Be Fashionable Even on a Budget in 2019: Cute, Trendy and Affordable Everyday Kurtis Under Rupees 299

Be Fashionable Even on a Budget in 2019: Cute, Trendy and Affordable Everyday Kurtis Under Rupees 299

Kurtis are perfect for day-today wear - whether its for shopping or running errands or office. But it can get a little boring to wear the same ones again and again. if you are looking to add some new looks to your wardrobe without breaking the bank then you are at the right place. Get some cute kurtis for a really affordable price with our list - your wallet will thank you!

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Why Buy Affordable Kurtis?

If you believe in buying clothes which are affordable and stylish, then you are definitely smart. It’s always wise to buy clothing moderate in price, especially regular wear clothing items like Kurtis. Affordable Kurtis won’t make you necessarily cheap or less stylish, it just makes you little smarter provided you pay attention while buying. Buying affordable Kurtis has a number of benefits that you might not have ever realized, these are-

You Can Build A Diverse Collection

Kurtis is one of the most versatile clothing options that women have. Kurtis can be ordered in different fabrics, embroidery styles, patterns and even in various hues. So, here if you spend around ₹1000 on one pair of kurti, then you can only have one kurti to wear so no versatility in your wardrobe. But, on the other hand, if you order Kurtis which are affordable like under ₹299, then in your ₹1000, you can order three different types and styles of Kurtis. Now, which option is better having variety in affordable rates or settling for one type of Kurti?

Affordable Kurtis Are Easy To Maintain


If you are one heck of a busy woman who has to manage home and work altogether, then we can assume that you won’t have proper time to look after your expensive silk kurti. And, if you just throw your expensive kurti in your wardrobe with your other clothes, then the lifespan of your kurti won’t be very long. So, if you order regular inexpensive Kurtis, then you have to worry about the extra care of your kurti and if by any chance your get damaged due to lack of the care, then you won’t lose much money on it. So, if you are bit careless or super busy person, then buying cheap Kurtis is a good idea for you any day.

It’s Good If Your Weight Changes Frequently

Are you on diet? Do you constantly experiment with your body weight? Then, there’s no point in buying too many of expensive Kurtis and then, dump them in your closet because you won’t fit in them anymore. Moreover, making alternations in Kurtis reduces the life of fabric and won’t work if you gain some weight. So, if you are in a phase of your like shedding pregnancy weight or planning to get pregnant, then investing in expensive Kurtis is going to one major loss for you. That’s why to buy affordable Kurtis as if you have to toss them away after a change in your body weight, then you won’t feel much bad.

You Can Buy in Bulk

Okay, so if you have big family and friends group, then you can easily order inexpensive Kurtis for them in bulk. For the festivals and weddings, you can order affordable Kurtis in bulk for the gifting purpose. And, when you are shopping in bulk, then you might get extra discount offers from the manufacturer as well. Plus, when the price is low, then you can buy more Kurtis at that lucrative rate.

Things to Consider Before Buying Kurti Under ₹299

Okay, so if you are all in favor of buying Kurtis at affordable rates, then you have to be little careful here as well. Because sometimes all these low priced items have some low quality in them. So, whenever you find the good quality Kurtis deal under ₹299, then you need to consider some things first. For instance;

Define Your Fashion Style

Well, before buying the Kurtis under ₹299, you need to make sure that whether the available Kurtis are upto your fashion standards or not. Like, if the deal includes cotton Kurtis and your style is of silk Kurtis, then this deal is not good for you. The price is good, but if you can’t wear the Kurtis available under such a lucrative price, then this isn’t a good deal for you. So, only grab low price kurti deals when they are available according to your style, otherwise, ignore such kind of deals.

Review Your Wardrobe

Do you really want to shop for new Kurtis? Ask this question from yourself before buying new kurti. To find the answer, check your wardrobe if you find two or three brand new Kurtis hanging in your wardrobe, then the answer is no. You don’t need to buy the new Kurtis simply because the deal is very good and you are getting new kurti under ₹299. This is no way to shop, it’s hoarding and if you don’t believe in unnecessary hoarding, then only shop if you truly need it.

Shop Online

The good deals won’t come always. To get the opportunity to grab a good deal, you got to constantly check the prices of your favorite Kurtis online and whenever you find the prices to good to resist, then you can buy your affordable Kurtis. For this, you need to constantly check online for the good Kurtis deals. You can regularly visit popular ecommerce fashion stores like amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc., to find the good Kurtis deal in which you can get beautiful Kurtis for mere ₹299.

Do Shop 'Hopping'

Well, if you don’t believe in online shopping, then you can scour retail shop in search of good quality and affordable Kurtis. Now, this method might not be as convenient as shopping online, but it might work for you. So, raid all your local wholesale Kurtis shops in search of some stylish, fashionable and mostly affordable Kurtis.

