big smile on his face.

Take Him to the Place He Loves the Most

Having a date on Valentine ’s Day is not uncommon. But what if you don’t reveal it to your husband at once? Plan a surprise date for your husband at a place that he absolutely loves. It could be a park, a monument, or a restaurant. Leave him a note or a message asking him to meet you there. Once he reaches the location, surprise him with your special gift and have a romantic date. If it’s a restaurant then ask the management to set up the table for a candlelight dinner. If you happen to be in a park then you could settle down for a romantic picnic. You need to plan it all out beforehand, so that there are no glitches in execution.

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Selecting Good Valentines Gifts for your Husband

It only comes once an year. You ought to take complete advantage of this moment in life. Don't make this gifting period just like any other ordinary occasion. This is a time to enjoy each others company and prove how much you love each other. To make the gifting process and fruitful, BP-Guide has detailed some gifts to give to your other half and make it an exciting time.