Our Curated List of Affordable Online Kurtis Under 299

Is it possible to get Kurtis under ₹299? Well, yes you can easily order stylish and trendy Kurtis under the mind blowing price range online. To get the stunning Kurtis for good price, you just have to order them online quickly before the discount offer ends. For quick and affordable Kurtis shopping online, click on the following affordable Kurtis right now.

Ethnic For You Casual Check Women Kurti

Well, if you are one of those, people who want to wear new clothes daily or for important office meetings, then this black checkered kurti can be your thing. The black checkered kurti looks highly professional for the office and you can easily pair it with the black leggings or jeans as it’s something which everyone has. Moreover, this black professional design kurti is available in numerous different sizes, so any body type person can order it. This kurti is for exact ₹299 and can be ordered from the Flipkart store.

Glance Designs Festive & Party Printed Women'S Kurti

Now, if someone is telling you that you can’t buy good party wears Kurtis under ₹299, then show this product to that person. This is a stunning party wear kurti that you can easily pair out with your dangle drop earrings and plain leggings to rock any party. Keep your makeup and accessories minimal and style your hair sideway to enhance your appearance. Just flaunt yourself with this kurti and be beautiful for such a small price. This affordable kurti is available on the Flipkart store so hurry and grab the deal before you miss it.

New Ethnic 4 You Women's American Crepe Kurti


The color combination of this kurti is killer. The light pink base with black floral print on it is something serene and comfortable. Moreover, this kurti is designed from the American crepe which is both stunning to gaze at and comfortable to wear. This kurti can be worn on occasions like casual evening getaways or office daily. The kurti comes with the standard length of 44 inches and you can Accessories it with the oxidized bangles to complete your look. The crepe Kurti in the beautiful color combo is available on the amazon store for mere ₹299.

Shopping King Store Women's Cotton Solid Kurti


To look classy and stylish on a tight budget, invest in this plain yellow kurti which is perfect for office wear. This kurti is sure to make you look breathtakingly beautiful. Simple and elegant, the kurti is made of cotton material and is available in 5 different sizes. This comfortable kurti can be teamed with leggings or even jeans. But it for just ₹299 on

KanishaTrendz Women's Cotton Casual Wear Kurti


The classic combination of black and pink has been very carefully crafted on this kurti. The pink color straps on the sleeves of the black kurti with the pink buttons give the awesome look to the kurti. This casual kurti is very feminine as well as professional looking. You can wear it for a casual evening get together or can wear for your important office meeting to impress your business associates. You can create the killer style statement with this black and pink kurti in just ₹299 after ordering it from the amazon store.

Envy 9 Casual Printed Women Kurti

For casual looks printed Kurtis is always the best option. Just like this blue kurti with the red panel printed on the front. This is a straight casual kurti which can be paired with the red or blue leggings both. The full sleeves straight kurti is available in numerous different sizes and body type. This casual kurti is perfect for all fashionable women who can buy it for ₹299 from Flipkart store.

Nakoda Creation Womens Cotton Multicolor Printed Kurti

The beautiful creation of maroon and black printed kurti is the gorgeous collection. You can pair this kurti with leggings or salwar of either black or pastel shades color to complete the outfit. This is a perfect casual wear kurti which can be yours for very affordable rates. This multiple hued cotton Kurti was the beautiful A line cut design can be easily ordered from the and that’s for only ₹229.

D-NIMES Women's Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Printed Kurti


This particular kurti having cute watermelon print looks super casual and comfortable. Featuring an A-line cut, 3/4 sleeves and a very plain design it is a good buy if you are looking for something to wear to day-to-day shopping or other such outings. This kurti is one of the most affordable kurti and can be ordered for just ₹149 on Amazon.

Fashion Casual Solid Women Kurti

The solid orange kurti with the three kite prints on it makes the kurti truly festival and tradition. If you celebrate kite festival in your home, then order this kurti for all your friends and make festival dress code with it. This orange kite kurti is available on Flipkart store for just ₹180 in different sizes.

Pay Attention To Quality

It is a myth that cheap products are not good or arent good quality. Yes,in many cases when the price is too low there might be issues with the way the kurti is stiched or the material quality may be poor. However you can avoid majority of the issues if you look for reputed brands. Other things to keep in mind especially while buying online: pay close attention to description provided so you know what material the kurti is made of, read reviews thoroughly so you can learn from other people's experiences. You can also as the seller question if you need some information that is not available. This way you will not find that you've been taken a ride just because you were looking for a good deal!

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Don't Expect Too Much

Low prices naturally means compromise in some way. Either the material may not be that great or the fit/stitching might not be too fine. Keep your expectations low but don't accept any item that's varies too much from what you expected. If you are buying online be careful about the return policy so you can return if there are too many issues like poor make, wrong prints etc.